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Saad Naeem

Ultimate Guide To Get Traffic From Forums

Even in the face of Skype, Facebook and YouTube, forums are still a huge force to reckon with in the fields of online marketing and communication. Thousands, if not millions, of web-users rely on forums to acquire new information and tips. That said, there is a plethora of ways to get traffic from forums which if harnessed wisely can significantly boost your web marketing efforts.

In this brief write-up, we have compiled a couple of tips that are essential for maximization of the available forum marketing opportunities. Please note that these (tips) need to be applied gradually as successful online marketing cannot be accomplished overnight.

How To Get Traffic From Forums

Find the right forum

This is the ultimate tip as far as successful forum marketing is concerned. Simply put, you have to pick a popular forum that efficiently caters for your niche. We hope that by this time you already have an idea of some of the top-notch sites within your field. If not, do a Google search for the relevant key words.

Some questions to ask while choosing a forum include:

How large and prominent is it?
How active are its members?
Does the forum allow signatures?

It’s always wise to concentrate your marketing efforts on just one forum. Multiple forums will dilute your efforts and you’ll not make sizeable gains at the end of the day (safe for when you’re marketing several sites in different niches).

Creating the face of your marketing campaign

Now that you’ve already chosen the best forum within your niche the next step is to register and create your profile. Take time to do this. Build a clean profile so that your potential clients see you as a trusted authority. You don’t want to appear one-dimensional or shady. In particular, make sure to choose your username carefully (choose a name that fits your niche), put a decent photo (it should give a face to your username) and remember to include your up-to-date bio.

Let your signature market you

Your signature is a constant message that appears below each post you make on the forum (please note that not all forums allow signatures due to spammers). A professional signature is essential for luring more traffic to your profile (and by extension your products). Don’t make the common mistake that most new marketers make- that of using informal signatures. Such (informal signatures) tend to paint one as a spammer. Instead, utilize these couple lines of text to professionally introduce yourself and to offer a link to your site.

Professional signature essentials
The name of your blog.
Your blogs tagline (Detailing what your site is about).
A useful link.

To Get Traffic From Forums, Get Working!

Reply to past threads

Browse various forum posts and find a couple of interesting topics that you believe you can reply to. Take a look at some of your posts and choose the ones that would best answer the questions posted therein and make a small but smart introduction including a link to your content. At the end of the day, it’s all about being helpful and providing essential support to those who need it-whether or not they want to visit your site or not.

People tend to love sites that solve their issues in an amicable manner. Take advantage of this slot to attract more traffic to your site.

Start new and meaningful threads

New threads are essential for having your posts reading the first in the thread. The first posts always attract the most attention from users and if exposure is your craving, you have to invest in new threads every so often.

Talking of new threads, it’s not just about starting any sorts of discussions. It’s about starting issue-based topics that touch on important (but relevant) areas that of life. A great way to start a thread is by asking genuine questions that you feel many people will be interested to learn about or answer. If you don’t have any relevant questions, you can ask for opinions. The power of a thread lies in how good and well-thought the initial post is.

Be the active force behind the campaign

In order to attract traffic from discussion forums you should be available to produce new content and information at least a couple of times a week. If you want your threads to rank on page one of the forum, you have to remain very active (any form of marketing be it online marketing or offline marketing requires an active force behind it). So, don’t just post content and sit back and expect traffic to drag itself into your safe custody-it hardly happens anyway. Roll up your sleeves and make active forum participation a part of your blogging process.

Always remain positive

Forums are just like any other social places. You can be sure to meet all kinds of people. Some rude others arrogant and even others whose aim is to discourage you in your efforts (well of course you can be sure to find a good number of good people). Whatever the case, you have to remain very positive in your efforts. Don’t reply to negative comments by being extra negative or arrogant. Focus on the positive side of things. Pay more attention to useful information encourage fellow forumers to engage in constructive discussions and debates. If you appear vengeful and rude, chances are that people will not be interested to even see your stuff-now that’s bad!

Open Your Doors Wide

The journey to successful forum marketing is full of ups and downs. You have to be thoroughly prepared to take each step ahead in the best manner possible keeping in mind the tips and ideas discussed in this article. Most importantly remember that online marketing is a continuous process, it requires consistent input and fulltime commitment for it to bear good fruits.

As you embark on a journey to get traffic from forums, we sincerely hope that your efforts will start paying off soon. Aside from that, we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

How I made $10,000 with Clicks Bazaar in 1 month

Well you read it right, I just made a profit of $10,000 with the help of Google Adwords management service by Clicks Bazaar last month.
I started a new ecommerce website “” which aims at selling customized and printed t-shirts in the UAE. The market is huge and I wanted to take full advantage of its potential. I started with its SEO but it was a time consuming process and thought of going for PPC in the beginning. I chose PPC simply because its fast, efficient and helps us reach the most targeted audience in a very convenient manner.

I was looking for the best PPC management solution for it. I tried many freelancing websites and even some PPC experts in my network but no ones performance was upto the mark. It was the time someone in my network referred Clicks Bazaar to me for the PPC management services and I thought of giving them a try. Honestly after so many bad experiences with so many ppc companies and people, I didn’t expect anything much from them but they definitely proved me wrong. They had great support and offered me the kind of service I was looking for.

