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Profit Boosting Ebay Tips For The First Time Seller

 Are you tired of making only a small amount of money from Ebay? Would you like to start making more with what you have now? Look no further! Written below are 10 Ebay tips that will not only increase your revenue but increase your profits too!


Accurate Title & Descriptions

The first bit of information a buyer looks at is the title. If you can’t convert them from only reading the title to clicking into your description you’ve already lost money. When a buyer is looking for a particular item an accurate title with a promise will gurantee to draw them in. Here’s an example.


Lets say your buyer is looking for a laptop.


Title 1: old laptop

Title 2:  Laptop For Sale/1GB Of Ram/ Like New Condition


Do you see just how different the titles compare? One title just tells you it’s an old laptop. While the second one jumps at you. It tells you that not only is it a laptop but its in like new condition with 1 gigabyte of ram!


Once you have a good title set you need to work on your description. Your description is the second most important task. A concise description not only tells the reader what they need to know but sells them on the item too.


Multipe Categories

Most first time sellers only list their item in one category. Why would anyone list in only one category is beyond me. One category means one type of viewer and only a handful of Ebay’s buyer seeing your item. If your item can be listed in more than a single category, list it in the alternatives as well. Not only are you going to get more eyeballs on your auction but you increase the possibility of your item selling faster and for the price you want, if not more!


Free Shipping

I always urge first time sellers to offer free shipping. You can always cover the shipping in the sale, but that might take away a few bids. Your best bet is to offer free shipping and try to recoup some of the shipping cost via the auction. I always aim to at least cover half of my shipping cost.


Ebay isn’t difficult to monetize. You just have to play your auctions correctly and be upfront with honesty. A seller that is not only honest but shows the buyer what the item is will sell more then one that does not.

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5 Tips on How to Successfully Launch New Product

Product launch is an important event in your business that can possibly bring you large amount of profit overnight. However, you have to treat your new product launch as something important for your business as well as your life. Here are 5 smart tips on How to successfully launch your new product

1. Collect several names of Joint Venture partners few weeks before launch

Before the launch, prepare some names that will be your greatest assets to help your launch promotion. It is better for you to make agreement with some savvy affiliate marketers to help you promote your product launch. Joint Venture partners are your best bet to launch a successful product. So, be sure to contact some super affiliates and offer them enticing commission and bonus to help your product launch promotion. Remember, this has to be done weeks before your actual launch date, so that your JV partners can build a list to promote your product before the launch date.

2. Build a mailing list and give discounts for early birds

You can build mailing list while counting on to the launch day. This mailing list will be your early birds list. Offer them good discounts if they decide to purchase the product one day before launch or at the launch date. Since many people will be flocking to buy your product in launch date, it is a good idea to give special treatment for your exclusive early birds list. Discount and special bonus are your best bet to entice them to buy before launch.

3. Refine your product and add more bonuses to it

While waiting for the launch date, be sure to perfect your product and add more bonuses to it. This is important because when you are over-delivering in your product, your customers will be positively surprised about that. As a result, they will tend to leave good feedbacks for your product. These feedbacks can be used to refine your sales page later.

4. Use social media to inform your target audience about the launch

Remember to use social media to inform your target audience about your product launch. You can build separate list for your social media audience and give them different deal. Or, you can use social media to make your product launch go viral. There is no better way to make your product go viral other than through social media. You can also create videos about your product launch and submit those videos to video-sharing websites.

5. Write some articles and press releases about your new product

Finally, write some articles about your product and some press releases as well. Distribute your articles and press releases to major article directories and press release channels. You can also write regular articles that give tips and guides for the readers and use those articles to promote your product. Finally, prepare a good squeeze page to collect your reader’s email addresses so that they can be notified early about the product.

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If you want to launch new product, make sure to prepare it carefully. Those smart tips will help you to have a successful product launch.

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How to Build Good Reputation for Your Online Business

How reputable you are? Most likely this is the first question that you potential customers will ask silently before they decide to buy your product or service. Reputation is important. You can ruin your online business by building bad reputation, but you can grow and expand your online business if you are willing to make some efforts to build good reputation. Here are some tips about How  to build good reputation for your online business.

