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How Can Pinterest Help You Advertise?

You’ve probably heard people talking about Pinterest, a website that calls itself an “online bulletin board.” It’s a site where people can post and share things they are interested in and enjoy, which includes a broad range of items such as food, entertainment, clothing and websites.

If you run a business or a website, Pinterest may be of interest to you. You may think it’s just for people posting pictures of a pair of shoes they covet or a favorite recipe, but it can offer way more than that no matter what kind of business you are marketing, even if it’s SEO services. Also, Pinterest reaches a wide and varied audience.

How In The World Do I Do This?

You need an invitation to score your own board on Pinterest, but don’t worry; it’s really easy to get an invite. Simply use your Facebook information or email address to log on and request an invitation. Once you get it, you can install the “Pin” button on your browser’s toolbar and you are all set to start pinning away!

Pinning and Boards

Once you start pinning you won’t be able to stop. Set up boards with different names according to what you want to go on each one. If you want to pin favorite websites, such as an Internet marketing company, you can do that. You can have categories for each type of site or product you want to showcase or share.

Now that you’ve set it up, go to your Twitter and Facebook pages and add your Pinterest. Every time you update your Pinterest, it will come up on your Facebook page. Your pins also show up on the pages of the people that are following you. Like Twitter, you can have followers on Pinterest that see everything you pin on their Pinterest home page.

Making Pinterest Work For You

Encourage traffic to your Pinterest by offering contests or games to get more interest going.  Ask clients to create their own boards to advertise your product or service, and you can pick the best, most creative board and give that client a percentage off of a service or free consultation.

Pinterest is also seen as a social site because your followers can comment on your pins, ask questions or give their thoughts and opinions. This encourages some interaction between you and clients and can make the experience a little more personal.

Pinterest and Advertising

The more you pin, the more your boards will come up on your follower’s feeds, so try to pin at least a few times a day. If your business is offering a new service or product, pin about it. Encourage followers to pin about how they use your product or service, or offer creative solutions to problems.

More and more businesses are starting a Pinterest page, so don’t get left behind. Social networking is a valuable advertising tool and Pinterest is unique because it appeals to so many demographics and people of varied interests. And you may find yourself pinning a cute pair of shoes too.


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10 Innovative Ideas for Your Business Blog

Keeping an up-to-date blog is a great way to engage customers in your business and to pass along information that may be of interest to them. The only problem with keeping a blog is thinking of different topics to post about.

This article offers you some unique ideas for topics that will make your blog stand out from the crowd.

1. Your Company

Your blog is a great place to talk about your company’s history, introduce visitors to your staff and let readers know about any special awards or recognitions you’ve received. The only caution about this topic is to be careful not to overuse it. You want to sound proud of your company, of course, but you don’t want to sound like you’re bragging.

And you’ll want to position the information so it is useful to the reader in some way. No matter how interesting your new award is to you, it won’t be of interest to your readers if you can’t position it in a way that explains what your reader will get out of it.

2. Products and Services

Your blog is a great place to highlight new products and services offered by your company. Readers who come to your site for advice about pest control, for instance, would probably be thrilled to hear about your newest mousetrap or sonic sound system that holds rodents at bay.

3. Coupons and Discounts

Are you offering a special deal to loyal customers? Blog about it! Knowing they can sometimes find great bargains on your blog can turn casual browsers into loyal readers.

4. Education

Teach your readers about the different kinds of rodents, or why it is unhealthy to allow a mouse colony to flourish in your house. Other educational topics might include rodent hiding places, types of rodents that commonly get into a house and facts about how quickly mice and rats can multiply.

5. Advice

Once you’ve educated your readers about a topic, show them how to use that knowledge. Your blog might, for instance, offer suggestions about inspecting your home for an infestation or recommend the best way to get rid of household pests for good. Advice posts tend to be very popular with readers because they provide information that can be used to improve the situation immediately.

6. Customer Testimonials

If you’ve received glowing words from one or more customers, write a blog post featuring a few of those positive comments. Sometimes the best person to sell your company is a client who has had a good experience with it.

