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Saad Naeem

10 awesome features of the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar

The Web Developer Toolbar is hands-down the most functional (and best by definition) add-on for Firefox that web developers and designers can find. And it’s completely free. But most of the people using it are just scratching the surface of its full capabilities. I used it for 2 whole years and I was amazed when I finally discovered some of its most advanced features, neatly hidden under the big drop down menu or add-on settings window.

Chances are, you too still don’t know the true power of this fully armed and operational add-on, so here are some of the features you might’ve missed.

Display Line Guides (Located under Miscellaneous). This is a great feature that allows you to quickly check the alignment of any elements on a web page. It’s very useful and allows you to use as many vertical and horizontal lines as you want. No more opening a web page in your editor (like Dreamweaver). Just do it directly in the browser!

View Image Information (under Images). Of course, the Images menu has a lot of great information about all the pictures on a web page, but if you want a very quick overview of all the images on a page, there’s no other better feature than “View Image Information”. It opens a new tab listing all of the pictures on the page, together with other useful information like file size and format, server path and dimensions.

View Color Information (under Information). A web designer needs to look at color information a lot of times. It’s part of the work process, after all. This is the reason there are hundreds, if not thousands of tools specifically for this purpose (Colorzilla being one of the best and also a Firefox add-on). But there’s no need to use a third party utility or even add-on when you have the Web Developer add-on. Using the View Color Information feature, you can easily view a list of all CSS colors and samples in a new tab.

Display Element Information (under Information). There is another, better way to see the code of any element on the page, besides selecting it and clicking “View Selection Source”. It’s the Ctrl+Shift+F keys combination. Use it, and then click on any element on the page to view all the information available about it and even see its ancestors, which can be useful if you want to recreate a more unique copy of it.

View Page Information (under Information). This feature gives you a great way to view a lot of information about a page in a new, separate tab. You can see everything from general page information to detailed information about all the forms, widgets and images on the page (including size, path, dimensions, POST type, etc.).

Show Passwords (under Forms). Under the Forms menu, there is a nifty little tool that shows you any passwords hidden under the “*” symbols, which are stored in Firefox’s password manager. While it is pretty useful when you forgot a password and want to find it out, it’s a bit unsettling, as you can’t stop thinking that someone may use a similar trick to get your passwords and usernames for themselves, effectively compromising your security.

Populate Form Fields (under Forms). This is a very useful feature when testing the forms on a website. Instead of manually thinking up something and filling the fields, you can let the Web Developer Toolbar do it for you, with random information. You can also test the form’s mail sending capability by using your own email under the Options menu.

Small Screen Rendering (under Miscellaneous). This is a great feature that helps you see how your web page will show up on a mobile device like the iPhone or an Android phone (which usually have a higher resolution). It can help you design your page with those users in mind and place a “mobile version” link where they can easily see it or create an actual design specifically for mobile devices.

Mark All Links Unvisited (under Miscellaneous -> Visited Links). Yet another useful feature, the “Mark All Links Unvisited” is great when you need to see how the links look on a site when they haven’t yet been clicked, which would be impossible under normal circumstances without deleting the entire browser’s history. It can also be useful when you want to take a screenshot of a site and don’t want it to have links of different colors (that would also tell the viewers exactly which ones you actually visited).

View Speed Report (under Tools). This is a great feature that tells you how fast will a page load at certain speeds (fiber, dial-up, ADSL and others) and give you recommendations on how to improve that speed (nothing out of the ordinary, just your usual reduce HTML and image size, use compression, etc.).

Edit HTML (under Miscellaneous). This is a neat feature that lets you edit HTML the same way you can edit CSS in the Web Developer add-on. It’s great for testing quick fixes and viewing what would happen with different code, in real time, without having to open a third party tool.

There’s a lot more hidden under the hood of this wonderful Firefox add-on, and you really need to explore every single option and menu – I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff I’ve missed (especially due to developers adding new features with every release :-).

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Making a blogging community

After you have created a blog, you need to drive traffic. To do this, you must come up with blogging community which will always read your blog entries. To keep them coming, you need to write about interesting topics and this will ensure that you succeed in this area. Through blogs you get a chance to show off your products and services to many people around the world. If you give quality articles in your blogs, you will make a good name within a short time. This will enable you create a blogging community and be on your way to enjoy great things.
Here are some steps that can help you make a great community through blogs:
• You must make sure that you read other blogs apart from yours. Reading other peoples blogs is beneficial especially when you leave a comment. Remember that you share an interest with other bloggers and you can also learn one or two things in their blogs. This will ensure that you always have interesting things to share with your readers.
• Another effective to help you get a community in your blogging pages is by leaving positive comments on other people’s blogs. By doing this, you get a chance to leave your link which can be used to reach you. This can bring you many readers and hence drive your traffic in a good way.

• You should reply to people who leave comments on your blog. This will make them feel that someone heard them and will always be visiting your blogs to read articles. Use something short and avoid being lengthy to keep people engaged.
• Put your blog in the directories which can be found online. You will find many directories where you can place blogs on the internet. Use search engines to help you get the directories.
• Make sure that you write often and you should post many times in one day. This ensures that you give your readers different things to read and this makes them spend more time in your blog pages. This is the way you create a blogging community. You end up finding many people reading your articles and making your blog popular which will make it rank high with search engines.
• Your posts should be entertaining to keep your readers looking for in your blog pages. The content should be fresh and original to make it different from other bloggers views. This requires skills that you get as you continue to write more and also promote your blogs.
• Make sure that you market your blog pages. This can be done through leaving signature links in other people’s blogs and also in forums. This will attract many people who will want to know much about your blogs.


Make sure that you blog even when you feel like you have nothing to say. You will get a new idea which will sound good to your readers. You can also link back to blogs that you find interesting. To be successful in this field, always make sure that you are original and this will create a great blogging community for you.

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Tutorial: Moving WordPress blog to a new domain

Moving your site to new domain can be a pain but with this tutorial you can move your whole site to a new domain without losing your backlinks and link structure.

NOTE: This will bring all your content to new domain, it will not include any plugins so its good for those who have their wordpress hacked and need a fresh install of everything or you can later copy paste the themes, plugins, images to your new domain file base.

The most amazing part of this tutorial is your new domain will be up and running in 10min.Now lets get started with the tutorial

  1. Open your wordpress dashboard and go to tools and then export.
  2. It will ask you install exporter , so install it and click export and your browser will download a .xml file.
  3. so thts all we need from the old domain, and this .xml file includes all your posts, categories, tags and pages.
  4. Now go to your new domain , install a wordpress there (i am assuming you know it)
  5. Go to your new domain dashboard and click tools and import.
  6. import the file and you will see all your stuff comes back to life in your new domain.
  7. Now is the tricky part , now you want the search engine and your visitors to know that its your new domain and new links so to avoid all the 404 errors and you seo.
  8. go to your old domain .htaccess file which is in the root of your old domain filebase , you can either use Cpanel file manager to FileZilla and paste this code.
# For security reasons, Option followsymlinks cannot be overridden.  #Options +FollowSymLinks  Options +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch  RewriteEngine on  RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

Dont forget to change the to your own new domain, and that all it , now to your old domain and see if its properly implemented or not.As wordpress is the best blogging platform around, many bloggers use it.You might have an advantage over them by speeding it up a bit in getting higher ranks than others.To speed up wp blog read 10 ways to speed up wordpress blog.

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called T shirt printing, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas