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Top 5 Essential + Powerful + Premium WordPress Plugins

WordPress is probably the best known platform for blogging, and the main reason is that you can install various plugins and themes according to your requirements. Although several useful plugins are available for free too, there are some which have to be bought for they are worth it; they can change the entire way you work online by increasing the functionality to a great extent.

There are many premium WordPress plugins available in the market, but following are five plugins a blogger shouldn’t work without;

1. Popup Domination

Loaded with eight designed themes, Popup Domination is a very useful WordPress premium plugin which helps you to increase your subscribers. When a user lands on your page this plugin pops up an opt-in window so that your viewer can opt in to whatever you are advertising. This plugin comes with a range of settings which allows enhanced customizations; you can select when the pop up appears and for how long too. The plugin can be used by those too with no coding experience. Basic features included in it are;


  • Compatibility with all mailing list providers
  • Compatibility with cache software
  • Allows you to select on what page the pop up should appear
  • Different attractive themes
  • Standalone version

All of these features can be bought with a one-time fee of $47. Full Review of PopUp Domination

2. SEOPressor

Working as a virtual assistant, SEOPressor tracks the keyword density in a given post as well as the internal links in it. You can conveniently write a post with SEOPressor and target keywords accurately. For those who are new to search engine optimization strategies, SEOPressor can do a lot by making you understand how to optimize for search engines.


3. WP Subscribers

This premium plugin is an all-rounder and is equipped with several useful functions, all in one plugin. It is an effective email list building tool and the best thing about it is the Facebook integration it offers. With this amazing feature, users can subscribe to your product easily and in just one click. Main features included in it are;

  • Compatible with all opt-in marketing facility
  • Referral system for subscriptions
  • Auto fill user name and email
  • Allows you to add a custom opt in form where ever you want
  • Exit pop up with HTML content
  • It can opt in on commenting only
  • Opt in form analysis

This amazing plugin can be used with an unlimited access and lifetime upgrade facility at a cost price of $97.

4.Backup Buddy

As the name suggests, this plugin allows backing up and storing your WordPress; it also lets you to transfer your settings to remote locations including FTP, Email, AmazonS3 and Rackspace Cloudfiles. Although there are other back up plugins too which are available free of cost, they don’t store all the databases and files. This is very useful if you want to store and transfer your files.

5.Pretty Link Pro

All webmasters understand how important it is to create working links for affiliate products. This premium plugin for WordPress not only creates “pretty” links for affiliate products but also keep a track of hits too.  So, for those who want to create easy to remember links, PLP is the thing.

These are some of the WordPress premium plugins which are worth having.You might also like to check out different Ideas for blogging.Are you an amazon affiliate then you might like this article about Best Amazon Plugin for WordPress



How to promote YouTube videos in 2012

YouTube is the most prevalent video website serving millions of users every day. Many people use this platform to earn handsome amount of money, but in order to be able to earn with YouTube, you need to use the search engine optimization tools and techniques.In this year 2012,we will have great increase in the use of youtube videos to promote a business online.

You can make a brilliant video and upload it on YouTube, but it is of no use unless you advertise for it. What good is your video if nobody is going to watch it or nobody knows it’s there? You need to tell your audience about it by promoting it.  Consider the following useful tips on how to promote YouTube video.

Use the share icon to spread video across various platforms

Using the share icon provided on YouTube is probably the easiest way to promote your videos. You can share your video by emailing it to your friends and family. Moreover, make use of social networking websites to promote the video and this can really go viral as things spread at warp speed through these channels.

Video search engines

Like article directories for article submission, there are many video search engines as well where you can submit your videos for free. A good option would be

Creating a unique brand

You can use Photoshop to create a logo or a unique brand image which should appear on each video you post. Brand marketing is an effective tool and it has an added advantage of protecting your videos against any stealth.

Link building

A very useful tactic to promote YouTube video is to create links from other websites; but in doing so, you must keep in mind that the websites you use should be relevant to your video, or at least, it should fall in the same niche as the video.  You can even embed your video on your own blog or webpage and if you page generate good amount of traffic, chances are high that your video will too. You can also promote the video by building RSS feeds for it.

