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Don’t Over-Optimize: SEO Should Come Naturally

If your business has a physical location as well as an online presence, you should understand exactly how important your reputation as a business owner can be to your business. Even online-only companies know that reputation is everything, and building your brand requires trust from your current customers and clients that encourages repeat business and referrals , below are the few tips on how to optimize your content after google penguin.

SEO marketing and content generations are part of your marketing strategies, but they’re also part of your reputation. Site content that is overloaded with backlinks, sales pitches, and “money grabs” will cause customers to leave your site instead of doing further research. SEO strategies that are over-optimized can have the same effect: too many search terms in content and blatant leverage of your ranking keywords can make customers turn their noses up and leave.

Worse still, your customers or readers aren’t all you have to worry about. Recent changes to Google search algorithms through their Panda and Penguin updates focus on ranking “valuable” content by automatically measuring what is and isn’t “over-optimized.” Stuffing site content with keywords, over-optimized anchor text and other search term exploiting methods are all considered “over-optimization” in new algorithms, and pages that do this will be downgraded accordingly.

SEO professionals are seriously re-thinking their strategies for these new algorithms, especially after seeing major pages and brands penalized and dropped out of SERPs overnight.

How Do You Maintain Your SEO And Stay Safe?

You have two choices when it comes to how you develop content:

  • You can attempt to game the ever-changing conditions of search engine algorithms, and if you’re lucky, you’ll raise your page rankings for a while—at least until search engines decide they don’t like your over-optimization and penalize you.
  • Or, you can write quality content with subtle SEO added afterwards—a keyword here, some non-key worded anchor text that adds context there—and sleep easy knowing that your content will outlast search engine algorithm trends because it is truly valuable to your visitors.

Work harder and longer for the short-term boost, or work smarter and be confident that your content will deliver results in the long-term. Is there even a choice to make? Consider this as well offsite SEO plays a major role in your search results as well; that is, backlinks and references to your content from other websites you have no control over.

What do you think will build more offsite references faster? Readable, valuable, share-worthy content or over-optimized sales pitches that are hard to read?

The Best Solution? Write More Content Embedded With More Value

Though Google and other search engines have pushed back against over-optimization SEO strategies, this doesn’t mean you have to abandon your optimizations altogether. Algorithm updates are being designed with honest, natural, customer-oriented content in mind, and the best SEO practice is to simply follow those guidelines.

Don’t think of your SEO about how optimized it is, but rather about how your visitors see your content—they’re the ones that really matter, after all!

You can still inject your content with keywords and anchor text, but don’t overdo it. Your content should be accessible, and your links and keywords should come out naturally.

  • Instead of trying to squeeze five or ten keywords in your content, focus on two to four.
  • Instead of linking key worded anchor text to your conversion pages in your content, give non-key worded anchor text that links to other relevant webpages outside of your business.
  • Reach out to these backlinked sources and ask them to return the favor directly. Cooperation between businesses through backlinking agreements can result in everyone benefitting from enhanced search results and shared business.

Overall, your best bet for effective long-term SEO is to write content that is customer-oriented first, instead of overly sales-oriented or over-optimized.Seo over optimization can cause a huge impact in your search engine ranking. Natural, easy-to-read content will carry your business farther in SERPs than over-optimization ever will, now more than ever.


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  1. Hey Saad,
    You have explained good points here, But i would like to tell you that you should add some methods to do Natural link building.
    You must add some bullet points like how to manage anchor text of links, How to manage keyword density , How to make a page looks natural to search engine ?

    The post would look more good if you tend to optimize it but i think it is a guest post so you have not added it. 🙂


    1. Great reply Saif , and thanks for the comment about adding the point to act naturally for google penguin , but I see that you are new reader over here because I have already covered those points in my post earlier.

      • How to recover from Google Penguin Update
      • How Social Media Can Help You To Recover from Google Penguin
  2. ok thanks for share. i will follow your steps

    1. Thanks Shubham , Glad you liked it.

  3. I agree that SEO must come naturally to your blog. Overoptimizing will only give it harm and not benefit your site in the long run. With today’s Google Panda and Penguin updates, those who have long benefited on spam linking and other black hat SEO techniques are really going to get penalized. Those who do natural back linking on high-quality blogs and being interactive with their readers and always updating their blog with fresh and unique content are the ones that are going to be rewarded for their efforts. As most bloggers will say, write for your readers, and every other thing (Page Rank, earning money, customer loyalty, good reputation) will follow naturally.

    1. Thanks for wrapping up everything together , well my strategy right now is to produce good content , be more social on Facebook, twitter , commenting on relevant blogs and to write up guest posts for famous blogs.

      I have stopped relying on google traffic and try to build a trust with other bloggers on my blog and its working out great for me .

      Thanks for stopping by , i love serious readers (=

  4. I understand that there should be a balance…but not everyone can maintain one..

    1. you mean to say patience is the key and people dont have it ? 😀

  5. Thanks for the well explained insights here where I would like to apply on my new niche.

    1. Glad you liked it , dont forget to browse through other posts to get know more tips on seo and Wordpress.

  6. i got ur points but still i want to ask the exact density of the keyword

    1. Glad you asked Ujjwal , i was doing a research on this question 2days back as i am getting emails about people asking me about the keyword density after , Matt Cutts from google says that after google penguin rolled out keyword density should around 1.5% to 2% on a 500words article.

    2. Well even i knew that keyword density should be anywhere around 1.5- 3 percent (Not more than that), but you can use different forms of keywords. Suppose you choose the keyword as “Writing tips”. You can use “tips for writing” as well. Now your main keyword density will become below 1 percent and that is not at all a problem.

      1. thanks Sanjib for dropping in your amazing tips! 🙂

  7. Visisted your blog for the first time.
    Your posts and blog design is really unique and awesome.
    Looking forward for more interesting posts.

    1. Thanks Imran , will try my best to provide interesting stuff on your next visit.

  8. If everything is natural then it is good and you can have real blessings of nature, it is all about philosophy. 🙂

    It is great content and you told everything about natural beauty of SEO. Blogger should work with honesty with full dedication then i am damn sure your blog will have good SEO.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. I dont really believe in off site seo , its all about having connections with good bloggers on network , and they will link their posts to you and that link would be really effective than buying a text link from someone who has 100 obl on his blog , so always stick to people who are above you , learn from them as much as can.

      thanks for dropping your comment, Welcome to seoallrounder 😉

  9. Its Saad :p , thanks for liking the post , hope you come over again for some more tips 😉

  10. Great article. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful info with us. I got more info about SEO from this blog. I love this blog.

  11. What about for business websites? Do these practices apply? It seems that the sites which grow naturally are the big names in the industry. How does a little guy grow naturally?

  12. i still don’t know how to be natural with google. the more natural I am, the less calls i get. they want you to pay them, lets be honest!

  13. i know this is an old topic but it seem slike google is just squeezing the small guys and awarding the guys who pay them big money in adsense, is this fair to those who put in time to do organic seo? probably not, but lets face it, money talks.

  14. Totally agree. Lots of people think they can fool Google et al by being sly but it rarely ever works

  15. Yes, it’s true over optimization may become spam detection by the search engeines to the our website or webpage, optimization should always be natural, thank you for sharing useful information….

  16. how do maintain my seo and stay safe?
    what are the tools for do that?


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