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7 Ways to Successfully Earn High Affiliate Commission from Your Blog

Most bloggers monetize their blog with AdSense. While it is true that it may be the simplest money making method for their blog, earning commission per click is perhaps not a good solution to earn big money from it unless the blog receive high amount of traffic.

Do you want to make big bucks from your blog? Learn to promote affiliate products successfully on your blog. Remember, blog is more personal than the regular website. So, if you want to promote affiliate product, you have to do it differently.

Here are 7 ways to successfully earn high affiliate commission from your blog:

1. Spice up your promotion with your personal story

Since the nature of blog is personal, you have to make your affiliate product content more personal. You can do it by writing personal story about how the product has benefited you significantly. For example, write your own experience about using certain money-making product and how this product increases your online income.

2. Don’t promote the product aggressively

Never promote your product aggressively because it will easily hurt your reputation. Soft-selling works best on blog, so use it. Hard-selling only works for sales page. Aggressive promotion will not leave positive impression on your reader’s mind. So, don’t promote your product in every blog post that you write.

3. Promote the affiliate product with product review

Product review works great in converting your readers into buyers. That’s why there are many companies that are willing to pay $100 or more for one review post about their product. It means that if you can write a good review about a product, it will give you a nice conversion.

4. Recommend only trusted products

Since your reputation is at stake every time you promote a product on your blog, you will have to be careful in selecting the product that you promote. Remember, you have to promote only trusted products; products that already have good track-record.

5. Put your affiliate links in the right place

Do not put your affiliate links everywhere. There are some suitable places to put your affiliate links inside your blog. First, you can place your affiliate links in your blog sidebar, above the fold. Second, you can place your links in your product reviews or posts related directly to the products that you promote. Third, you can place them in your email promotion that you send to your blog subscribers.

If you are promoting amazon products then there are many WordPress plugins you can use to make your links looks attractive with high conversion rate , the one which has worked great for me to write Amazon product reviews is EasyAzon.

6. Establish good communication with your readers

Communication is an important part to establish good rapport between you and your regular readers. By showing your readers that you care about them, and willing to help them, your readers will trust you more. The more trust you have, the more willing they will follow your recommendation. So, answer their comments regularly.

7. Increase your reputation

Reputation is also an important part that will help you to generate sales from your blog. If your blog has no reputation, you will have difficult time in promoting your affiliate product. On the contrary, if your reputation is high, you can easily recommend any product and your readers will just follow your recommendation and buy the product.

If you are a blogger and you want to earn high affiliate commission from your blog, the best thing to do is follow those ways. When you have growing number of subscribers, you will be able to see a significant boost in your affiliate income.

Don’t Over-Optimize: SEO Should Come Naturally

If your business has a physical location as well as an online presence, you should understand exactly how important your reputation as a business owner can be to your business. Even online-only companies know that reputation is everything, and building your brand requires trust from your current customers and clients that encourages repeat business and referrals , below are the few tips on how to optimize your content after google penguin.

SEO marketing and content generations are part of your marketing strategies, but they’re also part of your reputation. Site content that is overloaded with backlinks, sales pitches, and “money grabs” will cause customers to leave your site instead of doing further research. SEO strategies that are over-optimized can have the same effect: too many search terms in content and blatant leverage of your ranking keywords can make customers turn their noses up and leave.

Worse still, your customers or readers aren’t all you have to worry about. Recent changes to Google search algorithms through their Panda and Penguin updates focus on ranking “valuable” content by automatically measuring what is and isn’t “over-optimized.” Stuffing site content with keywords, over-optimized anchor text and other search term exploiting methods are all considered “over-optimization” in new algorithms, and pages that do this will be downgraded accordingly.

SEO professionals are seriously re-thinking their strategies for these new algorithms, especially after seeing major pages and brands penalized and dropped out of SERPs overnight.

How Do You Maintain Your SEO And Stay Safe?

You have two choices when it comes to how you develop content:

  • You can attempt to game the ever-changing conditions of search engine algorithms, and if you’re lucky, you’ll raise your page rankings for a while—at least until search engines decide they don’t like your over-optimization and penalize you.
  • Or, you can write quality content with subtle SEO added afterwards—a keyword here, some non-key worded anchor text that adds context there—and sleep easy knowing that your content will outlast search engine algorithm trends because it is truly valuable to your visitors.

