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7 Forgotten SEO Tactics Critical to a Site’s Success

Every once in a while, it makes sense to take a step back from your SEO efforts and take a look at your SEO strategy from a bird’s eye view. It’s so easy to get lost in the day to day minutia of running your company, building links, fulfilling customer orders, writing emails, creating blog posts and so on that we don’t actually step back and look at whether or not our strategy is optimal.

Taking a step by to review your SEO strategy only takes an hour or two. Yet this hour or two could easily save you over a dozen hours of work and help you take your rankings to the next level.

Here are seven tips on exactly what you should review and pay attention to.

1 . Your Site Goals and Key Metrics

What are your goals for the website in general? Before addressing SEO specifically, take a step back and look at your overall goals.

Are you trying to build a website that generates enough passive income for you to live off of? Or are you trying to build a site geared to sell for $100 million in five years? The strategy you choose for each of these would be drastically different.

Based on your goals what are your key metrics? Are you on target to hitting those metrics? Are your goals still the same now as they were when you first started your business?

Begin your review from this long term view, then move on to the SEO specifics.

2 .Anchor Text Density

Anchor text density is often a balancing act between having enough density that Google knows what your page is about, without so much density that Google thinks you’re link spamming.

Whenever you get a link, you should try and have the exact link anchor text only about 10% to 20% of the time. You should have a variation of the keyword, a LSI keyword or a longtail version of the keyword another 20% to 30% of the time. The rest of the time, the anchor text should have nothing to do with your keyword.

For example, you might have anchor texts like “click here” or “to learn more” or “check out David’s website at.” Why? Because that’s how natural organic links are built. If you have 100% of your links made up of targeted anchor texts, Google will get suspicious.

3 . Review Your Internal Linking Strategy

How your internal links are currently setup? Is the system out of date? Now might be the time for an update.

For example, let’s say you you’ve been meaning to implement a “related post” function in your site. You’ve been putting it off, because the process is largely manual. You have to go through each post on your site and identify articles that should be linked to.

Yet, if you’ve been meaning to do it for months, chances are you won’t get it done if you don’t just do it.

If your internal linking strategy isn’t strong yet, look at ways to increase the flow of link juice between your pages.

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4 .What Keywords Are Sending You Traffic?

Take a look at your traffic logs and see what kinds of keywords are actually sending you traffic. This will tell you a few things.

First, it’ll tell you what Google thinks your website is about. If you think your site is about rabbits but Google keeps sending you traffic about bunnies, you know that Google thinks bunnies are more relevant to your site than rabbits.

Second, it gives you potential new terms to target. For example, you might want to create some exclusive content around bunnies if you’re getting a lot of hits on those terms.

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5 . How Are You Doing for Your Target Keywords?

Apart from keywords that you’re ranking for accidentally, how are you doing for keywords that you’re trying to rank for deliberately?

Have you been moving up or down in rankings? Are you on the front page? Do you need to put more effort into ranking for those keywords, or should you switch your focus to a different and easier to rank for keyword?

Evaluate your progress on your target keywords. Figure out whether or not those should still be your target keywords.

6 .Record All Changes, Track Results

Any time you make a fundamental change to the way your site operates, make a note of it. Any time you change your internal linking structure or implement a new linking strategy, make a note of it. Any time you change a title tag, make a note of it.

Then measure your traffic and your rankings. Did your changes work? Did they make things worse? Or did your rankings skyrocket?

Keep meticulous notes of your SEO efforts to make sure you get the most out of what’s working and stop doing what’s not working.

7 .Check your W3C & Schema

If you haven’t checked your WC3 validation recently, check it now. It only takes a few minutes but can give you an easy small boost in the search engines.

Likewise, if you haven’t implemented Schema tags yet, do so now. That’ll tell Google that you’re serious about staying on the cutting edge of technology. Google gives boosts to “brand pages” and implementing Schema will help increase your relevance and authority.

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Article Marketing For SEO Doesn’t Work – Unless You Do It Right

Guest Post By Timothy Arends 

If you are looking for ways to increase traffic to your site, you have no doubt come upon articles, blog posts and advertisements claiming that writing articles will bring in “instant avalanche” of traffic to your website. Or that each article you write will be worth a certain amount of money or will bring a certain, set number of visitors to any website. Or even that you can churn out fifty articles in a single day of high-quality, no less. My response to such claims is HOGWASH!

