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Basic Internet Marketing Tools For SEO

Online marketing tools are considered programs or applications which will help businesses to promote the service/products over the internet. Some of these tools, also known as SEO tools, will offer the specific function to improve the search engine visibility of a website. The tools will help edit site content so search engines may find certain web pages when internet users will search for certain relevant keywords.


Keyword Tools

Keyword tools will help to determine what keywords or phrases will offer a site with optimal results in search engines ranking lists. One way the tools will be able to do this is by analyzing what terms will users enter in. Such tools will then generate entire lists with related keywords based on those specific entries. For instance, if a certain user will be entering the term “computer” into such a tool, results may include various terms like “personal computer,” “computer hardware,” or “desktop computer.” Additionally to offering lists of terms, such keywords tools will offer analytical data as well, like how much traffic certain keywords will be likely to generate or how frequently people will be searching for certain keywords. Using this kind of data, internet marketers may determine which terms will offer their content with the most visibility over the internet.


Backlink Checkers

Such SEO tools, also known as link popularity checkers, are practically online marketing tools that will determine which external sites are linking to your website. The amount of backlinking websites to a host site has an essential consideration for the algorithms of search engines. Such algorithms will calculate what sites to display and what exact position. Typically, the more backlinks a website has, the higher up that website will rank on a specific search engine. However, an even more essential aspect than the amount of backlinks will be the authoritativeness of those backlinks. Additionally to listing the names of backlink websites, a backlink checker will offer the rankings or search engines and related data as well.


Analytical Tools

An important factor of online marketing is analyzing internet data, also known as web analytics. Without web analytics, businesses would not be able to calculate the success rates of internet marketing campaigns or site changes. When it comes to search engine optimization, internet marketers may use analytical tools for seeing which type of keywords or phrases are gathering the most search engine results and may view the changes in a website`s traffic over time as well. Using the data analytical tools generate, internet marketers will be able to determine which search engine optimized strategies are working and which are not.

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Basic Info About MLM Internet Marketing Tools

Multi-level marketing, also called MLM, is considered a method of distributing as well as selling services or products via particular distributors and not by using regular retail channels. With multi-level marketing, these particular distributors will make profit by selling the products of a company and also recruiting other people who are able to sell for the specific company. There are several online tool which can be used for promoting a multi-level marketing business.



YouTube can be used for marketing your multi level marketing business over the internet. You can create a YouTube “channel” and include a basic description for your multi-level marketing business, average representative earnings, your commission structure and contact details on this specific channel. One of the best parts about having such a channel will be the ability of posting videos free of charge. You may develop one or several videos for helping market your business to prospective clients. You may also hire a production company as well as professional copywriter for helping you put the necessary sales or marketing spin on the video.  They will be able to help you built a professional-looking piece which will clearly articulate all the benefits of your services, which may lead to more clients.


Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing can be another method of marketing your multi-level marketing services or products online. Google AdWords will allow you to create targeted ads which will help you find new clients for your business. The best possible feature of this specific marketing method will be that you can directly reach individuals who are in the search of your services or products. For instance, let us say you will run a wellness multi-level marketing business selling e-books about healthy recipes. You may write an ad, and then bid on a few keywords which clients might be using for finding your services or products over the internet. For instance, “healthy ebook home business” or “best healthy recipe ebooks.” When users will search for this specific keywords, they will see your ad appear in the search results and you will only have to pay when someone will click on your ad.

First Class MLM Leads

First Class MLM Leads is considered an internet marketing tool which will offer you with quality, affordable leads for your multi-level marketing business. The company will have a wide network of surveys which will capture leads from other people who may be interested in MLM businesses. First Class will offer advanced targeting features like selecting demographic characteristics or targeting prospects by state, area code or time zone.

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Hope you enjoyed this post and learnt a lot about the basic multi level  marketing tools.We would like to see your opinions about it in the comment section below.

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Basic Aspects About How Does the Renegade Marketer System Work

Ann Sieg has created the Renegade Network Marketer System after she already tried numerous strategies to earn a living in network marketing. It is considered a how-to guide with digital, print and audio components which will illustrate the steps she took to online marketing success.


