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Bluehost Review : Best Shared Hosting for WordPress

Web designers and developers as well as individuals creating their own websites will be amazed at what Bluehost has to offer in the way of shared hosting. Smart consumers looking for a dynamic and powerful  shared hosting platform will be pleased to know that Bluehost has been in the business of delivering premium best shared hosting for over 15 years. With unrivaled support and truly amazing pricing Bluehost leaves the competition in the dust. In addition, this unique best shared hosting platform is constantly being updated while adding new and innovative services and products to its list of features. Millions of website owners have discovered the power of Bluehost and that is why the word is getting out about this respected shared hosting company.


Bluehost It is a company that demands only the best state-of-the-art high-tech technology for its clients and customers. Some of the world class technological features that this best shared hosting giant offers include:
>UPS power backup
>Multiple 10 GB ethernet connections
>Dual-quad processor type performance server
>Diesel generators for backup-power
>Customized Apache type Web servers
>Linux operating system
>24/7 network monitoring
>Courtesy site backups
No other company in the industry can compare to this kind of world-class technological and list of powerful features. Web designers and web developers will truly appreciate the sheer power of this cutting-edge shared hosting platform.

Website owners seeking lightning fast speed in a shared hosting program will be astounded by the incredible number of features that Bluehost proudly offers its clients. The long list of features include:

>Unlimited GB of site transfer
>Unlimited domain-hosting and disk-storage
>Domain name at no additional charge
>Free domain
>Forwarding e-mail accounts
>POP3 secure IMAP type e-mail support
>cPanel control panel
>Full FTP type access
>Fully customizable error-pages
>Statistical analysis
>Full hotlink type protection
>Parked and add-on domains

All these rich features topped with 24/7 support that is based in the United States makes this hosting platform a true winner in the field of shared hosting.

Website owners seeking extraordinary customer support will be delighted with a customer support team that routinely responds to customers in seconds and not in minutes. Amazingly fast servers are one of the biggest reasons that Bluehost has been trusted by millions of website owners around the world. Other highly desirable features include:simplescripts 1-click installation capability,secure shell access (SSH), as well as the ability for prospective clients to sample Bluehost by way of a fully functional live demo. Customers experiencing Bluehost for the first time will discover speed, flexibility and a level of support that is quickly setting the standard in the hosting industry.

What really makes Bluehost so incredibly popular is that it is extremely affordable and allows access to designers, developers and website owners who are operating on a wide range of budgets. From the very small individual budget to large corporate budgets Bluehost has every angle covered. Those seeking a complete web hosting solution with total dependability and reliability that exceeds industry standards will enjoy a breath of fresh air when they discover Bluehost. Customers new to shared hosting will be greeted on the Bluehost website by live chat and 24/7 offered via a toll-free phone number. No question is too complex for a support team that prides itself on knowing its product and services inside and out.

In addition, Bluehost is always on the cutting edge of customer satisfaction by offering promotions, deals, discounts and coupons. For example, new clients to shared hosting can take advantage of free Google credits totaling $100, as well as $75 adword coupons. Prospective clients should always monitor the Bluehost website for new and exciting deals and coupons. Those seeking a truly secure shared hosting platform will have found exactly what they are looking for when they find Bluehost. Testimonials of satisfied customers prove that features such as site builder with templates, and a full range of programming code platforms are a winning combination. The list of programming code platforms includes Ruby on rails, CGI, Perl, MySQL, as well as PHP. Hard-core programmers will be amazed at the flexibility and sheer power of Bluehost.

This highly popular shared hosting company stands behind its products and services with a full unconditional moneyback guarantee and free instantaneous setup. There are never any hidden fees with Bluehost and the platform is compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Zencart, Drupal, as well as a variety of other theme-based platforms. Bluehost Is the leader in offering tools designed to enhance site promotion and overall site optimization. The sheer number of satisfied customers along with tens of thousands of new customers that come on board with Bluehost every single month makes it clear that this company is leading the way in the shared hosting industry.

Bluehost has a long and impressive list of features that most other web hosting companies could only dream of having. Other features include detailed search engine submission service along with a host of free website scripts including project management scripts, social media scripts, as well as message forums and support scripts. Those interested in e-commerce solutions will be delighted with features such as password protection directories, Agoura type shopping cart, cube and Zen cart shopping carts, as well as OS style commerce shopping cart. Bluehost makes e-commerce affordable and convenient for a full range of web designers and developers.