7. Interviews

Put a podcast on your blog featuring an interview with a doctor about diseases carried by rodents or an interview with an exterminator about the least expensive methods for ridding yourself of pests.

8. Quotations

Believe it or not, there are some clever quotes about rodents. Type “quotes”  into your favorite search engine and use your ten favorite quotations in a blog post.

9. Links to Other Helpful Sites

Link to your competitors? You must think I’m crazy! But if you can arrange a link exchange with another popular site, it will improve search engine optimization scores for both of you. It’s a win-win.

10. Humor

Everybody likes a funny story or a joke from time to time, so share a little rodent humor here and there. You’ll have fun writing it, and your visitors will appreciate reading it.

This post made possible by guest blogger Mary, a writer with varied interests like how to market your products online using a blog, whether you sell a mousetrap or handbags.   

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How to Take a Positive Start With Internet Marketing?

You have an online business plan and you want to execute it but before you do that you should know about internet marketing strategies so that you market your business in the best possible way and earn huge profits.


The first thing as you already know is to create a website that will tell people details about your business. Does your website have a domain name? If not then you should get one. Domain name should directly link with the product or service you are offering so that people can find you over the internet, easily. You also have to choose a server that will host your website. These are small investments you have to make for reaching the global audience over the internet.

Once you are done with this, now you have to choose the design of your web page, what details you are going to write on it and what features are you going to add in it. Most people handover this task to experts who charge money but those individuals who are doing this task on their own they should just check out other websites, get to know what is in trend and then design their websites accordingly.


This is where your internet marketing begins. When your web page is fully functional you should optimize it with the Search Engine Optimization techniques. These tricks will help your web page to get good ratings in the search engine. As there are lots of people who have online businesses the competition is fierce. If you want to get ahead in this competition then you have to try out the SEO tricks. Stay away from tryout illegal means to market your business because it is easy to get caught up and then your website will be expelled from the search engines. This can cause your business huge losses.

Make your website popular, use the advertising options over the internet that will advertise your website on other web pages. It will not cost you a lot of money. Another way to popularize your website is to become socially active. Join the social pages like Twitter and Facebook and keep up dating your pages, reply to people who comment over there are create good relations with them so that they visit your website and become your customers.

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Best Amazon Plugin for WordPress – EasyAzon Review

One of the most successful affiliate programs to show up in recent years has been created by In this post i will share the Best Amazon Plugin available for WordPress .The clear leader in plugins for this affiliate program is called EasyAzon. With remarkable ease, you can use the EasyAzon plugin on your website and start making cash off of products purchased through Amazon on your blog. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

One of the most successful affiliate programs to show up in recent years has been created by The clear leader in plugins for this affiliate program is called EasyAzon. With remarkable ease, you can use the EasyAzon plugin on your website and start making cash off of products purchased through Amazon on your blog. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

The EasyAzon plugin has a variety of features that can help turn your blog into a money making machine. It offers spinnable post titles, which allows you to unique titles for your posts. This helps with SEO, and also makes it a little more intriguing for the potential customer


You can also allow content to drip feed into your posts over time if you like with the post queue feature. This is also good for SEO purposes, as it shows a general progression of a post over time. Search engines love this because it shows the blog or page is actively being used and improved.

Pictures are a vital part of making your blog “sticky” and EasyAzon makes this even easier. Pictures of products can be easy downloaded and put on your blog with just a couple easy clicks. You can even resize the pictures to fit exactly as you like on your blog. This is a must for any successful page, and provides a much better user experience for visitors to your site.

Example of ads which EasyAzon can Produce

High Converting Amazon Block


Another interesting item that is in the EasyAzon plugin is the ability to feed real customer reviews into your blog directly from Amazon. Reviews are one of the most important parts of selling products with the multitude of options available on the internet. Through this plugin, you can insure you are selling and promoting quality products and increase the level of interest in each item you have on your website.