SEO tags

It is very important that you add proper keywords and description to your videos, so that when people search the web for anything which is related to your video, the search engine should display your video link in the topmost results. Moreover, adding proper description will attract a targeted audience. People who otherwise just pass by your video may think of watching it if its description is enticing enough.

Make a high quality video

You can make a few people watch your video once but if it is not up to the mark, people will never refer it to others, nor watch it again. So, it is important that your content is of good quality. A high quality video has appropriate length; from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Too short or too long video will repel people.

Video response

Keep a watch on videos that get most views and comments, and share your videos there by adding a video response.

These are some of the best tips on how to promote your video on YouTube, and you can generate a huge audience for your video by following these techniques.

Use the Right Keywords to Find the Right Customers

You know your products, and you know the types of consumers that would buy them. But for some reason, all your online marketing efforts aren’t getting through.

The problem might not be your offer or your message – it may be the keywords you’re using (or NOT using).

What are Keywords, Anyway?

Keywords are the words or phrases that web users enter when they want to search for a particular page, website or topic. For instance, someone looking for metal trim would enter that exact phrase to find sites that either sell the item or talk about ways to apply it.

Not surprisingly, keywords have become a vital part of Internet marketing. Since more and more websites are finding that the right keywords can increase their search engine rankings, they’re making keywords an integral part of their creative and marketing strategies.

What will Keywords Do for my Site?

The right keywords result in better overall website performance, particularly in three key areas:

Higher Rankings: Web browsers are less likely to click websites that appear at the bottom of a search engine results page; sites on the second page are ignored altogether. If you want people to visit your site, fill your pages and blogs with keywords to increase its search engine ranking.

Greater Relevance: Consumers are very particular these days and don’t have time to sift through websites that don’t address their immediate needs. Relevant keywords assure users that when they click on your site, they’ll find what they’re looking for.

Better Results: The combination of high rankings and keyword relevance makes it possible to increase sales or bring more traffic to your site. More qualified leads click your link, more of them spend more time on your site and more people buy from you as a result.

How do I Choose the Right Keywords?

To add keywords to your marketing strategy, follow these steps:

1.Identify the most popular keywords.

There are several online keyword analyzers that show you which search terms people are using. Use these analyzers to identify the most popular terms, or enter your own list of keywords to estimate how much traffic you would generate from it.

2.Add popular keywords to your site.

The more often keywords appear on your site, the higher your search engine ranking. Make a list of 5-6 keywords that are relevant to you and your potential customers, then add them throughout your website.  Focus in particular on key landing pages like your home page or product pages

3.Test and optimize your efforts.

People’s interests change and new search terms emerge, so no keyword strategy is ever finished. Things like metal trim go out of style, and your businses may adapt to these changes, and so should your SEO.  If you want to know whether your keywords are driving traffic, use analytics tools to measure how many people click on your site and which keywords prompted those clicks. Refine your keywords to continually improve results.

Start typing now!

Now that you know what keywords can do for your popularity, don’t wait to add them. Fill your site with prime keywords and get found by potential customers today!

This guest post was written by Steph. Stephanie likes blogging about how businesses can use online tools and keyword optimization to find customers who are interested in purchasing metal trim and other useful items.

How to Use a Niche Forum for Targeted Traffic

Gaining traffic from a forum can help you make more sales. This type of traffic is highly targeted and not all that hard to get. You do need to spend a little time finding the right forums to use for your marketing and post to them often enough to use this marketing method effectively. There are many forums out there and finding a few for your niche won’t be that difficult.

To find the right forums for your marketing, start by searching Google for “your niche + forum”. This will display the best forums for your niche and can help you find a few top forums to join. You want to check and make sure that the forum will allow you to use a signature with a link back to your website. If so, add them to your list and join the forum.

