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Free WordPress Backup To Dropbox plugin

Backing up your blog regularly is a vital thing.Anything can happen in the digital world,so its better to have regular backups of your blog so that you can blog peacefully.There are many premium plugin available for automatically backing up of a blog.You can also make use free plugin like the Free WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin to make a backup of your blog files to your free Dropbox account automatically.So if anything happens to your blog files by mistake, you can always use the backup at Dropbox to fix it.

Note that this plugins will make backup of your WordPress files and database , many people don’t try this plugin as they think it only make database backup.

– Signup for Dropbox ( Get 500mb Free + 2gb )

Here is a step by step tutorial for creating an automated backup of WordPress blog using WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin.

1.Dropbox offers online storage,file sharing and much more.If you don’t have a Dropbox account create one here (if you download using our link , you and I will get 500MB FREE , Isn’t is amazing) .Download the plugin <link>and then Install the WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin by navigating to Plugins>>Add New >>Upload

2.After installation ,activate the plugin and then you will be asked to authorize the plugin.Make sure you have logged in into your Dropbox account.Now click on the authorize button and a new window seeking permission for accessing Dropbox will be displayed.

3.In that window select the Allow button.This will give authorization of the plugin to access and link your Dropbox account with your blog,click on the continue button in your plugin dashboard then you will be taken to settings page. WordPress Backup to Dropbox settings :

In the settings page choose the subfolder where you want to store your backup files.And also choose the Time and Date when you wanted to backup your blog and the folders to backup.You can select the folders to ignore in the backup process,except the ones like the wp-content folder and the .htaccess file which changes often in your blog while installing plugins and themes.

Note: Its better to have a backup of all files and directories, so don’t choose any files or directories to exclude in the backup process.

Backup Now Option:

The Backup Now Option of this plugin can be used to do a manual backup of your blog files.Click on the Backup now button to do a complete manual backup.

Premium Dropbox Backup Version:

The premium version of this plugin offers two more features

1.Zip backup :This extension will create a compressed zip file of the backup files and thus reduces the size of the backup file.

2.Email notifications : This extension will notify you via email of backup completion and other issues.

These extensions cost only around 9$ and 19$ respectively for use with a single site.For using with unlimited blogs you can go for a yearly subscription for only 99$

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Hope you liked this Free WordPress backup to Dropbox plugin.As it’s a free service it is well suited for beginners.What plugins are your using to make an automatic backup of your blog. ?

How to Make a Blog Stand Out From Other Blogs

Starting with  statistics, millions of websites are floating in the space of World Wide Web network and among the millions at least a couple of millions are updated, designed and visited by at least 1000 unique visitors.  From these statistics its clear cut that it’s never easy to make your Website stand out brightly among them. Even the small niche idea which you think none will market is dealt with a 1000 of people everyday and this reveals the fact that its very hard to make your blog stand out. Basically every blogger should concentrate sharply to build traffic at the nurturing stages and towards the next stage the aim should be to make it solid enough. So here is how to make a blog stand out from other blogs.

Ultimate tip for making your blog stand out in the crowd is to make sure you are found. It doesn’t matter how great and elegant your site is , so all you need is some awesome content. Search engines love great content and the frequently updated blogs. As long you update regularly your blog will be glued at the top of the lists and no one could rub you off from your spot.Its very important that you inspect each word and sentence in the post to be published for any mechanical as well as grammatical errors. This is a step that many newbies skip. The worst method to turn away visitors from your site is shabby posts and poor content .Hence the dissection of posts is very vital to make your content stand out. Some of the SEO specialists may ask you to go for proof readings but such tips prove to be impractical and meaningless. Once your content base is concrete all you need is some  strong SEO signals to boost your site rankings.

Design of you blog is very important,  when a visitor navigates to your site the first aspect he notices is how your site appear. Better your site looks the more reputable your site appear. When your site become a source of great content and when it is combined with a cool design your blog will surely stand out as the best resource in your niche. So make sure your website looks professional . You could add a professional look by going for a favicon as well as a good logo. Both are important and if you are not an expert in this game, you could hire someone for it.  Further you could find dozens of site that will provide many fonts for your site which in turn transform your site into a professional one.  is such a site that provides many stylish fonts and will let you download custom fonts. This will add more ease to your problem of creating a logo or a favicon for your site.