To make the purchase of items from your site even easier, EasyAzon has included the Amazon shopping cart. This is easily added to show the item list and total and then check out for payment. They are then taken directly to the website. You never have to worry about handling any money from the customer! This is ideal for any person selling items.

If you would like to offer a variety of products in the same niche, you can also display a product grid with EasyAzon. With a simple search query of Amazon products, you are easily able to save the grid and add it to your page. A variety of choices almost always adds to the buyer’s experience.

Along the same lines as the review system, you can also add the star system to products in your blog. This is an easy addition that doesn’t take up much valuable space. It is also a very simple way for people to make a quick judgment about a product and coerce them into wanting more information. If they are signed in, they will be able to give their own opinion, as the star rating system is interactive on your blog with EasyAzon.

Perhaps one of the best integrations that EasyAzon offers to keep people interested and active on your blog is the YouTube feature. You can easily add just about every video found on the YouTube to any new or existing post. People love to watch videos, and demonstrations of the product or even reviews can greatly enhance your page and boost your commissions.

The Fact is EasyAzon is one of the best plugins available. The pro version will set you back $79, but this seems to be a great deal for everything that you get. With the sales commissions you can receive, the plugin could easily pay for itself. There are a multitude of other options and features not discussed here, but rest assured this is truly an all-in-on plugin that has just everything you need to turn your blog or page into a successful internet store.


Hope you liked this review.Hope to see your comments about this plugin.

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Strategies to Generate Massive Leads to Your Website

Driving prospects to your website is perhaps the most important thing that you should do to grow and expand your business. The problem is that most people have difficult time generating good leads to their website. If you want to grow your online business to the next level, here are 5 simple strategies to generate massive leads to your website

1. Target your audience properly

Before driving your traffic to your website, make sure that you know enough about your target audience. Why you should do that? Your target audience is your prospects, your future customers. If you target them correctly, you will be able to generate good amount of leads easily. But, if you don’t target your audience properly, you may end up wasting your traffic. For example, if you want to generate leads for your weight loss product, you won’t be able to do it if you focus your marketing on people who are not interested to lose weight.

2. Display your opt-in in strategic places

Your opt-in form should be displayed in the place where people can see it clearly. A good spot would be your website sidebar. This is the spot where people are usually looking for when they visit a website. Another method to display your opt-in is by showing pop-up opt-in in your website. This is a method that will be useful for you to generate more response from your visitors.

3. Drive leads to your website with content marketing

If you want to generate massive leads for free, it is better to use content marketing to do it. You can easily create content targeted to your audience and thus you will be able to generate targeted leads for your product. Content marketing is a no-cost method to generate massive targeted leads to your website, so you should use it in your lead generation effort.

4. Use Google AdWords to promote your squeeze page

Google AdWords is the best way to generate massive leads quickly, but it will cost you some investment. However, if you have good product to offer and you are confident that your product can bring you significant profit, why not using this promotion channel? Google AdWords may be strict in rules for squeeze page and landing page, so make sure to optimize your squeeze page and landing page to avoid getting slapped by Google AdWords.

5. Offer good and enticing bonus for your leads

Of course, people will be more interested to join your list if you offer them interesting bonus. The bonus that you offer to your audience will determine whether they will become your leads or not. So, make sure to create valuable product as bonus for your subscribers. Be sure to keep your leads interested in your product and treat them as your most important asset in your online business.

Those are 5 simple strategies that you can use to generate massive leads to your website. No matter what you promote for your business, you should know that generating good leads is important for your online business and it will help you to grow your online business.

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5 Simple Tips for Better Blog Commenting

Leaving hundreds of spammy comments on other blogs will not do your blog any good. Yes, it may temporarily boost your rank, but once Google finds out about your game, you will eventually lose your rank. Here are 5 simple tips for better blog commenting that will give your blog positive long-term result:

1. Aim for the first 10 comments

The first advice for you is to be the first commenter. This is important because the earlier your comment shows up, the more impact you will get from that comment. Remember that most readers won’t read more than 20 comments in a post. They usually read a post, and if there is an interesting discussion and lots of comments, they read some of them and then leave to another post. So, it is important to aim for the first 10 comments because your comment will get more chance to get read by the readers.