I promised them to write an honest review about their service on my blog (No Matter positive or negative – based upon their work), if they what they say, they get a positive review and if they don’t they get a negative one. This was the deal along with their management fee of course. I put this condition because I was already so pissed off with my bad experiences with PPC companies that I didn’t want to waste my time and money with just another PPC company but these guys accepted the work with confidence and smile and that’s what I liked about them.

The campaign with Clicks Bazaar started on October 29, 2013. On the very first day they saw the performance of existing campaigns and understood the business properly. In the whole month of October I managed to get just 2 sales of T-shirts. It was when Ravi Chopra (Director of Clicks Bazaar) suggested me something that completely changed the course of website. We were primarily focusing on retail of t shirts (B2C) but he suggested me to target corporate clients and focus on bulk orders. I was not so sure if it would work or not but last month I had just 2 sales so I didn’t mind trying it as well.

Team Clicks Bazaar set up the campaigns for me, optimized my campaigns, helped me optimize my landing pages and we started the campaigns. I was happy to see that I started getting leads from the very first day. We kept the budget of $300 for the whole month ie.. $10 per day.
In just $10 per day I started getting 4-5 leads daily. The leads were highly targeted and was what I was exactly looking for. Initially I had some trouble converting them because of some bulk price issues as my prices were more retail centric (that was what I always focused on). Later on, I made changes to my pricing and was able to convert my first customer 10 days after the campaign started.

The first client I converted placed an order of 500 T-shirts with us, I actually couldn’t believe it at the first go. And good things started happening after it.

By the end of month I had orders of several thousands of shirts with a marketing expense of just $300.

The average quality score of my campaigns was 8-9. The Click Through Rate (CTR) of the campaigns was 4-6% (earlier I used to get about 1-1.5% CTR) and the CPC came from $0.6 to $0.30 (Less than half of what I was paying previously). I was really happy to see those results.

I was expecting good results because of clicks bazaar reviews on social media circle but never expected such outstanding performance of my campaigns.

I managed to get 131 leads In total (for the bulk orders) out of which I was able to convert 19. If I were able to convert more, I could have probably made over $30,000 this month. But good things have started to happen now and will continue to happen.

Overall I am VERY HAPPY with my working experience with Clicks Bazaar and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for PPC services.

P.S Subscribe to my blog to stay upto date on what’s new I am adding to store and how am I marketing it out to beat the competition.

How to Build Your List Fast Like a Pro + Surprise

Before I start to tell you about how to build your list fast from your blog , ask your self these questions so that you get a general idea about what I am going to talk about today.

Are you having less optin rate on your blog?

Don’t know the right places to put your optin form?

Your optin form is not compatible with your autoresponder?

Don’t know how to build your list like a pro?

Don’t have enough budget to get all sorts of optin boxes?

Building an emailing list is not a rocket science as many people think it is but what people don’t know is how they can build an email list easily. We are in 20th century and everything has become so easy that you are just few click away from creating something beautiful so can’t we create AWSOME optin forms through which we can change the look and feel of our blog?

Building list is a must to get loyal subscribers + Its a game changer

I am going to solve all these issues with your blog YES! you heard me , today I will teach you 10 way how you can build your list a pro.

Firstly you will need a good autoresponder service which all the pro bloggers & big companies are using today to send email to their clients/visitors so that they can generate sales or increase loyalty. You may come through many autoresponder services like MailChimp or Aweber but I use Aweber as it is used by all the probloggers because it allows them to promote affiliate products which other email listing services don’t. Try it out for only $1.

Well now that you already have an autoresponder its time to use it and build your targeted list.


If you notice on all the sites like mashable , engadget or even pro bloggers , you will notice that they are using a optin form in their blogs to build their email list. WHY? because sidebar basically does the magic for you placing it on top side of the your sidebar will increase your optins.

Using Pop Up / Light Box

Pop Ups can increase your list by 400% if they are highly optimised and appealing your visitors , usually give away an freebie in a pop like the image shown above will increase your subscribers rate overnight so try to use a a template matching to your blog so that it blends in. Make sure to have a close button on your pop up because your don’t want to annoy your visitors and loose their trust.

Under The Blog Post

It is a very common thing to see an optin form under the  post , why? because once you build trust of your readers they would want to sign up for your news letter so that they can get updates directly in to their inbox. Thats why they say content is king, it will get you affiliate sales + more subscribers for your list building campaign.

Squeeze Pages / Landing Pages

Squeeze pages are my favourite way to build my email list , I have gone to forums with the same niche as my blogs and kept signatures like “learn how to earn money online” and trust me i have generated more than 100 optins per day using attractive video squeeze pages. Once your visitors land your page they have no other option to click around other than to fill a write their email and name or connect using facebook to join your the email list.

Comment Box Optin

Another killer way to build is your email list easily is to add an optin checkbox under your comment bar , as soon as the commentator writes his/her name and email to post the comment , your autoresponder will automatically send an email to them requesting them to join your mailing list. Amazing isn’t it? On this blog commentluv helps me to build an emailing list as commentluv is an amazing way to give rewards to your commentators and is a must have plugin for bloggers.