Work harder and longer for the short-term boost, or work smarter and be confident that your content will deliver results in the long-term. Is there even a choice to make? Consider this as well offsite SEO plays a major role in your search results as well; that is, backlinks and references to your content from other websites you have no control over.

What do you think will build more offsite references faster? Readable, valuable, share-worthy content or over-optimized sales pitches that are hard to read?

The Best Solution? Write More Content Embedded With More Value

Though Google and other search engines have pushed back against over-optimization SEO strategies, this doesn’t mean you have to abandon your optimizations altogether. Algorithm updates are being designed with honest, natural, customer-oriented content in mind, and the best SEO practice is to simply follow those guidelines.

Don’t think of your SEO about how optimized it is, but rather about how your visitors see your content—they’re the ones that really matter, after all!

You can still inject your content with keywords and anchor text, but don’t overdo it. Your content should be accessible, and your links and keywords should come out naturally.

  • Instead of trying to squeeze five or ten keywords in your content, focus on two to four.
  • Instead of linking key worded anchor text to your conversion pages in your content, give non-key worded anchor text that links to other relevant webpages outside of your business.
  • Reach out to these backlinked sources and ask them to return the favor directly. Cooperation between businesses through backlinking agreements can result in everyone benefitting from enhanced search results and shared business.

Overall, your best bet for effective long-term SEO is to write content that is customer-oriented first, instead of overly sales-oriented or over-optimized.Seo over optimization can cause a huge impact in your search engine ranking. Natural, easy-to-read content will carry your business farther in SERPs than over-optimization ever will, now more than ever.


Tips to successfully sell Digital Products through ClickBank

Majority of affiliate marketers take up the painful and time-consuming way to this kind of business. They move from one niche to another, one product to another, as though they were just roaming around and not doing anything. The best approach is to find one good product and stay with it for a couple of years. You must select your product very wisely. Here are a few tips to sell a product through clickbank.

1. Keep in mind the ‘initial dollar per sale’:

It is quintessential that you select products with a low value of the ‘initial dollar per sale’ for marketing purposes. People prefer articles that are priced less to those that are priced at high rates. Do not be under the impression that if you try selling products having high rates, you will earn a good commission. This is entirely wrong.  If you rather take up products priced at less expensive rates, you can increase the number of sales. It is definitely a better choice to have higher number of sales from a low-priced product than to have very few sales from a high-priced product.

2. Keep your ‘average dollar per sale’ higher than your ‘initial dollar per sale’:

You must select products with a higher value for their ‘average dollar per sale’ and a low value for their ‘initial dollar per sale’. This is because you must generate a good number of sales to make a proper income online. The products sold by you must pay you with a recurring revenue against a one-time commission besides the above. Unless you follow this, you will earn a lot less than what you could potentially earn. If the value of the ‘initial dollar per sale’ of your product is lower than that of the value of its ‘average dollar per sale’, then you can be rest assured of a steady income. This is a very significant point while choosing a product to sell.

3. Look to the Gravity Number:

A lot of affiliate marketers are unaware of this term. If you select products as per the first two steps as well as the gravity number, then you will be in an entirely different league far ahead of your competitors. Products that have a gravity number between 100 and 600 are highly profitable to sell. Products with a gravity number as low as 25 will give you problems with your conversions. Basically, select products with a higher ‘average dollar per sale’ than a ‘initial dollar per sale’ and a gravity number between 100 and 600. Just stick to these limits and you be sure of excellent sales.

4.Ensure the following conditions are fulfilled by the product you select:

  • The ‘gravity’ of the product you select lies in the range of 100-600
  • The ‘initial’ amount of your product is less than the ‘average’
  • The ‘initial’ amount of your product is comparatively lower with respect to other products in the same niche for sale.
Selling on click bank is not hard at all , they have a huge user base but make sure your digital product gets good reviews and has buzz in the same niche.You might also like to read our post about How to build good reputation online
Are you trying to becoming a sell on Clickbank ? What obstacles are you facing , share your views and get others and my view on it.


10 Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Speeding up a WordPress Blog is highly recommended because page load speed is one of the important factors in determining page rank in Google ranking algorithms.If a site is slower it will only end up ranked lower in search engines even though it has high quality content than other sites.Remember that no one would like to visit and read a slow site.Consider if they connect to internet using a low speed connection,it will take at least a few minutes for a page to load.If your site is well optimized,it will load much faster even with low speed connections,and the reader will definitely like to visit your site again.

How to Speed up your wordpress blog :

Here are the top 10 ways to speed up a wordpress blog.

[box color=”green” icon=”lightbulb”]1.Setup a CDN:[/box]

Many famous blogs you know make use of CDN(Content Delivery Network)  to accelerate their blog.CDN’s like MaxCDN,WindowsAzure,cloudflare could speed up your site many times by optimizing and delivering content to visitors from their servers worldwide.When you use a CDN,when your blog is accessed,the content is delivered from the nearest server for the visitor.Thereby speeding up your blog also reduces bandwidth usage in your hosting server.I would suggest to use Maxcdn.My blogs are powered by MaxCDN.You might want to try it out too.

Supercharge your website in 5 minutes with MaxCDN($).

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]2.Install a Cache Plugin:[/box]

For speeding up a blog ,a Cache plugin is a must.W3TotalCache is the best cache plugin ever developed and you know what, its free too..Setup the configurations you wanted and they deploy the settings.You can also configure the CDN to work with W3TotalCache.

W3TotalCache <link>

[box color=”red” icon=”thumb_up”]3.Install Faster Framework:[/box]

There are many WordPress Framework like Genesis,Headaway,Thesis Frameworks.I am using thesis framework for a few of my other sites,and you know what it loads a lot faster than my normal theme sites.Thesis theme is well known for its fast load time and easy customization using hooks.If you are thinking of buying thesis theme,its the perfect time, as the price will increase from 164$ to 297$ when thesis 2.0 is released.So hurry up and get your thesis theme now.

[box color=”orange” icon=”eye”]4.Optimize images:[/box]

Many of us use images in post,sometimes if the image is a large it will affect the page speed.So effective compression of an image will render the images a lot faster.Make use of plugin like  WP-SmushIt which will automatically optimizes images using several lossless algorithms.

WP-SmushIt Plugin <link>

[box color=”gray” icon=”emotion_wink”]5.Choose the best hosting:[/box]

Hosting server’s response time will also decide your WordPress Blog speed.The response time of the server is decided by the processor used,RAM,connection speed and the load on the server side.If you are using a shared host,you might experience slow loading  as the other websites will be sharing the same Processor,RAM and other resources.

Reliable hosts like hostgator uses  Intel Xeon 5xxx Series Processors processor in their shared host and they have up to 12GB of RAM so that all websites hosted on a single server will have the same response time irrespective of the load on the server.

We recommend to use Hostgator or Bluehost.

[box color=”blue” icon=”information”]6.Optimize Wp Database:[/box]

Everytime when your blog loads,your wordpress database will be fetched for retrieving contents like the post content,comments etc.If your database has many unused tables, it will increase the database size.

By using plugins like WP Database Optimizer,you can optimize your database without accessing phpMyAdmin which can be risky when you don’t know anything about SQL databases.

WP Database Optimizer Plugin <link>

[box color=”red” icon=”arrow_refresh”]7.Use CSS Sprites:[/box]

CSS sprites is an advanced method of combining images into a single large image consisting of all the images and then using css codes to display the separate image from the big Sprite image.Thus the time consumed to load many images is reduced by loading only a single compressed image,there by also reducing http requests.

This work can be done a lot easier by using wordpress plugins like cSprites to combine images into sprites and displaying  them.

[box color=”yellow” icon=”rss_valid”]8.Validate your blog:[/box]

Use  W3C Validator,an online markup validation service to validate your code.Using this service,try to fix as many errors are possible.As some common error cannot be fixed,try fixing at least critical errors.This will highly improve the view of your blog from the search bots.

[box color=”red” icon=”user_green”]9.Change Gravatar settings:[/box]

Gravatar can take more time to load than your site content as Gravatar images are loaded from an external site.As removing the Gravatar completely will ruin the comments section,you can just set the default Gravatar images to none under Settings>>Discussion.

[box color=”green” icon=”star”]10.Enable Hotlink & Leech Protection:[/box]

Enable Hotlink and leech Protection by using the setting in the Security using Cpanel.This will prevent others from directly linking to your files or images on their site thereby preventing bandwidth theft.

Also check out Powerful Premium WordPress Plugins that you can use in your blog .Hope you liked this post.You can test your site speed by using services like Pingdome.Do share what is WordPress blog speed is and what other services you are using to speed up your WordPress blog.