2. Comment only to relevant blogs

If you want your comment to carry significant weight for your blog, you should comment only to relevant blogs. At least, leave your link to relevant blogs only. For example, if you have a weight loss blog, you should post your comment to other weight loss blogs if you want to link your comment to your blog. But, don’t post on make money online blog to put a link to your weight loss blog. It will be considered spamming.

3. Share your insights related to the post

Most people only leave a remark when they post comment in other blogs. They only want to place their link to other blogs. Comments such as “Wow, great post!” or “I really appreciate your post” will give less reputation to your blog. The best comment you can post is comment that is relevant with the information from the post. It is good to share your insights related to the post to encourage further discussion.

4. Target higher PR blogs to raise your blog rank

Commenting on other blogs can help you to raise your search engine ranking. So, if you consider blog commenting as link building, be sure to choose higher PR blogs because they will give you significant boost to your blog rank. Blog with lower PR will not give much impact to your rank because those blogs are considered to have lower value in search engine perspective. Creating a list of popular high PR blogs in your niche will help you to ease your blog commenting effort.

5. Comment regularly to make yourself known

Commenting to other people’s blog regularly will give you recognition and popularity. Believe it or not, there are many bloggers who make their blog popular just because of their regular comments on popular blogs in their niche. So, it may give you an idea to boost your blog popularity. By showing up often in other blogs, the readers of those blogs will eventually be interested in you and want to know more about you. This is how you will drive regular new readers to your blog just from your blog comments.

Those are some tips you can apply when you do blog commenting to increase your blog rank, traffic, and popularity. Most bloggers treat blog commenting as merely a  link building process. But, this is not true. Blog commenting can be used as your tool to build your blog reputation, credibility, and traffic.

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How to Promote a Website with Forum Marketing

Forums are the places where you need to consider if you want to promote your website and take your online business to the next level. The key to your success in forum marketing is to establish good reputation. Here are 5 tips to promote your website with forum marketing

1. Always follow the forum guidelines

Not following forum rules will lead you to get banned from the forum. Think about this for a while. If you’ve been investing hundreds of hours on that forum, and you already have well over a thousand posts, will it hurt your business if you were banned from that forum simply because you are violating their rules? Yes, of course it will impact your business in a negative way. Even if you want to keep using that forum, you will need to start from scratch. So, always follow the forum guidelines and never violate the rules if you want to successfully promote your website with forum.

2. Don’t take your forum marketing lightly

Forum marketing is a long-term marketing process. You are building good reputation on forums that are related to your website. So, you have to take your forum marketing seriously. Forum can effectively boost your profit in online business. Some forums even give you the opportunity to promote your business there. It means that you should take forum seriously if you want to achieve success with it.

3. Choose popular and reputable forum

It might be a waste of time to work with non-popular forums. There will be little discussions to choose for you to participate. Also, if the forum is not reputable, it may not impact your business in positive direction. One thing that you need to keep in mind when you decide to promote your website through forum is that you have to work only with popular and reputable forums, which will help you to boost your business reputation as well.

4. Place your signature in the right time

Do not place your forum signature in the wrong time, when you just have very little posts in the forum. You can start placing your signature, which will promote your website, when you hit at least 500-1000 post count. It will give your signature link more weight. If you place your signature when you still have less than 500 posts, your link will have less weight because people will perceive your participation in that forum as only a promotion strategy.

5. Regular participation is a must

You should participate in the forum regularly in order to establish good reputation there. This is what you must do. If you want to build positive image about your business there, be sure to actively help other forum members regularly. Get involved in the discussion every day, but avoid posting on risky subjects. Topics that will potentially lead to flaming will usually be closed quickly, and you will risk getting banned as well.