1. Infiltrate the forums

Forum is the best place to build your online reputation easily. Forum is the place of discussion, and the members of the forum usually have good interest about the topic. So, if you enter a forum about Windows, most likely the members of that forum are Windows users. So, if you can make yourself noticed in that forum, you will be regarded as an expert in Windows. You will start to gain good reputation because people know that you have the expert knowledge about the topic. If you want to build reputation for your online business, enter forums related to your niche and build your reputation there by helping people to solve their problem. This is an easy way to boost your online reputation.


  • How to Use a Niche Forum for Targeted Traffic

2. Seize the power of social media

Social media will help your online business go viral. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss this channel of promotion. When you’re using social media as channel of promotion, you will make your online business more familiar for your audience. Run Facebook Ads promoting your business to your audience and create a fan page about your online business. The more you appear on social media, the more people will know you. You can also install Facebook Like button in your website to showcase people who like your fan page. The more likes you have, the more reputation you will get.


  • How Social Media Can Help To Overcome Google Penguin
  • Best Strategies For Marketing With Facebook

3. Put your name as expert author

Another easy way to boost your reputation is to display yourself as expert author. It means that you need to use article directory to your advantage. Article directory is the best place to showcase your ability to your target audience. If you have an online business and want to be recognized as an expert, submit your articles regularly to article directories. Not only will you get free traffic if you do this, you will also able to build trust in your online business.

4. Build a professional website and blog

For example, if you are an eBay seller and want to build reputation on your eBay business, it is better for you to build professional website and blog about your business. Don’t just depend on eBay platform. If you want to attract more customers, building a professional website and blog for your business is a necessary part. Your website and blog will become representative of your online business.

5. Imitate the experts

There are so many experts in any online business niche. If you can learn some lessons from them, it would be good to boost your reputation for your online business. You know, if you’re not yet an expert, you should learn from the experts in order to become one of them. Make the experts as your role model to build a successful business. What’s their strategy to build more reputation? You have to learn from them and imitate what they’re doing.

Without good reputation, your online business will simply go downhill. People want to deal with trustworthy merchant or seller. That’s why it is important to build your reputation if you want to grow your online business. Those tips, if implemented correctly, will help you to build good reputation for your business.

P.S If you don’t know which forum to start building your reputation , just drop a comment with your niche , I will help you in that.


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How to Select the Best and Most Profitable Niche for Affiliate Promotion

If you’re an affiliate marketer, probably you already know about the importance of choosing a niche. That’s because you’ll work on that niche for a long time. If you can’t select the best and most profitable niche for your affiliate promotion, you will have difficulty to earn money from your niche. Here are some tips to select the best niche for your affiliate business

1. What’s hot today may be cold tomorrow

So, follow the crowd and seize the opportunity in front of you. What are the current trends? Search some related affiliate products for current trends. You will likely be able to capitalize from your promotion quickly in this way. Remember that what’s hot today may not be regarded as hot tomorrow. So, promote hot products while they’re still hot and customers are still around. When the hot products become cold, switch to promote other hot products and start the cycle again.

2. Target hungry crowds

Hungry crowds mean the crowd of people who will readily buy any product coming to their way. Examples of products that target hungry crowds are products related to trends, products related to expensive hobbies (such as video games), products to help people solve crucial problem, and so on. Hungry crowds will make easy affiliate income for you. If you simply want to gain more profit with your affiliate promotion, you need to start targeting hungry crowds.

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3. Choose the niche that serves for desperate people

Desperate people want to solve their problem once and for all. Usually, they’ve been experiencing their problem for a long time and using all kinds of products without result. They want the real solution for their problem, which will help them to get rid of the problem once and for all. If you can find a niche for desperate people, you will have a good chance to profit more from your affiliate promotion.s

4. Make the learning process at its minimum

It is better for you to serve a niche that you know well about. The most profitable niche for you might be the niche that you’re familiar about. Think about it: if you know a lot about golf, it will be more profitable for you to enter golf niche instead of tennis. If the learning process for you is minimal, you can focus your time to create content and promote affiliate product. When you try to enter a niche that you’re not familiar, you will spend most of your time learning and learning, without actually start promoting your affiliate product.

