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7 Tips to Market Affiliate Product Effectively with Youtube

If you want to generate more sales in your affiliate promotion, you should consider using YouTube to your advantage. Why Youtube? That’s because it is the biggest video-sharing website on the internet. The traffic on Youtube is huge, and if you don’t make money from Youtube traffic, you are losing a big chance for success in online business. Here are 7 tips to market affiliate product effectively with Youtube.

1. Create unique video for your product:

First, you need to consider the theme of your video. Each of your video should carry unique style so that people can distinguish your video from other videos. Look at how you present your video to your audience. Put a unique opening and closing style for your video and use the same opening and closing format for all of your videos. It will increase your branding.

2. Use your product as advertisement for your content video:

It means that you should use your product as a part of your content, and this is the way you advertise your product with your video. You shouldn’t make advertisement video with your product because people hate watching advertisement. But, make content video that will be useful for your audience and insert your product as advertisement inside your video. This is a better promotion strategy.

3. Tell story in your video:

A story presentation will help you to better connect with your audience. If you create a video in the form of story, it should be able to attract interest of your readers. You can also create case study video to promote your product. Another use of story is to create review video for your product, where you can inform about the product to your audience.

4. Submit your videos on ongoing basis:

Youtube marketing is an ongoing effort. That’s why you should be able to create and submit videos regularly. This is because you can’t just rely on one video for your affiliate product promotion. You have to be able to provide regular videos for your audience so that you can keep them with you. By submitting regular videos, you will also have more chance to increase your subscription rate.

5. Use your video to build your brand:

Video is the best way to build your brand online. If you want to establish your brand online, you should create videos that will help to boost the popularity of your website or blog. The more popular and reputable you are, the easier it is to promote affiliate product with your video. Building your brand should become a part of your promotion strategy.

6. Build mailing list with your YouTube video:

You can use your video to build a mailing list to further promote your affiliate product. In fact, you will have more opportunity to build mailing list for your blog or website. In the end of each of your video, you can insert something like this: “Subscribe to for more tips and information”. It will encourage your viewers to subscribe.

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7. Create short video with high quality content:

Do not create long video (more than 5 minutes) because it will tend to bore your audience. In order to market your product effectively, you just need to create under 5 minutes video which will explain some tips related with your product. Short video with high quality content will make people want to find out more about your video.

You can expand your promotion effort simply by using Youtube properly for your affiliate promotion. The result will be more sales and more earning for your online business.

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8 Mistakes You Can Make in Writing Affiliate Product Review

Do you make these mistakes in writing affiliate product review? To write a good review article, you should consider making it detailed, informative, and persuasive. Here are 8 mistakes you can make in writing your affiliate product review:

1. Trying to write “professional” review:

Instead of writing a professional review, you should make your review more personal. Personal story about the product is more appealing for your readers. They will tend to believe personal experience rather than professional review. So, when writing your review, don’t make it sound professional. Keep your personal tone because this is the best approach for you.

2. Writing review only “on the surface”

Another mistake in your review writing is lack of detail. Your review should be detailed enough to make your readers understand about the product. Remember that people usually don’t buy product that they don’t know. Why people are choosing to buy popular brand product? That’s because they know about it and they trust the product. So, write detailed review.

3. Not recommending the product

The ultimate purpose of writing your review is to promote that product, unless if you are writing your review purely for fun. However, most people forget to recommend the product that they are reviewing. This can affect your earning because your recommendation will carry more weight, especially if you’ve written a good review. So, you should recommend the product in your review.

4. Biased product review

Your job is to review the product without bias. Biased product review will have less credibility and people will tend to stay away from biased review. You can add your own opinion into your review, but you shouldn’t do it throughout your review article. Be an objective reviewer, and add your opinion in the end.

5. Writing review without doing research

How can you write your review without learning about the product? If you want to write a good review, you should know about the product. You should do some research so that you can write a good review for your product. If you want better result, you can purchase the product and use it for yourself.