Forum can help you to establish better reputation for your online business. It can even help you to promote your business. Some forums have buy/sell section that will allow you to promote your product or service. Therefore, it is important to use forum effectively to promote your website and your online business. Those tips will help you to take advantage of forums to promote your website.You would also like to read our post on Mlm marketing tools

Hope you liked this post form us.Do subscribe to get free updates from us.Your comments are always welcome.

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6 Tips for Small Site Link Building

All websites need backlinks to increase their search engine rankings. A backlink is a link from an external website pointing back to your website. Google treats these back links as a referral or a recommendation from that website that your website contains quality content that is useful and relevant. For SEO purposes, you want links from high authority websites with powerful domain recognition and age. Here are six tips for small site link building.

Brand Your Name
The first step to link building is creating quality content that people want to link to. Develop a large catalog of quality articles and media. Post this content to your website on a regular basis to get entry in the search engines for your content. You also want to start developing your social media profiles so your customers have a way to get in touch with you. Put links to your content on your social media websites to increase backlinks and get your followers to your website.

Do the Research
Back links from other sites need to be relevant to the content of your blog. You don’t need links from a tech blog if you are a health blog. Research the sites you want to be linked from and find out who runs them. Develop a list of your target websites from who you want back links. You need to find something that you can offer them to get the back link. Some websites will accept payment for a link. If you do not have cash, you’ll need to find other ways to entice them.

Guest Post
Guest post to blogs to get your name out there. Guest posts serve two purposes: name recognition and back links. Writing a guest post gets your name out to the websites existing customer base. This develops name and brand recognition to your website and earns you additional traffic. Many websites put a link to your website in your guest post blog back to your website. This back link refers the readers to your website and increases your back link quota.

You can guest post in our blog too.Check out this post for more info:Guest Posting

Make Contacts
Many people send out cold call emails to websites to get backlinks. This technique may have some results but you’ll get better results with a more personal touch. Find the number to call the website owner or their agent. You may also contact them through social media channels on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Introduce yourself, your product and your website and make a connection with that person.

Have Something to Offer
You are going to need something to offer in exchange for the link. You rarely get something for nothing in life. Some websites accept payment in exchange for a link on their website. You may not have the cash to go this route yet. Other options include offering a discount on your product or service. You may also offer a guest post to their website. Websites need relevant and updated content and may accept your guest post as a valid way to back link to your website.

Alumni Offers
By virtue of their age, .EDU domain and customer base, universities have a powerful domain. Almost all universities have an alumni page where they offer promotions and discounts to get people to sign up as an alumni for the university. These pages are used to entice people to become alumni members. Offer a discount or promotion on your product or service on this page. The university lists your website as the enticement to get people to sign up for their alumni and you get a back link to your website from a powerful domain with authority in the search engines.

Ruben Corbo is a writer for the website The Search Labs a global provider of link building, on-site SEO, and competitor link analysis services.

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5 Reasons Why Buying Email Lists is Dangerous For Your Online Business

Most internet marketing experts will tell you that the money is in the list, and most list brokers will tell you that by buying their lists, you’ll get the money quickly. However, that promise may lead to disaster for your online business. Here are 5 reasons why Buying Email Lists is Dangerous For Your Online Business

1. Those people don’t know about you

When you buy a list to a list broker, make sure to keep in mind that the people on the list don’t know about you or your business. Think about the time when you build your list from scratch by creating squeeze page and driving traffic to it. Those people know about you because they directly join your list through your squeeze page. Now, if you buy a list to a list broker, people on that list will not know about you at all because they join the list that belongs to other people.

2. You haven’t tested the conversion rate

Your own list always has better conversion rate if you compare it with stranger’s list. Why? That’s because you already know how to effectively promote to your list. So, the conversion rate has been tested personally by you because you know from experience about the result of your promotion to your list. If you buy a list, you won’t know whether it will convert or not, no matter how the list broker claims about the conversion rate of his list. Thus, you may risk losing your money to buy a list that doesn’t convert at all.

