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7 Tips on How to Write a Killer Amazon Product Review

Do you know how the most successful Amazon affiliates, people who earn at least $3000 per month from Amazon, generate their Amazon sales? They are writing reviews for various Amazon products. Yes, this is by far the most effective method to earn any good income from Amazon. If you want to be one of those big Amazon earners, here are 7 tips to write a killer Amazon product review:





1. Choose the right product to review

First of all, the product should be best suited for your affiliate promotion. Remember that you are writing review to get people to purchase the product. You are not writing the review for nothing. So, you have to choose the right product to review. Generally, the product should be bestselling and have good review rating.

2. Personal style

Any kind of company-style or professional-style review is boring to read, especially if it has more than 1000 words. If you want better result, use personal style for your product review. This will help you to relate with your readers. It makes your review looks like a conversation with your friend about particular product. This is the best style of writing, as this will give your review a better connection with your readers.

3. Pros, cons, and product detail

These are three points that you need to give to your readers in your review. The first one is the pros. What are the benefits of the product? List the benefits of the product according to your observation (i.e. by reading customer reviews in Amazon). Also, you should list the disadvantages about the product according to your observation. Keep the benefits bigger than the disadvantages since you want people to purchase the product through your link. And product detail is essential to give your readers general information about the product. Make sure it gives as much information as possible.

4. Give a glimpse about customer review

What the customers are saying about the product? You have to include some Amazon customer reviews in your product review. This is useful to make people understand the feel about the product.

5. Include several images and videos

Videos and images are important in your review. This will give your readers more feel about the product, and they will simply regard your review as more interesting if you include some images and videos inside your review. This is true especially if you want to write a killer Amazon product review. A text-only review will not be killer enough to generate even few measly sales.

6. Include a valid reason why readers should buy at Amazon

When you review a product, look at the regular price of the product on the manufacturer’s website or other websites. Usually, the Amazon price is a little cheaper compared to those websites. This can be a valid reason to encourage your readers to buy at Amazon. Don’t forget to provide strong call to action to lead your readers to visit the Amazon product page.

7. Use only text links in your review

Banners and all kinds of links aside from text link are less effective if you promote Amazon product. The best promotion method to make your review a killer review is to place your affiliate link in the form of text link inside your review. Place it within the content and don’t make it separate from the content. It will bring you the best conversion.

[box color=”gray” icon=”star”]Those are 7 tips to write a killer Amazon review that will bring you real sales. Are you generating good earning from Amazon? If not, start writing review for various Amazon products according to the tips above and start driving some traffic to your reviews. You’ll see the significant improvement in sales.[/box]

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  1. Great tips, there is great potential to be made with Amazon affiliate, and these tips will come very useful for creating quality Amazon product reviews.

  2. It’s great, find these tips from your blog. I’m new to the affiliate from amazon. Much research I did made ​​me more confused, but you make enlightened by the article that you wrote.

  3. Great tips Saad, I have a few questions. What do you think is the best word count for amazon product reviews? Instead of copying customer reviews, isn’t it better to keep the content fresh with our own original reviews ?

    Dr.Spencer Jones

    1. taking a screenshot of the reviews and putting it up there as if they are part of your content is a idea and it wont add up as a duplicate content on your site secondly you are definitely right about writing orignal reviews , personal reviews are always good and convert the most.

      I can’t really help you with the word count, I believe that the topic should end when it has to end. it can be of 200words and can go up to 700words , its all about the quality you deliver in your content.

  4. Awesome tips to write a product review. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Saad.


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