6. Selling instead of reviewing

Your review shouldn’t be like advertisement. Most people write review that looks like an advertisement. Remember that this is not a good thing to do. Your review should be written to explain to your readers about the product that they are going to buy.

7. Distracting your readers

Write a single review for your product and don’t try to distract your readers with other products in your review. You should keep your readers focused with your product review. Don’t ask them to read about other products in your review. Remember that people are easily distracted, and you shouldn’t make your readers confused.

8. Not focusing your review on the benefits of the product

Giving too much negative aspects about the product in your review will only hurt you. You will scare away people from buying the product if you don’t focus your review on the benefits of the product. Remember that your review should persuade your readers to buy the product. So, if you’re focusing on the negative aspects of the product, you will only hurt your conversion rate.

Those are 8 mistakes that you can make in writing affiliate product review. Whatever product review you write, whether digital product or physical product, you shouldn’t make those mistakes in your writing if you want to generate easy sales from your review.

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How to Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Earning Quickly and Easily

Most people don’t play with Amazon because they think that Amazon is “hard to beat”. With its low commission structure, people think that it will not worth their time to promote products from Amazon. However, you shouldn’t think the same thought. Amazon can be profitable.

How to Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Earning Quickly and Easily:

1. Promote popular and best-selling products 

Why you need to promote popular and best-selling products? Here are the reasons:

  • People actively buy those products.
  • Those products have good numbers of customer feedbacks.
  • You won’t have difficulty to make sales from those products.

It is important to find popular and best-selling products to promote instead of new products because you don’t need to do your promotion from scratch. You can find almost any information about those products that you can use as promotion tool.

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2. Target product name keywords

Remember that keywords containing product name are highly targeted keywords which will bring you high conversion rate. If you target product name keywords, it will give you more chance to increase your conversion.

3. Promote relevant product 

You should promote product that is relevant with your niche. This is because it will increase your CTR. If you are linking to product which is not relevant with your website or blog topic, you will not attract good CTR. If you have a blog or website about cat, you should promote products related to your topic such as cat toys, cat food, or book about cat. Don’t try to promote electric drill in your cat blog because virtually no person will click through your affiliate link.

4. Promote product with high numbers of good reviews 

Good review is something that you need to consider before promoting Amazon product. Most people are looking for customer feedbacks before they decide to purchase Amazon product. So, the feedbacks can either be of advantage or disadvantage. If you promote a product with bad reviews, it is the same as promoting product with low-converting landing page. On the contrary, if you promote a product with good reviews, it is the same as promoting product with high-converting landing page.

5. Write review article 

If you want to succeed with Amazon, you should write review article for each product that you promote. This is because review article will work best to promote Amazon products. Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website on the internet. So, the best way to promote Amazon product is by writing review article.

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6. Write for your friends 

When writing a review article for Amazon product, you should write as if you are writing to your friend. It will help you to connect with your readers. It will help you to build personal relationship with your readers as well. This will give you big advantage. People will trust you and you will be able to generate sales more easily.

7. Contextual links will increase your earning 

The best linking strategy for Amazon product is contextual link. While call-to-action type of link will work better for digital product, contextual link will work better for Amazon product. This is because people already know about Amazon and you just need to show them the link in order to move them to click it. But, use the link within your content.

Those are some tips and strategies to promote Amazon product better. You should apply those tips if you think that your Amazon earning is still low. If you follow the tips above, you will be able to increase your Amazon affiliate earning quickly and easily.

If you are using wordpress then we suggest you to have a look on

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  • Amazon WordPress Themes


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8 Biggest Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing that Will Crush Your Business

Building successful affiliate business is not an easy thing to do. You have to avoid the biggest mistakes in affiliate marketing that will crush your business. Here are the 8 biggest mistakes that you have to avoid:

1. Using free hosting service

Using free hosting service is not a wise affiliate marketing strategy. In fact, there are many disadvantages of using free hosting service for your affiliate business. It is unstable and unreliable. You can use free hosting service as temporary/supportive marketing channel, but you shouldn’t use it for the foundation of your main business.

