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7 Best WordPress Plugins For Traffic That I Use

Best WordPress Plugins For Traffic

Blog’s traffic not only depends upon your content, it also depends upon ,how your website treats your readers. Yes! your content should first be liked by your readers, if liked then don’t care of your traffic it increases automatically.Usually blogs which are run on other blog softwares ,WordPress gets more traffic than others, as WordPress is a best blogging platform .For increasing your traffic, plugins will also play an important role. WordPress plugins are normally popular nowadays, whether it is paid or free. Many WordPress plugins are sold for higher prices based on their specifications, So Here I’m with a list of 7 Best WordPress Plugins For Traffic which are both Premium and free.

Before, I mention the plugins , note that you use those plugins effectively, because many bloggers misuse those plugins in many ways for making profit for them. And here is the list

  •  All in One SEO pack Or Yoast WordPress SEO plugin
  •  Share Bar
  •  Pop up Domination
  •  Top Commentators
  •  W3 Total cache
  •  WordPress comments auto-responder

1. SEO Plugins

The Main advantage in WordPress is SEO plugins, which helps you to rank first in Google search results. There are two WordPress SEO plugins – Yoast and All in one SEO, you can select any of the SEO plugin  for your WordPress site . I can’t say which SEO plugin is better , whether Yoast or All in one SEO, you can refer for this. But both SEO plugins are best, you can choose any one of them , it’s your choice!

There are also premium SEO plugins like the Easy WP SEO which you can use to optimized your site for Search Engines.

Yoast Plugin |  Download All in one SEO plugin

2. Share Bar

Share bar is a simple floating sharing plugin for articles. If your content is liked by your readers , they’ll sure like to share it and if they didn’t find any sharing plugins in your blog they’ll upset. So add share bar WordPress plugin to your blog it helps your blog readers to share your content on social media, and it’ll also help your blog to get new readers from social media.

Share Bar WordPress Plugin

3. Popup Domination

Popup Domination is a premium WordPress plugin, which helps to increase the subscribers of your blog. It’s just a popup subscription box, where it asks your blog visitors to subscribe to your blog. Every blog’s traffic are mainly based on the number of subscribers, the more number of subscribers you have  and the more traffic your blog receives. If a new visitors reach your blog, and if he finds your blog useful surely he’ll like to subscribe to your blog to get your blog updates via email. So if he couldn’t find the subscription box, he’ll subscribe to your blog via popup domination. Many blog’s have increased their blog traffic via increasing subscribers by popup domination plugin.

Read our Popup Domination Plugin for WordPress Review

4.Top Commentators

Top commentators plugin is one of the most used WordPress plugin for WordPress blogs. It makes your readers eager to comment on your articles, because the top commentators plugin shows the top commentators on your blog with the back link to their blog. As your blog readers want to comment on your blog posts, they’ll visit your blog everyday to check the latest article of your blog and comment. This increases the Traffic by increasing the commentators on your blog and they become regular readers of your blog.You can also try premium comment plugins like CommentLuv to get more comments.

Download Top Commentators Plugin

5. W3 Total Cache

The Main disadvantage in many WordPress blog’s themes are the loading time. Even though if you have an attractive theme, it must load fast, if it doesn’t you should use this plugin. It’s W3 total cache, the #1 WordPress plugin to make your blog load super fast , I too have experience in this Plugin and it’s gives good results.  If your blog readers find your blog loads slow, they’ll quit your blog automatically, if you like to keep your readers on your blog, you should have this plugin.

Download W3 Total Cache Plugin

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6. WordPress comment auto-responder

If a person leaves a comment in your blog, this plugin sends an email to that person, and also if that person’s comment got a reply , it’ll also send email to that person. This plugin helps you to get more returning visitors for your blog, and increases your blog’ traffic.

