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How Social Media Can Help To Overcome Google Penguin

Thanks to the latest Google indexing update, many website owners out there are asking about recovery from Google Penguin update using social networks. This article looks at two important parts of the answer: what Google Penguin is, and how you can recover your online standing using social networks.

What Is Google Penguin? Before we look at recovery from Google Penguin update using social networks, let’s first define what Penguin is. As you probably already know, Google releases changes to its search algorithms from time to time. These algorithms are designed to make the internet a better, more information intensive place, and to improve the experience for internet users. The changes that Penguin brings build on the last big change, code-named Panda, and it’s aimed at reducing duplicate content online, and on improving the quality of content out there.

Basically, if your site has relied on less than stellar quality content, or on black or grey hat SEO, then you might very well be in trouble!

How Social Media Can Help

The changes that Penguin brings is likely to negatively impact content heavy sites in many ways – not least of which because spun articles and low quality content is not really a viable option anymore.

There are ways to counter that effect though and social media is one of them – and in several ways.

1) If you own a small, content based site, adding a social networking element to your site itself is an option. There are cheap and free options out there, and they allow you to build an online community, and to have a constant supply of natural, original content!

2) Linking your social media profiles (for instance a Twitter Ticker or a Facebook box) on your website is another way to keep your site posting original, high quality content without breaking the bank on content creation.

3) Ramping up your social media activities is another good idea. Since you’re likely to suffer at least a little in the Google search results until you find your feet, driving traffic from your social media profiles to your site might just fill the gap.

4) Networking is another big opportunity to make recovery from Google penguin update using social networks work for you. Liking or connecting with related but not competing social network groups can boost your visitors, and that means more revenue – whether it’s ads or sales.

5) Multimedia is another good option. Make a low-cost YouTube video, post it on your social network pages, link to your site, and see your traffic grow.

The biggest problem for the owner of smaller websites has always been balancing cost and traffic, and until we all figure out how to tweak our sites to make the most of the Penguin search system, that’s going to be a little harder.

Thanks to social networks though – whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any of the others – and a targeted marketing plan, you can get more out of Penguin without bankrupting your business.

Getting to the top of the search rankings is still possible with Penguin – but it’s going to be a bumpy ride, and it’s the sway marketers that will stand the test of time.


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  1. Actually, I am one of those who appreciated this Google Penguiin update because now, I can somehow reassure myself that most of the contents I found in the Internet have much reliable and strong content. Thanks for sharing the idea.

    1. Yes Andrea now that not the case , create a site with 1000posts and google will send you traffic , now quality matter more

  2. Thank god i am not from those whose blog is effected by this update. But still i think that it was a good update.

    1. thanks for stopping by Zeeshan , well its did effect a lot of people if you go through some forums , I am glad it did not effect your website. It mostly effected those site who are not socialized and looking for for only google traffic.

  3. Saad !
    I am really disappoint with this guest post !
    Seriously !
    Bro you are a good SEO as well, You should think about Guest posting content at least once ?
    May i know what is the relation of Google penguin with social networks ?
    Google penguin is totally for Over optimization in On page and Over optimized exact match anchor text !

    Social networking is a nice idea to get traffic but not a good idea for penguin!
    Penguin give more importance to links. natural linking should be there !

    1. you are certainly right , i should check for guest posts but I some what agree with the article here.

      google wants your to create your social presence and build links that look natural and getting links for Facebook and twitter are pretty much natural and even if you get 100 links per day from social site , it wont harm your website.

      Get traffic from other sources and google will help you in creating more traffic, but google doesn’t want you to rely on them.

      I hope that clears your point.

      1. Saad , You’ll definitely be a good blogger because you positively accepting criticism from your readers. That’s a great character a blogger should have. Good luck man! 🙂

        1. Thank you Eddy (hope you done mind me calling you that , cause i have a friend called Aditya and we call him Eddy) 🙂 , and about critics , trust i love to reply to critics they are keep me motivated to learn more and more.

  4. Man i hate this penguin update got the /seo page of my site blacklisted 🙁 all i did was just get more backlinks with the anchor free seo and damm …. thankfully my other pages and keywords are doing fine

  5. This is really a great debate whether social media influence search engine ranking or not. According to me YES! it does. Since we all know that backlinks are fading away it still counts but not as much as in earlier days. every single share on FB, each +1 and Retweet equally count as much as a backlink does.

    1. to the point!

      cheer mate , hope to see you again.

  6. You have given some nice tips on how to use social media to overcome Google penguin. I think it is good to have a good social media presence because search engines consider retweets and likes also as votes these days. If we get lost of retweets and likes for our content, this will mean that our content is good 🙂

    1. Hey mike, social media has helped a lot of sites to gain instant traffic including us, getting as many traffic sources is good try youtube,facebook,twitter and google plus. Quick ways to get readers and get your site going.

  7. Penguin overcome was a bit tough before i read this blog, and i must say that the tips you shared matters a lot, i had made all the necessary changes you listed and i believe that there will be positive results soon.

  8. Great post.. Thank you..


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