5. Choose a niche that you’re passionate to learn deeper

The niche that you’re passionate to learn is better and will make you more profit in the long run. In this way, you can enter any unfamiliar niche as long as you have burning desire to learn about the niche deeper. Without the desire to learn, you will have difficulty to impress your audience about the product that you promote. Learning is an important process, so choosing a niche that you’re passionate to learn deeper will give you more profit in the future.

Read our post about How to become a Super Affiliate

Selecting the best and profitable niche for your affiliate promotion is important, especially if you’re just starting out. Follow the tips above to find your best niche that will bring you maximum profit for your affiliate business.

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5 Ideas to Make Your Blog Fun and Engaging

To make a good profit with your blog, you need to make your blog popular. To make your blog popular, you have to make sure that your blog is fun and engaging, so that people are excited to come back to your blog again and again. Here are 5 ideas to make your blog fun and engaging.

1. Apply a blog template that resonates fun

Your blog template is important because it will carry your blog image in general. If your template is fun, people will enjoy their stay on your blog. However, if your blog template is oldie and too common, people will not enjoying your blog as much as if you’ve installed good template for your blog. There is two ways to get a good blog template that will engage your visitors. The first way is to buy a premium blog template and the second way is to hire a professional web designer.

2. Don’t be too serious with what you’re talking

Blog should become your channel to share your ideas and thoughts with the world. However, treat it like a regular conversation with your friend. You don’t need to be too serious with your blog. It doesn’t mean that you have to carelessly write your blog post. It means that you have to write your blog post in a more relaxed way. Remove the seriousness in your conversation. Add some jokes here and there in your post to make it more fun.

3. Write content that attracts discussions

If you want to engage your blog visitors and make them to participate in the discussion in your blog, you need to write content that attracts discussions. Controversial content will naturally attract discussion. However, don’t spill your hatred in writing this content. Simply state the fact and let people to discuss it. Another content that will attract discussions is new information. For example, when Google Panda update is still hot news, there are many blogs that successfully gain more traffic simply by writing content about Google Panda update.

4. Add images and videos to your blog

What do you feel when reading a blog that contains only texts without images? You might think that the blog is dull and boring. Certainly, images and videos will do good things to your blog. Images will beautify your blog and videos will make your blog more appealing. When you add professional images to your blog posts, it will make your blog to look more professional. Videos will enrich your user experience and they will likely to visit your blog more often if you post good videos regularly.

5. Ask question: “What do you think…?”

You can engage your readers by asking them to participate in the conversation. For example, you can write a blog post “What do you think about recent Google Panda Update?” or something similar. This will challenge your readers to participate in sharing their thoughts and ideas about the topic. Sometimes, the only thing you need to do is to ask your readers. Most bloggers forget to ask about the opinion of their readers. You shouldn’t forget that asking your readers to participate in the discussion is a simple way to effectively engage them in your blog.

Follow the ideas above to make your blog fun and engaging. Did you run out of ideas for blogging sometimes,do check out ideas for blogging.You can also make use of CommentLuv Premium Plugin  to make your readers visit your site again.Remember that you can only profit from your blog if you can make it fun and engaging for your readers.

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7 Effective Link Building Tips to Achieve Top Rank in Google

One of the most important parts of building a successful website is link popularity. If you are doing effective link building for your website, you will be able to achieve high rank in search engine result page quickly and easily. Here are 7 effective link building tips to achieve top rank in search engine result page:

1. Submit your articles to top-ranking article directories

Choose several top-ranking article directories and submit your original article to those directories. What you should consider are,,,, and Write quality articles, not crap. Although you’re going to build link with your articles, you have to give value to your readers.

2. Post quality comments to related blogs

Make a list of 10 blogs that are related to your website. Subscribe to their RSS feeds so that you’ll know first-hand when they got updated. As soon as you see the update, post your quality comment to those blogs. Don’t forget to leave your link there.

3. Write guest posts to top-ranking blogs

With the same list of 10 blogs, contact each of the blogger and offer them your guest post. Remember that you have to make sure to build professional image when you ask them to become their blog contributor. With your guest post, you will be able to place quality link to your website.