Website owners seeking rich and empowering multi media integration will be delighted with such features as MIDI file support, streaming audio and video support, full integration of real audio, as well as a host of other powerful multimedia tools. Imagine a shared hosting company that features groundbreaking technology, top-of-the-line customer service, and a fully functional live demo feature. This is what the Bluehost shared hosting platform offers new and existing clients each and every day. Those seeking a complete web hosting solution with 24/7 in-house customer service will know that they have found what they have been looking for when they find Bluehost. The company’s headquarters and facilities include data centers with square footage totaling in the tens of thousands of square feet. No other company delivers like Bluehost. Discover dynamic and powerful shared hosting today with Bluehost.

We have compared bluehost and hostgator but bluehost came out to be a winner check out the reviews here

  1. Bluehost vs Hostgator
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  1. I have been in love with BlueHost and recommending it on my blog from last 2 months. What I like most about the service is that they value their customers and that is what which makes it different from any other web hosting service.

    Nice review Saad.

    1. Thank you Ehsan, Their customer support is really great , most of my issues where solved with in 15min.

  2. With the recent GoDaddy situation lots of folks are moving their sites. Bluehost is certainly a good choice for domain hosting, as I have been told from several friends.

    Thanks for the info!

    posted by Galen Morgigno

    1. Godaddy has a lot more issue than this recent one, many people got their domain names stolen from godaddy. I have used godaddy personally also but was never really satisfied with its service and customer support.

  3. Hey bro,
    You are not making a mistake hosting with Bluehost. They have all it requires to host a stable blog.


    1. Hey Enstine, Thanks bro! , i have at least tried 6 hosting companies before moving to bluehost, I really this its the best hosting service for Wordpress.

  4. Like this post a lot. There could be many other ways to achieve it but you have very genuinely highlighted the best. According to me you described that in very good way. Also I have transfer to bluehost cause they have a good service.

    1. Thankyou Electris, really glad you bluehost hosting, is your blog hosted on Wordpress?

  5. Bluehost is a only trustworthy name that I recommend every single person even I’m promoting their service in my blog as well.

    The only good thing people want from their service provider is good customer service. Bluehost is good with it!

    1. thanks Irfan, really glad you like their customers service, personally I love their 24/7 chat system, I can be anywhere in the world and chat to them unlike other hosting where I have them and they put me on hold on an international call.

  6. What a thorough review Saad. I’m also a Bluehost lover. Been with them for over four years now and have never had any major issues at all. Their support is fabulous and they are extremely helpful when I need them.

    I highly recommend them to anyone who asks about hosting so I hope they’ll take this review into consideration when searching for a hosting service.


    P.S. Your twitter ID is not set up in your tweet button so though you would want to know.

    1. Thats great Adrienne, thanks for the heads up. What I love about bluehost is that their servers can easily handle spikes in traffic without the server going down unlike godaddy , hostgator.

  7. Nice review. BlueHost is best. Many of my friends are using their service and they are quite happy

    1. Thanks for the heads up Guppu Boss.

  8. Hey Saad

    I don’t use BlueHost as I’ve always been with one of their rivals but that’s certainly a thorough review you’ve given us.

    Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thanks Tim, any special reason to become their rival? had a bad experience? in that case I am not a big fan of godaddy and hostgator as my account used to get suspended due to spike in traffic, So I am sticking to bluehost now since 2009.

  9. I use both bluehost and Hostgator, and both are the top hosting companies for shared hosting. Though hostgator has the upper-hand when it comes to customer support. Bluehost is not that great with instant support

    1. thats true Sjeejesh, I love bluehost because I personally never had problem with them even with their support. I used Hostgator in 2010 and they use to suspend my account due to spike in traffic so i really lost respect for them but seems like they have gained a lot of attention since then and have improved a lot, I will definitely try it someday when I am done with bluehost.

  10. I wanted a helpful customer support for my hosting problems. Bluehost sounds like a good option will definately give it a try. Thanks for your post it has helped.

    1. true if you looking for an amazing host with support system then this bluehost is your choice!

  11. Hi Saad,
    the features of bluehost you have described here are truly impressive. You write that even their support offers assistance of superior quality. It must be the sign of the company’s professional level.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and for this detailed review.

    1. hey julia yea, what i love about their support is 24/7 online chat , most of my problem were solved through the chat. I would rate bluehost support 5/5 .

  12. I really love coming back to your blog reading your posts. I like the way you construct your article and the best part is you have your own uniqueness on how you describe it. Great job!!!

    1. thanks makeit 🙂 , hope you really liked this bluehost review.

  13. Nice post
    At this time i am using hostgator but after reading this post BlueHost seems good. So i am thinking of switch to BlueHost because there are lots of problem related with hostgator.

    1. hostgator is not bad as i am seeing a lot of people using it now without any complains but if you ask for my personal honest review , hostgator looks good but when i tried it in 2010 it wasnt that good , like really it sucked for me since then I am on bluehost and I am loving it.

    2. Hi Sudipto,
      I did not know that Hostgator can cause significant problems for you that you would opt out from them. Good thing there’s Bluehost for you to switch to.

  14. Hi Saad,
    The top most popular hosting sites that I have been usually reading about include Bluehost and HostGator. Thanks for sharing with us a great review about BlueHost – most people like it because of its good quality customer service which is very helpful for newbies.

  15. Finding reliable and affordable hosting company is not simple though I think checking the top 10 listed hosting companies are the better for a perfect hosting solution. Thanks!

  16. Hi,

    Good work Saad, i 100% agree with you. because many people do not have lot of money to buy dedicated server or Vps server and pay per month, so they can buy shared hosting to run there own blog. so if you want to buy a shared hosting then go to blue host it is cheap and reliable company with USA server also provide the dedicate ip and fast server and load your website in less than 1 or 2 second. i am also using the blue host from 3 year.


  17. Hi,

    I really like your bluehost review & I decided to include it in the Top 10 bluehost reviews.


    1. thanks Daniel , really appreciate it , i have accepted the ping that I got from your blog but the page doesn’t exists on your blog.

      1. Hi Saad,

        I will publish it tomorrow, sorry for the confusion.

        1. oh! alryt no problem. hope to see you again here 🙂

  18. Saad – nice detailed review, and remarkably good job replying to comments. That’s unusual these days. A few thoughts. I’m also a big fan of Bluehost. The were our Editor’s Pick in our 2012 BWH Rankings (See:

    One thing that surprised me in our research that I was unaware of is that Bluehost is now owned by Endurance International Group, the same company that owns iPage, FatCow, IPower, and even Hostgator. They’ve done a remarkable job keeping the brands separate so most people don’t know they’re commonly owned. It’s quite possible they’ve also kept management separate, so that each company will continue to perform differently. But it’s also possible that we’ll see a convergence in hardward, interface, systems, support style, etc between all of these companies.

    Just thought I’d put that out there for your consideration. If you have any additional details on it, I’d be interested in hearing them.

    1. Hey John, i remember bluehost collaborating with all other companies like hostgator but I did not Digg any deeper on it. Thanks for letting us know and secondly bluehost has done an amazing job in keeping their customers happy so did the hostgator but fatcow, ipage and others are not upto the mark.

  19. Yes its true that all these branded hosts are now under endurance international and hostgator is their recent acquistion. I am thinking of buying one deal from bluehost as i need to host multiple domains and blogspot sites under one umbrella

    1. YES! you should get bluehost. I am huge fan it and using this since 2009 so far i had not a single issue with them that made me change my mind.

  20. Not one issue all this time. Uptime, customer care everything wow

  21. New year 2013 is coming, do you have web hosting deal for BlueHost or HOstmonster?

    1. bluehost has a great discount going on their packages , check it out here.

  22. That’s a great indepth review. But I don’t think that their could be any comparision between hostgator and bluehost ( except the price and packages ), since they both are owned by same company ( ).

    And personally I really love the support team ( both of bluehost and hostgator ). They respond quickly, solve your problems and also provide helps with 3rd partly scripts, installations and solutuions.Thanks for this great review.

  23. I have been using bluehost for a few months now.Not even a single downtime for my site and i recently bought an dedicated ip for my shared hosting plan.The site loads faster with a dedicated ip address in a shared hosting environment.
    Its the best shared hosting for wordpress.

  24. I recommend Bluehost and Hostgator to my friends as they are most reliable and best according to me. Thanks for sharing detailed review on Bluehost.

    1. Your welcome Gurwinder , thanks for adding a thumbs up to bluehost and liking this review.

  25. I just heard about this and now i m reading the review. Thanks a ton buddy 🙂

  26. I was looking for best hosting provider and you explained everything here in detail. I have go daddy account and I always face problems so planning for change. Thanks for sharing nice post about best shared hosting.


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