Attraction Marketing


Renegade Marketer System will use the principles and concepts of attraction marketing at its main core. Attraction marketing is concentrating on developing a system which is based on a few proven online marketing strategies which can be used to attract people who may already be interested in your services or products. Instead of simply following the regular network marketing and multilevel marketing approaches of playing the numbers, you will be following a strategy which will encourage individuals to get in touch with you instead of you getting in touch with them.


Affiliate Links


Another main focus of the Renegade Marketer System will be affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is considered a strategy of outsourcing sales tasks. Affiliates tell their site visitors about your services and products, and will receive a commission when that specific person purchases. The more affiliates you will have signed up, the more people you will have to promote your services or products on your behalf.


Funded Proposal


Another main component of making the Renegade system work will be funded proposal. Funded proposal can be considered a strategy of earning money to simply maintain the business at its most basic level, until you will be able to raise the funds to expand. One of the most common ways of creating a funded proposal will be by creating an e-book or anything like that to sell for helping to raise the capital. You may refer like-minded products as an affiliate as long as you will be getting financial compensation from your referrals.




The e-book contains over 140 pages of quality content which goes into great in-depth details on the topic of building a business by simply using the attraction online marketing formula. It is been said that she selected the name, “The Renegade Marketer System” as a lot of what Ann teaches will go against what a lot of MLM companies will teach their own distributors.


Ann Sieg is really considered a renegade in the eyes of a lot of marketing companies, but over time a lot of people have started to use her strategies and also have had a lot of success.

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Understanding The Strengths & Weaknesses Of Internet Marketing

As more and more customers are making their shopping over the internet, finding new methods of reaching them has become more important than ever. The global reach of internet has minimized the real need of expensive ad campaigns, while offering opportunities for focused online marketing approach. However, putting up a site will not be enough. An internet campaign of a company will have to clearly communicate the philosophy, service and products of the company, or most customers will probably go somewhere else. Without a specific marketing approach, online businesses will most likely experience uncertain profits and sluggish sales.


Flexible Customer Focus

The online environment`s reach manages to help companies like online grocers determine when they have visitors on their sites, what they purchased or the quality of the other companies` service. Using all this info, most companies will know if their customer will be new. This type of flexibility will aid companies change all their tactics instantly for meeting the needs of their customers.


Low Advertising Costs

Minimal advertising cost is one of the best advantages that are associated with online marketing. Local phone directory ads may cost over $19.000, and can reach maybe only about 300.000 people, John Mitchell wrote in his “Web News Pro” article back in 2004. On the other hand, a well-developed site will cost about $5.000, having a global reach of potential customers of over one billion people, says Mitchell. This type of reach will allow companies to market products as well as their services only for a small fraction of their original cost.


Misconceptions & Effectiveness

Having a simple site will not entice customers to visit, not to say purchase services or products as well, according to John Mitchell. Online businesses will have to incorporate elements like search engine optimization as well, so customers will find them a lot more readily. While online marketing has greatly reduced the effort of reaching customers, traditional outlets such as television or radio should not really be abandoned. Realistic business owners have already understood that by mixing these elements, they will create the best opportunity for success.


Tough Customer Expectations

Negative comments will usually spread quite rapidly in online environment, making it rather important to businesses to respond in the same fashion. For instance, if customers will rate an internet grocer`s excessive packaging as one of its most negative features, the company will be able to respond by overhauling the entire production process.


Unfocused Web Experience

Customers who make their shopping over the internet are always in the search of fulfilling some extremely particular needs, according to Jane Fox, a small business consultant. A site which will send customers to a web page with similar products will practically invite them to go elsewhere, say Jane Fox in her “Internet Marketing Mistakes That Cripple Profits” article. A lot of companies always fail to post them phone numbers or any other type of contact info on their site. Such mistakes can made lose up to 1/3 of the customer base of the company, says Fox.


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Best Web Hosting Prices – Which Option Is Best, Self-Hosting Or Using An Internet Service Provider?

When you try to create a website, you have to find a way to put the website to the internet world. Therefore, you would need to find a service provider which can give you a space in a server. With the server, you can upload the documents and images related to your website and let others know more about the website.


In other words, the first step that you need to take is to find a good website hosting service provider. There are many web hosting providers in recent years and they offer different plans for you to choose.


