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Backlinking Strategies Most Suitable for Affiliate/Product Marketers

Backlinking is an important component of SEO for any website. The more quality backlinks you have, the higher your rank in the search engine. Therefore, the right backlinking strategy will help you to increase organic traffic to your website. This will in turn increase the number of conversion for your affiliate promotion. However, you can’t just put your backlink to any website and point it to your affiliate website. As an affiliate marketer, quality backlink is more important than quantity. Here are 7 backlinking strategies most suitable for affiliate marketers:

1. Article distribution

Article distribution is the best backlinking strategy for affiliate marketer because article itself hold the power to inform, persuade, and compel your readers to take decision about purchasing your affiliate product. Compare it with PPC method, which only advertise your website. Article distribution is more than a mere adverts, it contains the potential of attracting people’s interest and attention toward your website, and eventually your affiliate product. This is why it is important for you to spread your links to various article distribution websites to maximize the power of your article.

2. Guest posting

This is another important backlinking strategy. It is similar with article distribution, the exception being that you only need to submit one post at a time to similar blog (or website) in your niche. However, it is very effective because you will exchange your guest post with link to your website. It holds stronger power in the search engine as well as it will be able to attract more attention of your readers.

3. Video distribution

Another effective backlinking strategy for affiliates is video distribution. Why? That’s because it resonates with your website’s spirit, which is to provide your readers valuable information, and slowly lead them to buy the product that you promote. Besides, backlinks from video-sharing websites hold good value in search engine perspective.

4. Forums

This is the place where people discuss about anything. Placing your link in forums can be regarded as a good backlinking strategy because you will be able to make highly relevant backlink for your website. Remember that you need to place backlinks only on relevant forums. Place your link on your signature and post on the forums often. In this way, your backlink will spread all over the forums.

5. Free blogging platform

It is good for you to use free blogging platform just to add some backlinks to your website. Why? You can’t get maximum affiliate earning just from free blogging platform alone. However, you can use free blogging platform to enhance the power of your affiliate website. Use various free blogging platforms such as blogger, wordpress, posterous, tumblr, and so on and place link to your website there. Of course, you need to add some content to your free blogs as well.

6. Social bookmarking websites

It is good to place your backlinks in social bookmarking websites because those websites can help you to increase your search engine ranking. Social bookmarking websites are web 2.0 properties with floods of massive traffic. That’s why search engines will perceive the backlinks from these websites as high value.

7. Link wheel

This backlinking strategy works by incorporating the other backlinking strategies into one strong wheel of backlinks. Link wheel is a series of backlinks interconnected to each other, which will eventually point to your website. This type of backlink strategy is hard to beat and once you got a high rank in search engine using this method, your website will likely become sticky there.

Those backlink strategies are effective to boost your affiliate promotion and increase your earnings. If you are promoting affiliate product on your website, don’t use cheap or low quality backlinks for your website because it will give you very little boost in your search engine ranking.

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