2. Not sticking with one product at a time

Lack of focus is often the problem experienced by newbie affiliate marketers. They can’t just stick with one product at a time. This can be proven dangerous for your career because you will experience many failures with this approach. If you can’t focus your marketing, how can you expect it to succeed?

3. Ignoring the importance of keyword research

It is not good to completely abandon keyword research. In fact, you should consider keyword research as an important part of your affiliate business. However, you shouldn’t become too obsessed with it. Creating content based on good keyword is a good strategy, but don’t stuff your content with keyword because it will turn down your search engine ranking. Most people can’t get good traffic simply because they ignore the importance of keyword research.

4. Ignoring the importance of copywriting

Marketing is about persuasion. It is about persuading people to buy your product. You have to make sure that you have proper tool to do it. You need to master copywriting skill if you want to boost your result. Don’t ignore this part. Learning about copywriting is a must for any serious affiliate marketer.

5. Failing to choose a good niche

Your niche is the place for you to make money. Choose the wrong niche and you will have bad result. When starting your online business, think carefully about the niche that you’re going to enter. Remember that you will spend most of your time, money, and effort on that niche. If you choose the wrong one, it will make you a failure.

6. Not having a good plan for your website

A website is an important tool for affiliate marketers. It is the place where you promote your affiliate product. That’s why you have to make sure to have a good plan about your website. Don’t just register domain and use good web hosting. You have to plan about your website structure, content, monetization, design, and so on.

7. Hopping from one product to another too quickly

You have to at least try to promote one product for some time before choosing to promote another product. Your quick change in promotion will only waste your money, time, and effort. Most people fail in achieving success in this business simply because of their inconsistencies.

8. Not willing to invest for traffic

The last biggest mistake for affiliate marketers is that they’re not willing to invest for traffic. Traffic is the most important part of any online business. Without traffic, you can’t make a sale. You can drive traffic for free, but you can invest some money to drive traffic to your website or landing page. If you think that you can’t drive traffic using free methods, why not using paid methods? It’s important because if you suck at driving traffic, you will not be able to profit from your business.

Those are the biggest mistakes that will crush your business if you are constantly making those mistakes. If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, you have to make sure to avoid those biggest mistakes.

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7 Secret Recipes to Create Compelling Email Marketing Message

Promoting product to your mailing list subscribers can be very profitable. However, you have to make sure to create compelling email marketing message to your subscribers. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make good conversion rate. Here are 7 secret recipes to create compelling email marketing message:

1. Keep your message stick to your topic

One thing that you need to do is to stick to your topic. When writing an email to your subscribers, make sure that it is related to your topic. You might ignore the importance of relevancy because you think that your email is not getting indexed by search engines. But, this is not the case. If your email message is out of topic, your subscribers will soon or later realize that they are receiving information that they don’t want. They’ll start to ignore your message and unsubscribe.

2. Use story to create interest

There are lots of successful marketers who use story to create interest when they promote product to their subscribers. They don’t promote the product bluntly, but they will start with story and slowly but surely they will link their story with their promoted product. This is a good way to create interest for your subscribers. Story is powerful, so use it wisely for your email marketing promotion.

3. Create good and appealing subject line

Your subject line is the same as headline in your sales page. It is very important. There is not much you can do with your subject line, though. You just need to make it good and appealing for your subscribers. Remember that your subscribers are already dealing with hundreds of email messages every day, so you have to make sure that your message gets attention and read.

4. Avoid sending full advertisement email

This is something that you should never do in your email marketing campaign, unless if you have an ecommerce website. Sending full advertisement in your email will only flag your email as spam message. This will automatically get filtered into spam or junk folder by major email service providers. Moreover, it will hurt your reputation.