Then there are those who claim that the secret to article success is using a piece of software called a “spinner” that will crank out hundreds of articles based on a single “seed” article, since, on the Internet, quantity is what counts, not quality. Once you have cranked out such “spun” articles, you will be told that you must use a submission service to submit these articles to different directories so that each one will result in a backlink to your site.

Yes, if you wish to submit to hundreds of article directories, you will need to sign up with a service that will do it for you, since it will be far too time-consuming to do this by hand. But the expense of such a service will kill the appeal that article marketing has in the first place, that of being a free method of site promotion.

So with all the conflicting advice out there on article marketing, what should you believe?

The fact is that article marketing is not going to bring in an “instant avalanche” of free traffic. Another fact is that quality still does count online. After all, if your articles are on hundreds of article directories, but the directories and the articles themselves are low-quality, does it really matter? Everything that Google does is about favoring high-quality articles and sites over low quality ones.

So what should you do if you want to maximize the results of your article marketing efforts?The first thing to understand is the importance of your article titles. Yes, keyword research is important in this regard.

You do not have to be an expert on keyword research to make a difference. Time and time again I have found that some of my best performing articles are the ones that I perform at least some keyword research on.

Secondly, quality is important in article marketing. If your article doesn’t flow well, the reader will never make it to the end where your resource box is located, Nor will he or she be motivated to click over to your site.

Don’t be afraid of giving away too much information in your article. A 500 or 600 word article is never going to give away all the information that the reader wishes to know about a particular subject anyway. However, if your article is a good one, the reader will be far more likely to be motivated to click over to your site.

If you hate to type, you can still write. A voice dictation program like Dragon Dictate for Mac or Dragon Naturally Speaking for PC can help you create content almost as quickly as you can speak. Just be sure to proofread, but you would do that anyway, right?

Article marketing can work over the long run, but not if you make too many mistakes in the process.


You might get the impression that the Mac is the forgotten stepchild of the Internet marketing industry. But did you know that some of the top names in Internet Marketing use Macs? Visit and get a  FREE 75-page ebook that covers everything you need to know about running your Internet business using a Mac, iPhone and iPad.

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CommentLuv Premium Plugin Review for WordPress

Most bloggers are familiar with an extremely popular WordPress plugin called CommentLuv. It was essentially an addition to your blog that allowed you to set controls on who could comment and what privileges users could have when they made a comment on your blog site. It is arguably one of the most popular plugins around for WordPress, and its quality has stood the test of time. Now, however, CommentLuv has come out with a premium version that promises a leap forward from the previous versions of CommentLuv.

So what exactly is CommentLuv Premium? One of the biggest benefits to this new plugin is that it has the allowance for social marketing of comments. Along with the other features plugin, a user is able to share comments made via Google +, Facebook or Twitter. Sharing also offers a form of “point system” as defined by the owner of the blog that encourages sharing. After a certain amount of shares, a commenter may be able to begin posting comments with the all-important back links. This benefits the person making the comments, but also helps the blog go viral around the internet which helps the blog owner.


The ultimate goal of the CommentLuv Premium plugin seems to be to create an all-in-one application that combines a whole host of services that you would normally need multiple plugins for. Having a large amount of plugins loading on your WordPress blog can significantly slow down the performance and load time of the page, so this gives CommentLuv a big advantage. It is also an advantage to blog owners to have only one plugin to keep updated. Constant updates can make managing the page seem as time consuming as actually adding new content to the blog.


We have already discussed the social enticements of the CommentLuv Premium plugin, but you may be wondering what else is included. In addition to the utilization of Google, Facebook and Twitter, you can also:


1. Say goodbye to spam through GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin or GASP

This feature of CommentLuv Premium is probably one of the most critical. Almost every blogger knows that spam can be an extremely annoying part of running a site. With GASP, there is auto detection of spammy looking posts. It will automatically deny these kinds of posts, and is very effective as a deterrent for those who would like to turn your page into a billboard for their product or service.

2. Trackback validation is also another important part of CommentLuv Premium. This gives you the ability to see some analytical data on who is coming to your site and how. Deciphering this information can show you what is and what is not working on your blog and make changes that are necessary to improve it.

3. One problem that bloggers can run into is being considered by search engines as ping spammers. This happens because each post can ping and it can really add up. CommentLuv Premium eliminates the self pinging for your site, which allows the blog to be kept in a positive light by the search engines.

