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Facts & Ways to Increase Adsense Earnings (Part 1)

Adsense is a great way to earn decent amount of money with your blogs as it is offered by Google and Google team knows how to give value to their publishers and advertisers.

Personally I have tried Chikita , Adbrite and Bidvertiser and trust me their earnings are no close to what you can earn with Adsense (Well I can’t blame those publishers because I have heard Chikita, bidvertiser outperformed Adsense in other niches but it hasn’t for me).

Adsense has been my highest earning method on my other blogs but not on seoallrounder as its a blogging niche and many people know what Adsense looks like so I dont get a good CTR but I have managed to increase Adsense earnings using the method which I will be guiding you through you in part two but before we go there lets go through some Adsense facts which will clear questions fo 1000 bloggers out there.

Adsense Facts Which You Probably Dont Know!

Your Traffic!

Where is your main traffic coming from and which country?

If you have lot of direct traffic then you wont get a lot of clicks on your ads as your visitors are very familiar with your site layout and can differentiate between ads and useful resources. Same goes for social media as well, people coming from social media the people coming from there are either your fans or you have written a killer title to grab their attention but new traffic from social media can get you clicks on your Adsense so its not that bad as direct traffic. Search Engines! the main source of income for all the blog , people are new to your blog and they have a lot more chances to click your ads than direct or social media traffic.

Enough said about the direct , social and search engine traffic now let me tell you about your site’s geographic. This mean, from which country are you getting most of the traffic? honestly Asia traffic never earns good money from Adsense and now you are wondering why is that? See , the thing is asian countries still haven’t built a trust for using credit card safely and people are still worried what if their credit card number gets stolen so what that means is very less amount of people pay to buy stuff online hence why would advertiser pay you more when they know their ads will not convert. Tough chemistry eh? yea i know , so try to optimise your site for other other countries like US , Canada , UK e.t.c.

Your Niche!

What your niche is about and what you deal with!

This is some thing which people don’t realise at all , I have seen people taking about their traffic and posting screenshots of getting 100,000 visitors per month and when you ask them what your site is about they say its about funny pictures and videos. lol i guessed so 😀

The fact is the 100,000 visitors are worth nothing when compared to 12,000 visitors coming into blogging niche or may be 500 visitors in some niches, yes! that’s right 500 visitors from some niches can easily earn you a lot more than 100,000 visitors from a funny images or video site.

Now The Question is raised WHY!

The logic is pretty simple and neat , you might have guessed it already from my explanation above. The thing is if I visit 9gag or any other funny video site , I am NOT going to buy anything, I am just going there to spend some time and share some great pictures and go off , where as if i am looking for a plugin or service related to blogging then money is in my mind , I know that I would have to pay for it to get top notch service that fulfil my needs hence advertisers would definitely pay higher for those ads where people are coming to buy services. For e.g On my post of aweber vs mailchimp , I get cpc of $2+ because so many other autoresponder services are trying to bid for those keywords.

 Your Economy!

Where your Adsense account is from? ( Surprising eh?)

This might disappoint you a bit , I never really believed it when I heard people taking about it all over on the forums but I have not personally tried it with many friends except 1 friend who was in the same niche as mine , we were working on the same keywords and after getting 2 million impression we compared our cpc , his was $0.35 and mine was $0.75 where as his Adsense account was from Malaysia and mine from America. If this is really true then I feel Adsense is bit unfair here to their publishers.

Whats your say on this? Surprised with any point , learned something new? do let me know in your comments.

Next Read (Part 2) :-

Well those were some the facts which might solve all your questions Adsense and if you have taken care of all, let go and try to increase your Adsense CTR with these simple tricks in Part 2! (Coming Soon!) 

Adsense can be little hard to get into sometime , look at the 20+ Adsense Alternatives which I have bagged to help you earn more from your blog.

High Converting Amazon WordPress Themes

Wordpress theme for amazon

Are you an amazon affiliate? planning to open an amazon store and want to make big money by promoting amazon products? Then you have landed to the right place, I have looked around for the best looking amazon WordPress themes and put them all in one place so it becomes easy for affiliates to get all the high converting themes at one place.

if you are not an amazon affiliate then you are missing out on a big deal here because amazon is one of most trusted buying and selling community in the web and that the main reason you should promote amazon products because they convert easily and its available worldwide so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck to one geographic place. If you are planning to become an amazon associate then you should read these quick beginner guides we have added to help new amazon associates

  • How to select a product on amazon
  • Increase earning on amazon

I selected these themes because they have great reviews from the users and have been highest sellers on internet.