How Social Media Can Help To Overcome Google Penguin

Thanks to the latest Google indexing update, many website owners out there are asking about recovery from Google Penguin update using social networks. This article looks at two important parts of the answer: what Google Penguin is, and how you can recover your online standing using social networks.

What Is Google Penguin? Before we look at recovery from Google Penguin update using social networks, let’s first define what Penguin is. As you probably already know, Google releases changes to its search algorithms from time to time. These algorithms are designed to make the internet a better, more information intensive place, and to improve the experience for internet users. The changes that Penguin brings build on the last big change, code-named Panda, and it’s aimed at reducing duplicate content online, and on improving the quality of content out there.

Basically, if your site has relied on less than stellar quality content, or on black or grey hat SEO, then you might very well be in trouble!

How Social Media Can Help

The changes that Penguin brings is likely to negatively impact content heavy sites in many ways – not least of which because spun articles and low quality content is not really a viable option anymore.

There are ways to counter that effect though and social media is one of them – and in several ways.

1) If you own a small, content based site, adding a social networking element to your site itself is an option. There are cheap and free options out there, and they allow you to build an online community, and to have a constant supply of natural, original content!

2) Linking your social media profiles (for instance a Twitter Ticker or a Facebook box) on your website is another way to keep your site posting original, high quality content without breaking the bank on content creation.

3) Ramping up your social media activities is another good idea. Since you’re likely to suffer at least a little in the Google search results until you find your feet, driving traffic from your social media profiles to your site might just fill the gap.

4) Networking is another big opportunity to make recovery from Google penguin update using social networks work for you. Liking or connecting with related but not competing social network groups can boost your visitors, and that means more revenue – whether it’s ads or sales.

5) Multimedia is another good option. Make a low-cost YouTube video, post it on your social network pages, link to your site, and see your traffic grow.

The biggest problem for the owner of smaller websites has always been balancing cost and traffic, and until we all figure out how to tweak our sites to make the most of the Penguin search system, that’s going to be a little harder.

Thanks to social networks though – whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any of the others – and a targeted marketing plan, you can get more out of Penguin without bankrupting your business.

Getting to the top of the search rankings is still possible with Penguin – but it’s going to be a bumpy ride, and it’s the sway marketers that will stand the test of time.


4 Recipes to Create an Interesting Website Content

Do you need the proper recipe to make an omelet, or that special roasted chicken? Tell me, can you replace the salt with sugar? Can you remove one or two of the ingredients? You can’t. Even if you can, you will not be able to taste the intended taste, right? That’s the same thing with your web content writing.

You need proper recipe to make your web content writing “tasty”, which means easy to read, easy to understand, easy to digest, and interesting. Are you willing to eat a hamburger with a horrible taste? I’m sure you won’t. So, are you willing to read any web content that is boring and uninteresting? Sadly, you won’t.

So, what is the recipe to a tasty web content writing?

There are four components (or you can say ingredients):

– It must have unique style
– It must have an interesting title
– It must have a curiosity-arousing opening
– It must have useful and good body content

Now, let’s dig deeper into how to cook your web content writing using these four ingredients.

1. Unique Style

Chefs around the world are cooking the same spaghetti with the same recipe. But, what makes their spaghetti different?

They have unique style, unique to each chef.

Every article has the same component, but it is the uniqueness that keeps the readers flow with the content. That’s the uniqueness that keeps them reading, with the feeling of satisfaction every time they read a paragraph of your content.

Your web content writing should also carry its own uniqueness that is unique to you. With this uniqueness, the readers can recognize instantly that it is your content. This is the taste of you.

2. Interesting Title

This is the “cover” of your article, as it with book. The title is what your readers read first before they consider trying the taste of your content. This is the outer look of your web content writing that makes the readers want to read your content.

Make your reader curious about what’s inside your content by creating a catchy title. Craft your title before you write your article. Make the readers curious with your content.

3. Curiosity Arousing Opening

This is the first taste before you eat. When you see a big omelet that looks really tasty, what’s the first thing that you do before eating that omelet? You taste it, and this is the purpose of your opening paragraph. It’s the first taste of your content for your readers.

The opening paragraph is the continuation of your title. The curiosity factor should be included in your opening paragraph. In the opening paragraph of your web content writing, make your readers to actually want to read (or “eat”) your content.