4. Put your link in your forum signature

Participate in forums and place your website link in your forum signature. Then, post on those forums frequently so that people notice you as an active member of the forums. Once you’ve gained this recognition, it is easy to bring traffic to your website through your forum signature. Moreover, forum signature will give you more boosts in your search engine ranking.

5. Write a press release about your website

Press release websites have high search engine position and search engines often regard those websites as high-rank websites. So, it won’t hurt you to write a press release about your website and place your link there. You will experience instant boost in your rank and your traffic once you’ve published your press release.

6. Submit your videos to various video-sharing websites

Youtube and Daily Motion are your best friends in video marketing. They have strong ranking and linking from them will give your website an extraordinary traffic. Place your link in your video description and post your video regularly. Once per day is enough to keep traffic flowing to your website.

7. Bookmark your posts with social bookmarking tools

Social bookmarking tools will help your website to go viral very quickly, especially Digg and Stumble Upon. Moreover, they are high-rank websites that will give you nice link juice. Every time you post a new content to your website, make sure to publish your link to those social bookmarking tools. The more the better; you’ll have stronger link popularity if you place your link in those bookmarking websites.

Those are some effective ways to achieve top rank in search engine result page. Follow those tips diligently, and you will be able to achieve higher rank quickly.

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How to Create Automatic Money Machine with Free Blogger Blog

The idea that you will learn below is about making money using free blogger blog. The method is completely free, and you don’t need to invest a single cent for this method to work. Once you’ve successfully create passive income from your small blog, you will begin to get addicted to create more and more of the same type of blog. Here are the steps that you need to take to create automatic money machine with free blogger blog:

1. Find one specific product to promote

To effectively earn affiliate commission with your blogger blog, it is preferable to choose one product to promote. Why only one product? The answer is to keep your focus and your audience’s focus. By promoting one product, you are focusing to do one task, which is to promote that product. Your blog will become extremely targeted to promote that one product, and it will be easier to funnel your traffic to your affiliate sales page. So, the first thing is to find one product to promote. Remember that choosing a product shouldn’t take you lots of time. You just need to choose one product, read the sales page, and if the sales page can convince you to buy, you’re good to go.

2. Find two extremely low competition keywords

The idea is to create a micro-blog to promote your product. This blog will only have two posts and one page. However, you have to make sure that your blog is working well with the search engine. The next step is to find two extremely low competition keywords related with the product. The criteria for the keywords should be extremely low competition, which you can easily rank without even doing any promotion. Find keywords that have good monthly traffic (around 300-1500) and low result for exact phrase search (around 0-200). It might take some time (few hours) to find those two keywords, but you’ll surely find it if you search for it.

3. Create 2 posts based on those keywords

Now that you’ve found your golden nugget keywords, you’re going to create two simple and short posts (around 400-500 words) based on those keywords. What you need to do is to write how-to or tips posts, and finally you will insert one image in each of your post. Once you’ve created your post, publish it to your free blogger blog and link those posts to each other and link to your page as well. You will learn how to create a page in the next step.

4. Create a page that will act as your sales funnel

Next, create a good page that will act as your sales funnel. The length of this page is about 1000 words, and this page will talk about your product. The trick is to write in the flow of problem-solution. First, you present your problem to your readers and then you slowly lead them to the solution, which is the product that you promote. So, for example, if you promote acne product, you can write about how acne has become common in teenagers and how most people have difficulty to cure their acne. Then, slowly you will lead to the solution to cure acne completely with your affiliate product. This is a simple and effective sales funnel system that you can depend on to create good sales for your affiliate product.

5. Bring traffic to your posts

The next and most important step is to bring regular traffic to your posts. You can do it by doing article marketing since you want to keep this method completely free. Also, article marketing will help you to effectively presell your audience with your product. So, use article marketing as your first channel of promotion. Next, you can use video marketing to boost your traffic.

If you follow the step-by-step plan correctly, you will be able to make passive income from your small free blogger blog. Once you’ve got automatic traffic from article directories and video-sharing websites as well as search engines, you will see steady sales for your affiliate product. You can move on to other product by following the same exact steps over and over again.