If you do not want to rely on the others, you can do self-hosting. But there are a lot of things that you need to consider. First of all, you need to consider the cost of the hardware. You would need to use proper server hardware for backing up the information stored in your website. You would also need to supply the website with high speed of broadband connection. When you try to create a website, you also need to purchase the license for using some of the software to plan the website. For example, you need to get the right language script to write the website. The server license would also cost you a lot.


If you think that the price is too expensive for you to self-host a website, then renting a website would be the best alternative. As mentioned above, there are a lot of web hosting service providers which can help you enjoy web hosting experiences. If you are able to choose the right service provider online, it will be definitely easy for you to create a website.


One of the points for you to consider when you select the web hosting plans is the data transfer security. You need to consider the data transfer security because the personal information of your visitors would be highly confidential. If you leak them, you would lose the trust from your customer. For websites like eCommerce website, the data security is always the most important consideration.


Another factor that you need to know about web hosting companies is the update and backup of information. Usually, they would provide backup services for the server information regularly. When the database corrupts, the backup files would be restored. Therefore, you need to ensure that frequent backups are done well. Otherwise, the information of your website may be lost.


Last but not least, you have to ensure that the uptime of the server is sufficient for you to attract people around the world. Some of the companies can provide up to 99.9% of uptime guarantee and it means that your website would always be hosted in the internet world.


To conclude, choosing the internet service provider for web hosting seems to be the most cost-effective way for you to increase the popularity of your website. If you want to reduce the cost of web hosting, self-hosting would be too difficult for you to manage.

We Recommend BLUEHOST to our clients and readers.

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Details You Need To Consider While Choosing A Web Host

In the internet market nowadays, there are thousands of web hosting service providers. When these web hosting service providers try to compete with each other, you would find that there are a lot of benefits that customers can enjoy. But if you are new to these companies, you may find that it is difficult for you to select the right provider and enjoy the benefits. You should learn some details that you need to look into while you are selecting the web host.


First of all, you should consider the control panel of the plan. The control panel would be the interface that you need to use in order to communicate with the server of the website.


Secondly, you should look at the disk space. This is the important feature of a web hosting plan. It is because you need to upload documents or images to your website and these will occupy the disk space. Without proper disk space, you cannot make a good website.


Apart from that, bandwidth also plays an important role in web hosting. It refers to the data that can be transferred to all parties within a specific time. If the bandwidth is limited, it means that a limited number of visitors can visit your website. This would seriously affect the traffic flow of your website.


You should also take a look at the email accounts that you can register with the web hosting plan. You can usually register for several email accounts with the basic web hosting plan. If you want to set up a website for a large business, the number of email accounts for your employees should be considered while you choose a plan.


The scripting language is definitely something that advanced webmasters would think of. The language would determine whether you can amend the website easily by your own. If you choose a web hosting plan which supports a language that you do not understand, it would be very difficult for the web hosting plan to be fully utilized because you would never know how to write the good websites.


Customer service is another important area that you should consider. The service should be provided 24/7. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to find the relevant help. Sometimes, the web hosting services may run into troubles and you may be frustrated. If you can get the 24/7 help from the customer support team, it would be great for you to resolve the troubles and settle them.


If you want to have secured data storage, you need to discuss with your web hosting service provider. Some of the people may prefer to use a shared server with the other webmasters to reduce the web hosting costs while some of them prefer to enjoy privacy and security of data. Therefore, you need to choose by yourself and discuss with the web hosting service companies to find the affordable plans which fit your needs. As long as you spend time to search and negotiate, you can get the good web hosting plans.

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7 Tips that Will Give You More Opt-ins from Youtube Traffic

Do you know that most marketers are doing their Youtube video marketing wrong? They create 15-minute video and upload this video to Youtube, hoping to bring their viewers to their opt-in page. But, at the end of the month, they only got less than 500 views, and zero opt-ins. Well, you have to stay away from this kind of problem. If you want to get more opt-ins from Youtube traffic, here are 7 essential tips that you should apply:

1. Keep your video duration short

Most of your viewers will not have time to watch videos all day. So, make sure that each of your video has short duration (3-5 minutes). However, the content inside your video must be of high value. Make each of your video a short and sweet video.

2. Watermark your video

What if your viewers choose to download your video rather than watch it through streaming? If you don’t put your watermark on your video, they will have difficulty to find you. Watermarking your video with the URL of your opt-in page is the best way to keep your viewers with you, even if they are offline. Watermark is also useful to promote your website without doing it aggressively.