4. As mentioned before, you can also decide if comments are DoFollow or NoFollow. This allows you to calibrate exactly how much “link juice” is passed on from comments on the blog. This is extremely important to people who comment, and encourages them to do so. This can also encourage spamming, but with the other features of CommentLuv Premium the risk of being heavily spammed is greatly reduced.



CommentLuv Premium for a single blog costs $67 for one site, but if you own multiples blogs you can get a second license for $87 total or an unlimited license for $97 dollars, which is a great value. For those who do not wish to spend any money, CommentLuv Lite is still completely free. The goal behind CommentLuv Premium was to give you one plugin to take care of all the things necessary to own and maintain a successful blog. Their plugin has been a legendary success in the past, and there seems to be no slowing down with CommentLuv Premium.

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Four Ways on How to Legally Make Money Online

Making money online can be easy and fast no matter the economic recession. Internet freelance jobs can be found pretty much everywhere you look these days and it is becoming a part time job (even full time) for people to sit in front of their own computer and use their personal skills to earn money online. With an internet freelance job, you set your own schedules, deadlines – and the most important aspect – you make the money for doing whatever you want when you want.


1. You may choose to write for Demand Studios. This is considered a freelance site which will offer work for filmmakers, transcribers, proofreaders or writers. As one of the major sources of content for eHow, Demand Studios will provide any where between $5 to $15 per article for freelance writers, and rates ten times higher for film makers. This will be one of the highest paying freelance writing companies online.


2. Make click on ads. Create a user profile and then complete a survey based on your own interests at YouData. Unlike other ad paying websites, YouData will only present ads based on the info and data which has been gathered from your own survey and will pay each and every Friday through your Paypal account. Average gains per week will range between $0.10 and $4.00.


3. You may choose to work for a private employer through a freelance job posting website. Websites like Elance and Guru, offer employers the opportunity to post ads for work which may include anything from writing or editing, to graphic design or web development. Unlike websites like Demand Studios, you do not work directly through this type of websites. You will simply create a profile, search for a job which will interest you and submit a query. If he should be interested, the employer will contact you and them e-mail you more instructions.


4. You may use Tutor English as a second language. Websites like Speakeikaiwa will offer ESL teachers the opportunity to tutor students who would want to learn English by using instant messenger or Skype. You may only create a user profile and set in your profile how many times you available to teach. Speakeikaiwa is considered an ESL website for Japanese students, so be certain you do not set up tutoring sessions which conflict with your own time zone or theirs.


These are only a few methods which you can use to earn money online in a legal way. If you feel you need to know other ways as well, you can always research online for more info about other ways as well.

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Paid to Write: Earn $30+ Per Post for Writing on Seoallrounder

Do you find topics like blogging, internet marketing and social media interesting? You are good at writing articles, and you would like to earn some extra cash? You are at the right place! We decided we want to give a chance new and creative people to write articles for us! While you write about your favorite topic, you can also make some money! That is right! If you meet our quality guidelines, you can make $30 per article!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for high quality and unique articles. Articles also need to be very well-researched and around our website’s topic. Here are article topics that we are looking for:

• Search engine optimization

• Blogging

• Internet marketing

• Making money online

• WordPress

• Social Media

• Web Design

• Affiliate marketing

• Hosting

• Design and Development

Now when you know what to write about I will tell you how to write high-quality article and increase chances for your article to be accepted.


How to write a high-quality article?

First, you need to know what you want to write about. We gave you some general topics that we accept, and now it is up to you to brainstorm and come up with article topics. How to define a high-quality article? Here are some main points you need to have in mind, while writing your article:

• Write an article that solves some problem

• Engage readers

• Use bullet points

• Use simple words

• Research topic

• Write a great headline

• Educate and entertain

Now that you know basics let’s look at each point closer. High quality article is an article that has information that people are actually looking for. No one will read article that don’t interest them. High quality article needs to solve some problem that reader has. If you offer a solution to that problem and actually help people, you will have a high-quality article. Make sure you use simple words and keep your sentences short. Try to engage users. How to do that? The best way is to use questions. Questions will keep your reader engaged and keep him reading through the article.

Why to use bullet points? Researchers discovered that average internet user just skims through the article searching for important points. That way, you can highlight the most useful information in your article. Use simple words and short sentences. People don’t like to read very long sentences. They get tired and hit back button on their browser. You don’t want that, do you?