Another important aspect that determines your blog’s success is its flow. By ‘flow’ what I meant is that, your blog should be comfortable while navigating from one page to another. The ‘flow’ should also make sure that relevant content is made available separately and precisely. This can be made alive by studying the attitude of visitors and the category of posts that they browse daily. By pointing out such a category the next step is to make it stand out. This can be achieved by creating sliding menus with glossy touch. Further your visitors eye should flow with ease through your website and any stack data’s can act as a halt for the effortless flow.

Another fact that many bloggers never mind is the kind of Internet connection that your visitor use. If most of the visitors in your blog is from a developing country (say India) then Internet connection speeds may not be so fast and if your blog speed is low then this will surely make your visitor navigate away from your content.  So assure your blog speed is good and this too come under the ‘flow’ of the blog.

Observation is another aspect  to make your blog stand out in a group . You should clearly observe what other blog deals with and they talk about. You should also generate some idea about the kind of visitors earned by the blogs working with same niche as yours. This will help you develop an idea about the weakness and strength of other blogs dealing with same niche.

Concentrating on the weakness repeated by other blogs, and implementing it on your blog after curing it will surely make you blog stand out among the group dealing with same niche. This attitude is an important one, and most of the bloggers hanging out in the blogosphere lack such a quality. Many bloggers tend to copy the strength of other bloggers and finally fail. But to have a successful blog and a great blogging career you should incorporate what other blogs are missing.

These all prove to be the basic tips that you all might know, but many forget to implement. Since action speaks louder than words its your duty to make all these into practice and make your blog stand out .

How to Write Great Guest Post to Boost Your Blog Credibility

Guest posting is a popular way to raise your blog popularity and credibility. It is better than regular article marketing because you are aiming directly to your intended audience. Here are some tips on How to write great guest post to boost your blog credibility

1. Make sure to give your best content :

If you want to get accepted by the host blog, make sure to write special content for your guest post. You don’t want to submit regular content for guest post because it will do no good for your credibility. If you want to be known as an expert blogger in your niche, make sure to give your best content in your guest post. Remember that your blog will get read by thousands of regular blog readers. So, you have to establish good impression on them.

2. The word count should be 1000+ words :

The length of your guest post shouldn’t be less than 1000 words. This length is important because the longer your post, the higher perceived value it has. Sure, some host blogs will allow you to publish guest post under 1000 words, but you should give more. You are trying to establish credibility with your guest post, not just to place link in other blogs.

3. Use image for your guest post :

It is good for you to use professional stock photo for your guest post. You can purchase a license of one professional stock photo at only $1 or less in various stock photo websites. Image will increase the professionalism of your guest post. So, remember to include at least one image in your guest post.

4. Submit your guest post to popular blog :

Before submitting your guest post, make sure to choose the best blog for your post. The first consideration should be the traffic of that blog. If the blog is receiving high amount of traffic every month, it is a good place to submit your guest post. You want to attract as much readers as possible so that you can boost your credibility quickly and easily. However, keep in mind that popular blogs will have strict rules on their guest post. You just need to read the rules carefully before submitting your guest post.

Check out my previous post on How to Find blogs for Guest Posting

5. Add author bio that reflects your credibility :

Author bio is an important part of your guest post that you should create carefully. Your author bio represents your online presence and your expertise in the blogging world. Make sure to write professional author bio for you guest post. Remember to put a nice picture of yourself in your author bio.

6. Tweak your title before submitting your guest post :

The last thing to do before submitting your guest post is to tweak your title. Remember that no matter how great your content, if you can’t create a good title, people won’t read your content. Your title will determine whether people will read your guest post or not. Use powerful titles such as list, question, facts, myths, and so on.

Those are some tips to write great guest post to boost your blog credibility. The more credible your blog, the more popular it will be. So, make sure to write the best guest post that will help you to increase your blog credibility.

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How to Build Loyal Subscribers for Your Mailing List

If you want to make your mailing list more profitable to you, you have to build loyal subscribers for your mailing list. If you can do it, your response rate will be increased significantly. Thatís because loyal subscribers are people who already trust you. Here are some simple tips on How to build loyal subscribers for your mailing list.

1. Create an authority website

This is perhaps the surest way to build loyal subscribers for your mailing list. By creating an authority website, you will be trusted as an expert in your niche. People will naturally trust and follow your recommendations. If you have a mailing list, people will become loyal subscribers if you can provide them information they can trust.

2. Show your expertise to your subscribers

This is something that you have to prove to your subscribers. If you canít prove to your subscribers that youíre an expert in your niche, you canít earn their trust. They will easily leave your list if they see you as an amateur who is trying to make money out of them. So, you have to show them your knowledge and professionalism in your emails.

3. Be honest and sincere with your subscribers

Honesty and sincerity are what you need to have in order to build good relationship with your subscribers. If you show them that you are sincerely trying to help them solve their problem, your subscribers will like you. Also, when youíre giving your recommendation, make sure to do it honestly. Donít try to manipulate your subscribers into buying your affiliate product. Do your promotion honestly.

4. Build trust and reputation

Trust and reputation are two things that will keep your subscribers stick with you. They go hand in hand and each of them cannot exist without the other. If you can earn the trust of your subscribers, you will be perceived as more reputable to them. Similarly, if you can build good reputation, you will be trusted by your subscribers. So, keep this in mind: in each of your email, make sure that it will help you to build trust and reputation.

5. Send valuable information to your subscribers

If you want to make your subscribers stick with you, make sure to send them valuable information that they canít find anywhere. In this way, you will be able to attract their interest quickly. People like to know and discover information that is valuable for their life ñ information that they can apply in their life without problem. They also like to read about new insights and new perspective about already known information. If you can provide this type of information, you can easily engage them.

6. Secrets and special giveaways

By giving secrets and special giveaways, you will attract more loyal subscribers to your list. In fact, this is the secret of many successful email marketers. They give their subscribers secret tips and special giveaways regularly. This is what makes their mailing list so profitable because by doing this, they are effectively increasing their subscribersí response rate.

7. Make them your customers

If you want to make your subscribers loyal to you, make them buy your products. Make them your customers and treat them differently. Most of the time, people will become more loyal to you after they buy something from you.

These steps will help you to build loyal subscribers to your mailing list. These steps above will also be helpful for learning how to build mailing list of readers. Do share your valuable comments with us.

MaxCDN Review -Best CDN for WordPress

Who doesn’t want to rank top on Google? But ranking top on Google includes a lot of other things, your site must have genuine content, it must be read-worthy, web design, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO tactics and a lot more. And these SEO tactics also include some more sub-things like keyword usage, keyword density, and outbound links, backlinks, PageRank, blog speed and many more. All through my personal experience, I’ve been coming across some bloggers (newbie) where most of them fail at only few things and are getting completely lost. With wide-ranging articles that are available on web and with help of some coaching institutes, one can easily manage with the SEO part or they can even hire some expert to make that. You might be wondering why I am saying all this. Because I don’t wont Google Penguin or Panda to kick any of your blog. I was affected for 2 bloody months only for a single stupid reason, my blog was taking some little more time for the initial page load. I couldn’t do anything until I heard of MaxCDN, one of the best Content Delivery Networks.To specify the importance of a CDN for a blog,i decided make this MaxCDN Review.

What Is A Content Delivery Network?

Content Delivery Networks(CDN) are used for rapid and cost-effective transfer of data to numerous people or points. Where the term “points” include web browsers, mobile browsers and high end web-data accessing systems.

Why Do You Need A CDN?

No matter if you are a content publisher, blogger, technology service provider or a consumer, a CDN service can always help you in faster reactions. I bet, no reader would like to visit a blog that takes a lot of time. Just suppose if a guy wants to visit your website or blog from a cyber cafe and his whole time takes in loading itself. He would neither recommend your site nor visit himself ever. Every blog/website uses a lot of things like javascript, jQuery, huge images that usually take a lot of time to load. MaxCDN minifies the scripts to lesser data and gives you the best possible page speed score.

Why MaxCDN?

MaxCDN has many servers all over the world for providing you with the fastest load time. It downloads your site data and then transfers it to their nearest data centers and cache it. So when a user visits your site, it displays the cached and minified static web pages which take less data than the normal ones. MaxCDN works with Mzima combined with BGP Anycast technology and it is being used across more than 90+ countries and more than 500 peering partners throughout the world. The Mzima network has more than 1TBPS of peering capacity and transit. In addition, it gives you an advanced control panel with API options enabled. I’ve been using their cdn service on this blog for more than a year and never faced any downtime from them. This product also integrates with your existing hosting to get started.

Best CDN for WordPress

Max CDN Features:

An important feature to notice in MaxCDN is the Gzip handling which lets you easily compress and Gzip through the control panel. It also gives you a shared SSL for free.

  • Very Fast Loading
  • Improved Visitor Experience
  • Original Pull
  • Gzip
  • Free Shared SSL (HTTPS)
  • API
  • Guaranteed Uptime
  • Free Implementation
  • Pay as you go
  • Custom CNAMEs
  • Upload to CDN servers (Push)
  • Purge and Purge All
  • Control Panel
  • Statistics
  • Set Caching Headers For Pushed Files
  • Honors All Original Server Headers
  • Persistent Connections
  • Honors All Original Server Headers
  • 24/7 Support

The compressing power of MaxCDN is just awesome. It can compress all these below listed file types

  • text/plain
  • text/html
  • text/javascript
  • text/css
  • text/xml
  • application/javascript
  • application/x-javascript
  • application/xml


Okay, so before you start configuring your site with a CDN service, take a test of your site at the Pingdom Speed Test Tool and notice the corrections and note the speed. Now after installing and setting up the MaxCDN service for your site, again check on Pingdom tools; you’ll definitely notice the change with a single service.

MaxCDN Service

One can easily say, if a service fails to make your site load better, it is completely useless. In case of MaxCDN, it is definitely not. Founded in 2009, it has been providing its service to make sites work faster that too at a very reasonable pricing. Even they have made it very easier to check your usage both in graphical and tabular forms. The interface in the control panel is just so simple and easy to navigate though they have included all possible options. You can also check which of your site’s files are taking too much database with its easy-to-navigate interface. MaxCDN does best for moderately busy sites and huge sites are no exception. Mashable isn’t a small site and you know that. If they have been using MaxCDN service from quite a long time, why don’t you give it a trial?

MAX CDN vs Your * Average Joe* Hosting

I cannot believe I forgot to add the comparison but added it on a request of our reader in the comments below.

I am on medialayer , which is probably the best hosting service and its better than bluehost and hostgator , it’s really costly but worth its price , anyways I downloaded a file from medialayer and maxcdn and the comparison is below.

Here is the timing for the simple file to download on medialayer – 1.09seconds

Here is the timing for the simple file to download on MAXCDN – 260 milli-seconds

media layer file url :
maxcdn file url :

You can clearly see that maxcdn is 3 times faster than your hosting speed , can you see a reason why you should not go for this content delivery?


MaxCDN has been delivering its services to some finest website online. If you are a blogger, you should have already known which is considered to be the best site for direct sale of ad spots on your site. The website uses MaxCDN service for faster load time. In the initial launch year 2009 itself, BuySellAds started working with MaxCDN. A couple of the all-time best technology and social media blogs like Mashable and TheNextWeb which serve more than 10million PVs a month are also clients of MaxCDN content delivery network service. You can however just start a trial of their service and then you’ll get to know why such big sites use MaxCDN.


When compared to most of the other CDN networks, I must say MaxCDN is pretty good at its prices which are quite affordable based on the preferred plan. MaxCDN costs around $39 for the first 1000GB (1TB) and you can always find some better offers which are delivered to their email list. You can also subscribe to get the latest offers. They also provide you a 30-day money back guarantee with full time customer-care support. Unlike Amazon Cloudfront, it is purely based on your data usage. You just have to buy for whatever you are willing to use. The pricing plans are so flexible and by using our coupons, you can get a discount of 25% on your package. You can anyways have a look at their pricings and plans.


As I’ve already said, page load speed matters in quite a lot of things. If your site is slow, see yourself in the hit-list of the next Google Panda/Penguin’s update. And once got affected, I doubt if you can ever get back to your old position in any decent time. So I’d never recommend taking such risks. And some people say, even Google considers the site load speed in giving it a PageRank. You already know, the better the page rank, the more the chances of ranking top on Google. So, MaxCDN not only helps you in increasing you site speed, but it indirectly helps you in getting out of Google Panda and Penguin and also helps you in getting few more traffic. And also your site won’t get down with too much consumption of your site’s bandwidth.

Final Words:

So after reading the whole MaxCDN Review, what do you think? I’d definitely recommend any of the site owners to get a MaxCDN account and install it. And it’s very simple to implement it on a WordPress blog with cache plugins.It has become the best cdn for a wordpress due to its features.I bet you’ll start loving their service.

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7 Best WordPress Plugins For Traffic That I Use

Best WordPress Plugins For Traffic

Blog’s traffic not only depends upon your content, it also depends upon ,how your website treats your readers. Yes! your content should first be liked by your readers, if liked then don’t care of your traffic it increases automatically.Usually blogs which are run on other blog softwares ,WordPress gets more traffic than others, as WordPress is a best blogging platform .For increasing your traffic, plugins will also play an important role. WordPress plugins are normally popular nowadays, whether it is paid or free. Many WordPress plugins are sold for higher prices based on their specifications, So Here I’m with a list of 7 Best WordPress Plugins For Traffic which are both Premium and free.

Before, I mention the plugins , note that you use those plugins effectively, because many bloggers misuse those plugins in many ways for making profit for them. And here is the list

  •  All in One SEO pack Or Yoast WordPress SEO plugin
  •  Share Bar
  •  Pop up Domination
  •  Top Commentators
  •  W3 Total cache
  •  WordPress comments auto-responder

1. SEO Plugins

The Main advantage in WordPress is SEO plugins, which helps you to rank first in Google search results. There are two WordPress SEO plugins – Yoast and All in one SEO, you can select any of the SEO plugin  for your WordPress site . I can’t say which SEO plugin is better , whether Yoast or All in one SEO, you can refer for this. But both SEO plugins are best, you can choose any one of them , it’s your choice!

There are also premium SEO plugins like the Easy WP SEO which you can use to optimized your site for Search Engines.

Yoast Plugin |  Download All in one SEO plugin

2. Share Bar

Share bar is a simple floating sharing plugin for articles. If your content is liked by your readers , they’ll sure like to share it and if they didn’t find any sharing plugins in your blog they’ll upset. So add share bar WordPress plugin to your blog it helps your blog readers to share your content on social media, and it’ll also help your blog to get new readers from social media.

Share Bar WordPress Plugin

3. Popup Domination

Popup Domination is a premium WordPress plugin, which helps to increase the subscribers of your blog. It’s just a popup subscription box, where it asks your blog visitors to subscribe to your blog. Every blog’s traffic are mainly based on the number of subscribers, the more number of subscribers you have  and the more traffic your blog receives. If a new visitors reach your blog, and if he finds your blog useful surely he’ll like to subscribe to your blog to get your blog updates via email. So if he couldn’t find the subscription box, he’ll subscribe to your blog via popup domination. Many blog’s have increased their blog traffic via increasing subscribers by popup domination plugin.

Read our Popup Domination Plugin for WordPress Review

4.Top Commentators

Top commentators plugin is one of the most used WordPress plugin for WordPress blogs. It makes your readers eager to comment on your articles, because the top commentators plugin shows the top commentators on your blog with the back link to their blog. As your blog readers want to comment on your blog posts, they’ll visit your blog everyday to check the latest article of your blog and comment. This increases the Traffic by increasing the commentators on your blog and they become regular readers of your blog.You can also try premium comment plugins like CommentLuv to get more comments.

Download Top Commentators Plugin

5. W3 Total Cache

The Main disadvantage in many WordPress blog’s themes are the loading time. Even though if you have an attractive theme, it must load fast, if it doesn’t you should use this plugin. It’s W3 total cache, the #1 WordPress plugin to make your blog load super fast , I too have experience in this Plugin and it’s gives good results.  If your blog readers find your blog loads slow, they’ll quit your blog automatically, if you like to keep your readers on your blog, you should have this plugin.

Download W3 Total Cache Plugin

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6. WordPress comment auto-responder

If a person leaves a comment in your blog, this plugin sends an email to that person, and also if that person’s comment got a reply , it’ll also send email to that person. This plugin helps you to get more returning visitors for your blog, and increases your blog’ traffic.

