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Create Best Video Squeeze Pages For WordPress aka Landing Pages

Do you want to increase subscribers from single Squeeze page?

Don’t know how to begin design a Squeeze pages which your visitors will love?

Don’t know how to integrate it in aweber, mailchimp or icontact?

Want to boost sales using these squeeze pages?

Today I’ll be guiding you how you can design the best squeeze page templates so you can generate massive leads. Well lets me remind you that these optin pages don’t only work for wordpress but it can be used for any cms like joomla , ecommerces site.

Lets Begin…

What is a Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page is like an optin box but solely made to capture emails of your visitors. You can promote any kind of product on these squeeze pages relating to your niche to increase the number of optin rate.

Why You Need a Squeeze Page? 

I have learnt this lesson from probloggers who forgot to build their email list from the beginning and regret it so the first thing I did for my blog is build an email list so that I don’t regret about it later.

Building an email list should be bloggers main goal, the more number of subscribers you have , the more sales you can generate by promoting affiliate products. Secondly, you need more subscribers to increase the engagement on your blog and build trust of your readers.

Not sure which autoresponder to use to start building you list ? Check out my comparison “Aweber vs Mailchimp” ( 2 Top autoresponders at the moment)

Lets get down to business…

Before putting these landing pages here , I have done a lot of research to provide the cheapest while maintaining the standards of a best landing pages for you to get maximum leads. Each and every squeeze page template have different designs and features so you can choose according to your needs.

All these landing/Squeeze page templates are fully compatible with Aweber , MailChimp , IContact and all major autoresponders.

1. Video Profits Fast Lane

BUY NOW – $8.95 | More Details

2. Video Squeeze Machine – Templates & Bonuses

BUY NOW $9.95 | More Details

3. Squeeze Page Madness

BUY NOW – $9.00 – More Details

 4.Facebook Timeline Squeeze Page Templates

BUY NOW – $9.95 | More Details

5. Squeeze Optimizer – 5 Squeeze pages in 3 minutes for WordPress

BUY NOW – $11.75 | More Details

6. Have a blog and need to create all in one solution to build list from your blog then you must check Generation Plugin , one plugin that puts attractive optin boxes which your visitors can’t miss! Cost : $37 More Details

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  1. The plugin looks promising. And the best part is that it is compatible with several autoresponders such as Aweber, Mailchimp etc. Also, the themes are mind blowing and eye-catching!

    Love the price! $11 for all this is simply amazing!

    1. Yes price is main thing which I focused on where selecting these squeeze page , who wants to pay $100+ for a theme which do the same job as this one.

  2. Having a squeeze page is one of the best ways to get subscribers quickly. These are hard to implement on blogs though. However, you can create a single squeeze page for this somewhere else.

    1. Thanks for dropping your comment here Wade , exactly this is what these themes do you can just install the page on and you are all set.

      You can either link your blog you a squeeze page or integrate them in wordpress but creating a new php page.

  3. Nice Plugin. I have recently gotten a try of a plugin which converts your page into video. But this all looks good. Price is also not too much high means affordable. Thanks for sharing.

    Sohil Memon.

    1. Thankyou Sohil , when I was looking at the good landing pages i saw few which were $97+ and I said to my self what if a person doesn’t want all of those features then why should he pay so much for these themes so I looked at the best and high converting themes in the WSO forum which does the job.

  4. Hi Saad,
    I totally agree here that attractive squeeze pages are the way to go in order to increase subscribers.

    I had not yet invested in a squeeze page system yet but I think I will after reading your post.

    Take care.

    1. I think I have put a reasonable price squeeze pages for you to try on, even if you fail to not convert good with the landing pages you don’t have to worry much about the money.

      Surely squeeze pages increase the subscriber rate for any niche site, It all depends how and what product you promote on it.

      Do let me know how these work out for you.

  5. Hey Saad,
    I do agree with your post. If you see some good landing pages for a big company, you will come to know that they are using videos on the side and videos on the middle of the page to get their campaign running.
    Thank you for quality post.

    1. YES! video is a part new web 2.0 a lot of big companies are using video on their landing pages is becuase more content is offered in less time and space.

  6. I bought a package of 20 WP page templates that allows me to set up squeeze pages, sales pages , etc, all on the same blog. In other words, I can make all types of different pages within my blog and then just change the link to fit my needs in the WP interface.

    It’s got video skins, squeeze page, sales page templates, review sites, landing page templates, etc.

    1. thats great , how are these squeeze pages working for you? are they converting good for you?

      p.s please use your name instead of a keyword , keyword looks very unprofessional.

  7. Saad, great suggestions here for capture pages.

    Most bloggers don’t understand the importance of having a squeeze page. Even more they don’t use them because they don’t have the skills to build one.

    Obviously, you don’t need certain skills using any one of these squeeze page generators. That’s what so cool about them.

    Of course you are going to need an autoresponder system to follow up with those new leads. It’s the next important step to getting your message out in front of people.

    Keep bringing the value to the table my friend!

    posted by Galen Morgigno

  8. Hi,
    Its very interesting to know about Squeeze Pages and its usage in business.New thing to learn.Thanks for the share.!!!

    1. your welcome Anirvan , thanks for dropping by 🙂


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