Facebook is BIG and internet users are lazy , online visitors are always looking for the laziest way to get their job done so adding a social facebook button to your optin boxes always helps , you will be wondering how? instead of writing their name and their whole email address they can just click ‘signup using facebook‘ and they are in !! Demo shown below.

Facebook Squeeze page

Like is said facebook is BIG and growing everyday , make sure to use the new timeline feature to its max! By using one of the tab and creating an optin form page there will always help you to build your list fast , it might not get you a lot of optins at first but once you start marketing your fanpage , you can get  decent amount to subscribers but having this option is not a bad idea :).

A/B Slit Testing

This is an important feature when creating your list , make 4-5 designs of your optin form so that you can implement them on your blog and see which one is performing the best. This is definitely the best feature you need to have in order to sky rocket your email list.


Make sure your optin forms and squeeze pages are compatible will all the later browsers and new mobile browsers so that it doesn’t become hard for your visitors to sign up for your newsletter hence it should be responsive.

Those are the Top Tips on How to Build Your List Fast…Now The Surprise!

What if I tell you that all those screen shots and features are taken from ONE WordPress Plugin???


YES thats right! those are only the 9 features I have mentioned but it can do a lot more than that!

Read More on it and Make Sure to Grab a Copy of this plugin which will sky rocket your emailing list

  Check this Awesome Plugin


Create Best Video Squeeze Pages For WordPress aka Landing Pages

Facebook Timeline Squeeze Page Templates

Do you want to increase subscribers from single Squeeze page?

Don’t know how to begin design a Squeeze pages which your visitors will love?

Don’t know how to integrate it in aweber, mailchimp or icontact?

Want to boost sales using these squeeze pages?

Today I’ll be guiding you how you can design the best squeeze page templates so you can generate massive leads. Well lets me remind you that these optin pages don’t only work for wordpress but it can be used for any cms like joomla , ecommerces site.

Lets Begin…

What is a Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page is like an optin box but solely made to capture emails of your visitors. You can promote any kind of product on these squeeze pages relating to your niche to increase the number of optin rate.

Why You Need a Squeeze Page? 

I have learnt this lesson from probloggers who forgot to build their email list from the beginning and regret it so the first thing I did for my blog is build an email list so that I don’t regret about it later.

Building an email list should be bloggers main goal, the more number of subscribers you have , the more sales you can generate by promoting affiliate products. Secondly, you need more subscribers to increase the engagement on your blog and build trust of your readers.

Not sure which autoresponder to use to start building you list ? Check out my comparison “Aweber vs Mailchimp” ( 2 Top autoresponders at the moment)

Lets get down to business…

Before putting these landing pages here , I have done a lot of research to provide the cheapest while maintaining the standards of a best landing pages for you to get maximum leads. Each and every squeeze page template have different designs and features so you can choose according to your needs.

All these landing/Squeeze page templates are fully compatible with Aweber , MailChimp , IContact and all major autoresponders.

1. Video Profits Fast Lane

BUY NOW – $8.95 | More Details

2. Video Squeeze Machine – Templates & Bonuses

BUY NOW $9.95 | More Details

3. Squeeze Page Madness

BUY NOW – $9.00 – More Details

 4.Facebook Timeline Squeeze Page Templates

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5. Squeeze Optimizer – 5 Squeeze pages in 3 minutes for WordPress

BUY NOW – $11.75 | More Details

6. Have a blog and need to create all in one solution to build list from your blog then you must check Generation Plugin , one plugin that puts attractive optin boxes which your visitors can’t miss! Cost : $37 More Details

How to Promote Affiliate Products the RIGHT Way? My Way!

How do you promote affiliate products on your blog?

Are you not noticing any growth or results on your affiliate sales though you’re working hard? Well.. it happens with everyone.

If you want to make more from affiliate marketing;

  • You should be targeting the right audience and
  • You should promote affiliate products the right way

But, how can you promote affiliate products the right way to bring more income?

Here are few tips to get more out of your affiliate products

Harness the power of your Email list

Undoubtedly your email list is the most powerful asset for your online business. If you already have a thriving audience, it becomes easy for you to sell your products. But what if you don’t already have one? Start growing one immediately. Yes.. email list building should be your top priority to generate great income from affiliate marketing.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t earn decent money without having an email list though – but you’ll have more scope to promote affiliate product the right way to generate more income. It’s why email list is so important to generate good amount of money. But make sure you’re sending the emails not only to sell your products, but also to educate them before buying your products. This way you can convince more people to buy your affiliate products.

  1. To give power to your email list use a autoresponder service like Aweber
  2. Make Attractive Video Squeeze pages
  3. Use Squeeze pages for facebook timeline
  4. How I Build my Emailing Fast

Write great product reviews that sell

Why? Your readers should know what they’re buying before. And what’s the best way to educate them about your products except writing ‘quality product reviews’ on your blog? You’ll generate more income if your offer is good. You need to CONVINCE the people why the product is the BEST fit for them, and what are the benefits they’re going to get etc.

Read: 8 Mistakes you can make in writing a product review

Offer them something that no one offers

Why should someone buy ONLY your products? Ask this question yourself if you’re serious about affiliate marketing. Why??

Why should anyone buy from you if there are LOT of websites selling the same products?