Steps to Gain Targeted Traffic from a Forum

Once you join a handful of forums, you need to figure out what each requires before they will allow you to use a signature. Some won’t allow you to use your signature until you have a certain number of posts and others will allow you to use it right from the beginning. They place these limits on new members to help avoid spam posts.

If the forums you plan to use require a certain number of posts before your signature will show up, then make the required amount of posts over a few days’ time. Make sure the posts you put up add to the discussions and provide good content for the other members of the forum. You don’t have to create your own threads to gain a post. All you have to do is add to other threads that are already on the forum.

After you gain enough posts to use a signature, you want to include a link back to your website or blog within it. If you can use two links, you want one to come from a keyword phrase and the other to be your actual website. For example, you might create a link from the keyword mosquito diseases, and then create one that looks like this, This will give you some search engine optimization benefits and the ability to gain traffic from the forum.

The final step is to consistently engage in discussion on the forum. As your number of posts grows, you will gain a reputation (hopefully good) and forum members will begin to trust you. Not to mention, your signature with your links will show up below every post you make, giving you the added benefit of direct traffic from the forum.

If you set up a plan to post in every forum a few times every single day, you will see traffic start showing up from the forums. Since this traffic comes from a community that fits with the subject of your website, it is highly targeted. This means it will convert better than general traffic and you can make more sales from it.


Easily Build Your List Using WordPress Plugin – Optinskin Review

The optinskin review is giving everyone the ideas how helpful it is when you download optinskin for wordpress. The common purpose of having your own blog is to generate income. But it will be very hard for you to without using the right tool like what the optinskin can give you. That is the reason why; the optinskin reviews are available online to let the blog owners and those who are planning to create their blog understand the uses of optinskin.

You can get more optins from blog and generate you access to increase visitors and your blog subscribers. There are many tool and plugins available, but its not easy to use. Let us face the truth that it’s not all of the blog owners knows the full operation of using software around the internet. That’s why the optinskin review is making its way to let the users understand its functions.

Try to get more optin using wordpress plugin, you will be amazed how you can easily create the good looks of your blog. The attractiveness of your blog will also help so that you can gain more visitors. And you can realize all those things when you are using the optinskin. This product has been created with the easy to follow instructions. It will never cause you a headache like what you have experienced in using other plugins.

The optinskin can help get more get more conversion in making dfferent ringtones. By using optinskin, you can have more chances to earn around the internet. When you are using optinskin, you will be amazed with the result that will keep on giving you update of how many subscribers and visitors were able to read your writings. Seeing the results will give you the courage to continue writing for your blog. The more visitors to get in, the better earnings you will have. Product owners are always looking for blogs that are generating visitors in their blog post. On the side of the blog owner, it is the great opportunity to earn from the company that wants their products to be seen in your blog page.

You don’t have to stay with your headache, and keep on wishing so that you can generate visitors in your blogs. The ultimate solution is here, by using the optinskin as your WordPress plugin you can easily share what you have in your blogpost. You don’t have to do the old style in sharing details online. By using optinskin, you can do it one at a time.

It won’t cause delays on your side and on the side of your blog subscribers. If you don’t have the skills to create your own templates, let the optinskin easy guide tool help you create the design of templates you want. The optinskin is created with the easy to follow guides and designs. So, even if you are not knowledgeable about using wordpress, you can still do it and get amazed of what you can do with optinskin.

Check the Plugin Website

7 Things that Will Crush Your Blog Profit

Do you want to make your blog more profitable? Avoid doing things that can kill your profit. Here are 7 things that will crush your blog profit:

1. Cluttering your blog with ads

You might think that by putting as much advertisements as possible, your blog will generate more profit. That is wrong. Iíve seen many new blogger putting ads all over their blog. They put banners above the fold. They also put smaller banners in their blog sidebar and footer. Moreover, they put AdSense code in their content, sidebar, footer, and header. Will it make them more money? The answer is not. By cluttering your blog with ads, you will only give bad user experience for your readers. In the end, you will lose your traffic and youíll lose your profit as well.