1. WPZONER – Premium WP Theme for Amazon Affiliate

DEMO | BUY NOW – $17

2. Simple Azon – Premium theme with Build in Discount Finder

Demo | Buy Now – $13.30

3. SmartZon – The Best Responsive Amazon Theme

DEMO | Buy Now – $12.50

4. InovaWPTheme – Premium WP theme for Amazon

DEMO | BUY NOW – $11.90

5. GorrilaZon Premium WordPress theme for Amazon

DEMO | BUY NOW – $9.80

6. Ultimate WPZone Theme

DEMO | BUY NOW – $13.03

7. Wp Amazon Profits + Traffic Ezon Ebook

DEMO | BUY NOW – $37

8. WordPress Amazon Plugins

If planning to use you own theme then look at our collection of best amazon plugins for Wordpress.

10 WordPress Amazon Plugins for your Blog

Are u running a blog promoting amazon products ? Are you using amazon cloud service like Amazon S3? If ‘yes’ then these 10 WordPress Amazon plugins might help you a lot with amazon promotions and services.

1. Amazon Link

This amazon plugin helps to add Amazon products easily to your WordPress blog.The product can be linked and represented by an image,text,thumbnails and even flash widgets.The links generated for the amazon products is adjusted automatically for all amazon sites like Amazon UK , Amazon US etc based on the visitors location.

Download Amazon Link


Do you want to increase your amazon affiliate sales? Then this plugin is meant for you.Easyazon is a Premium Amazon WordPress plugin that i am using now in my blogs to promote Amazon products.Its very easy to use and it also enables integration of amazon products in blog posts.This plugin has improved my conversion rate to a great extent .

For more details about this plugin you can read our EasyAzon Review- Best Amazon plugin for WordPress .

3.Amazon Widgets Shortcodes

This plugin is used to easily manage the amazon links and widgets such as product preview,product links,Slideshow Widget of your blog.Supports all amazon sites with built in translations.It also supports easy insertion from TinyMCE.

Download Amazon Widgets Shortcodes

4.Amazon Autoposter

This plugin will find amazon products automatically and also creates an amazon ad on your blog.You can specify the keyword for searching related products for your blog and the contextual ad for the products will be displayed to your blog visitors.

Download Autoposter Plugin


Take your WordPress blog to the cloud using Amazon S3 .This cloud storage plugin will give options on choosing what to store in the cloud.You can choose to only store pages or media files to the Amazon cloud.Learn more about how this plugin works and download it

Download WP2Cloud Plugin


ScrapeAZon plugin is used to display the reviews of the customers for the Amazon products that you have reviewed in your blog posts to your visitors.This will help to improve the suggestion of products to the readers by giving the customers review of the product to your readers.

Download ScrapeAZon

7.Amazon S3 Photo Gallery

This plugins allows to host your photos for your photo gallery using the amazon simple storage service (Amazon S3).You can easily create a photo gallery with this plugin using the uploaded photos.

Download Amazon S3 Photo Gallery

8.WP Amazon Ads

This plugin is a Amazon revenue sharing plugin which can be used to display amazon ads in Multi author blogs and also to share the Amazon revenue earned to other authors of the blog.The authors can include their affiliate id and get their share of revenue by contributing to your blog.

Download WP Amazon Ads Plugin

9.Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

This plugins searches and finds the amazon links on your blog and automatically converts them into Amazon affiliate links.For this plugin to work automatically you must provide all your amazon affiliate ID’s once .It even localize the affiliate links such that the visitors from us will be sent to and not or some other country level domains of Amazon.

Download Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

10.Amazon Store Plugin for WordPress

With this wp plugin you can create your amazon store integrated with a shopping chart for your blog.This will make it easier for your readers to buy the products.You could also categorize products and list products based on categories with this plugin.While importing products your product posts are automatically created in the category you have selected.

Download Amazon Store Plugin

Looking for highly converting premium Amazon Wordpress themes ? Click here

Hope our list of WordPress Amazon Plugins were helpful.Do let us know what wp plugins are you using to promote amazon products and other amazon related services ?