If you’ve convincing answer, you can promote affiliate product to generate more affiliate income. No one will buy your affiliate products, when they find no value, hence you’ll probably end up making almost nothing from your products. So always make sure you’re offering something that no one else is offering on your niche to make more money from affiliate marketing.

For example, if you’re getting 50% affiliate income from a single source, try to cut off 10 or 15% from that product and make the product price bit cheaper than others. This way you can bring more affiliate sales on your blogs.

Choose the RIGHT products

What if you try to promote hosting providers on a personality development blog? No one will buy (even click) on your products even if you’ve thousands of unique visitors. Why? Your niche is different and you’re promoting something different. Who cares?

Target the RIGHT audience and promote the RIGHT stuff.

This way you can bring more affiliate sales to your products. Make sure you’re not pasting too many ads to make more income – but promote only those products which suit your audience. This way, you’re not only getting rid of overwhelmed by your products, but you’re also giving them less options. Less is always more in online business!

Read : How to make money on clickbank

Google is your best friend – optimize your content

Always make sure your contents are optimized for the search engines. Because Google is the one source that can bring long lasting traffic to your blog posts in the long run. And also make a point that, you NEED to wait to make more sales from your affiliate products. So obviously you should be taking the help of search engines to drive traffic, but don’t keyword stuff your blog posts and make them generic. Instead of keyword stuffing, use long tail keywords to bring great traffic from the search engines. Try to learn SEO basics, spend some time to experiment with search engine optimization – this way you’ll enhancing the chances of getting more traffic from search engines.

Use social media effectively

After search engines, you should be targeting the social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc to attract more audience landing on your blog. When they see interesting stuff and if they find something valuable – they’ll surely listen to you. They’ll buy from you and they’ll make you more money from your affiliate products. Try to be active on social media sites and connect with others (be it influencers, other bloggers, fans etc). This way, you’re giving more online visibility to your affiliate products. Always try to educate the purpose of your affiliate products and ONLY promote those products which you’re using. This way you can gain more trust and credibility. In the long run, all these are required to make more money from your affiliate products.

Over to you:

I’m done now. Do you’ve any more tips to boost affiliate sales and what are the other ways that you promote your affiliate products?

Do share them below.

Why Do Most Bloggers Fail [And What Can You Do About it]?

90% of the people who start their blogs will quit within 2 months.

It means they quit blogging even before they start! So how can they succeed and/or can make decent income from their blogs?

If you don’t want to be take part in that crowd, make sure you’re following few things.

Here I’ll be sharing how to succeed in blogging instead of talking about why people fail. Interestingly, the following are the reasons to become a failure in blogging (if you don’t implement them).

Use 3-B technique to Make Your Blog A Success

Here I’m introducing you a simple tactic that can bring you blogging success no matter who you’re (be it a newbie or professional).

3-B technique. 3 B’s stand for:

  • Being patient
  • Being consistent at blogging and
  • Building a nework

Be patient: Most bloggers fail because they expect quick results. Most of them want get-rich-quick methods. But this will not work in blogging. You end up in doing nothing from your blog. So what else can you do about it?

Blogging takes some time to succeed. You should be spending months (if not years!) to make a decent income online. You can’t expect huge results just within few months, especially if you don’t have any online reputation before. How would anyone trust you to buy your products? You need to make them trust, build reputation to sell your stuff – so this process obviously take time to make good money from blogging.

Be consistent: You’ll notice most of the new blogs either updating too much content or not at all updating their blogs for weeks. This is because they’re not consistent with what they’re doing and they’ll easily get distracted to quit blogging.

Read : 3 ways to stay consistent at blogging

When someone asked Darren Rowse ( define his blogging success in one word, he said – consistency! Blogging needs constant efforts, you can’t expect great results by just working few weeks. You’ve to consistently work hard to reap the rewards from your blogs.

Build network: Most people say that content is the key to blogging success. But it’s TRULY not! Only your content won’t take you anywhere, it needs some online visibility to make it go viral. Sadly, most of the bloggers don’t focus much on building network – they only worry about writing articles and promoting them. This finally leads to a blogging failure – because no one will come to visit your blog, not only because they don’t know you, but also they think your blog is “just another blog”.

Build a network around your blog to give more visibility and to bring loyal readers to your blog. But how can you do this?

Three ways:

  1. Focus on increasing your blog comments (so that you can build a great network)
  2. Connect with others on social media
  3. Write truly amazing content

Simple.. how simple the process is to succeed?

Build genuine relationships with other bloggers

This is bit different from the above point (i.e build a network). Here you’re making connections not only with other bloggers, but with the new bloggers. You should be targeting the new bloggers to make them loyal to your blog for the lifetime. Because you can easily attract them to read your blog, if you add some value.

Create genuine relationships with other bloggers. Try to create some impact on them, help them achieving their blogging goals. Use all the ways (social media, email marketing etc) to engage with them.

Use guest blogging as a weapon

If there’s one secret in making a successful blog, it would be guest blogging. Yes, guest blogging has a lot of tendency to not only bring your more online visibility but also the ability to build quality relationships with other bloggers.

