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Free WordPress Backup To Dropbox plugin

Backing up your blog regularly is a vital thing.Anything can happen in the digital world,so its better to have regular backups of your blog so that you can blog peacefully.There are many premium plugin available for automatically backing up of a blog.You can also make use free plugin like the Free WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin to make a backup of your blog files to your free Dropbox account automatically.So if anything happens to your blog files by mistake, you can always use the backup at Dropbox to fix it.

Note that this plugins will make backup of your WordPress files and database , many people don’t try this plugin as they think it only make database backup.

– Signup for Dropbox ( Get 500mb Free + 2gb )

Here is a step by step tutorial for creating an automated backup of WordPress blog using WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin.

1.Dropbox offers online storage,file sharing and much more.If you don’t have a Dropbox account create one here (if you download using our link , you and I will get 500MB FREE , Isn’t is amazing) .Download the plugin <link>and then Install the WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin by navigating to Plugins>>Add New >>Upload

2.After installation ,activate the plugin and then you will be asked to authorize the plugin.Make sure you have logged in into your Dropbox account.Now click on the authorize button and a new window seeking permission for accessing Dropbox will be displayed.

3.In that window select the Allow button.This will give authorization of the plugin to access and link your Dropbox account with your blog,click on the continue button in your plugin dashboard then you will be taken to settings page. WordPress Backup to Dropbox settings :

In the settings page choose the subfolder where you want to store your backup files.And also choose the Time and Date when you wanted to backup your blog and the folders to backup.You can select the folders to ignore in the backup process,except the ones like the wp-content folder and the .htaccess file which changes often in your blog while installing plugins and themes.

Note: Its better to have a backup of all files and directories, so don’t choose any files or directories to exclude in the backup process.

Backup Now Option:

The Backup Now Option of this plugin can be used to do a manual backup of your blog files.Click on the Backup now button to do a complete manual backup.

Premium Dropbox Backup Version:

The premium version of this plugin offers two more features

1.Zip backup :This extension will create a compressed zip file of the backup files and thus reduces the size of the backup file.

2.Email notifications : This extension will notify you via email of backup completion and other issues.

These extensions cost only around 9$ and 19$ respectively for use with a single site.For using with unlimited blogs you can go for a yearly subscription for only 99$

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Hope you liked this Free WordPress backup to Dropbox plugin.As it’s a free service it is well suited for beginners.What plugins are your using to make an automatic backup of your blog. ?

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  1. Awesome bro, Going to try this now

    1. Your Welcome Amar , let me know if you have any issues with it , through its very simple to use. 🙂

  2. Thanks A Lot Bro Thats Really Nice .. I Need It .. As Amar Said I’m Also Going To Try This 😀 😀

    1. your welcome 🙂 hope you like it.

  3. Greatly useful feature for any blogger and thanks for so vivid explanation. BTW, how much space would it require to back up an average size blog?

    HostGator does auto backup every week, so, I was not thinking on this aspect yet. Looks great to try if the free space provided is sufficient.

    1. normally 1gb is google enough for a blog but dropbox gives you 2gb initially and you can get another 700mb by just liking their page and 500mb for every referral right now I am having 8gb on it and its sufficient , follow them and stuff. If hostgator provides you free backup then go for HG.

      I really like dropbox as all the files are automatically downloaded to my pc everyday.

  4. Saad, what about the WordPress Database Backup, it sends you the database backup regularly on your email address!

    1. Mairaj , that plugin only makes database backup , where as dropbox makes backup of your files , images , plugins and everything including database.

  5. wow.
    this is amazing trick.
    Blog backup is very important.

    1. thanks, making backup weekly is important and getting it for free is awesome (=

  6. I usually do all my backup things from cpanel but it sounds great to see this type of backup system..

    1. Cpanel is a great option Deepak , but in cpanel you have to make them manually or you have to page for automatic backing up , this one is free+automatic. Just connect it once and forget about it , your backups will be ready automatically.

  7. This is new to me cause I only knew that dropbox is just only for online storage, I really would like to try this feature. I know dropbox can increase the memory by getting referrals but I am not sure what is the maximum. Do you have any idea?