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5 Aspects of Your Website Design that Will Increase Your Sales

Are you selling product or service in your website? Let me show you the way to increase your sales. There is one strong aspect of your online business that will actually help you to boost your sales. It is your website design. Many people experience instant boost of sales few moments after they improve their website design. Do you want to do the same? Here are 5 aspects of your website design that will increase your sales:

1. Easy payment process

Think about convenience. Your customers want the ordering process to be as smooth as possible. This payment process is part of your website design that you need to improve. Are you letting your customers to purchase your product easily? Or, do you require them to fill in multiple forms in order to purchase your product? It can be a turn-off for your customers. Think about what’s on their mind. They are excited to purchase a product in your website, but there is 6-step ordering process that they need to take before they actually pay for the product. Chances are, they will rethink and rethink, and in the 3rd or 4th step, they may decide to cancel the order. So, make sure to have easy payment process in your website.

2. Content-splitting

What’s more boring than reading long sales page that seems endless? There is nothing wrong with long sales page, but consider splitting your content into multiple pages so that your readers don’t get bored easily. By splitting your content, you make your content easy to read. Trust me, people won’t lose interest as long as your sales copy is strong. In fact, they will find your website to be a convenience.

3. Appealing overall design

Now, take a look at your website in general. Look at Google homepage. Isn’t it appealing? It is simple, and it clearly shows you that it is a search engine. Let’s look at another website: Amazon. Even first-time visitors will find it easy to navigate and find their desired product through Amazon homepage. Moreover, there are appealing graphics and videos and clear navigation as well in Amazon website. The brand is also clearly shown. So, look at your overall site design. Is it appealing? If you were a customer, do you want to buy from your website? Think about it, and improve your design once you’ve found weakness in your design.

4. Graphics and product images

Graphics and product images are what drive customers to buy your product. Think about visiting a local store. If there is no product displayed on that store, and you only see text with product name and price, do you want to buy in that store? You’re only seeing “Potato Chips $1” “Nugget $1.5” “Camera $400” and so on, without any product displayed. How annoying is that? Your website is the same. If you don’t include nice graphics and product images, you will not be able entice your visitors to buy your product. In fact, those graphics will also enhance the overall look of your website.

5. Keep your website brand stands out

Don’t put simple text as your website name. Use your own unique brand logo. If you don’t have one, hire a graphic designer to create one for you. And make your brand stands out in your website. You don’t want to make your brand to sink. Create a nice-looking brand because you will use that brand for long years to come. Good-looking brand will boost people’s trust on your online business.

Those are some aspects in your website design that will help you to increase your sales. Remember that those aspects are important, and if you really want to improve your sales, you have to start improving your website design today.

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5 Common Misconceptions about Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the best ways to attract high quality traffic to your website. Whether you want to promote your product, affiliate product, service, or local business, it is important to eliminate any misconceptions about article marketing. Once you eliminate the common misconceptions, you will be able to do article marketing better. Here are 5 common misconceptions about article marketing:

1. SEO is everything

Many people are too obsessed with SEO. They are spending hundreds of dollars just to invest on SEO. They have one goal in mind: they want to rank high in the search engine result. And their underlying mindset is that SEO is the only way to achieve their goal. This is the greatest misconception in article marketing. To eliminate this misconception, you have to understand the purpose of your article. Your purpose for writing articles is to attract potential customers to your website. Writing quality article is the best way to attract new potential customers to your website. Don’t obsess with SEO. Remember that your goal is to give valuable information so that people are interested with your product.

2. Article marketing is for backlink building

Those people who obsess too much with SEO treat article directories as mere backlinking channels. This is a gross misconception. Article marketing is your channel to communicate with your potential customers. Think about article directories as the middlemen between your business and your audience. You’re using those article directories because they have superior traffic. Remember that backlink building should only be regarded as bonus for doing article marketing. It’s called article marketing because you are using article as your promotion tool. It’s not link marketing.