After all, connections are what matters to succeed in any online business. So try guest post on as much blogs as you can to give yourself more online visibility. But make sure you’re not writing mediocre content on your guest blogging journey, always give your BEST shot to succeed in blogging.

Invest some money

You can’t make money from blogging, when you don’t invest even a penny!

People who start with the free domain, free hosting, free themes etc will probably end up their blogging career by making nothing or peanuts from their blogs.

Spend some money on buying

  • Premium themes
  • Premium plugins
  • Email autoresponders like aweber
  • PPC ads
  • Buying domain name and hosting (Hostgator and Bluehost recommended)
  • Promoting your blog etc

Don’t expect anything for FREE!

Make sure you’re putting all the best efforts including some investment to generate more money online.

Consider blogging as a business – not as fun

Many people, especially the new bloggers think that blogging is a fun. But if you want to make a living or if you want to generate more money like the professionals, you should be considering blogging as a business. And you need to invest;

  • Quality time in creating great content
  • Generating more traffic and leads
  • Building an email list etc

You’ll get best results when your attitude towards blogging changes. That is when you consider blogging  as a business, you’ll putting more efforts in taking it serious and making a successful blog. Not to forget that any business takes some time to generate decent income.

Do you’ve any more tips to succeed in blogging OR share your views why many bloggers fail? I’ll be glad to respond you in the comments.

How to Write Epic Content Every Time?

create interesting content

Who else wants create epic content all the time?

Blogosphere is fully crowded, agree? There are only two ways to grab other people attention to read your blog.

One: Have great connections (this is almost impossible if you’re just starting out)

Two: Have epic content on your blog (this is POSSIBLE using *few dirty little secrets*)

What are those dirty little secrets to create epic content?

Interested in reading further?

Let’s jump into the details then..

Create evergreen headlines:

It all starts with great headlines. No matter how epic your content is – your headlines should grab your readers attention. The famous copyblogger Brian Clark says – 8 out of 10 people will decide whether or not to read your blog posts by looking at the headlines; if they aren’t compelling your readers will find a way to exit.

So always make sure you’re spending quality time on writing great headlines. Most of the time, online readers prefer reading the headlines which start either with How to’s (have a look at this blog post’s headline) or list posts.

Examples are:

  • 5 Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Online Reputation
  • 10 Tips to Make Your Blog Posts Going Viral
  • 3 Little Know Factors that Could Affect Your SERP Rankings

And the list goes on..

Likewise you can tweak the above headlines with How to’s

  • How to Dramatically Boost Your Online Reputation?
  • How to Make Your Content Go Viral?
  • How these 3 Factors Could Affect Your SERP Rankings etc

You WILL grab their attention with the list & How to posts.

Break long blocks of content into small

In general, online readers SKIP the contents. There’s no exception for this. You write great contents – and they’ll skim!

Then how can you convey the meat of your content?

Simple.. break your content into small paragraphs. Make sure you don’t have LONG and boring paragraphs – they’ll surely kill the readability of your content. Divide the content into parts when it reaches 4 to 5 lines. This way you’ll providing more chances for your readers to digest your content.

Format like a pro

You can’t make your blog posts epic – when they’re badly formatted. You MUST format the right way to grab others attention. Here are few simple ways to format like a pro.

Use lots of bullets and subheads: Once skim through this article, you’ll find lots of bullet points, sub heads and/or italic, bold letters. Why?

You can make anyone (yea, anyone) to read your content if it’s crafted the RIGHT way.

Use appealing images: Do I need to stress this point?

Okay.. let me explain why images are so important in creating epic content. Online readers will find it bit hard when they see ONLY textual contents on your blog posts, they always look out for something that is fresh, unique and appealing. When they find something REALLY cool, they’ll get excited to read your contents to know what’s in it. The best way to make them feel fresh is: add appealing images.

Read : Ways to Optimize Images for Search Engines

Say no to heavy interlinking: Heavy interlinking may ruin your content and they may distract your readers from reading your actual content. Always make sure you’re not only linking to relevant posts (be it your old posts or external posts), but also use common sense not to add too many links in a post. Don’t make your readers hard to read your content, when they find it hard – they’ll immediately find the way to exit.

Write for the readers – optimize for the search engines

No, I don’t say that you shouldn’t at all care about the search engines. After all, they’re the ones which send long lasting traffic to your blog, agree?

But don’t give SO much importance to optimizing your blog posts solely for search engines – especially by keyword stuffing.

SEO is not keyword stuffing and keyword stuffing is not SEO – remember that!

Try to use “long tail keywords” to get the best search results and get quality links to your posts to weigh more for your desired keywords in the search engines. This way you can always create epic content – because you’re not only writing for the readers, but you also worrying about Google.

Grab your audience attention with your introduction

Most bloggers (especially the new bloggers) don’t worry about how they’re starting their introduction lines, they simply fill the articles with full of S#!T.

How can one draw others attention then?

Spend some time to write great introduction lines – if they grab others attention, they’ll definitely read the rest of your copy.

Must include a CTA

CTA – Call To Action

Most bloggers don’t use CTA at all! You must include a CTA at the end of your posts to let your readers take some action on your posts.

You can ask them to comment, subscribe or buy your products at the end of each posts. If you’re offering them the value – they’ll surely listen to your CTA.

