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How To Give Value to your Readers, Customers, Bloggers and Advertisers

To create a readership in your website , you need to give something good to your audience , something that gives values to them. There’s a reason why you visit , or , you visit because they offer uptodate news about the world , you visit engadget because they have the top gadget news and mashable for social media news. So approach have they used to give value to their readers? Well, for me i think their consistency and their reward system has made their site grow so much.

So lets get straight to the point yea?

Giving Value to you Readers

Readers are basically the ones, who come to your site and if the like the article they will share it and if they dont like your articles for 3-4 times they might stop coming to your site. So what can you do so increase that 3-4 articles into 10-15 before they stop coming to your site?

Well try to start a loyalty reward system for your site, the one we are using is from punchtab so it acutally does is , it requires member to signup for the reward system and once he is signed up , every time the reader get 100 points for

  1. Visiting
  2. Sharing
  3. Commenting
  4. downloading

With these points reader can get a reward which you have to offer , this way its a win win situation for you and your reader. You get more visitors and and your site gets more comments making it look lively.

Your visitor gets it rewards doing this , we are giving bluehost hosting account or $100 in Paypal who ever reaches the required points. This is just an example but there’s a lot you can do to attract reader just be creative.

Giving Value To Your Customers

You are a blogger and most probably you are affiliated with companies to monetize your website , well you get 1000 visitors on your affiliate page but hardly get clicks, ever wonder why? Well some people think that when they get directed they have to pay higher price because company will pay you the commission + their price , though it isn’t like that.

So how you can give value to your customers? Well what you can do is write a small text next to your affiliate link for example: Amazon( use our link and get 50% discount). This way you have highly chance of getting clicks on your link or you can run a small affiliate program as we have done on our site for hosting deals

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What’s your opinion and ideas about Giving Values to your Readers, Customers, Bloggers and Advertisers ?.Do share your ideas with us in the comments below.


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