3. You risk sending spam email to them

Since the list that you are purchasing is not your own list, you have a risk of sending spam email to the list. Remember that people generally hate spam emails, and they won’t even hesitate to report your spam activity to your autoresponder company. When you send an email to a stranger’s list that you purchase through a list broker, you are risking your reputation as online marketer as well. Your email will be considered as spam email. It will either go to the spam folder which will go unread or it will be reported as spam email.

4. You don’t know how the seller built his list

Another thing that you should remember is that you don’t know about the method used by the list broker to build his list. Did he build his list ethically? Or did he build his list through illegal list building, email scrapping, and other unethical ways? The answer is that you don’t know for sure whether the list is safe for you or not, and you don’t want to risk your business reputation by a silly decision to purchase an unknown list.

5. You risk losing your subscribers and your money

The worst thing that you can get from purchasing a list is that you will risk losing your subscribers and your money. How can this happen? When the subscribers of the purchased list consider your email as spam, they will report your spam activity to your autoresponder company. If there is a proof that you are sending spam email, there is a good chance that the company will shut down your autoresponder account immediately. As a result, you are losing your own subscribers, and you are losing your chance to make money from your list.

It is better for you to build email lists from scratch by either creating a squeeze page, website, or blog. Purchasing a list may sound like a good idea for you, but you should avoid this at all cost. For the reasons explained above, you will risk your online business when you decide to purchase a list.

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Hope you enjoyed this post.Do you buy email lists and does it help you ?What steps you take to build your mailing list than buying it?Do you also think Buying Email Lists is Dangerous?Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.


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6 Tips to Build Strong Affiliates for Your Information Product

If you want to successfully sell your information product online, think about this for a while. Do you want to promote that product for yourself? It may require lots of time, money, and investment on your part. But, if you allow other people to promote your product as well, it may greatly reduce your effort to promote your product and boost your sales at the same time. Here are 6 tips to build strong affiliates for your information product.

1. Offer helpful tips to your affiliates regularly

Your affiliates will appreciate your effort if you offer them helpful tips regarding how to best promote your product. After all, some affiliates may be clueless about the best promotion method for your product. By offering regular tips to them, you will be able to make your affiliates more productive. The key is to avoid being stingy with your affiliates. Give them guidance, tips, and strategies to help them promote your product better. Remember that their success will be your success.

2. Share the best marketing methods and what works

When you’ve found the best marketing methods for your product, would it be better for you if more people promote your product with the same result? If you give your best methods and what works for your product to your affiliates (you don’t need to give all of your secret methods), you will see a significant boost of sales by your affiliates. So, share what you know.

3. Give modules and build affiliate learning center

It is good for you to build affiliate learning center where your affiliates can freely

learn about affiliate marketing and how to promote your product. So, instead of answering affiliate questions every time, you can just send them to the affiliate learning center where they can find the answers for themselves. You can also give modules (or free reports) to your affiliates that contain guidance, tips, and strategies to promote your product successfully.

4. Motivate your affiliates

Motivation is the best thing you can give to your affiliates when sales seem to go down. Sometimes, affiliates just need motivation to keep them productive. Sending weekly motivation to your affiliates will give them encouragement to try harder in promoting your product because you know that they can succeed with it.

5. Give commission bonus for high quality affiliates

Most smart vendors are giving their top affiliates commission bonus if they can meet the target. Do you know that it is a great idea to attract super affiliates to promote your product? If you offer good commission bonus for certain amount of sales in a month, the ones who will be interested first are super affiliates. Remember that super affiliates are people who’ve been experienced with affiliate marketing and they usually have six-figure income from affiliate marketing alone. If you can attract those people to promote your product, you will increase your sales figure significantly.

6. Tweak your sales page and increase your conversion rate

Affiliates will be more interested if they promote a product that is proven to convert well. So, it’s your job to make sure that your sales page converts visitors into buyers. Most vendors invest on the best copywriters just to me sure that they can increase their conversion rate. You should do the same for your sales page. If you constantly increase your sales page conversion, more and more people will be interested to promote your product.

If you want to succeed with your information product, make sure to have strong affiliates helping you to promote it. Those tips will help you to build strong affiliates for your information product.


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