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7 Ways to Successfully Earn High Affiliate Commission from Your Blog

Most bloggers monetize their blog with AdSense. While it is true that it may be the simplest money making method for their blog, earning commission per click is perhaps not a good solution to earn big money from it unless the blog receive high amount of traffic.

Do you want to make big bucks from your blog? Learn to promote affiliate products successfully on your blog. Remember, blog is more personal than the regular website. So, if you want to promote affiliate product, you have to do it differently.

Here are 7 ways to successfully earn high affiliate commission from your blog:

1. Spice up your promotion with your personal story

Since the nature of blog is personal, you have to make your affiliate product content more personal. You can do it by writing personal story about how the product has benefited you significantly. For example, write your own experience about using certain money-making product and how this product increases your online income.

2. Don’t promote the product aggressively

Never promote your product aggressively because it will easily hurt your reputation. Soft-selling works best on blog, so use it. Hard-selling only works for sales page. Aggressive promotion will not leave positive impression on your reader’s mind. So, don’t promote your product in every blog post that you write.

3. Promote the affiliate product with product review

Product review works great in converting your readers into buyers. That’s why there are many companies that are willing to pay $100 or more for one review post about their product. It means that if you can write a good review about a product, it will give you a nice conversion.

4. Recommend only trusted products

Since your reputation is at stake every time you promote a product on your blog, you will have to be careful in selecting the product that you promote. Remember, you have to promote only trusted products; products that already have good track-record.

5. Put your affiliate links in the right place

Do not put your affiliate links everywhere. There are some suitable places to put your affiliate links inside your blog. First, you can place your affiliate links in your blog sidebar, above the fold. Second, you can place your links in your product reviews or posts related directly to the products that you promote. Third, you can place them in your email promotion that you send to your blog subscribers.

If you are promoting amazon products then there are many WordPress plugins you can use to make your links looks attractive with high conversion rate , the one which has worked great for me to write Amazon product reviews is EasyAzon.

6. Establish good communication with your readers

Communication is an important part to establish good rapport between you and your regular readers. By showing your readers that you care about them, and willing to help them, your readers will trust you more. The more trust you have, the more willing they will follow your recommendation. So, answer their comments regularly.

7. Increase your reputation

Reputation is also an important part that will help you to generate sales from your blog. If your blog has no reputation, you will have difficult time in promoting your affiliate product. On the contrary, if your reputation is high, you can easily recommend any product and your readers will just follow your recommendation and buy the product.

If you are a blogger and you want to earn high affiliate commission from your blog, the best thing to do is follow those ways. When you have growing number of subscribers, you will be able to see a significant boost in your affiliate income.

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  1. Product reviews are definitely my favourite method of increasing affiliate income. I also think promos work really well too.

    1. promos never worked for me as reviews did , but every one has their own way of promoting product , i guess i have to learn more 🙂

  2. I had mistaken that I had lost my reputation and now suffering that:(.
    But hoping to recoverd from that:)

    1. Yea , gaining reputation is hard but many new people are joining the industry so can always gain their trust.

      1. Yeah… U are Always rite bro:)

        1. Thanks faizan , hope you learned from this topic.

  3. True! Sometimes, we find articles where a whole paragraph is of blue (hyperlinked) text! So damn irritating man!

    Nice post! Cheers

    1. Well we have google to take care of those sites 😉

  4. some people say that we should should not use more then 4 hyperlinked link is there any limitation ….of using it ………..

    1. Well there are no limitations as such , but adding to many affiliate links can make your blog look very spammy and you might loose your rep.

  5. Promoting Affiliate links with reviews is best way i think. but we have to promote them in all possible ways

    1. yes , some people prefer affiliate marketing more than Adsense , because affiliate has more money than Adsense.

  6. Writing about products which you yourself use and presenting it as a review on your blog turns out to be best money making tactic if you want to become successful affiliate. Building trust is very important in affiliate marketing so never ever recommend a product which you’ve experienced poor.

    1. you wont be able to review it unless you have used it and people will not follow your advice , to create trust and put a mind set on people to buy your product is to add a short video so believe would believe that you have used it.

  7. Hey Saad,
    Well captured content !

    I like the point about putting the affiliate links on the right place. Yes, If you have the links on good and right place you can capture leads. If you have put affiliate links where no one is going to click then you will never get any kind of sales !

    1. yea thats just a basic.

  8. Placing the affiliate links and banners at the right place is definitely a good way to earn more. But it should blends with the content.

    1. cant agree any more 🙂

      hope to see you here again.

  9. Affiliate marketing is really a good way to earn money. Thanks for sharing your post.

  10. LOL at this time i don’t even have Adsense and i am not applying to BSA because i heard that if your blog have a good look then you have good chances to get approved so thought to change the design then i will apply for it .. and this post helped me i will apply the rules when i have it .. i didn’t know about many of these :/

    1. hey yahya , well dont wait for google Adsense and BSA to approve your request , start building good traffic for your website i would say dont get it unless you have 10k visitors per month and for site teentainment , affiliates are hard to work with but you can look around how other people are magnetizing their wallpaper blogs.

      shared you post 😉 Ronaldo HD Wallpapers , canot wait for tomorrows match , spain v. portugal 🙂

  11. I get 51K visitors pr Month and daily 1900 to 2400 Hundred visitors … I am just concentrating on Content and Traffic and also looking around like you say ..

    yEah me too waiting … :/

    1. yea mate , but i heard its really hard to get Adsense account in pakistan and india , i was just checking your website , i would say spend some money on premium theme , if you cant buy it right now , just contact me on Facebook and I might be able to get a good theme for your site , because 51k visitors per month is really a good traffic and you should definitely monetize with good ads thanks cpx and infolinks 🙂

  12. Its July now .. School will be off from 1st July then i will redesign my blog .. i was just waiting for this moment .. its Blogging time ..

  13. Product reviews are good, but case studies also work very well for me. Years ago, an assistant tried a product and wrote a couple of in-depth case studies in which he described his experiences and how the product had helped him, with graphics.

    Years later, those case studies are still providing a nice income stream.

    When you take the time and make the effort to do a case study, it’s much easier for your visitors to imagine themselves using the product.

    1. I have tried case studies only with my subscribers so far , never made a blog post abou it but surely I will in near future because I have enough experience with online products , and I am sure a case would add a income stream to your blog as you are sharing your own experience and adding a small would make a impact too.

      nice to see you here , welcome to Seoallrounder, Allan.


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