2. Non-profitable topic

Blogging in the wrong niche is another way to kill your blog profit quickly. Do you blog in a good niche that will bring you good profit? If the answer is no, then you have to change your niche right now. It will only waste your time if you keep blogging on non-profitable topic, simply because it wonít give you any income at all.

3. Posting irrelevant blog posts

Stick with what youíre blogging about. By posting irrelevant blog post, you are cluttering your blog with irrelevant content. In this way, your readers will become confused with your blog. They will ask: ìWhatís the point of this blog?î And slowly but surely youíll lose your readers. To avoid this, keep posting relevant posts to your blog to engage your blog readers and increase your traffic.

4. Anonymity

Let your name be known as the author of your blog. Anonymity will only give a bad air for your blog. It will only create distrust that will lead you to less profit. If your readers donít know about you, how can you suppose to sell products to them? You need to build trust in order to sell your products effectively, and by becoming an anonymous blogger, you canít build the trust required to generate good profit from your blog.

5. Being a stand-alone blog

Join the blogging community. Connect with other bloggers. Donít be a stand-alone blogger because if youíre blogging, you have to actively connect your blog with other blogs in order to drive more traffic to your blog. Remember this: without traffic, you canít generate any profit from your blog. However, you canít generate good traffic to your blog if you donít connect your blog with other blogs.

6. No mailing list

If you want to generate more profit from your blog, you have to build a mailing list. This is the place where you do your full promotion. Youíre killing your profit if you donít have a mailing list for your blog.

7. Bad monetization strategy

Are you planning to monetize your blog with various banners, AdSense, and text ads? This is a bad monetization strategy. A better strategy would be to focus your promotion on a single channel, such as AdSense only or affiliate marketing only. In this way, you can get better result with your monetization plan. It will also prevent you from cluttering your blog with unnecessary ads. The key is to focus on single promotion strategy.

Those are 7 things that will crush your blog profit. If you do the 7 things above, you wonít be able to make good money from your blog, so avoid doing those things in your blog.

How to Make Your Banner ads More Profitable

Banner advertising is one of the best solutions to attract new customers into your online business. However, most banners are not profitable. If you experience similar problem with your banner, here are 7 small tune-ups to make your banner more profitable:

Organic vs paid link – Which one you should consider

1. Have more focus on the text, not the graphic

What matters most on your banner is your text—how you communicate with your audience through your banner. Don’t focus on the graphic because graphically appealing banner doesn’t guarantee success. Focus on what you write on your banner. Make it simple, catchy, and inviting.

2. Make brief instruction to your audience

Call to action is very important in order to attract people to respond positively to your banner. Without call to action, you won’t be able to attract their interest to click your banner ads. However, make your call to action brief. For example: “Get Your Free Quote Today”. This is a brief call to action that you can use. It’s inviting and simple.

3. Show the benefits of your product clearly

In your banner, you have to show your audience the benefits that they will get. If you are advertising your web hosting service, make sure to list the benefits, such as:

– 24/7 Support Live Chat
– 99.0% Uptime Guarantee
– CPanel
– Stable Server
– Only $5/Month

Those are the benefits you’re presenting to your audience in a short and simple manner. You don’t need to list all the benefits. Let you audience check the full benefits of your service in your landing page.

4. Don’t distract, adapt!

Don’t create a banner that will only distract your audience. Before creating your banner, look at the place where you will put your banner. Adapt with the design of that website so that people won’t get distracted with your banner. The key is to adapt, not to distract.

5. Advertise only on relevant websites

It is important to expand your reach, but you have to avoid advertising on irrelevant websites because it will render your banner ineffective. Choose one to two relevant websites to put your banner for a start. Test your banner first, and expand later. Remember that relevancy is very important here.

6. Copy the best headline

Make sure to write excellent headline for your banner. This is the main attraction that will either make your audience interested in your service or not. Copy the best headline you’ve ever seen and modify it a little. Make it your own headline for your banner. One example of good headline is this: “The Smartest Hosting Solution”.