Download WordPress Comment auto-responder

7.CommentLuv Plugin

You must have heard about the advantages of using Commentluv WordPress plugin.When a reader comments in your post he can have a link to his most recent articles in his comment.This will motivate readers to read more posts and comment more in your blog.Premium version of this plugin will also include features like Google +1,Facebook like,tweet options for the particular posts,which will also increase your social visibility to a great extent.

Learn more about it in this post

  • CommentLuv Premium Plugin Review for WordPress

If you go with Premium version of commentLuv Plugin,then there is no need to use Top Commentators and WordPress comment auto-responder.As the CommentLuv Premium does both its work!

Boosting traffic for a blog is not easy, but by posting smart posts that tempt readers come back again and by using some WordPress plugins like the commentluv plugin, we can make it easy! Hope you enjoyed this post. Well there are lot of  Wordpress Plugins but these are Best WordPress Plugins For Traffic for starting of , later I will post the advance plugins for your Wordpress plugins , once you have enough traffic for your blog.

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  1. Hi Saad,

    I’m always looking for useful plugins. I have most of these already installed on my blog, however, I am very interested in W3 Total Cache. I will download it and see if it helps my blog load faster. Greatly appreciated!

    Raena Lynn

    1. Thanks , you can use cloudflare to make your blog even faster , its a free service and really high quality , plus it integrates with your w3cache plugin and if you want to make you blog more lol , you buy a maxcdn service.

      I am really glad you like the post, and it helped you speeding up your blog.

  2. This article provided great information. I have added a few of the plugins mentioned but not all of them. I have added them to my lisst of things to add to my site. This information was simple and easy to under for all levels. Thanks for the tipss.

    1. Thanks Kay , I am really glad you like the post , i will making a post about some advanced plugin through which you can get more traffic, so stick around.

      See you soon again.

  3. Yoast is best plugin i have ever seen. It helps to rank our site #1 on google

    1. true , no doubt its the best seo plugin for Wordpress , optimized you meta data to the core , but for optimizing content there are other good plugins.

  4. According to me Yoast is better than All in one SEO cz recently i have tried the both and decide to stick with Yoast SEO plugin..
    over all nice post and had covered almost .

    1. Well yea , even i am using Seo yoast now after ditching all in seo , but can’t deny that i used all in one seo for 2 years and it didnot give me any problem , seo yoast has more options in it.

  5. I recently started using CommentLuv. Its just awesome. I am using 6 plugins from your above list. They are converting very well in increasing traffic 🙂

    1. Hey ammar , nice to see you on my blog , i see what you are using a version of commentluv , but i dont know its a free version or paid , if its a paid version make sure you are maximizing its use its social enticements.

  6. Very useful list of wordpress plugins. I added 3 of them to my blog. But I am still bit struggling with the settings of w3 total cache plugin. Others are working great. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Sajith, contact me on facebook, I’ll help you in setting W3Total Cache plugin

      1. Thats really nice of you Sandeep , trying to help other bloggers well i always tell my readers thats blogging is a community and helping each other is part of it. Really nice to meet you here and hoping to see you again.

  7. I was using most of the plugin mentioned by you except – ‘Popup Domination.

    I think it a great way to increase your subscriber.
    Thanks for letting me know about the plugin, I’ll definitely give it a try.

    1. Yup , what i love about the popup domination is that its soo beautiful and compelling that use doesn’t feel annoyed as if its a annoying pop up. I am using it on my blog , if you are planning on buy pop up domination , please let me know , i have get you %25 off total amount.

  8. Thanks a million.

    Will defiantly use the:
    * Top commenter’s Widget
    * W3 Total Cache
    * WP Autoresponder And Newsletter Plugin

    Thanks again

    1. Hey Charles , you are the second person in my blogging life who has no been introduced to w3 cache , trust me the first person I told this plugin about, she is a big on my site now and loves my tips.

      W3 cache is like the basic plugin to install right away with the new blog. I am glad i could introduce it to you , its free and amazing! you will not be disappointed with it ever , incase you need help with the settings , shoot me an email.

      As per autoresponder , i guess there are better options in the market as my fans are telling me , so i guess i have to check them out.