4. Useful and Good Body Content

This is the chicken in your special roasted chicken recipe, the main meal for your readers. This is what you give to your readers. Your web content writing should contain useful and good information in the body of your article. This is the purpose of your web content writing.

If you have good content, present to your readers in an interesting way so that your readers will not bored with your content.

That’s it, the core recipe for your web content writing. In order to create a “tasty” content for your readers, you need to incorporate all the ingredients in your web content writing. Not only this will increase readership rate of your website, this will also persuade your readers to follow your advice and buy your recommended products or services.

How To Recover From Google Penguin Update

Google’s latest effort against the web spam is its Penguin update. This update has seen 3% of online searches effected and punished by over optimisation or spammy links. 3% may not seem like a lot but when you consider the billions of websites that are out there it becomes a significant number. If your website has been hit by this update then you may be losing a lot of business and be in a state of general panic. If you are in this situation then fear not as here are some ways that your website can recover and start to rank highly again.

Poor Quality Links Have To Go

If you find that your site’s rankings have significantly dropped then it is more than likely that you have links coming into to your site from low quality and or irrelevant websites. This is often the result of link building strategies that were popular a few years ago. These strategies focused on building the biggest amount of links possible without caring about the quality of the sites linking to you or their relevance to your website. You will need to manually request that each bad link to your site be removed by the owner of that site.

Be Careful With Your Anchor Text

One of the major things to be punished by this latest Google update is the over optimisation of anchor text. So if you have been linking back to your website using the same anchor text time and time again then there is a good chance that your rankings for that key word or phrase will have fallen. You need to mix up your anchor text a bit and even include some generic links such as “click here” so that your backlinks are as natural as possible.

Act Naturally

As I have already touched on it is important that your website and linking system is as natural as possible. This is Google’s overall aim and the reason that they make updates such as Penguin in the first place. They don’t want to stop SEO but they want to stop people and websites gaining an unfair advantage by over optimising and exploiting the system. If you want to guarantee the safety and high rankings of your site then a natural linking strategy through social media and high quality content is the only way forward.

Forget Google, It’s The User That Counts

Okay don’t completely forget Google as you still need to operate within their rules and guidelines but too many website owners are constantly trying to keep up with Google and they forget the real reason they have a website. The most important people on any website owner’s mind should be the user of their site. They are the people who will actually spend time on your site, use your service and or buy your products so you should be concentrating on making your site as user friendly as possible. If you try to make your site as entertaining, informative and easy to use as it can be then Google will appreciate it and you may just find that by not focusing on pleasing Google so much you will actually please them more.

So if your website is down in the Google dumps then there are a few things you can do to claw your way back up but just remember that spammy tactics will no longer cut it with Google so make sure you are focused on making the best possible website for your users from now on.

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SEO Predictions 2012 – Exact Name Domains Will Lose Their Mojo

Even compared to other services and industries, SEO moves fast. It only takes for Google to tweak their algorithms, or for a new device to become highly popular, and suddenly the way we ‘do’ SEO has to change dramatically to compensate. Thus with each passing year the face of SEO changes drastically. What does 2012 hold for SEO then?

Well among other things we will possibly see exact name domains losing their mojo. There are several reasons for this, but it seems to largely come from Google pushing to provide viewers with more relevant and high quality content.

Exact Name Domains No More? 

An exact name domain for those not in the loop is a URL selected to exactly match a keyphrase that people regularly search in Google. For instance then if keyword research revealed that ‘buy flowers in Venice’ was a popular keyphrase, then a logical website might be ‘’. This of course would tell Google very precisely what the site was about and it would give you a competitive edge over other sites targeting that key phrase.

The bad news for those who have invested a lot of money into such domains is that Google’s Matt Cutts not long ago mentioned plans to ‘tune down’ the amount of weight given to exact name domains which is currently deemed as unbalanced. Of course this is an easy way for people to work the system and to get to the top of the search engines which means they often do less work to maintain and create a good website. It seems to attract the wrong kind of web design and for this reason it’s being toned down.

The Alternative

So if exact name domains are going down… what’s going up? The answer is apparently brands, with well known brands now being given preference by search engines. We can also expect to see other indicators being utilized by Google and they may start to use information from some of their other services such as maps, adsense, their merchant accounts, social networking and more.