Download WordPress Comment auto-responder

7.CommentLuv Plugin

You must have heard about the advantages of using Commentluv WordPress plugin.When a reader comments in your post he can have a link to his most recent articles in his comment.This will motivate readers to read more posts and comment more in your blog.Premium version of this plugin will also include features like Google +1,Facebook like,tweet options for the particular posts,which will also increase your social visibility to a great extent.

Learn more about it in this post

  • CommentLuv Premium Plugin Review for WordPress

If you go with Premium version of commentLuv Plugin,then there is no need to use Top Commentators and WordPress comment auto-responder.As the CommentLuv Premium does both its work!

Boosting traffic for a blog is not easy, but by posting smart posts that tempt readers come back again and by using some WordPress plugins like the commentluv plugin, we can make it easy! Hope you enjoyed this post. Well there are lot of  Wordpress Plugins but these are Best WordPress Plugins For Traffic for starting of , later I will post the advance plugins for your Wordpress plugins , once you have enough traffic for your blog.

How to Make Blog Visitors as Regular Readers

It doesn’t matter whether your blog has high or low Alexa/Google page rank, if you have valuable traffic for your blog, then it’s good. Many bloggers who are newbies, leaves the blogging in half and the reason is ” Low Traffic “, blog’s traffic doesn’t fully depend upon the Search engine optimization, if your blog attracts visitors and if your posts are liked by people, they’ll visit your blog often and will never forget your blog!. So there are no secrets behind making people to like your blog, if your blog attracts more readers, surely your blog’s daily visitors will get increased . As making people to like your blog plays an important role in increasing your blog’s traffic, you must consider writing for your visitors. If more people likes and become a regular reader of your blog, then your blog’s traffic will be increased automatically.

Here ,in this post,I’m going to discuss about 3 things that will help you to attract your blog’s visitors, and make them as your blog’s regular readers. Those 3 things are some common things, but those things surely will help you to attract your blog’s visitors and make them as regular readers. And those are

  • Attractive and fast Loading Blog design
  • Don’t use Popups in your blog
  • Make your Blog’s social media presence popular and strong

Attractive and Fast Loading blog design

Attractive and fast loading blog design makes your blog readers eager to visit your blog daily, because if your blog’s design is attractive, to see the design people will visit your blog. And if a person reaches your blog via Search engine and finds that your blog loads fast, and gets attracted to your blog’s design , surely the person will become a regular reader of your blog. Theme choice is an important thing for a blog, if you choose a theme, which is irrelevant to your blog’s niche also affects your regular readers of your blog.

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Tip for Bloggers : Note that don’t keep themes which are Search engine optimized, keep themes which people like to be in your blog, and another advice is Don’t write your articles for Search engines, write articles for your blog’s readers!.

Don’t use any Unwanted Popups in your blog

If your blog has more subscribers, your blog’s traffic will definitely increase, in such cases for increasing blog subscribers, many blogs have popup Facebook like boxes, please don’t use that! it is hated by most of the visitors of your blog, and they’ll never visit your blog again. By by using an useful popup domination, many blog’s have their subscribers increased.Don’t use any popups in your blog like Facebook Like or Social Media stuffs.Even many probloggers suggest you to have popups in your blog,but be sure you use the right one like the PopUp Domination . First of all ask a question why do you use popup subscription box ? to increase the traffic of your blog right ?, then be sure you only use informative popup in your blog that will in turn make your visitors as regular readers.

We suggest to use PopUp Domination 3.0 Plugin .Read our PopUp Domination 3.0 Plugin review

Make your blog’s social Media Presence strong and popular

If you ask to an Admin of a popular blog , ” How did you increase the traffic of your blog and how did you make your blog popular? “, the answer from this is the ” Social Media “.  Many internet businesses which are popular today , got their first and more clients from Social Media. Every successful business before launching, first they started attracting their fans in social media. So social media is the first and the easy key to gain regular readers for your blog. Social media not only includes Facebook it also includes twitter and many more… So try  to get more fans from social media, they’ll also help you to get more readers for your blog.