7. Position your banner in hot spot

Positioning is important in order to get the best response from your banner. If you position your banner in the wrong place, no matter how good your banner, it won’t get noticed by your audience. So, choose a strategic place for your banner. The best place is always above the fold, where your audience can see your banner without scrolling the page.

Check out our post about how to advertise on internet successfully

Those are some small tune-ups that you need to apply in order to make your banner more profitable.

7 Triggers that Will Attract People to Visit to Your Blog

If you ponder for a while, what makes you visit a blog over and over again? What makes people come back to your blog? If you want to know the answer, here are 7 triggers that will attract people to visit to your blog:

1. Valuable content

Of course, your readers will come back again to your blog if you can give them valuable information. Valuable content should be your blog’s main attraction because it will drive more and more traffic to your blog. People are looking for valuable content when they read any website or blog on the internet, so make sure to give them what they’re looking for.

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2. Controversy

People also like to take part in the controversial discussion about anything, whether it is politics, world affairs, or even hot trends. You will be able to attract people back to your blog if you write a controversial post in your blog. You will attract lots of comments to your blog, and you will be able to make people come back to your blog just to take part in the discussion.

3. Active community

If you have a quiet blog, people may not want to visit your blog again after their first visit. Why? That’s because there is nothing interesting in your blog. If you don’t have active community, you can’t attract loyal readers to your blog. The more active your blog, the more reputable it will be. People will be more willing to come back if you have an active community in your blog.

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4. High posting frequency

Your blog must be updated frequently in order to attract your readers back to your blog. There is no point for your readers to visit your blog if it is not updated frequently. What will they read? They don’t want to read your old posts over and over again. So, keep publishing fresh content to your blog frequently to attract people back to your blog.

5. Nice-looking blog design

A pleasant blog design will make people spend more of their time in your blog. This is what you should remember. Most bloggers are using cheap or even free blog design. This will only make their readers go away. First, it’s because your blog look unprofessional. Second, it’s because they are not comfortable reading your blog.

6. Well-known expert

People want to learn some information from the real expert in the niche. For example, if you want to lose your weight, do you want to learn the method from a fitness trainer or regular fat boy? Of course, you will choose to learn from the expert. So, if you can make yourself known as an expert in your niche, people will come to your blog regularly because they want to learn from you.

7. Blog reputation

The more reputable your blog, the more people will come back to your blog regularly. So, you should establish solid blog reputation in your niche. Make your blog an authority in your niche. In this way, people will trust your blog and come back to your blog again and again.

Those are 7 triggers that will make people to visit to your blog again. Remember, your loyal readers are the most valuable asset for your blog. So, apply those triggers in your blog to attract more loyal readers to your blog.

How to Make Your Follow-Up Emails Work for You

When your subscribers join your mailing list, they will expect you to send them some follow-up emails. They will decide whether they will stick with you or not after they read some of your follow-up emails. If you give them bad follow-up, they will unsubscribe. But, if you give them good follow-up, they will stick with you. Here are 7 tips on how to make your follow-up emails work for you:

1. Create an interesting email series

Email series is your way to engage your subscribers after they join your list. It is better to avoid writing standalone information in your follow-up emails to build good relationship with your subscribers. If you create an interesting email series such as “21-Day Crash Course to Bulk Your Muscle”, it will make your subscribers to anticipate your emails. As a result, they will follow your recommendation.

2. Create 10-15 follow-up emails

You should prepare at least 10 follow-up emails that you will send one by one after people join your list. Why 10 emails? That’s because if you write less than 10 follow-up emails, you may not be able to catch their attention. For instance, many email marketers only send 3-5 follow-up emails to their subscribers. This is not enough to build their interest.

3. Give them pure content for the first few emails

Remember, you don’t need to sound like a salesperson, so you have to build good impression on your subscribers. It is important to give pure content in the first few follow-up emails that you send to your subscribers. Don’t promote your product yet. Give them real valuable information before you begin promoting.