  9. Hi Saad,

    Well, I don’t use any of these plug-ins that you mentioned accept CommentLuv. I do have plug-ins though that I’m using that are similar to these.

    Right now, all the ones I’m using I’m very happy with and feel are best for my blog at this moment.

    It’s always good to hear what others are using just in case people are shopping around for more.

    Thanks for sharing your list with us today.


    1. Just before you comment , i was telling Charles how amazing w3 cache plugin is , it increased the blog speed by 5-10times , you should give it a try , its free and very easy to setup.

      Well these are my top Wordpress plugins to get traffic , so i thought of sharing with the community.

      1. I’ve used it before Saad and it locked me out of my blog dashboard. Had all kinds of problems with it so vowed never to even try it again.

        Oh, I appreciate you sharing these. We all like to know which ones are good.

        1. OH really?!? thats weird , the other plugin for cache i can recommend you is wp-cache , but if can get w3 to work , you will not use any other plugin to increase you blog speed.

  10. Great post Saad, commentluv is still maybe the best plugin for getting more traffic. And comment auto responder is always good Idea, it can save your time by automating this part of responding to the comments.
    thanks for sharing

    1. yes , still commentluv is my best investment on this blog.

      Glad you liked the post 🙂 see you again.

  11. Hi Saad Naeem, I am using 5 plugins with you have mentioned and will start using Top Commentators plugins. Between this plugins Comment luv plugin is an awesome plugin to boost our blog’s traffic. Anyway thanks for this list bro.

    1. Thanks Sai Kumar , well all the credit cannot go to commentluv , i think if you see w3 cache and seo yoast play’s a important role in long term. so commentluv is good for getting comments , where as cache and seo yoast are top in their own category. dont you think so?

      1. Ya Saad Naeem as you said the both plugin also plays the important role but i never used seo yoast plugin i am using all in one seo. so don’t have much idea about yoast

  12. Hi Saad,

    I’m working with a new video blogging tool – Videofyme, which enables users to shoot video, edit it with filters (think Instagram for video) and share it directly to their blog (plug-ins available). Videos are automatically encoded with ads and the blogger then earns a percentage of the ad revenue. Videofyme is both a web platform and a free app in the iTunes app store and Google play. Let me know if you would be interested in checking it out!

  13. Hey Saad, I just use 3 Plugins from the list, which includes, Wordpress SEO by Yoast, CommentLuv, AutoResponder! Responder is great but I just installed it right now, going to learn more about it, btw the post is awesome, keep it up!

    1. yea its basically a plug n play plugin , but you can always explore stuff to maximize its use 😉

      1. Yeah! that’s true, Exploring web is a Great Activity. Can You Tell me about more awesome plugins,!?

  14. Nice list, I’ve got increase in traffic since i have added commentluv as people like to comment on Blogs with commentluv enabled and they also search for it on Google..!

    1. Glad you liked the list , well there are 6 other plugins in the list which you can make use of to double your readers , and come back here to share your experience.

  15. The all in one SEO plugin is one of the best and most used plugins in the WordPress community. This is absolutely great for the basic SEO signals and for increasing your rank by installing and optimising a single plugin. (You might need to do a couple of other “optimises” to your website)

    Overall the plugins you’ve mentioned is absolutely fantastic – And I would recommend any WordPress user / webmaster to try them out.

    1. Thats great Anton , you should try and get used to seo yoast as it gives more control to your posts individually.

      its your choice in the end , i have just ditched all in one seo for seo yoast though i really never had issues with all in one seo plugin

  16. All the above listed plugins are really great and is must be used by every bloggers out there to get success from their blogs…Great post

    1. i know some are premium plugins up there but i cant help it , investment is a part for game 🙂

  17. I have most of the these plug ins except the Top Commentators. I am going to download it for my blog right now. Thanks – great article!