Promote, promote, promote

This is a no brainer. You must be promoting your blog posts to make them go viral, right?

But make sure you’re targeting the right people at right times. Let me clear this point..

There are certain times you’ll get more visibility on the social media sites like Facebook and twitter. You can’t make your epic content go viral if you promote them in the wrong times. So promote the RIGHT way to reap the best results.

Over to you:

Did I miss any point? I’d glad to listen to you if you’ve any more tips to write epic content

BlueHost vs HostGator : Top Shared Hosting For WordPress

Whether you wish to publish a website for personal or commercial reasons, you want to sign on with the best website hosting service available. Of course, those currently on a budget will have to pick a reputable service that comes with a fair price. There are two well established cheap web hosting services many thousands of customers have signed on with. They are HostGator and BlueHost. Both definitely have their pros and cons and potential customers do need to make an effective BlueHost vs HostGator comparison in order to make the right selection. The following examination of the features of both hosting services might make it a little easier to narrow down a selection.

The Service Plans Offered

There are three service plans offered by HostGator and only one offered by BlueHost. The three plans under the HostGator banner are dubbed the Hatchling, Baby and Business plans. Each of these plans offers additional features as the price increases. On the surface, it may seem that HostGator is preferable since it offers more selections but this is not necessarily the case. The lowest priced HostGator plan offers mainly the same components as BlueHost but BlueHost offers more features. The other plans offered by HostGator are quite costly and really do not provide much more than what you would get from BlueHost for less. This is not to infer that HostGator is a low quality hosting company. It has its value but the sliding price scale for different hosting packages really does not necessarily offers anything better than what you would get from BlueHost.

Performance and Uptime

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No matter how well designed a website may be, no one can see it if the website crashes due to problems with the web hosting service. This is why it is critical customers select a hosting service with an excellent track record for uptime and performance. Examining BlueHost vs HostGator stats reveals have a strong and established track record for reliable performance and consistent uptime. Both of these services reflect an uptime record of 99+% over the course of a full calendar year. HostGator may be slightly ahead by a fraction of a percentage but both services are statistically the same in terms of their overall reliability.
One aspect to BlueHost’s performance that allows it to stand out would be its incorporation of CPU Segregation technology. This technology has the ability to control CPU usage and memory allocation through all the shared web hosting accounts. Such a feature aids in addressing the problem of over-usage by certain member which, in turn, can help reduce the issue of downtime. HostGator does not offer such a technological advantage.

The Costs and Benefits Associated with Domains

Obviously, you need a domain when publishing a website. So the costs, features and benefits associated with a the domains offered by a hosting company should be looked at.
When sighing up for the $3.95 per month starting plans with BlueHost or HostGator (Actually, HostGator’s starting plan begins at $3.96) the edge with domain benefits goes to BlueHost. BlueHost offers an unlimited number of domains while HostGator offers only one. Free domains are also included with BlueHost while HostGator offers no such generous deal. When it comes to deals on domains, BlueHost clearly is the more advantageous provider.
BlueHost also offers a domain manager function. This allows you to perform various executable actions on your domains. HostGator does not offer this function which is a major omission. Those that may need to address concerns with their domains will assuredly find access to a domain manager a huge help.

BlueHost vs HostGator: Ease of Use

Customers signing on with a hosting company likely will want to be sure the hosting functions are user-friendly. BlueHost embodies such traits a bit more than HostGator as evidenced by the control panel and the script updating features. When you wish to access the control panel on BlueHost, you merely have to go to the homepage of the service and use the login button and you will be directed to the control panel. With HostGator, the process is made for difficult because there is no login function. Rather, you have to remember your own customer URL. If you are not at your own computer where that information is saved and cannot recall the URL by memory, you will not be able to access your control panel.
The process of performing updates on scripts is easier with BlueHost. With both hosting services, you will see a series of links which allow update downloads. With BlueHost, you can employ a [select all] button allowing you to engage all the links. HostGator requires you to click on each and every link individually which is immensely time consuming. Worse yet, HostGator uses the outdated 3.1 scripts as opposed to the modern 3.2 version employed by BlueHost.


Customer Support

Both web hosting companies offer numerous ways to reach support with any questions and concerns. Toll free numbers to contact support are available and a US based customer service representative is available 24 hours a day. Those wishing to contact support through email or chat have those options available. Both services even have forums where public questions and concerns can be posted.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

It is always wise to look what other customers are saying and both of these services have received positive remarks in published reviews from clients. That said, it appears BlueHost did top HostGator in customer rankings and reviews. This is due to the high satisfaction rate customers have thanks to the performance and features of BlueHost.
Going beyond the published reviews, it is shocking to discover the sheer volume of cancellations of HostGator accounts. Nearly 70% of HostGator accounts are canceled after the initial 90 days. Customers with BlueHost have a near 95% retention rate. While there are quite a number of positive reviews for HostGator, the fact the service experiences a nearly 70% cancellation rate should be a clear cause for alarm.

The Final Analysis

What is the final analysis of the BlueHost vs HostGator comparison? Both BlueHost and HostGator have their good points and drawbacks. Upon making a direct comparison between the two, it is obvious BlueHost is the better choice. For those looking for cheap and reliable web hosting that is packed with functions, BlueHost is the one to go with.