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How to Run a Multi Author Blog on WordPress

How to manage Multi Author Blog on Wordpress

These days many blog have 8-10 or more authors  such as Mashable and Engadget. Managing a multi author WordPress blog is great because unlike a single author blog , multi author blog is more likely to grow up fast as it is updated everyday which will result in getting direct visitors. Google loves regularly updated blog and rank them much higher in search engine.

Just like that, I got an email few days from my friend Simmeon who invited me to his new project and told me that he is building a team to run a multi author blog. I got really excited and happily accepted his offer as it was something new for me ;).

I will add few challenges we faced and few tips we planned to add in to our blog and will be best for you to apply on your multi-author blog.

Starting Off

Choosing a team , well this is not an easy task because high-end bloggers are busy wont give a damn about your new project and you definitely don’t want newbies on your blog. You want a team who knows how to write for readers and can contribute regularly at your blog.

Seems like a tough job yea? I mean who would want to write good content for someone and that too on a new blog.

This is one of the biggest challenge you will face in starting a new multi author blog , so you should look for bloggers who are :-

  • Your good friends, whose blogs you have seen and have personally liked their writing
  • Have good influence in Social Media
  • Willing to contribute regularly on your blog.

Send them an email about your proposal and if you have a good reputation in social media then you will amazed by the bloggers who will happily accept your offer.

Ok , so I am guessing you are ready with your team and now its time to set up a blog.

Getting a Domain & Setting Up a Blog

This step can be done before getting team members for your multi author blog as domain might attract good bloggers (authors).

If you have done this then move on to next point.

This is an easy step , you can buy a domain and hosting from bluehost, which we recommend but you can choose your favourite reliable shared hosting for a start. To setup a multi author blog you can follow these quick instructions after getting a domain and hosting.

  • Install WordPress
  • Setup Account as Contributor for all the authors
  • Install premium theme ( Suggested Thesis or Genesis )
  • Give contributors the controls to upload files.
  •  Contributors should be able to use seo plugins so they can optimise their content.
  • Install Jetpack and give your authors the right to see the stats.

Those are the basic you need to start a WordPress blog , here is a quick list of some advanced plugins that you might need to consider installing on your new multi author WordPress blog

  • WP Status Notifier
  • Dashboard Notepad
  • Genki Pre-Publish Reminder
  • Auto-Schedule Post

Ok , so we are done setting up a blog for our authors and everything looks greats. Moving forward to the biggest challenge “Getting Content”

How To Make Your Authors Write More for you blog!

Content is a biggest asset of your blog , without content your blog is nothing. After you have set up an awesome team and a nice WordPress blog with great theme and plugins, it time to get some content.

This is one hell of a job ,like I said before that no one would want to start writing for a new blog when they are getting nothing out of it. Your author will get lazy and won’t feel like giving out their valuable content when they can post it on their blog and gain the value for their website. Am I right?

So lets work on getting your authors to stick to writing , here are few tips you can apply :-

  • Incentives – This is a great way to attract your authors , by letting them place their Adsense codes on their post they can earn from their posts, and as it is multi author blog, readership will grow fast and hence the income too so bloggers will try to post more on this blog to earn more. This can easily be done by plugin which let multiple authors to post their Adsense codes automatically. Its called WordPress Multiple Ad Management.
  •  Blog Roll Links – Who doesn’t love them? everyone wants to get blogroll link to their personal site, so what you can do here is add a blogroll link bar in the footer saying “Meet the Authors” and give them links link “Saad Naeem from Seoallrounder” . Trust me this is going to attract a lot of author to write more and with the help of php coding what you can do is , customise the widget the so it shows the author with most posts on top, hence creating a competition between your authors.
  • Featured Author Widget – This idea will increase the quality of your blog , you can decide that the number of post which gets the most comments or most shares, the author of that post will be selected to be on sidebar top widget, linking to his social profiles and getting another backlink to gain more exposure.

Those are really amazing ideas to start a make your authors stick to your multi-author blog and have been already implemented on many successful blogs.

Advantage of a Multi-Author Blog on Social Media

Last but not the least, social media is great  way to kick off your new WordPress site. I don’t know about you but I have 3500+ friends on Facebook , twitter and subscribers, so imagine that all your authors have 2000+ fans (as i said before , select author which have good social media influence) , so if you have 8 authors , that means 16000+ friends, am I right?

One share from 8 authors and your post will reach out to 16000 users! it seems like I exaggerating here , but at least 10,000 friends will get a chance to read your post. That is close enough to make your post viral and hence it will make your blog VIRAL!

