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Article Marketing For SEO Doesn’t Work – Unless You Do It Right

Guest Post By Timothy Arends 

If you are looking for ways to increase traffic to your site, you have no doubt come upon articles, blog posts and advertisements claiming that writing articles will bring in “instant avalanche” of traffic to your website. Or that each article you write will be worth a certain amount of money or will bring a certain, set number of visitors to any website. Or even that you can churn out fifty articles in a single day of high-quality, no less. My response to such claims is HOGWASH!

Then there are those who claim that the secret to article success is using a piece of software called a “spinner” that will crank out hundreds of articles based on a single “seed” article, since, on the Internet, quantity is what counts, not quality. Once you have cranked out such “spun” articles, you will be told that you must use a submission service to submit these articles to different directories so that each one will result in a backlink to your site.

Yes, if you wish to submit to hundreds of article directories, you will need to sign up with a service that will do it for you, since it will be far too time-consuming to do this by hand. But the expense of such a service will kill the appeal that article marketing has in the first place, that of being a free method of site promotion.

So with all the conflicting advice out there on article marketing, what should you believe?

The fact is that article marketing is not going to bring in an “instant avalanche” of free traffic. Another fact is that quality still does count online. After all, if your articles are on hundreds of article directories, but the directories and the articles themselves are low-quality, does it really matter? Everything that Google does is about favoring high-quality articles and sites over low quality ones.

So what should you do if you want to maximize the results of your article marketing efforts?The first thing to understand is the importance of your article titles. Yes, keyword research is important in this regard.

You do not have to be an expert on keyword research to make a difference. Time and time again I have found that some of my best performing articles are the ones that I perform at least some keyword research on.

Secondly, quality is important in article marketing. If your article doesn’t flow well, the reader will never make it to the end where your resource box is located, Nor will he or she be motivated to click over to your site.

Don’t be afraid of giving away too much information in your article. A 500 or 600 word article is never going to give away all the information that the reader wishes to know about a particular subject anyway. However, if your article is a good one, the reader will be far more likely to be motivated to click over to your site.

If you hate to type, you can still write. A voice dictation program like Dragon Dictate for Mac or Dragon Naturally Speaking for PC can help you create content almost as quickly as you can speak. Just be sure to proofread, but you would do that anyway, right?

Article marketing can work over the long run, but not if you make too many mistakes in the process.


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