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As I mentioned above , the 3 things which I shared for attracting blog visitors and gaining blog readers are some common things, but surely it will increase your traffic and regular readers!!

Hope you liked this post,if so do share it with your friends.What are the ways you follow to make the visitors of your blog as regular readers ?

Tips for Effective Affiliate Marketing on your Blog

If you want to make a decent amount of money through affiliate links, you do not have to market and promote your product crazily. The same can be achieved through smart and tactful management of your income without having to do much.

There are a number of methods that lots of people will suggest Placing Adsense in your posts to increase traffic, Placing banner-ads on any free space available, writing reviews for affiliate products, adding links by text ads and many more. This however defeats the very purpose of the blog in the most effective way. What is the use of making money when you cannot satisfy people with what they visit your blog for? Provide informative content that will answer people’s questions.

The main thing that you should keep in mind is to give content of high quality to your blog viewers. There is no better way to make money online than to provide informative, interesting and exciting content, fresh and creative ideas and other things that will attract people again to your blog. Here are a few tips:

1. Affiliate marketing 101:

Websites are always judged by their look. The first impression made by a website is truly the best impression. As the duration to keep your customer’s attention is really short, you must make sure that you make the visitors first experience to your blog his best. You do not want them seeing only ads and wondering in terms of money. This is the impression that advertisements and banner ads everywhere will provide. It is important to gain the likeness and trust of the customers in as few visits as possible. Once this is established, then the interest of the visitor will attract him back to your blog and make him a loyal visitor of your blog.

2. Promote those affiliate products which you have personally used:

There is no better way to handle affiliate links than to recommend only those products which you have already used yourself or are using now. It ensures that you be responsible and take up the right approach to affiliate marketing.

3. Provide a description to your affiliate products:

When you strongly promote an affiliate product, you should also be able to describe it as it has been or is being used by you. Don’t be shy from sharing your personal experiences with your blog viewers. Back up your descriptions with figures, results and supporting data wherever possible. This will convince them better increasing the chances of them clicking on your ads and purchasing your products.

4.     Give priority to your value over your affiliate link:

Do not write content so that you can place a given affiliate link within it. This method surely will not work out. It becomes clears to the viewers of the motive of such posts. Always give more value to your content and then to your affiliate links.

5. Post affiliate links associated with the niche of your posts:

While promoting affiliate products, select only those that are related to the niche of your website and its posts. Do not promote products that are very similar. By promoting too many products, you are reducing the effective stock of all of them and making it harder for viewers to select a particular product. When you are given too many choices, making a decision just gets harder and more confusing than ever before. Providing fewer options makes decision-making easier. When you regularly and continually promote specific products, the viewers will take good note of them and will realize that they must be good for you to keep promoting them.

6. Creation of a central resources page is a must:

A central resource page or a recommended tool page is the page that states links that are useful for products, websites and services with regards to your topic. This kind of page serves no purpose better than for posting your affiliate links. Do make such a page if you have not already. This kind of page will also benefit your readers who will be interested in your blog and will want to explore more about your niche. Thus, both parties profit well. If you create such a page on your blog, the readers may stumble upon random services and products that they were not specifically looking for but might need for important tasks. Thus, nobody is at a loss.

7. Promote excellent affiliate products:

Promote only those products that you know will make you a good amount of money. This will require a bit of experimentation and patience to see the sales results of various products. If certain products are not providing enough income, they must be dropped out. Unless a product pays, get rid of it. Unnecessary affiliate ads will only occupy valuable space on your website. Keep testing various products to eventually gauge the best.

Affiliate marketing is a great method of generating passive income for your blog. The content you post will stay online for a good while with your affiliate links embedded in them. Just create good quality content, promote the right products, give preference to content over products. These methods will ensure a steadily increasing income to you. If you want to build a considerable income through affiliate marketing, you must take any and every step necessary to increase and maximize your sales and income. You will have to work hard but if you keep at it, it is worth it.

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1 Year Hosting + Domain – 5 Giveaways! (Closed)

Yes that’s right , after running 2 successful giveaways of 31 days to build a better blog by and Wp-syndicator a premium plugin to syndicate you posts to 30 social sites, today  I am giving away 1 year hosting and Domain of your choice from zyma.