Now its your turn

Are you planning to manage a multi-author blog? if so, then what are your strategies to keep on getting great content from your authors and did this post help you in creating a successful blog? Your ideas are most welcomed below 🙂

5 Must Have Tools for Blogging Besides Content!

“Content is King” We all have heard that , a very common phrase we come across when blogging but is that all? , what do you think about it? I do agree that content is king but what if that content is not reaching out to the people , or people cannot reach out to your content.

So whats the point of having this content when it cannot reach out to your potential readers for who you are trying to post here for , am I right?

No doubt how interesting your content is , but without the right tools how can you reach out to them?

I will show you 5 must have tools for blogging that you need to convey your message to the world.

On-page SEO

What On page Search Engine optimisation means is that you should add meta description to your website for example , all your pages should have H1 title and description tags. This way not only people can know what your site is about but google will go through your website and list you in their search engine and send targeted people to your website.

Tools Recommended for On page SEO :-

  • SEO Yoast
  • SEOPressor

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Off Page SEO

Another important part of SEO is off page , off page seo is mainly getting links to your site , google calls these links as votes the more you have , the more reputation you will get from google. This kind of link building is highly not encouraged by google because google want your website to get link naturally but many people are creating backlinks manually , before creating these link make sure you are getting links from high authority sites and make them look as natural as you can.

One link from high authority site is better than 100 crappy backlinks and crappy backlinks can get your site penalised by google.

Few off page linking methods :-

  • Commenting on other blogs
  • Guest posts on good blogs
  • Submit content to Article directories
  • Rss aggregators
  • Blogroll links (don’t buy them , get from your friend on similar niche)

P.S. Dont use any automatic tool for off page link building! it can penalize you website and might not ever recover.

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Security is an essential part of your blog , hacker are getting smart day by day and there’s no way you can keep your blog secure than having regular backups. Many people suggest free WordPress plugins to keep your blog secure but what about your database? Database is the heart and soul of your blog , it has your posts , comments and all the meta information. Hackers will always find a solution to inject in your database and extract the data or infect it with a malware which will harm all your sites on same hosting account. To keep your self safe, we suggest you to use secure hosting and a good backup tools for WordPress like :-

  • Bluehost
  • VaultPress

Social Media

Social Media is on the boom right now and is the fastest way to get readers for your blog but before you jump in to social media make sure to know from where you can get most of your readers , if you have blog about images then pinterest or stumble upon is your best choice and if it is about blogging , tech , sports then Facebook is your best option. Choose only one platform to start with and learn more on how to get readers from social media. Engaging with your users and solving their problem personally is a great way to build your fans and subscribers list.

Tool Recommended : Add sharing buttons on your blog, commonly used buttons are :-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Digg
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Stumbleupon
  • LinkedIn

Speed Up Your Blog

Who doesn’t love speed? I am sure you want to browse through website which are blazing fast , amazon did a research and found a 20% decrease on their sales when their site speed was increased from 2 seconds to 2.7seconds.  Google has made page speed one of the important factor for ranking the sites. Good blog speed doesn’t only increase speed but also decrease your bounce rate.

Tools to check and analyse your Blog Speed :-

  • Google Page speed
  • Pingdom

Tools to make your WordPress blog fast instantly :-

  • W3 Edge Plugin

Read : 10 ways to increase Wordpress speed

These are must have add ons to your blog besides your content , failing to apply these on your blog can hurt your blog from reaching out it potential readers or customers.


How to Get Free Content For Your Blog or Website

free content for your website

Getting  free articles and Content for your blog would be amazing right? I mean many times in our blogging career that we either don’t get time or don’t get an idea to write our next post. Well this doesn’t mean that other don’t? In this post learn How to Get Free Content For Your Blog or Website by using the best 4 ways.

Guest blogging is a new way to receive your and give your content , every blogger is content hungry and love to get as much content as they can but the disadvantage in this is you have to give 2 backlinks to the author’s blog , I don’t think giving someone 2 backlinks in author bio is a bad idea when you are getting good quality articles for free, am I right?

One thing more the places I am going to show you today to get free content from your blogs are not only for getting articles but also for giving in you content to other blogs and getting 2 backlinks in content or author bio , isn’t it amazing!