4. Build connection with your subscribers

You have to write your follow-up emails so that you can build good connection with your subscribers. Yes, you should build good connection in order to earn their trust. If you’ve earned their trust, you will be able to easily promote any product to your subscribers and they will respond to your promotion positively. The way you write your emails will affect how your subscribers think about you. So, write your emails in a friendly tone in order to build good connection with your subscribers.

5. Give good interval for your follow-up emails

Give your subscribers some time to absorb your message. You can’t send them emails every day after they join your mailing list. Give them at least 2-3 days interval to avoid overwhelming them with information. Slowly but sure – this is your way to keep them on your list.

6. Promote a product after you send 3-5 emails

You have to promote your product only after you send 3-5 emails to your subscribers. This is understandable because you don’t want to bombard them with advertisements right after they join your list. You need to build anticipation, attraction, and interest first before you start giving them promotional messages.

7. Promote other relevant products

In email marketing, it is better to promote not just one product. Promote products which are relevant as you progress with your subscribers. In fact, keep them up to date with the latest information about your niche, including the latest popular products on your niche. In this way, you will monetize your list more effectively.

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If you want to create the right follow-up emails that will bring you the most profit, you can follow the tips above.

How to Choose the Right Affiliate Product to Promote on Amazon

Do you want to increase your earnings with Amazon affiliate program? If you want to boost your earning with Amazon, I will tell you one simple secret that will guarantee your success with Amazon. The secret is to choose the right product to promote.

You know, Amazon has plenty of products in their listing. You can’t just choose any product and expect good earning by promoting that product. There are some rules that you need to apply in order to find the most profitable product for you to promote. Here are 5 rules to choose the right Amazon product to promote.

If you are using WordPress platform then your should check out this amazon plugin which lets you add high converting amazon links to blog in 30 seconds


Also check out our last post on Tips to Write a Killer Amazon Review

1. The price tag should be reasonably high

Since the commission you will get from Amazon will be quite low (4% at the start), you have to choose the product that will get you reasonable commission for each sale. The product you choose on Amazon should have at least $200 price tag. This is the first rule that you need to follow. Any product that is lower than this suggested price tag may not give you good result in your promotion. This price tag will make sure that you get decent commission for each sale.

2. The product must be bestseller

This is obvious as you want to promote product that sells well. If the product belongs to the bestseller section, you will at least know that the product is selling well on Amazon. It means that when you promote this product, you will have more chance to get people buy this product from your affiliate link. Although you can promote non-bestseller product, it will give you significant difference in earning if you compare it with promoting bestseller product.

3. The product must have more than 4.5 star review

This is to ensure that your promoted product has good quality. Product with more than 4.5-star review will encourage more people to buy it. If you promote a product with low star review, you will have difficult time promoting the product because people will view the product as low quality and not worth buying. At least, most of them. Product with good affiliate review has better perceived value for the potential customers.

4. There is enough demand for the product in the search engine

Since you will use search engine for your product promotion, you need to make sure that the product you choose has good number of search in Google. Just make some keyword research once you find your potential Amazon product that you want to promote by the product name as a keyword. If you see more than 1000 global monthly search, it means that you can potentially make some money from promoting this product.

5. Choose product with more than 20 reviews

If the product has high review rating, but only 3 people are actually reviewing the product, it means that the rating is not accurate enough to represent the overall product quality and consumer satisfaction. That’s why you need to choose product with more than 20 reviews. Make sure that the first 5 reviews give positive rating (4-5 stars) for the product.

If you promote Amazon product, you will tend to get higher conversion. Why? That’s because Amazon is regarded as a reputable company. People no longer feel afraid to purchase from Amazon because they know that it is a good company. By choosing the right Amazon product to promote, you can increase your commission because it will be a lot easier for you to generate sales for your promotion.Also learn How to increase your Amazon affiliate earning quickly

Are you using WordPress to  earn from amazon? Then look at the featured themes and plugins we have bundled for you :-

  • Amazon Plugins for WordPress
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Hope you liked this post about choosing the right product on amazon.Do share your opinions with us in comments.