“A domain and hosting company that I use and recommend to anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive, quick and easy way to setup a website.”

Patt Flynn from

Bluehost is one of the leading companies in web hosting, currently hosting over 2 million domains. It is owned by Endurance International Group that is also one of the big names in the world of hosting. Bluehost has been around since 1996 and has undergone a lot of innovation and upgrading. It is the recommended hosting provider of WordPress, and has high ratings in the services they provide. Among the great stuff that blue host offers includes a free domain offer, free website builder with templates and special offer for WordPress beginners. Their 70, 000 square foot hosting space consisting of three data centers is a proof to their 99.9% network up-time claim.
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Increase Page Rank : 7 Tips Used by Pro’s

Page rank is a simple term used to refer to the position of a website or a blog in search engines such as Google and yahoo. Ranking high in search engines is considered a good thing in internet marketing because it means that a website is more visible to its target niche. Search engines today are the most preferred search tools in the internet. Recent studies on the effectiveness of search engines indicate that over 90% of all targeted traffic comes from search engines. This simply shows the importance of search engines and page ranking. Because almost everyone searching on the internet used search engines, website owners can’t afford to ignore their importance.

Website owners should constantly be looking for ways to increase page rank quickly in order to benefit from search engine traffic. Increasing page rank is not a simple process. It involves a combination of techniques that have to co-ordinated in order for a site or a blog to increase rank. It is important to note that it takes time to increase page rank takes time. For instance, a website or blog can’t increase rank in just a few days. This is because a website has to be prepared in very many aspects to become search engine friendly. Below are some of the most important tips that have to be followed to increase page rank for a website or a blog.

Increase Page Rank : 7 Tips Used by Pro’s

1. Quality content

To be able to increase PR fast for a website or blog considerably, the first tip is to make sure that a website or a blog has high quality content. The content has to be unique and of high quality i.e. useful and appealing to readers to stand a chance of ranking high. High quality content is important because people share such content with others thus the content is bound to be picked up by search engines faster as opposed to poor quality content that no one is interested in. Quality content is also important because it ensures that a site has return visitors who are crucial for maintaining web traffic.

Read : How to Write Quality Content

2. Quality backlinks

Another important tip that increases page rank is backlinking. After you have prepared quality unique content for you website/blog, the next step is backlinking. Backlinking is simply placing links back to your site or blog from other sites/blogs. The best way to backlink is to submit your site and articles to web and article directories. Examples of popular directories that provide quality backlinks include; yahoo directory, ezine articles, DMOZ e.t.c. You can also backlink through link exchanges. This is one of the oldest ways of backlinking. You should however ensure that you place your links in high quality sites/blogs to avoid being black listed by search engines.

You should try to get links from top 10 article directories to start your link building campaign.

3. Updated content

Another tip that is important to increase page rank is regularly updating your site/blog with fresh content. This is a very important tip for ensuring that your site or blog maintains high rank. Failure to regularly update your website hurts page rank significantly because search engines tend to ignore sites which have outdated content when ranking. It is therefore advisable to update your content at least once a week to ensure that you increase page rank. It is however important to ensure that quality isn’t compromised when updating content regularly. Also, updating shouldn’t be done to often i.e. 10 times a day because a site will not have attracted enough website traffic to warrant an increase in the page rank.

4. Using relevant keywords

This is also an effective tip for increasing page rank. Keywords in internet marketing refer to words that internet users like to use to search online. To increase page rank, you must make sure that your website or blog content contains popular keywords that people use in search engines to find websites in your niche. For instance, if your website is about health and fitness, you must make sure that you create high quality and unique website content that contains popular keywords in the health and fitness niche. Relevant keywords are important because they make it easier for search engines to find relevant content. To be able to find relevant keywords, you need to do keyword research. It is easy to do keyword research because there are very many keyword research tools readily available online. To increase page rank, you simply need to pick a good keyword research tool.

5. Guest posting

Guest posting is also an effective way of increasing page rank. This tip is more popular with blogs because they have a guest posting option. It is however possible to guest post for websites. Guest posting simply involves positing content on a blog or a website of a competitor. Search engines such as Google regard guest posting highly in ranking protocols therefore it is an effective way of increasing page rank.

6. Social bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is also a very effective tip for increasing page rank. This is because social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, stumble upon and Pinterest have millions of active users daily thus they are good sources of free traffic and backlinks. Social bookmarking enables one to share their website or blog on social websites. Social sites have proven to be valuable sources of website traffic. Search engines tend to favour and increase page rank for sites receiving high traffic thus by bookmarking your site/blog, you are bound to increase your sites or blogs page rank.

7. Advertising

Advertising is also an effective tip to increase page rank. It is possible to advertise your site or blog online on different websites that receive high traffic. A sure way of increasing page rank through advertising is placing ads on websites of search engines such as Google and Yahoo. By doing so, you can be sure that search engines will increase page rank for your site. The main reason behind advertising is to increase website traffic. As mentioned above, search engines tend to rank higher websites that receive high traffic. It is therefore an effective tip to advertise in order to get more traffic and also rank higher in search engines.

I hope these tips will help you get good page rank fast in google , I would love to know what you think and what are your experiences with page rank.