Oh! by the way , did I tell you that google loves guestblogging? its best way of getting backlinks to your site , so what this means , that there are number of guestbloggers who are trying to post their articles on other blogs and hence getting content for your blog should not be hard at!

The question is where does these people post about their guest post and how you can approach them? Well that’s why you are here because I am going to show the 4 ways which I have used in the past and recommend it to others.

1. Bloggerlinkup

This one is my favourite , all you have to do it fill up a short form of requirements like what kind to article you need , how many words, how it should be formated, select the category and you can tell about your site ranking in social media and traffic wise to attract more guest posters. You wont be impressed by the site design but the features are outstanding. Right after you fill in the form and send it, after 3-4 days your inbox will be filled with requests from people who want to post on your blog , you can reply to them and get in touch. Bloggerlinkup does not only allows you to get guest posts but also you can offer guest posts to other people , you can shout out your giveaways , offer a product to other bloggers to review.

2. Facebook

You can join these groups on Facebook Guestpost Portal, Guest blogging Portal and Guest Blogging Group , when someone will post about guest posting you will get a notification that this person has posted about his articles and best thing about this is that many user post the article heading so you can select which one you want and contact the user within Facebook. Here’s a small screen shot of how people will post about their articles.


3. DigitalPoint Forum

This forum has tought me a lot when I started blogging in 2009 ,some of the features I like are : you can stay up to date with google news, the community is active, you can get your blog services there , post your question and you will get answered back quickly , you can also run contests for logo’s and get cheap stuff. I use it a lot for my freelancing stuff as the people are really talented but due to competition the prices are lower , there’s a lot more you can get on this forum its like a complete webmaster experience 😉 .

4. MyBlogGuest.Com

This one is pretty new and has earned a lot of reputation among bloggers , I have personally tried it on this blog to get 4-5 guest post and those guest post were really amazing , I mean they had good quality , unique and getting good traffic from search engine. What good about mybloguest is you can create a contributor account on your WordPress blog and people will automatically post on your site , you can just review them and publish them. The reason I have quit using Myblogguest is that many people are working for other companies to guest posting , I got 90% guest post offers from people who like to link up to their e-commerce site , personally I like to promote bloggers than companies , no matter how good their content is. Well its a personal choice , you can always give them a try to get quality articles.

You might also like to read

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  2. How to Make a Blog Stand Out From Other Blogs

These are my favourite places to get content and give content to bloggers what are your favourite places to get free content for your website? Do you have any questions about these communities please shoot them at me, I would love answer them.


How to Promote and Make Money With Clickbank Products


I recently posted a screenshot of my earning on my Facebook page and my friends went crazy and started asking me how I did that ?

Clickbank has thousands of merchants in every niche but it all comes to point which product to choose on clickbank. Am I right?

Clickbank can make you so much money that you will ditch Adsense , and its a great alternative to Adsense. You need 50-80 clicks on adsense to earn  $10 where as with clickbank you need just one click to earn $30+ depending on your niche and traffic.

I will show you how you can Promote and Make Money With Clickbank Products better than you did before today.


Yes , dont even think that populating your site with clickbank ads will make people attracted to click the ads.  Those days are gone now , people can differentiate between ads so try to sell them inderiectly while giving them value. Hope you got my point? If not check out this post  on ‘ Top WordPress Plugins’ how smartly I recommended my readers about commentluv and popup domination , it doesn’t even look like I am trying to sell anything there but people get interested in what I am using and click my clickbank affiliate links , also remember that I am not selling them crap products those are fully tested and recommended by me.
  • Go Premium!

I just dont get this , why do people go for free stuff online? Why can’t they understand that there’s always a reason why a price tag is attached to something that works? If you go out to buy a BMW , they are charging you money for its features and services! they dont want to rip you off , if they want to they would not survive in this competitive world. So why ? I myself have invested money in plugins like commentluv (Must have plugin for bloggers) , pop up domination and few more because they work.

  • Say no to banners!

Banners are so old fashioned and look good only on billboards where you are expecting your visitors to see. Where as on a website , what do you want your visitor to do? CLICK YOUR LINK right ? So whats the point of putting banner? use banner space  for your Adsense and other private ads. Place good text link ads and see the conversion your self and please dont make ur affiliate links look ugly use a plugin like MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate (Adds affiliate links to comments and posts)

  • Watch and Learn!

