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5 Simple Tips for Better Blog Commenting

Leaving hundreds of spammy comments on other blogs will not do your blog any good. Yes, it may temporarily boost your rank, but once Google finds out about your game, you will eventually lose your rank. Here are 5 simple tips for better blog commenting that will give your blog positive long-term result:

1. Aim for the first 10 comments

The first advice for you is to be the first commenter. This is important because the earlier your comment shows up, the more impact you will get from that comment. Remember that most readers won’t read more than 20 comments in a post. They usually read a post, and if there is an interesting discussion and lots of comments, they read some of them and then leave to another post. So, it is important to aim for the first 10 comments because your comment will get more chance to get read by the readers.

2. Comment only to relevant blogs

If you want your comment to carry significant weight for your blog, you should comment only to relevant blogs. At least, leave your link to relevant blogs only. For example, if you have a weight loss blog, you should post your comment to other weight loss blogs if you want to link your comment to your blog. But, don’t post on make money online blog to put a link to your weight loss blog. It will be considered spamming.

3. Share your insights related to the post

Most people only leave a remark when they post comment in other blogs. They only want to place their link to other blogs. Comments such as “Wow, great post!” or “I really appreciate your post” will give less reputation to your blog. The best comment you can post is comment that is relevant with the information from the post. It is good to share your insights related to the post to encourage further discussion.

4. Target higher PR blogs to raise your blog rank

Commenting on other blogs can help you to raise your search engine ranking. So, if you consider blog commenting as link building, be sure to choose higher PR blogs because they will give you significant boost to your blog rank. Blog with lower PR will not give much impact to your rank because those blogs are considered to have lower value in search engine perspective. Creating a list of popular high PR blogs in your niche will help you to ease your blog commenting effort.

5. Comment regularly to make yourself known

Commenting to other people’s blog regularly will give you recognition and popularity. Believe it or not, there are many bloggers who make their blog popular just because of their regular comments on popular blogs in their niche. So, it may give you an idea to boost your blog popularity. By showing up often in other blogs, the readers of those blogs will eventually be interested in you and want to know more about you. This is how you will drive regular new readers to your blog just from your blog comments.

Those are some tips you can apply when you do blog commenting to increase your blog rank, traffic, and popularity. Most bloggers treat blog commenting as merely a  link building process. But, this is not true. Blog commenting can be used as your tool to build your blog reputation, credibility, and traffic.

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  1. I like the tip when you say that one should aim for the first 10 comments. I seen from experience that first few comments have the greatest chance of being published.

    1. yes google index the first 10 comments , so its good to be active in blogs you follow.


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