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How to Use SEO To Drive Traffic to a Website

It`s undeniable that SEO is considered an essential part of marketing your site online. Every internet business owner has to conduct one form of SEO tactic or another to be able to attract traffic to the site. But implementing efficient SEO tactics isn`t that simple because there are a wide variety of elements which search engines look into before they will rank your web page at the top of their search results. In line with this, there are a few easy tips to use SEO as an efficient tool to drive traffic to your website.


1. Try to avoid cheating. Tricking the search engines will be the sure way to failure, sooner or later. Search engines these days are becoming more and more sophisticated and it will most likely penalize any site which will try to fool it.

2. Try to avoid using too much flash navigation. While flash might look good on the site, it`s impossible for search engines to spider it and know what your content will be about.

3. Try to always remember the phrase “Content is King”. It`s in the search engine best interest to offer relevant info to the users. In other words, it`s pretty important for you to offer the type of content which people will be interested in. Do not span your content with keywords or phrases though; try to be certain that the searchers will have some kind of benefit from your website as well.

4. Try to make other website to link to your site. Getting back links to your own site will automatically improve your search engine ranking. Take that search engines frown upon link farm services as they will put your links with website that aren`t relevant to your site.

5. Try to avoid as much as possible using JavaScript navigation. Search engines can not really understand any of all that content which is inside JavaScript. It all your web page links will be there, you will for sure want search engines to find them.

6. You should use Google Site Map. A wonderful way for spiders to get as much info from your website as possible is by using site maps. Using Google`s own site map is pretty beneficial as it meets all of Google`s specifications.

7. Title tags are considered to be pretty efficient. This will let search engines know what the content on your website is all about. Basically, these are to be considered tool tips which will appear when you will put your pointer on the links on the web page.

8. Try to avoid using duplicate content. Avoid using content that is also used on other sites as this can make Google move your website to a supplemental listing that is in fact their secondary database.

Do leave your opinion about how to use SEO to drive traffic to a Website in the comment section below.

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  1. very nice information to get back links dear i really like your effort

  2. Must say you are a genius in SEO field. he trips you have mentioned here are quite useful in growing the traffic of website.

  3. Do We Need To Have Backlink on Our Main page or in almost all Pages ??? And is this Method Affect SERP Position


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