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 – Blogging Platform –
WordPress is a wonderful blogging tool and content management system that is open source. This system runs in a web hosting service using MSQL database and PHP language, both among the most widely used platforms in web management and design. Currently, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging systems and is used by well over 60 million websites. Creating a WordPress site is quite simple using their site builder and what's more, there are over 24, 000 plugins to make the site into what you needed. Being open source, one can get free themes, widgets and mobile support from their website.


 – Top Shared Hosting –


“A domain and hosting company that I use and recommend to anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive, quick and easy way to setup a website.”

Patt Flynn from

Bluehost is one of the leading companies in web hosting, currently hosting over 2 million domains. It is owned by Endurance International Group that is also one of the big names in the world of hosting. Bluehost has been around since 1996 and has undergone a lot of innovation and upgrading. It is the recommended hosting provider of WordPress, and has high ratings in the services they provide. Among the great stuff that blue host offers includes a free domain offer, free website builder with templates and special offer for WordPress beginners. Their 70, 000 square foot hosting space consisting of three data centers is a proof to their 99.9% network up-time claim.


– Best WordPress Themes –

Magazine3 themes
Magazine3 themes are wonderful well researched theme designs for sites and blogs that come with added support upon purchase. The themes are regularly updated and reviewed to support the latest trends in website designs and release versions of WordPress. As part of the Magazine3 customer support, installation and customization services are offered for free. Apart from being per-designed, it is possible to customize the themes to fit personal needs. PayPal is used as the default mode of payment and after making a purchase from the site, you can get to download the themes which are usually in zip format. The themes are unique and exceptional due to the hard work put in making them up.

” Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.”

Darren from

Genesis Theme by CopyBlogger
Genesis theme is a fast and flexible WordPress theme framework produced by StudioPress. It is highly optimized in design and functionality and offers a great framework to easily build websites with WordPress. The theme comes with inbuilt Search Engine Optimization options and also has a mobile responsive design. It abides to the WordPress security practices giving you all the secure sites you need as it is audited by the WordPress Load Developer. Genesis also offers easy customization and extended child theme designs to give much wanted professional look sites. Upon purchase, you get additional unlimited support, widgets, automatic framework updates and much more.


– Free Must Have Plugins –

W3 Cache
The w3 cache plugin is a WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) framework that is designed to help improve page load speeds and user experience. It is recommended by many hosting sites among them Host Gator and DreamHost. The plugin works by increasing server performance while providing transparent content delivery network integration. Content that the plugin caches includes compressed pages, posts in memory, CSS script, JavaScript and site feeds. This caching works to ultimately reduce download times to by almost ten times when the plugin is fully configured. W3 cache plugin is compatible with shared hosting and also provides theme files.

” SEO YOAST  is by far the most complete SEO solution that is available for WordPress.We use WordPress SEO plugin to improve our on-page SEO.”

Syed Balkhi From

SEO Yoast
SEO yoast plugin is a WordPress Search Engine Optimization plugin that helps a site and pages be more visible to search engines by optimizing page contents, image titles, Xml site maps and Meta descriptions. It also helps you write better blog content. Currently, it is one of the best free SEO plugins available. It enables the controlling and choosing pages that are visible in Google search and by default instructs search engines to index all and show only the first page in search results. Above all, with this plugin you can get to clean your site head making it friendlier to Google as most search engines tend to prefer clean heads.
Google Analytics
Google analytics is one of the services offered by Google and serves the function of providing statistics. The statistics provided include website traffic, sales, sources of traffic, conversation measurements. It does this by tracking visitors from all referrers, search engine activities associated to the site, referring sites and also direct visits. This information is then presented in a processed manner and for easy viewing. Apart from tracking visitors, Google Analytics also displays digital collateral, email marketing and advertising. Currently, it is one of the most used statistics website tool. Its implementation is done through page tags that run in the client browser when a page is browsed.
Clicky Analytics
Clicky analytics offers one of the best available ways of analyzing, monitoring and reacting to your website traffic all in real time. This gives a more personal look and understanding of blog visitors. Its user interface is designed in an easy and straight forward way to use for blogs and small business websites. Clicky analytics availability on the iPhone makes it even handier as you get to monitor your traffic from almost anywhere at any time. You can also get a free web analytics service that tracks basic data. For more functionality, there is the Clicky Enterprise that can monitor up to 200, 000 page views a day
Limit Login Attempt
This is a very important WordPress security plugin that allows you to set a limit to the number of retry login attempts that can be made by an internet address. Once the limit is reached, the internet address is blocked from making any further attempts. Secret authorization passwords are not secure enough as hackers can use certain means such as the brute-force attacks to feed in multiple character combinations and ultimately getting the right one by trial and error. Limit login attempt eliminates such security risk. On addition to that, the plugin informs the user of remaining retries and also handles servers behind proxies.