5. Solve big problem in your niche

If you want to write compelling message for email marketing, try to help your subscribers. How to do it? You just need to find some common problems in your niche and give the solution for those problems to your subscribers. This type of email message is naturally compelling because people are always looking for the solution for their problem.

6. Help them to go for the best solution

This tip will apply when you promote product to your email subscribers. Make sure to choose your product wisely. Help your subscribers to go for the real solution for their problem. Yes, only promote product that will become the best solution for your subscribers’ problem. Your product choice matters most for your success in your email marketing campaign.

7. Emphasize your message by using P.S.

Using P.S. at the end of your message will reinforce the points you’ve explained in the body of your message. This is important to remind your subscribers to take action. P.S. should be included in the end of your email message if you want to make it more compelling. This is an example of good P.S.:

P.S. Don’t forget that you need to chew your food before you swallow it. It will help you to lose weight. You can find other simple methods to lose weight by visiting my blog.

Those are some secret tips you can use to create compelling email marketing message. If you want to successfully promote your product to your subscribers, you should apply those tips.

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7 Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate and Boost Your Sales

Do you have low conversion rate in your landing page? If you’re frustrated with your conversion rate and sales for your product, you should think about tweaking your landing page to increase your conversion rate and boost your sales. Here are 7 tips to increase your conversion rate and boost your sales:

1. Include real proof and testimonials

You can use real proof and testimonials for your product to boost your credibility and trust. People won’t trust your product if they think that you can’t provide solid proof for your claim. So, it is better for you not to cheat to your audience about your product. If you really want to sell a successful product, make a case study about it and give real proof that your product works wonder. Testimonials will reinforce the trust toward your product because people are more willing to buy product which is positively well-known.

2. Offer bonus for purchasing your product

Look at this example:

“Buy this LCD monitor for $100 today while the stocks last”

Now consider this example:

“Buy this LCD monitor for $100 today and receive FREE exclusive Mug for your purchase”

If you’re looking to purchase a computer monitor, you will be more interested to buy the one with bonus. That’s because you will consider the bonus as a good deal for your purchase. By offering bonus to your customers for purchasing your product, you will raise their desire to purchase your product.

3. Simple navigation and checkout process

Remember that simplicity will affect your sales process. The simplicity of your website and the checkout process will determine whether people will decide to purchase or not. So, make everything simple for your customers to buy your product.

4. Eliminate possible buying resistance

You have to do this on your landing page. There are some buying resistances that keep people from buying your product. You will know those buying resistances if you know the weakness of your product. If you know what will keep people from buying your product, you have to eliminate their buying resistance in your landing page. Make sure that they no longer have their buying resistance when they reach the buy now button. Now, think about why people might not buy your product and explain to them the benefit of your product.

5. Write your copy to one person

Make sure to write your landing page copy to one person only. It is true that your audience may consist of different types of person. However, you can’t address them all in your copy. You have to write with personal tone as if you’re talking to one person who is interested in your product. Don’t write your copy as if you are speaking to public.

6. Do not distract your visitors with multiple products

One landing page should consist of one product. Don’t try to distract your visitors because people are easily distracted. If you put more than one product in your landing page, you will get problem in keeping your visitors to focus on your offer.

7. Include pictures and videos in your landing page

Pictures and videos in your landing page will help to increase your conversion rate. Full-text landing page will only bore your visitors, no matter how you put different combination of colors and fonts in your copy. Add some pictures and videos to make your landing page more appealing. It will increase your conversion.

When you tweak your landing page, apply those 7 tips to increase your conversion rate and boost your sales.


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How To Become A Super Affiliate

Super affiliates seem to have it all together. They know what to promote,Where to promote it and when to get out. They make a ton of money and then relax on the beach sipping on their mango smoothie. I’m here to tell you a secret. The super affiliates you read about all the time don’t get there by being lazy. They arrived at their destination by working smart and working long hours. Do you want to know how to become a super affiliate? Continue reading to find how.

Pick A Offer And Run:

Once you’ve signed up with a CPA company you need to pick an offer and just promote it! It happens much too often. A new affiliate joins an affiliate company, sees a bunch of offers and becomes confuse in what they believe is “chaos”. Pick an offer you are familiar with and start running with it. The only way you are going to learn is by first hand experience.

Research Your Audience:

Now that you have offer you need to research your audience. Who are they and what do they like? The more you know about the people you are selling to the better you can sell to them. It really isn’t difficult. The more you know the better your ads will be. You can choose images and copy that will attract their attention and increase your chances of converting them into a lead or a buyer.

Pick A Platform:

Once you know your audience you will need a platform. Now don’t go around jumping from platform to platform without learning. Spending money and not making any will be your only result. You quickly become fustrated and give up. Blaming the offer, the company, or the platform but not yourself. Find a platform, a popular one if possible, and learn everything you can about it. Study it, work with it, profit from it. Don’t jump anywhere else until you’ve profited from your first platform and scaled.

Split Test:

Split test your copy. Split test your landing pages. Split test your images. The more split testing you do the more data you receive. With that data you can make modifications to your campaign that will move you forward into the blac (profit).

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I know this sounds like a lot of work, it is. You won’t get around this so get use to it. The faster you dive in the faster you learn. Always learn as much as you can. When you learn something new try applying to your campaign and seeing the results. First hand information is the best!


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How To Make Your Forum A Personal ATM

Do you have a forum but have difficulties monetizing it? Are you not making as much money as you wanted to? Well lucky for you, today I am going to show you how to do just that, and more! You see, making money from your forum isn’t exactly rocket science but it does take some time. Once you impliment a few of these strategies your forum won’t only be a forum anymore. It’ll be a personal ATM!



I always love a forum that is dedicated to certain niches with a lot of competing companies. The more the better. Selling sponsorship space on your forum is a breeze when you have plenty of active posters and readers. Traffic is key to gaining sponsors. So if your forum doesn’t have a large userbase don’t bother. However, if you do have an active forum base and know a few companies that sell products within your niche, send them an email! Companies always want their brand to be seen and what better way then to purchase a banner on your forum containg thousands of potential customers!


            Affiliate Offers

So many forum owners skip over this monetization strategy simply because their ignorance to CPA offers. If you don’t know what a affiliate offer is I will explain it. Lets say you have a forum in the niche “weight loss”. Well companies that sell weight loss products will normally have an affiliate program. You sign up to this program and add their banners and links to your forum. When a user clicks on them they are funneled to a sales page where they can buy something that will cure their problem. Everytime someone makes a purchase you get a percentage of the sale. This concept has been around for years and makes for a great monetization strategy for any forum.



Lots of forums benefit from having an active marketplace. Why not start a marketplace on your own forum? Your users can buy, sell or even trade. Just remember to update your rules and regulations for your new marketplace. You don’t want anyone to blame you for an unsecure transactions. The more members the better your marketplace will be. You make money from a marketplace by charging your users to post to sell, not to buy but to sell their items.



Donations are another way a lot of forums make money. This is common among warez and sharing types of forums but can work well for a small, community orientated forum as well. A donation button forwarding to your Paypal is the best way to receive donations from your members.


Monetizing your forum should not be a difficult process. You have to look at it from business point of view instead of a forum owners. The people that are chatting are chatting about something they have bought or want to buy. Why not be the one selling it to them?

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Organic Search vs Paid Search: Which kind of link building you would prefer?

Organic v/s Paid: Which kind of link building you would prefer?

Link building supersedes almost every SEO enterprises nowadays. Sans adequate link building, an enterprise would meet doomsday before treading the initial steps. Right from perfecting your rankings, to placing your webpage atop, the right linking can fetch you the business you never got and the clients you never had. Link building’s the trump card meant for higher and better rankings that you must definitely possess, both for long and short term business plans.