What this should in the long term mean is that ‘cheaper’ methods of SEO are no longer flavor of the month. Of course keywords will still have their place (and exact name domains can even be a good source of direct traffic and are handy when branding isn’t really relevant) – but more ‘traditional’ forms of marketing such as raising brand awareness and generally more long-tail strategies might start to fall into favor.

Of course this can be seen as good news – as mentioned there are quite a few sites out there almost cheating their way to the top of Google by simply naming everything with their keyphrase (URL included). However at the same time there is the slight concern that it tips the balance slightly in the favor of the large corporation – whereas the internet was previously one of the few places where the savvy entrepreneur could go toe to toe with huge marketing campaigns. It’s still possible, it’s just that now they’ll have to be smarter.

Keyword Search Tools: 20 Tools to Optimise Across Platforms

Implementing SEO practices started with simple keyword header tags and descriptions. While keywords no longer carry the juice they once did, ignoring them entirely is also pure folly. Keywords are no longer just for the large search engines. Today keywords also drive all the social media search engines, blog and forum searches, large portions of #twitter and the ranking and placement of mobile, video, memes, photo and written content in Google and Bing. Rather than ignore keywords post Panda/Penguin updates, it is perhaps even more important to design diversified SEO campaigns around them. Here are a list of tools (many designed by Google) that can be used to build an effective diversified keyword campaign across platforms and mediums. Keywords are all about understanding and improving user experience and this is exactly what Google is focused on post Panda/Penguin. The more searchable the content, the better it will place.



Youtube Promoted Video Keyword Research Tool: This is a great tool to use even before writing a script. It helps Youtube and other video posters understand what users are looking for on any given topic. An added bonus is that like most Google keyword tools, the subsequent tool is conveniently linkable to an adwords account.


This tool includes a valuable reverse lookup option. This makes it possible to use a well-crafted video by an established company and see what they are using for their video keywords. Using a combination of the reverse video search and the keyword tool it is possible to find holes in the mammoth Youtube database- helping your particular video place well before you even start writing the script or spending money on production.

Large databases of videos such as also offer up a treasure trove of keyword information. Keywords can be found by analysing their category listings, finding relevant videos and then using your browser’s information tool to see specific file information for the video including the keywords and the full title.



Google Adwords. Under the standard Google adwords tool, in advanced options, it is possible to search just mobile. This can be used across all mobile devices or for specific mobile devices. Unfortunately, tablets still don’t have their own category.


News Media:

Marketwire Map. This lets users search not only news media but also social media at the same time. The tool includes tracking and demographic identification markers. Basic Marketwire press placement is also an excellent way to identify specific regional areas and keywords for news stories. The news universe is mapped slightly different than the rest of the web making separate news keyword research a good idea.

Ubersuggest: This search tool relies heavily on Google but it is interesting in that it allows users to just search the words that are currently most popular in any of these five categories: Web, news, shopping, video and recipes.


Social Media:

Social Media is constantly changing and this means targeted campaigns on social media must also fluctuate. Here are a several social tools that do a good job of following this space. Socialmention has a particularly good keyword tool.

Socialmention. Real time search.

Bing Social Topics. Trending and good deep twitter search.

Delicious. A large selection of trending social categories.


Images and Memes:

Image descriptions and titles make them searchable. Using specific names, place names and descriptive terms make any image searchable and available. Category keywords for both images and artwork help to tag images for search. Alternate descriptions using keywords are also essential.

Memes and the world of artwork is a little bit more complicated than straightforward photos and consequently giving them appropriate keywords is also problematic. If it were possible to build a search engine for memes they would probably cease to be surprisingly marvellous or funny. However, there are a few places on the web where the artists all hang out together and where searching internally within a site can return a nice cache of images and in turn keywords that work for artwork and memes. These websites include but are not limited to:

Cheezburger and affiliates, once you join it is possible to search by category/artist.


Drawn: Daily blog of artwork.

The following tools are also useful for image, meme and image and image-keyword research:

Google Insights

Flickr, advanced search

Pinterest search

Jeffrey’s Exif Viewer

Chrome Exif Viewer



With the integration of video and mobile into the Internet at lightening speeds there are whole new sets of metrics that will start to become more important for specific communities. The future looks to place Google in a far less dominant position with search divided up amongst social platforms and communities that use their own types of categorizations and search criterions. Already it is far easier to search for something within a sub-community rather than throughout the entire web using Google or Bing. At the end of the day, language is language and that is why keywords will always be a common thread between SEO, search and viewers.