You can’t just walk up to a problogger with good reputation and ask him please show me how you can make money on clickbank ? The moment you asked him , thats the  moment when you sold your self there. He can rip you off right there and ask you cash for his consultation and tips. Well I am not saying that they wont deliver the work you expect from them , but why do you want to put your money into something which you can do by yourself and learn a lot from your mistakes. Its better to go to their sites and see what they are doing to sell more products than any body and you know what you will find there ? Quality!
  • Choose The Right Product!

This is a tough one , even for me. I mean the products which are good have too much competition and the products which are not good will not sell. My strategy on this is select the products which are good and have good reputation because in a long run you will gain reputation and traffic so why you want to spoil that reputation with recommending bad products? The more good recommendation you give the more trust you gain for your visitors , in the long run people will be searching for these products on google so why not recommend a product which has a longer life value than the bad product which will die out soon.

  • Build a List!

Again you would be asking why should I pay for it when emailing is free all over the world , you must be familiar with the term ‘Money is in the list’ . Thousand bloggers are saying that you should build an emailing list then why haven’t you implemented yet? I would recommend you use Aweber with Hybrid Connect(my main plugin for building list) plugin. Paying something extra per month is always a pain but trust me its worth every penny. When you sign up as an affiliate for a product on clickbank, they give you banners, links and EMAILS ! so you basically dont have to work on writing an email at all, they already provide great converting emails and some products provide a series of 5-10 emails and their conversion level is 30% !

Learn How I Build My Emailing List Fast

  • Expectation Kills!

Whats you Adsense ctr? 3-5% right? then why do expect that your blogpost with clickbank link in it will convert more ? getting a conversion rate of 1-3% is amazing. You are asking why? Because your post will always be searched on google and convert for you. Now you are asking if 1-3% is amazing then how probloggers earn a lot? Answer is simple ! they have 100 of posts in which they have recommended the same product over and over again. so they get maximum clicks on their clickbank links.


Quick Bonus Tips

Always analyse your traffic , this is one the important step I have taken in choosing my product , looks where most of your traffic is from if they are from US and UK then make sure that the product has credit card billing and if they are from Asia Countries then you should choose a product with Paypal billing. In some niches 1000 visitors are required to make $200 where as in some niches 200 visitors are required to make your $1000. Lastly , promote a relevant product on your site dont promote something which your readers dont like , if you have 500 readers then with one irrelevant post your readers would not want to come back ever again. [/togglebox]

Hope this post helped you to learn a lot about How to Promote and Make Money With Clickbank Products.Do share your valuable comments with us.

p.s  I have used the same tips on JVZOO and my conversion rates have been pretty good! clickbank does have lot of good products but try signing up at JVZOO , it will blow up your mind when you will start seeing some great conversion on your products!

Become an AllRounder ! ProBlog Theme Giveaway

Fellow Allrounders ,

So many readers have asked me which theme I am using on Seoallrounder , Well let me tell you real quick. I am using Problog by Magazine3.

Guess what ?

I am giving away this theme to 2 lucky winners ! YES , you heard it ! Its your chance to become an Allrounder!

This theme is packed up with most of the features so you basically don’t have to install another plugins or widgets !

It comes with seo yaost already built in and really beautiful widgets like the social widget I have on sidebar and many other great widgets.

Secondly , what I love about this theme is the header , I am sure you love the social media buttons on top right?

Lastly it is ADSENSE Ready , meaning that it as lot of ad spaces built into it so you dont have to install any plugins to place your ads inside the post.

Enough yapping about the theme functions , the point is YOU CAN OWN IT ! a single site license of problog for 2 lucky winners.

All you have to do is Follow the instructions below.

This contest will finish on 25 august 2012 and the luck winners will be announced here and on our Facebook fanpage.

Good luck 😉

More the entries , more chances to win PROBlog Magazine3 Theme.


SEOPressor Review On-page SEO WordPress Plugin

Are you new to Search Engine optimization? Do you want to make On-Page SEO of your blog a lot easier.? Do you want to make most of the On-Page SEO of the post automatically ?  Does your blog have low organic traffic from major search engines like google,Ask,yahoo.? If the answer is “Yes” for any of the above questions.Then SEOPressor On-page SEO WordPress Plugin is made for you 🙂 Get ranked higher in google with SEOPressor WordPress premium plugin today.! To learn more about it ,here is a SEOPressor On-page SEO WordPress Plugin Review for you.