3. Create interesting video with valuable content

What are the winning videos on Youtube? I mean the videos that get more than 1 million views? They are interesting videos that entertain their viewers. Do you see that lots of music videos and comedy videos get millions of views? If you can make your video interesting and entertaining at the same time, you’re half way to get more visitors to your website. However, to make it perfect, you have to give your viewers valuable content that will inform and educate them. Creating interesting video with valuable content will give you more chance to win their attention and interest.

4. Optimize your video

You have to cooperate with the search engines to drive more traffic to your video, because this is the only way you can drive the traffic back to your website and convert it as leads. So, quick optimization for each of your video is important. Place your keywords in your video title, description, and tags. Put some backlinks to your video and you’re good to go.

5. Create video about the latest trend in your niche

People are always looking for the most updated news through Youtube. In order to make your video more interesting, you have to follow the trend. When there is a new trend in your niche, create a video about it. Not only it will give you good amount of traffic, but creating video according to trend will give you quick traffic because people are actively looking for it.

6. Show your viewers that you are an expert

Don’t try to teach a beginner if you are a beginner. You have to show your viewers that you know what you’re talking about. Be confident in what you are saying to them. When your viewers know that you are an expert on the niche, they will spend more time to watch your videos, and of course, visit your website and join your mailing list.

7. At the end of the video, give them good offer

Always leave a call to action message at the end of your video. This is what will compel your visitors to visit your URL. However, to make this effort successful, you have to give them good offer that they can’t refuse.

If you plan to drive traffic from Youtube and attract more subscribers from that traffic, you should follow those essential tips. It is easy to get many viewers on Youtube, but it is a bit difficult to bring those viewers to visit your website. By following the tips above, you have higher chance to drive most of your Youtube viewers into your opt-in page.

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5 Recipes for a Successful Viral Video Promotion for Your Website

If you want to make your website more popular, there is a great way to do it: by creating viral video. Here’s the plan: create one video and spread the word about it. This one video is designed to promote your website, although not blatantly. You’ll need to get as many people as possible to watch the video. The result will be massive traffic to your website. Here are 5 recipes for a successful viral video promotion for your website:

1. Tell your message in a unique way

If you want to make your video goes viral, make it unique. By creating unique video, you will find it easier to gain more viewership. How to do it? You can make your video unique by adding some elements that are not available in other videos. These elements are unique to your video; it’s like your fingerprint. Crate interesting video opening and closing, and add some bits of your personality in your video content.

2. Do not make your video similar with a TV ad

Advertisement video is not going to go viral. If you think that creating a video that is similar with a TV ad will help you to promote your website, you are wrong. People will just disregard your video when they watch it. Moreover, it looks spammy, isn’t it? In fact, avoid using your video to pitch your viewers.

3. Create a video that solves problem

Problem-solving video will always get good views. Most people are looking for a way to solve their problem. One of the things that they do to find such a way is by watching videos that can help them solve their specific problem. See, it is so easy to learn new things nowadays. You just search for a tutorial video and follow the instruction. You can learn to self-massage your body, you can learn to do yoga, you can learn to make money, anything. Video that solves problem will become viral easily.

4. Give reward to your viewers

Giving reward to your viewers will speed up the process to make your video popular. You can do it in various ways, and the reward you offer to your visitors may vary according to the niche you’re in and the content of your video. You can give reward in the form of free product, cash, merchandise, or anything else. Ask your viewers to spread your video and leave comment to your video if they want to be enrolled for a chance to get the reward.

5. Make it short, catchy, and interesting

Don’t bore your viewers with long and fluffy video. Too long introduction, too long content, full of blabbering talk, and so on will only bore your viewers and they will not watch your video completely. People will prefer to watch short, catchy, and interesting videos that will make them feel better. This kind of video can stuck into your viewer’s head for some time. So, you better make one.

Viral video can help your website to gain massive traffic in a relatively short time. Those tips will help you to make a good viral video that people will like. With a good viral video, you’ll gain more traffic for your website. And remember, the traffic will keep growing because more and more people will watch your video.