Make sure you write great headlines. What do I mean by great headlines? When you write a headline think of the most important point in your article and put it to headline. Some of the popular headlines are “How to” and “7 tips to.” Use words that build excitement. Words like: secret, killer, discover and powerful. Try to educate readers and at the same time entertain them.

Now then you know what we are looking for from an article, close all distractions, open your word editor and start writing! If you have any questions, please contact me on my Contact Us page.


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5 Simple Tips to Increase Conversion in Your Affiliate Product Review

If you want to generate more sales from your affiliate product review, you should be able to write a good and compelling review article. Here are 5 simple tips to increase conversion in your affiliate product review:

1. Make your review easy to read and easy to follow

Don’t make your review too complicated. For example, giving too many technical explanations will make your readers bored instead of interested. Keep your review simple, easy to read and easy to follow. This includes proper formatting, design, image placement, font choice, and other aspects of your review. Your simplicity will make people want to read your review.

2. Use your own personal story with the product

One effective method to catch the attention of your audience is to use your personal story with the product. So, if you are the user or customer of the product, you can share your experience with the product to your readers. People will be more interested to buy the product if they know that other people have benefited from the product. Story will add their interest level toward the product.

3. Use comparison review to your advantage

Sometimes, comparison can give you clearer perspective about something. If you provide comparison in your review, your readers will be able to make better decision about their purchase. Without comparison, you will be unable to create good perspective in your review. Why your product is better than other products? The only way to explain it to your readers is by giving comparison chart for your product and other products. So, use comparison as a part of your review article to give your review a better perspective.

4. Write some articles that will support your review

You should think about writing several articles related to your review to presell your readers. If you write article about “Review of the Best Coffeemaker Product”, you can write several articles related to your review, such as “How to Make Delicious Coffee”, “How to Brew Coffee Easily” and other similar articles. Those articles will help your readers to know more about the product, and you can introduce the benefits of your reviewed product as well.

5. Use images and videos to boost your conversion rate

Images and videos will help you to explain better about the product. That’s why you should use images and videos to make your review more detailed and appealing. Use images to show some product images and use videos to show tutorials on how to use the product. It will increase your conversion rate in your review. However, while images and videos can help to make your review better, don’t use them excessively. Too many images and videos will only clutter your review article and make it difficult to read.

Those are 5 simple tips that you can apply to increase conversion in your affiliate product review. Writing review is an effective way to increase your affiliate sales. However, you must be able to write good and compelling review in order to increase your sales. Those tips will help you to write a good and compelling review.

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How to Write an Affiliate Review Article

The process of writing an affiliate review article can seem quite simple at first, but after staring at a screen with only 50 words on it for an hour, you may find yourself stuck with no clue on how to proceed. In order to write a concise and informative article with original content, you have to essentially break it down into a formula. Once you have broken it down, things may flow onto the page in a much easier fashion. At the very basics, writing an article is as simple as having an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.


In other words, tell the reader what you are about to tell them, and then tell them what you just told them!


If you are writing an affiliate review article you need to make sure that you at least sample what you are going to review first. For instance, if you are going to write a review on a travel destination it would be best if you have actually visited that destination first. Unfortunately, for a topic like that, it is almost impossible to visit the location unless you are writing for a large magazine or newspaper that is paying your way. This puts you at a disadvantage, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t write about the topic anyway. With the nearly limitless amount of information on the internet you can almost always get more information on a topic than you could possibly use in a reasonably sized article. From statistics and figures to opinions and conjecture, you can find it all via the World Wide Web.


Using the previous example, you could be writing a review about a vacation to Greece. You could start of writing your review article by giving a short synopsis on the history and culture of Greece. That would be a nice way to set the stage for the rest of your article and give the reader a proper introduction. After you have given the introduction, you may want to look at review boards where people who HAVE visited Greece post their experiences. These kinds of message boards are all over the internet, and often a good source of fresh perspective on any type of review topic. If you are a long-winded individual, you can usually turn one comment into content that is 10 times the original comment. In fact, the more you read, the more confident you will become in your article and the more likely you are to have new ideas that expand on what others have already said.


Another good trick when writing an article is to simply have a conversation with a friend that has previous experience on the subject. If you were to write about the ownership of a cat, but never actually owned one yourself, you could ask a friend or family member who has. You will be lucky if you can get them to STOP telling you anecdotes and discussing the various issues involved with their pet. Be prepared to ask specific questions, however, to keep them on topic. What kind of food do they get their cat? Why? Was it declawed? Why? How much do shots and medication for the animal cost each year? These are all specific questions that you can use to formulate an opinion that you can use to make your review article rich and personal.