SEOPressor Plugin :

 SEOPressor Plugin was developed by Daniel Tan, one of the well known SEO experts.This plugin specially built for Onpage Search Engine Optimization.It will calculate keyword density,analyse keyword in title,alt tags,H1,H2 ..Tags and even suggests changes .It even rates and tests each posts and pages content separately and gives a SEO score to posts based on the given SEO Keyword.It automatically adds alt tags to images,Underlines the keyword(Note: If the Automatic settings is ON, you can turn off the automatic optimization feature if you want to do everthing manually).In the next part i will explain in detail what it can do for your blog.

SEOPressor Features :

What features does SEOPressor Plugin have to make your blog stand out in On Page SEO ? What features make this plugin one of the must have plugins for your blog.? Here is the answer.

Adds ALT Tags: One of the best features of the SEOPressor On page SEO plugin is that it Automatically and intelligently adds ALT Tags to the Images based on the given SEOpressor keyword given by you.

Analyses Title and Tags: This is an important part in Onpage optimization.The Title and the H1 ,H2.. tags are very important for SEO.SEOpressor automatically analyses whether keywords are present in the title and the tags suggests changes in the post.

Font Decorations: SEOpressor performs font decorations like Bold,Italic,underline of the keywords automatically if the settings are made automatic.Thus helping search engines understand what keywords are important for a particular post and thus ensures higher ranking in search engines.

Posts Score and Pages Score: Scores for Posts and Pages are provided for each posts and pages based on the optimizations done.The higher the Score, the better ranking of the post in search engines.

Check’s not only Keyword Density: It also analyses the keyword Density and also renders its suggestion about the density.Here is a screenshot for your reference.It also analyses content length.Posts with longer content tend to rank better in Google.

Secret algorithm : Analyses your blog post with a secret algorithm that matches Google’s own algorithm .With this awesome secret algorithm ,your posts will get higher ranks in Google in no time.

The appearance of red color means that your post needs changes in those suggested regions.If your keyword density is good then it will show a message in Green color.

Intelligent Suggestions : Gives Intelligent  Suggestions on what to do on your post to improve seo score and thus to outrank most of your competitions .


Updated SEO Scores: Recalculates SEO Scores when the content of the post has changed.Most of the free SEO plugins lack this feature.

SEOPressor General Settings:

The automatic On-Page SEO settings can be controlled with the general settings page of the plugin.In this page you can decide what decorations should be done automatically by SEOPressor plugin to improve the seo score.

You can even automate the whole onpage SEO process for your whole blog by checking all the automatic decorations.With all the settings on, you will be able to run an autoblog with a perfect On-page SEO score. If you don’t want to run an autoblog,we recommend to choose only allow a few optimizations to be automatic such as adding alt tags to images and bold and italic settings.In the future updates,it is expected that we can even optimize more than one keyword for a post with this plugin.

Packages :

 It comes with two affordable packages as below

SEOPressor Single-Site:

It costs $47 Only which is a one-time fee. Single-Site License for use with One Domain.Offers Free Life-time Updates with Top Priority Support.

 You can use it on all the blogs that you own. $7 for 7-Day Trial then $97 one-time fee after trial period ends .Multi-site License for use in Unlimited Domains with Top Priority Support. Free Life-time Updates and a Free Installation Service too. 🙂
If you have only one blog and if you are a newbie in blogger.You can go with the Single Site License. But if you are planning to start many new blogs or if you are a niche site builder, it would be a smart decision to go with the Unlimited Usage License.


Got My Adsense Back After Getting Banned! Here’s my story

I know it sucks when you open up your mail one day and you see your Adsense account has been banned for invalid clicks.

You start wondering what did you do wrong and don’t have any idea on how to appeal to Adsense team to get your Adsense back , in this article I will be writing about how my Adsense account got banned and what I did to get it back. I will try to be as short as I can , because I love short and informative posts and I am writing this post in quick time due to lot of requests so please don’t mind the punctuations and grammar mistakes.

Ok lets begin then…

On 7th July 2012 , I saw a scammer in the community who was copying pasting comments from other sites to get back links ( I don’t want to take his name because enough damage has been done to him already) . So I went to other top bloggers who have strong voice in the community and told him about his deal and they went crazy after seeing that he has spammed their website’s with commenting and trust me I have heard nice things about him but then why would you do such things after having nice reputation. Well he claimed that his cousin was doing commenting for him , and then he got his eyes on me because of me his reputation went down in front of big bloggers.