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Features of VPS (Virtual Private Server) Web Hosting

When you want to start an online business, the choice of web hosting is probably one of the very important factors. Therefore, you should try to find the right type of web hosting service plans in order to successfully bring your online business to a fortune.


With the use of virtual private service web hosting plans, the owner of online business could have different benefits. These benefits would be similar to the dedicated server hosting and this would help them enjoy the establishment of business in a secure way. There are different types of important features that you need to keep in mind while you are choosing the VPS web hosting plans.


First of all, you should make sure that the VPS service could bridge the difference between dedicated server hosting and shared server hosting. In other words, the Virtual Private Server should provide something more than the simple shared web hosting can provide. Otherwise, it would be meaningless for you to spend the money to have this web hosting plan.


One of the key features of Virtual Private Server is that it will allow full root accesses. As a result of this, webmasters can manage the configuration files in a better way. They can also have the option to customize the setup. Part of the server would be fully under your control. Therefore, it would be possible for you to arrange the data in a good way such that the space of the server would be allocated in the most effective way.


Virtual Private Server brings high security of data when compared with the shared web hosting plans. The online transaction of the online business could bring fortune to you but it can also harm you if you do not handle the personal information and payment information in a secure way. The customers can sue you if you leak their information accidentally due to poor information security. Therefore, Virtual Private Server could help you. As mentioned above, part of the space of the server belongs to you at that period of time. Therefore, other people cannot get access to that part of the server and your information could hardly be retrieved by the others.


You can also enjoy your own resources with Virtual Private Server plans. This is also a good feature which attracts people to use this web hosting plan actually.


According to many of the users, Virtual Private Server web hosting plans usually provide a higher computational power. It is because most of the servers used for this type of web hosting plans are usually equipped with new specifications and it would facilitate the use of web hosting by the webmasters.


To conclude, Virtual Private Server is something that more and more business clients would like to use when they want to set up a website for their business. For people who are going to organize online shopping or other forms of eCommerce systems, the use of Virtual Private Server is also very important in order to let their clients satisfied with the information security.

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7 Handy Tips to Increase Your Website Value for Higher Selling Price

If you enter a site flipping business, you probably already know that the higher the value of your website, the higher the selling price will be. When you show your website to your potential buyers, your buyers must see it as highly valuable. Here are 7 handy tips to increase your website value for higher selling price:

1. Improve an already developed website

There are many webmasters that sell their website for a cheap price, under $150, and their websites are usually fairly developed and have good potential for better ranking. Instead of developing a website from scratch, which will take some time, you can just buy a cheap website and improve it for the better. Optimize it for search engine and make it prettier. After some time optimizing it, sell it for higher price.

2. Sell your website when it generates regular earning

Do not sell your website if it hasn’t given you some earning yet. Your website will be worthless if it can’t generate any earning. But, if you can make your website to consistently make some earning, even though it is only $5 per day with AdSense, It will give your website more value.

3. Choose a good and catchy domain name

If you decide to develop your website from scratch, what you need to do is to choose a good and catchy domain name for your website. Forget about long domain name. You have to find a short and catchy name for your website. Unique website name will tend to give your website a better value when you sell it.

4. Target your website around profitable keywords

Make sure to have your keywords list with you. When building your website, focus on targeting profitable keywords only. If you decide to place AdSense code in this website, make sure to write content with higher CPC keywords. This will lead to more earning for your website, and your buyer will be willing to pay high for it.



5. Good traffic statistic

Spend some time to drive some targeted traffic to your website before you sell it. That’s because you want to have good traffic statistic for it. This statistic will greatly affect your potential buyer’s decision. So, good traffic website is preferable and will carry more value when you sell it later.

6. Make sure that the niche is hot

Before creating your website, be sure that the niche you enter is hot and profitable. No one wants to own a website that is on a bad niche market. If your niche is hot, your website will be hot as well. It means that you have more chance to earn good money from this website. And so, the potential buyers will see your website as a good investment for their business.

7. Give good support for your buyer

Even after the transaction is done, don’t forget to offer your support for your buyer until he can operate your website without problem. Usually, your buyer will like your extra effort and he will perhaps buy your next website listing.

If you can make your website valuable for your potential buyers, you will be able to sell it in high price. Those are some handy tips that you can apply to increase the value of your website. Follow those tips if you want to earn more from your website flipping business.



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