– Monetize Your Blog –

Ninja Affiliate (Convert Blog Post Keywords Into Money Making Links)
Ninja affiliate plugin (link cloaker) is an important plugin for online marketers and bloggers that helps manage all affiliate product hyperlinks and convert keywords into affiliate links. All one needs to do is write the keyword in the Ninja affiliate dashboard and then the plugin automatically inserts the affiliate URLs. With the plugin, one is also able to convert a page or the posts on a blog and add the URLs to each of the keywords. One can also limit the number of affiliate links per page. Ninja affiliate plugin enables you to cloak associate text links. Cloaking helps keep link larceny and associate sabotage.
OIO Publisher
OIOpublisher plugin is an ad manager that enables you to optimize your generated revenue and save time. It also provides you with the full control of your ad space. With the OIOpublisher plugin, you can avoid the middleman commission and run third party ad networks along your own ads. Another advantage of the plugin is its single license that you can use in all your websites. The plugin can be directly implemented into WordPress blogs and you can get to set various payment options including PayPal and 2Checkout. One can also use it to customize ads by setting the size of ads that you want and how much they should be paid for.


– Build Your Email List –


“If you’re not building an email list, you’re an idiot.I recommend Aweber because its easy to use and great for small AND large businesses”

Derek Halpern from Social Triggers

Aweber is an email marketing software owned by Aweber Communications, a registered company founded in 1998. The software helps build and boost website traffic. Signing up for these services costs as little as $1. Email marketing services provided by Aweber include auto-responds, RSS conversion to email and email newsletters. The email marketing software enables the creation of profitable customer relations to companies and businesses. Providing the also follow ups help companies stay well in touch with clients. With the software, one also gets over 150 ready to use templates of HTML emails and over 300 web form templates that are important to any business.
Hybrid Connect ( Plugin)
Hybrid is a WordPress mailing list plugin that is designed to ease the integration of mailing list services such as that of Adweber and creating opt-in forms. This works to help bring traffic back to a blog as with a mailing list one can easily manage all feedback. Hybrid comes with many quite useful features including response forms, in depth statistics, templates and inbuilt testing functionality that are very useful. There is also Facebook connect integration to help bring all the traffic and keep blogs and sites in touch with the social media. This impressive plugin also gives the ability to customize a blog with its well intuitive inbuilt form builder.
Optin Skin (Plugin)
Having a lot of traffic without subscribers is just not enough. Optin skin is a plugin that gives you the ability get more subscribers. It does this by fully testing all the options of your opt-in form and informing you on the ones that are more convincing for your readers to subscribe. Using its simple editor, you can also customize form designs, change block gradients and fronts to designs that are more appealing to visitors. It comes with 18 customizable opt-in and social share designs. What's more, it works well with the major email marketing services and also has a one click email integration.


– 7 in 1 Comment Plugin –

CommentLuv (7 in 1 Plugins)
Commentluv is one amazing blogger tool and WordPress plugin that allows you to interact more with your readers by rewarding them. It rewards readers by automatically including a link to their most recent blog post at the end of their comment. Commentluv does this by fetching the feed at the readers' comments and extracting the last blog post title with link which is then displayed just below the comment form. In addition to that, it gives you the ability to add keywords, fight spam and integrate twitter-links. Your blog will gain more comments and traffic as backlink features are created on Commentluv blogs.


– Boost Your Blog Speed in 5min –

Max CDN ($10 off Coupon :
Ever wanted to give a new look to your website or ever been in a tight schedule to have a running website? Maxcdn provides these with much ease through a powerful control panel and CDN services. With Maxcdn, you can integrate almost any blog or website with added functionality such as e-commerce from a network of servers around the world in a fast and very easy way. Maxcdn works by taking static contents of a website such as JavaScript files onto network servers that then determine the fastest ways to deliver files to the user and then send them back to the user.