Next day he came to seoallrounder blog and clicked bombed my Adsense , I had a CTR of 27.8% that day and I was like WHAT THE…

I removed Adsense form the site right away.

Straight up i went to google Adsense reporting and reported that my Adsense has been click bombed and using analytics I showed them it was done by some one from ***** , and explained them the whole story of what happened with me and this guy in the community.

On 8th July I got a message from this scammer – saying this >1st Message<

LOL , that was a funny act , After getting this message I went to my analytics and saw who used contact form at this time and recorded the ip.

Next day on 9th July I took a screen shot of this message and posted on Facebook and got feedback like remove the Adsense from your site and stuff.

This scammer saw this message and read the comments like ‘ this guy doesn’t even know how to speak english’ so he got pissed  and wrote another message to me which I will show later. My Adsense was fine till that day

On 10th July , I got a mail from Adsense that my Adsense has been blocked for Invalid clicks . I was shocked for a moment that how can they do this even after reporting to them the same day and being their publisher since 2006. *sad moment*

Then in their email you get this link if you want to appeal for it, I thought of using it , so I wrote what ever I had to and guys please be honest with Adsense team , they deal with 1000’s of request a day and there is a reason by many advertisers choose them because they provide quality service and keep the spammers away.

Here’s a link to the Adsense Appeal Form

Moment of Truth ( Which You all Have been Waiting For )

Here it goes what i wrote to google.

I think I was too rude to google Adsense ( my apologies ) but couldn’t help it.

15_AlreadyAppealed: no

16_OtherAccount: no


18_WebAudience: only me

19_UserGeography: America , UK , Canada

20_UserAccessMode: home

21_ScrapedContent: NO

22_ContentSources: I write most of the content and have 4-5 guest bloggers

23_NumAdmins: only me

24_UpdateFrequency: 3 times a week

25_BoughtTraffic: no

26_UsePayTo: no

27_TrafficSources: Facebook , YouTube , google , guest blogging ,


28_AdvertiserValue: The content is genuine and is very useful for my

readers , and can easily be monetized if advertiser put their ads in it.

29_UserIncentive: I know many people in the same niche but ads normally ad clicks were made by search engine visitors.

30_ViolatedTerms: No , I have never violated term of google ever.


31_InvalidActivity: the day i saw the inactivity in google Adsense , i sent the message to google Adsense so i dont see a reason why Adsense account is  penalized here. I removed the Adsense from my site as soon as i saw 27%ctr  on my site.

In that I message i explained that how one guy is sending me messages to threaten me that he would get my Adsense blocked.

here are the screenshots of his messages :

first message on July 7 :

second message on July 10 :


I went to my analytics and checked the people who visited my contact us  page on these those days , and I have seen 1 ip from same area.

I had sent a message about  suspicious  click on July 7th and removed all my ads from the website


Then there’s the box under it which say if you want to report any ip’s addresses , well I guess i had an advantage over here as I had the IP’s  which that stupid scammer forgot to hide lol

so i reported all the ip’s which used contact page on seoallrounder.

You can see that they all are from the same area 😀 cool isn’t it?

Thats pretty much it , I sent it and started looking for alternatives to Adsense , which normally we all do at desperate times lol , there was not a single post which talked about a better alternative to Adsense and people said they it’s very hard to get your Adsense back  , only one percent have a chance in getting their accounts back.

Well I guess that was the end of my Adsense earning i thought and I had $170 due in Adsense .


Friday The 13th !

Today Morning (13th July 2012) when I up , guess what I saw in my mail????

I just jumped out of bed when I saw this email on my blackberry ! and took a screenshot of this message and posted on Facebook , got many replies on how you did that and blah blah ! I really liked one comment so I am posting it here and you should learn a lesson from it.

So this is my story of getting my Adsense back 😀 , I am sure there will be a lot of details I am missing here because I wrote this 1000words+ article with in 20 minutes so please don’t mind the grammar mistakes , but you can drop a comments and I will edit this post accordingly.

Personally I don’t ask people to share my posts , but this one is kind a rare case and I think every blogger should know about it , so please I urge you to share this post using Facebook , Google or Twitter 🙂 will really appreciate it.

Update 1 : All my Adsense earnings are intact.

Still trying hard to get back into Adsense ? Don’t worry I have bagged 20+ Google Adsense Alternatives for you to forget about adsense and move on with better earning.