The truth is, it’s best to write a review article on something you know and care deeply about, but it isn’t necessary. In the end, with enough research, you will likely almost feel as if you have been to Greece or owned a cat. If you follow the simple method of explaining to them in the intro what the article is about, then actually explaining it using the methods described above, you can wrap it up in a nice bowtie at the end by telling them again exactly what you have just told them. In the end, if you follow this formula, you will certainly know how to write an affiliate review article in a quality manner.

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7 Tips to Become a Successful Super Affiliate

If you want to succeed in your affiliate business, you might already know that affiliate business is a real business, and therefore, you need to put your time, money, and efforts in this business. The key to succeed in affiliate business is to be serious with it and keep your focus. Once you do it, you’ll be able to become highly successful affiliate or super affiliate. Here are 7 super tips to become a successful super affiliate

1. Participate in big product launch

Big product launch is a goldmine for many seasoned affiliate marketers and super affiliates. That’s because they know the power of product launch. Product launch can give you burst of income within short period of time. So, you should participate in big product launch whenever possible. If big name internet marketers are announcing new product to be launched, be sure to prepare for the launch date because you will be able to earn big money from the launch.

2. Build huge mailing list

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing business, you should build a mailing list and keep expanding it. All successful affiliates have their own huge database of list subscribers. In this way, they can monetize their list anytime they want. Mailing list is your asset in your online business. So, you need to build and nurture it throughout your affiliate marketing career.

3. Develop bonus product for your affiliate promotion

Don’t just promote affiliate product like regular or newbie affiliates do. Find different method of promotion. One of the most effective affiliate promotion methods is to develop bonus product for your affiliate promotion. It will add more interest for your audience to buy the product through your link.

4. Keep finding a good niche for your business

Have you been successful with your current niche? Why not find another niche and double your success? Yes, you have to keep expanding your profitable niche, but it won’t hurt you to research and enter other potential niches as well. In fact, this is what will make you to achieve more success in this business. Don’t be stagnant and don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

5. Follow the trends and take advantage on it

Successful affiliates will follow the trends and take advantage on it. What people are craving about will most likely make you money. What is the current trend? Take a look at what people are craving and give them what they want. They will buy your product in flock.

6. Give your audience valuable and high quality content

Keep giving your audience valuable and high quality content. Remember that you shouldn’t base your affiliate business with crap content. You can make pennies here and there with crap content and AdSense, but will you able to build a successful affiliate business with this business model? That’s why you should always give your audience valuable and high quality content.

7. Find your gold and keep expanding your reach

Find what is profitable for you, whether it is niche, product, traffic generation method, business model, and so on, and keep expanding your reach. If you’ve found your gold, don’t abandon it. Keep expanding your reach so that you will add more profit in your earning, while seeking for other profitable methods.

Those super tips, if followed, will make you a successful affiliate. So, if you are serious with your affiliate business, you should follow those tips and apply it in your online business.Do share your valuable opinion with us in comments.

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Top 10 Article Directories To Get Traffic and Backlinks

Article Directories have been around for many years, but they have recently become more popular due to a surge of success in article marketing. Article marketing is essentially the act of writing about one’s own business. In the past, these articles were submitted to newspapers and other forms of print with the theory being that the more people read about your company, the more they would be in the minds of the company’s target audience.

In recent years it has become more relevant with the ability to link articles to a home page and increase Search Engine Optimization or SEO. There are now a number of article directories out there that will host articles for just about anything you can think of. In fact, thousands are being published every day for free and it has become a critical part of any online campaign.

1. The undisputed kind of article directories is called Ezine This is where every person should start submitting their articles for SEO. Articles on this directory are often given particular credence by the major search engines because they take extra time to make sure the articles are original content. This article directory has a PR, or Page Rank of 6. It has been around since 1999 and has had a constant expansion rate since it went live in November of that year.

2. Another directory that is extremely popular with a PR of 3 is called GoArticles. This article directory site has been on the internet for roughly one year less than Ezine Articles, as it was live in August of 2000. There isn’t much unique about this website, but it does have a large list of original content posted by users covering almost every topic.