Webmasters usually go organic or paid when it comes to reciprocal linking or commonly known as link exchanges for target link building. The obvious question is which is better of the two.

Here’s a critical analysis:

Organic Linking versus Paid

As a marketing strategy that campaigns for your website, link building is critical. Organic linking is akin to the process of directing your quality content towards other webpages. As a quid pro quo they link their award your link with theirs and what you will find is exposure to their traffic. It works a lot like chain reaction in simpler terms. Consequently, what you gain is a faster momentum and speed in terms of growth.

Organic Linking-how it works

Guest posts and blogs are the popular methods to form organic links. On submitting a post, assuming it’s of a good quality, what you receive is a backlink; a sure shot way to increase readership for both you and the targeted website. The upside being better readership, followed by better exposure.

It is the best way to welcome incoming links to your website. However, this can be done with the help of solid content backup, because without quality no amount of linking is going to help you. On the other hand, with great topic-specific links and varied content backup you will certainly have an authority over the search engines.

Paid linking- how it works

With paid linking, the process of linking is shorter and faster. You must be in the position to pay for putting up links. Usually, it requires a monthly fee to search and place links in the appropriate sites and there are many companies who offer link build for you. Apart from providing an immediate boost, they also help keep your link live on their websites.

Comparing the two

At the outset, paid link building appears highly tempting and very lucrative too. For beginners, organic building of links could take months and sometimes ever years to set the right tone for the website. Paid services on the other hand are quite advantageous since it works on the principle of ‘have money, will work’. On hindsight, your website is in the hands of professionals that adds flavor to the kinds of websites that you will be linking with, owning to their expertise.

The reality of paid linking is that Google doesn’t appreciate linking in this manner, to the extent that they may also kill your website rankings. Because Google Algo has become more prudent in selecting what really goes into the rankings of each of the websites, links are verified by domain age, user data etc. if found faulty, may lead to devaluation of websites.

On the other hand, the organic way as the mnemonic ideally goes, is a slower and a tedious process of building up your website. No doubt that receiving the backlinks is only going to help your website do better. But a lot depends on time and slow fame in this case. You will certainly not receive top ranking over night with organic ranking since there is no way to give and receive backlinks steadily.

Time is of the essence in this case. The build-up is slow yet purposeful and that’s what makes organic the way to go for most SEO owners. Above all, you’re your website will definitely appear a top in search engines if link building is taken seriously by you over a period of time, which can be very rewarding for website builders.

You will see how you begin to understand the needs of other websites thus paving way for lasting relationships with webmasters by a healthy exchange of top-quality content.

Your approach

Organic linking may be a tedious process, but it ensures a steady way up the ladder for website ranking since it is a legitimate and a safe way to obtain success and sustained momentum. Imagine paying your way to the top, only to be disqualified at the end. To avoid such a fate for you and your website, it’s probably best to go organic. Secondly, nothing replaces the experience of relationship building, something which money can hardly buy.

Marketing both your website and brand will surely give you the leverage you need. Like the saying goes; ‘Slow and steady wins the race’; choose organic linking, you certainly won’t regret it!


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What Changed With Google Since 1998? [Infograph]

Google is one of the leading companies when we talk about search engines, and nowadays there are a lot other products that we can connect to them. With its start in the early 1998, Google’s search engine gave the beginning of one unstoppable force as it turned to be over the years. Google rapidly expanded and improved its services and algorithms. Lately, there are up to 500 or even 600 algorithm changes per year, most of them minor but almost every month we see one major update that changes the search engine ranking results. Google’s success comes not only from the search engine which they carefully maintain but also from useful applications as Google Chrome web browser and Google + social network. The many changes made by Google over the years have made their search engine possible the most reliable one as the major updates usually aim at cleaning the low quality content and restrict the spam to minimum. Google offers a great variety of options when it comes to using it and the constant improvements are the key factor in success of the company.


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