    1. yea its a really great feature of this plugin , maximum you can have is 16gb from referrals .

  8. Hi Saad,

    I have lots of respect for Dropbox, it’s a SUPERB service. Happy your posting about it, at some point in time I was using it to test website modifications.

    At the moment I’m manually backing up themes and plugins on a weekly basis, might give this a try. Always have a backup guys!

    1. thats the only reason I wrote about this plugin , I love dropbox and their apps , simple yet powerful service.

      What the point of writing about the service which you haven’t tried your yourself.

  9. yo saadi i need to talk … i have few issues with my website …. call me when you are in skypeee…. okie

  10. Its really great, I’ll start this for my blog now.

    1. Thanks Tarun , let us know about your experience yea?

  11. Sounds like interesting plugin.
    I was searching for a WP DB similar plugin, I might use this plugin will I buy BackupBuddy.

    Thanks for the post. Will surely sign up trough your link!

    1. I will stick to this for a while as its working great for me , but I am huge fan of premium plugins so I will try Backupbuddy soon and write a review about it.

      Thanks for you comment Ehsan , glad to see you back here.

  12. Is That a good idea to bakup our site with DropBox?
    Is our files vulnerable?
    Let me know 🙂

    1. its been a month now and i am using it , no problems so far.

  13. Hi Saad Naeem ,
    I am using this plugin after your recommendation and I am getting awesome result. I would like to say thank you for your recommendation about this useful plugin.

    1. Your Welcome Bhavesh, I try to test many plugins before making my final decision to put them on my blog, make sure to join seoallrounder on facebook and twitter 🙂

  14. Nice to read these backup system. thanks for sharing. Would love to try this out!

  15. Thank you for bringing this amazing plugin and backup system to attention; its truly is hands free. One thing I want to ask you. The files will be downloaded in one folder all the time, then there will be multiple copies of the same thing again and again. How do you differentiate 1 set of files from this week to another, or does it create files automatically.

    1. files will written at one place , they will be overwritten every time the new backup is created and yea it will in a special backup folder. It wont mess up your other files.

  16. Saad, since I wrote the first comment, I have already tried it. It created a folder and I assume and as you say the older files will be replaced by the new ones. If thats the case then it is a dream plugin. I will monitor how it goes.

    1. Sure Shalo , i have recommended it to my friends and they are really happy with it and I am using it from 3months now and its working seamlessly to make backups for my Wordpress blogs!

  17. Hi Saad,
    It is very important to back up our blogs on a regular basis, unless you do not care about your blog at all and you are not doing any business on it. However, for many of us, a lot of files in our computer are important to us, most especially those files related to our family and friends – pictures, etc. Those for me, are very important and it is so lucky for us nowadays that we can get to back them up to the Internet via Dropbox and other online storage-type plugins/services. We no longer have to worry about losing our precious files. Thanks for sharing a step-by-step instruction on how to backup WP using the Dropbox plugin!

    1. Thanks Felecia, I am starting to depend on this plugin. I really hope they keep it up to dated. Its a very essential plugin for wordpress.

  18. I clearly understand the simple step to back up ur wordpress database to Dropbox.
    Someday i expect those files to be in use.
    My site crashed, now i need those file from Dropbox to my Wordpress Database or in my File Manager. So how do i do it… I checked google but i only see how to backup to Dropbox .. Nobody is talking about how to get it back to wordpress. Noone cares or needs it or what.. if anyone has a clue or a link that shows hot it is done please forward it .. i need it desperately .
    thank you all..

  19. Hey,
    wow thats great, So now i can make a back up of my all posts in drop box. This is cool 🙂
    Thank you

  20. Nice Blog Greatly useful feature for any blogger and thanks for so vivid explanation. BTW, how much space would it require to back up an average size blog.Thank you for bringing this amazing plugin and backup system to attention; its truly is hands free. One thing I want to ask you. The files will be downloaded in one folder all the time, then there will be multiple copies of the same thing again and again.
    Thanks For The Blog..!!


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