3. Distributing your articles to multiple article directories will give you better result

There are not too many good article directories out there. In fact, many article directories that most people submit for backlinking purpose have become content farm that are slowly dumped by Google and other search engines. Therefore, distributing your articles to multiple article directories will not give you any significant boost for your traffic. It is much better if you focus on one or two article directories and drive traffic from those directories instead of using article directories for backlinking purpose. Choose the biggest and most popular article directory as your primary channel of article marketing.

4. Writing any article will make you some cash

Most people completely misunderstood about the whole concept of article marketing. Writing article can bring you traffic, but it isn’t true that any article will give you quality traffic. Low quality article will give you traffic, but will they convert? Only by writing high quality, unique, and original article you will be able to drive high quality traffic that actually converts. Remember that you are writing article to presell, to persuade, and to entice your potential customers. You are not writing article to build backlink.

5. Your job is only to write articles

The secret is continual conversation with your audience. Writing article mindlessly will not get you anywhere. The secret is to write engaging and interesting article that will ticks your reader’s mind–article that will make your readers to think about taking your offer. So, your job is not only to write articles. You have to converse with them, build relationship, becoming an expert, build trust and reputation, and actually do repeat business with your readers.

Those common misconceptions are what lead most people fail in article marketing. Article marketing is a great way to attract high quality traffic to your website. However, most people completely miss this point. Writing crappy articles that offer no value at all will only drive measly traffic that doesn’t convert. If you want to improve the result from your article marketing campaign, start breaking those misconceptions about article marketing as soon as possible.

Here are few good article directories that you can try to start on your campaign. Dont forget to share us on Facebook and Google+




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5 Tips to Generate Your First Affiliate Sale

Your first affiliate sale is very motivating. This is the moment that most affiliates cherish. Without his first sale, someone won’t be able to become super affiliate. If you have difficulty to generate your first affiliate sale, follow these 5 tips:

1. Start your promotion plan

Don’t just sit down and expect miracle to happen. Actually start your promotion plan. However, it is important for you to have an actual plan to promote your affiliate product. So, before you begin to start your plan, you have to create the plan. Actually, it is simple. Just fill this information and you will have new promotion plan waiting to be executed:

– Your niche
– Your affiliate network
– Your product
– Your landing page
– Your main promotion method
– Your additional promotion method

Once you know about the big picture of your affiliate promotion, start executing your plan consistently.

2. Focus on one product that you trust

By focusing on one product to promote, you will have better progress. Think about it. If you focus on 3 products to promote, you will divide your attention and efforts into three product promotion. But, if you focus on only one, you are giving your attention and efforts directly for the promotion of that one product. Thus, your result will be better. It is better to earn more with one product than to earn less with multiple products. So, focus to promote one product that you trust.

3. Don’t be ‘greedy’ in your first try

Be simple. Affiliate marketing is not complicated. You are promoting other people’s product and you’ll get commission for each sale. So, follow one simple system that will ensure that you get the sales from your promotion. Trying multiple internet marketing methods will not give you effective result. If you are ‘greedy’ by hopping from one method to another method without giving the chance for the method to work, it will keep yourself in the failure zone. So, if this is your first try in affiliate marketing, simply choose one appealing promotion method and stick with it until you see some results. Only then, you can experiment with other methods as much as you like.

4. Create a simple system

If you can generate passive income from affiliate marketing, do you want to do it? The ultimate goal for any affiliate marketer should be passive income. It is the idea that you’ll keep getting sales even without active promotion effort on your part. To achieve this goal, you have to create a simple system. Let me give you one idea. Create a small blogger blog as your sales funnel and drive traffic to it. This is a simple system. This simple system will help you to get passive income from your affiliate promotion.

5. Begin to write effective landing page copy

If you want to be able to sell product online, you have to learn about how to write effective landing page copy. As an affiliate, your job is to persuade and entice your audience to buy your affiliate product. You can only do this by refining your copywriting skill. Learn more information about how to write effective landing page copy and apply that information to your affiliate marketing promotion. You will get better and better result every time you apply your knowledge and skill.

Those are some valuable tips that will help you to generate your first affiliate sale. Remember that it actually isn’t hard to get your first sale. But most people are too lazy to even work for it. If you follow the tips above, you won’t go into the wrong direction.


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