Bluehost Review : Best Shared Hosting for WordPress

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Web designers and developers as well as individuals creating their own websites will be amazed at what Bluehost has to offer in the way of shared hosting. Smart consumers looking for a dynamic and powerful  shared hosting platform will be pleased to know that Bluehost has been in the business of delivering premium best shared hosting for over 15 years. With unrivaled support and truly amazing pricing Bluehost leaves the competition in the dust. In addition, this unique best shared hosting platform is constantly being updated while adding new and innovative services and products to its list of features. Millions of website owners have discovered the power of Bluehost and that is why the word is getting out about this respected shared hosting company.


Bluehost It is a company that demands only the best state-of-the-art high-tech technology for its clients and customers. Some of the world class technological features that this best shared hosting giant offers include:
>UPS power backup
>Multiple 10 GB ethernet connections
>Dual-quad processor type performance server
>Diesel generators for backup-power
>Customized Apache type Web servers
>Linux operating system
>24/7 network monitoring
>Courtesy site backups
No other company in the industry can compare to this kind of world-class technological and list of powerful features. Web designers and web developers will truly appreciate the sheer power of this cutting-edge shared hosting platform.

Website owners seeking lightning fast speed in a shared hosting program will be astounded by the incredible number of features that Bluehost proudly offers its clients. The long list of features include:

>Unlimited GB of site transfer
>Unlimited domain-hosting and disk-storage
>Domain name at no additional charge
>Free domain
>Forwarding e-mail accounts
>POP3 secure IMAP type e-mail support
>cPanel control panel
>Full FTP type access
>Fully customizable error-pages
>Statistical analysis
>Full hotlink type protection
>Parked and add-on domains

All these rich features topped with 24/7 support that is based in the United States makes this hosting platform a true winner in the field of shared hosting.

Website owners seeking extraordinary customer support will be delighted with a customer support team that routinely responds to customers in seconds and not in minutes. Amazingly fast servers are one of the biggest reasons that Bluehost has been trusted by millions of website owners around the world. Other highly desirable features include:simplescripts 1-click installation capability,secure shell access (SSH), as well as the ability for prospective clients to sample Bluehost by way of a fully functional live demo. Customers experiencing Bluehost for the first time will discover speed, flexibility and a level of support that is quickly setting the standard in the hosting industry.

What really makes Bluehost so incredibly popular is that it is extremely affordable and allows access to designers, developers and website owners who are operating on a wide range of budgets. From the very small individual budget to large corporate budgets Bluehost has every angle covered. Those seeking a complete web hosting solution with total dependability and reliability that exceeds industry standards will enjoy a breath of fresh air when they discover Bluehost. Customers new to shared hosting will be greeted on the Bluehost website by live chat and 24/7 offered via a toll-free phone number. No question is too complex for a support team that prides itself on knowing its product and services inside and out.

In addition, Bluehost is always on the cutting edge of customer satisfaction by offering promotions, deals, discounts and coupons. For example, new clients to shared hosting can take advantage of free Google credits totaling $100, as well as $75 adword coupons. Prospective clients should always monitor the Bluehost website for new and exciting deals and coupons. Those seeking a truly secure shared hosting platform will have found exactly what they are looking for when they find Bluehost. Testimonials of satisfied customers prove that features such as site builder with templates, and a full range of programming code platforms are a winning combination. The list of programming code platforms includes Ruby on rails, CGI, Perl, MySQL, as well as PHP. Hard-core programmers will be amazed at the flexibility and sheer power of Bluehost.

This highly popular shared hosting company stands behind its products and services with a full unconditional moneyback guarantee and free instantaneous setup. There are never any hidden fees with Bluehost and the platform is compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Zencart, Drupal, as well as a variety of other theme-based platforms. Bluehost Is the leader in offering tools designed to enhance site promotion and overall site optimization. The sheer number of satisfied customers along with tens of thousands of new customers that come on board with Bluehost every single month makes it clear that this company is leading the way in the shared hosting industry.

Bluehost has a long and impressive list of features that most other web hosting companies could only dream of having. Other features include detailed search engine submission service along with a host of free website scripts including project management scripts, social media scripts, as well as message forums and support scripts. Those interested in e-commerce solutions will be delighted with features such as password protection directories, Agoura type shopping cart, cube and Zen cart shopping carts, as well as OS style commerce shopping cart. Bluehost makes e-commerce affordable and convenient for a full range of web designers and developers.

Website owners seeking rich and empowering multi media integration will be delighted with such features as MIDI file support, streaming audio and video support, full integration of real audio, as well as a host of other powerful multimedia tools. Imagine a shared hosting company that features groundbreaking technology, top-of-the-line customer service, and a fully functional live demo feature. This is what the Bluehost shared hosting platform offers new and existing clients each and every day. Those seeking a complete web hosting solution with 24/7 in-house customer service will know that they have found what they have been looking for when they find Bluehost. The company’s headquarters and facilities include data centers with square footage totaling in the tens of thousands of square feet. No other company delivers like Bluehost. Discover dynamic and powerful shared hosting today with Bluehost.

We have compared bluehost and hostgator but bluehost came out to be a winner check out the reviews here

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