There will not be only one but 5 lucky winners and This giveaway ends on  29 June , 2012

Zyma is a new company in hosting and gaining its reputation all over the world specially at who started this giveaway of zyma hosting 2 months and many got left out or missed the chance to take part.

For those who go left out today is your lucky day that you get the change to win this awesome giveaway again.

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Features of Zyma

Hosting Account Features

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PopUp Domination 3.0 Review – WordPress Plugin

Popup Domination is one of the awesome plugin available to increase your subscribers in less span of time. The main aim of this plugin is to increase your email reader and to drive huge traffic to your site. These two results in making lots of income easily

Popup Domination helps to create simple and good looking popup in any of your site in less than 10 minutes. It has the capability to adjust with any site. If you have any e-books, Music, Videos etc. popup domination helps you to increase your conversion with popup. It has ability to target particular pages and articles for popup

Recently Popup Domination 3.0 is out with more cool features and designs. I have used it on my WordPress blog and I observed the result is few days. It has a very good look provided with more options to customize. These options made our work much easier. Many Online Marketers are using WordPress as CMS for better results. They are always looking to spread their business in all possible ways. Many of them have targeted emails to send their products directly to the Inbox. Popup domination work’s almost perfect for them. Popup Domination not only makes your site looks better but also helps to increase your online sales.

Why to Use Popup Domination?

If you are ready to build your email list then there is an urgent need to install popup domination in your site. As there is an update now, I recommend to use popup domination 3.0 as it is developed with more features.

Many blogger reject pop up’s. But in my opinion, why should we reject them if that is useful for us. You may reject pop up’s unless you think they are useless.

What’s new in Popup Domination 3.0 ?

We recently updated to Popup domination 3.0 and really we are shocked with it’s extra features. Many more options are added in this update. When I compared it with 2.0 I’m totally satisfied and many ideas strike my mind to customize it. I found some major updates like

  • Multiple Popups and campaigns
  • Analytics
  • A /B testing and lots more

Here is the brief explanation of these three updates

  •  Multiple Popups and campaigns:

In this new version we have ability to create as many popup’s you want for a single blog. We can use different themes or skips for different popups. We can target that specified popup on a particular page or posts.

For example we can set one popup on home page and another one on a particular post or page. This one is really a cool and interesting option.

  •  Analytics:

Analytics help you to analyze each popup. It gives complete progress about your popup’s and how they are reaching our readers. So we can concentrate on low performing and high progress popup’s accordingly  to make them more useful.

  • A/B testing

We said about Multiple Popup’s option in Popup domination 3.0. Using this A/B split testing method we can compare all popup’s at a time to know which one is reaching your readers and getting more subscriptions

Awesome Themes and Colors

Default Popup Domination 3.0 comes with 7 themes made with 14 different colors. These 7 themes are totally different from others and fully customizable. Even there is an option to change the color of Buttons too.  

Here are images of 7 different themes 


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Easy to customize:

Even a newborn baby is able to customize this popup domination without much effort. We can preview the changes we have made in a separate tab without saving it. So, we can get a clear idea about the changes we have made.

customization tab includes

  • Look and Feel
  • Content
  • Bullet list
  • Display Settings
  • Launch Preview

Let me explain them in detail

  •  Look and Feel

In this section you can select Theme and Skin for the Popup

  •  Content

In this section we can edit the content or text we need for your popup Such as headings

  •  Bullet List

In this section you can edit bullet points which attracts your readers. These bullet list play a key role in subscription. They change the complete look and make the popup more beautiful. So much attention is needed in this section

My Final Words:

I have personally tried this in my site and observed a huge increase in subscribers. So I made this small review to help my co-bloggers and my readers. We can even upload themes using theme loader. First of all we have to verify our installation using our order number. It’s costs only 77$ for lifetime membership. But there are some other plans for billing which you can know clearly on the Popup Domination official site. If you are not using this Popup Domination 3.0 plugin on your site, you are surely missing many things. So I recommended you to make use of this plugin and build your online mailing list in less time. If you feel there are some other plugin that is better than popup domination, let us know about it. But I’m sure there is no other such plugin available on the web now.

We hope you have enjoyed this review and please feel free to comment your experience. Make us live long by your shares and tweets.