3. The third directory you might consider submitting articles to in order to help your SEO is Web Pro News. This article submission website is unique because it is not strictly a database of user content. It also has, as the name implies, a healthy dose of news and information related to Search Engine Optimization and web development. This website as a Page Rank of 6 and has been providing news, articles and SEO tips since February of 2000.

4. is another article directory site that is basically a combination of the previously discussed directories. This site has a Page Rank of 5, and has been around since September of 2003. In addition to the article bank, this site also offers information and help with respect to SEO, site building, social marketing, and advice on how to write a successful blog.

5. Another major website with a PR rank of 5 is This site, founded in late July of 2005, is another article directory mega-site. It has articles in hundreds of categories covering everything from cars to martial arts. If you can’t find an acceptable category to place your original article here, you probably can’t find a much better alternative.

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Some other directories that should be mentioned and submitted to for SEO purposes:

1. – Page Rank of 6 and created in September 2005

2. – Page Rank of 3 and created in April of 2006

3. – Page Rank of 3 and also offers Press Release service

4. – Page Rank of 3 and created in November 2004

5. – Page Rank of 3 and created in December of 2005


All of these article directories should be considered when submitting your articles for purposes of starting your SEO. Search engines love backlinks from multiple directories, so it may be a good idea to diversify the number of URL domains you are getting links from. While only 10 were named and described here, there are numerous other great article directories out there that you can include in your article marketing campaign. It is not extremely important that you choose a directory with the highest PR, but it is important that you always provide quality and original content.

In the long run, an article marketing campaign through these directories can be extremely successful. It will take time, but it has proven to be one of the fastest growing and effective types of marketing on the internet. If you haven’t already begun doing it, you should start today and watch your SEO soar!

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How to Keeping Your Subscribers Engaged and Happy!

Yes, you can make money with your list. But, if most of your subscribers are leaving your list within the first week of joining your list, what will you do? Do you still have the chance to make money from them? That’s why you need to learn about how to keep your subscribers in your mailing list and prevent them from leaving your list too soon. Here are 7 tips to keep your subscribers in your mailing list.

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1. Engage them with quality content

If you send quality content to your subscribers, you shouldn’t worry about your audience leaving your mailing list. Remember to engage your audience with quality content if you want to keep them on your list. Regular tips will work as long as it is valuable for your audience. In fact, you don’t need to create long email message just to deliver quality content. Remember that your email message is not blog or website content. So, limit the length of your email while keeping the quality.

Read:Don’t Over-Optimize: SEO Should Come Naturally

2. Give short and interesting email message

Successful email message is usually short, simple, and easy-to-digest. You don’t need to send complicated information to your subscribers. Leave it for your website or blog post. To engage your subscribers in your mailing list, you simply give them short and interesting email message that will keep them curious about what will come next from you.

3. Talk with your subscribers

Remember to build two-way communication with your subscribers so that you will know what they really want from you. It never hurts to ask your subscribers about what they want to learn from you. After all, you might not really know about what they want. So, it is better to talk with your subscribers, ask them what they want, and give them what they want. This will keep them with you.

4. Give what your subscribers want from you

Do not give off-topic information to your subscribers. Remember that there is certain reason why your subscribers want to join your mailing list. They want to learn something from you, and they think that you are an expert on that thing. So, they decide to join your mailing list. But, if you don’t give them what they want, you may end up losing them.

5. Don’t send your email too frequently or too infrequently

Think about the frequency of your email. You don’t want to bore your subscribers with your emails, but you don’t want them to forget about you completely. Sending email too often will sometimes annoy your subscribers and if you keep doing it they will decide to unsubscribe soon or later. On the contrary, sending email too infrequently will make your subscribers to forget completely about you, and the next time you send them email message, they will consider you as a spammer. So, take the moderate frequency. Send email to your subscribers about 2-3 times per week.

6. Give free stuff once in a while

Sometimes, giving free stuff to your subscribers will really be appreciated by them. As a token for appreciation, they will keep their subscription. Giving free stuff once in a while will give you good impression.

7. Connect your subscribers with your website or blog

You shouldn’t separate your mailing list from your website or blog. Connect your list with your website or blog. No matter how you build your list, you should use your list to drive regular traffic to your website or blog. This is a good way to keep them connected with you.

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Those are 7 tips that you can use to keep your subscribers in your mailing list happy and engaged. If you don’t want them leave too quickly from your list, be sure to apply those tips.

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