    1. if you are using commentluv premium then there is no need for that plugin 😉

      1. Thanks Saad! I just activated it!

  18. Thanks for sharing he 7 useful Wordpress plugins here.
    I’m using 3 of them on my blog.

    I have a question to ask from you Saad, Can you please tell me the difference between W3 TOTAL Cache plugin and WP Super cache plugin? Which is more better?

    1. well to be honest there’s no big difference in them , but w3 cache is a big company as its used by so you can expect quick updates from them in w3 cache you just have more options to setup up everything manually.

      I dont mind using any one of them but for me wp super cache was causing some issues in other plugins so i started using W3 cache plugin. Hope i answered your question 🙂

  19. Thank you for a fantastic post! I have added the top commentor plugin. Blessings!

    1. Thanks victoria , i am really glad you liked the posts and you found something usefull in it. 🙂

  20. I was in search of plugins that really contributes to traffic. But if you leaver sharebar aside then there is no such plugins

    1. Thank you Jaikee , i think you missed the second point , share bar is number second on my top Wordpress plugins for bring traffic.

  21. wp autoresponder is really amazing…

  22. Hi Saad,

    Wonderful post! I liked All in One SEO plugin, Comment Auto-respond, and W3-cache.

    Thanks for sharing nice plugins.

  23. hey saad
    please suggest me which plugin should I use all in one seo or yoast?And i am usin gall these plugins except share bar.

    1. if you ask me , i would say go for seo yoast plugin , but just do the initial setting of it then you are good to go. if you have any questions please email me.

  24. Great list … I use 5 plugins from the list leaving #2 and #3 and I use “comment reply notification” as an alternative to WordPress comment auto-responder

  25. That’s a great list buddy. Right now I’m using only CommentLuv and W3 Total Cache, the others are new to me.

    1. thanks mate , give a shot to other plugins, would love to know what magic they will do for you 😉

  26. very nice information about plugins dear. i really like it

  27. Well iam aware of 5 plugins in 7 of them, all the plugins are must for every blog. As its necessary to get some boosting growth.

    thanks for the awesome review.

  28. Great information. I am a newbie that has only recently launched a few sites. I will undoubtedly stumble a few times but find information such as yours to be excellent. I applaud your integrity. Best of luck

  29. Thank you for this info 🙂
    I never thought there is a free version of autoresponder available in wordpress. It is really amazing.
    I feels, Digg Digg is better than Sharebar. It seems you have also used Digg Digg.

    1. Hey Ramesh , Thanks for connecting with me here.

      If you were a old reader of seoallrounder , you would notice a big change in the design of this blog. I was using sharebar because diggdigg was causing some issues but now diggdigg is working great. 🙂

      Hope to see you again.

      Warm Welcome on seoallrounder.

  30. wow great tips saad.. i really likes your work.. keep it up

  31. I am using most of the plugins that you mentioned,
    Great information about Wordpress

  32. Hello Saad,

    Well i’m using all the plugins mentioned in the post. The first thing we should consider is using of seo plugins which optimize our posts easily. Secondly sharebars are also essential to get social signals.

    However it is always recommended to use few plugin only..


  33. HI,
    Nice post. I use some of those and plug-ins vary on my blogs/sites but I must say Yoast SEO Rocks! Also, Have you tried the new Cunjo iSocial share bar? It’s FREE & it’s really nice!!!!! I like it so much I’m putting it no ALL of my sites!!!

    Can you recommend a Free plugin (mine super old/outdated) to use in WP sidebar/widget for like PLR giveaways/downloads??


  34. Awesome list of plugin and great post indeed. And to be honest i’m using most of them.

    thanks for the share.

  35. Hi Saad bro,

    Excellent post about WordPress plugins. All these mentioned plugins are my favorite. ALL in one SEO plugin and really best SEO plugin. I didn’t use Pop up domination plugin before but now I’m thinking about to use it on my new blog.

    Thank you.

  36. Nice list, I’ve got increase in traffic since i have added commentluv as people like to comment on Blogs with commentluv enabled and they also search for it on Google..!


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