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How to Promote Affiliate Products the RIGHT Way? My Way!

How do you promote affiliate products on your blog?

Are you not noticing any growth or results on your affiliate sales though you’re working hard? Well.. it happens with everyone.

If you want to make more from affiliate marketing;

  • You should be targeting the right audience and
  • You should promote affiliate products the right way

But, how can you promote affiliate products the right way to bring more income?

Here are few tips to get more out of your affiliate products

Harness the power of your Email list

Undoubtedly your email list is the most powerful asset for your online business. If you already have a thriving audience, it becomes easy for you to sell your products. But what if you don’t already have one? Start growing one immediately. Yes.. email list building should be your top priority to generate great income from affiliate marketing.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t earn decent money without having an email list though – but you’ll have more scope to promote affiliate product the right way to generate more income. It’s why email list is so important to generate good amount of money. But make sure you’re sending the emails not only to sell your products, but also to educate them before buying your products. This way you can convince more people to buy your affiliate products.

  1. To give power to your email list use a autoresponder service like Aweber
  2. Make Attractive Video Squeeze pages
  3. Use Squeeze pages for facebook timeline
  4. How I Build my Emailing Fast 

Write great product reviews that sell

Why? Your readers should know what they’re buying before. And what’s the best way to educate them about your products except writing ‘quality product reviews’ on your blog? You’ll generate more income if your offer is good. You need to CONVINCE the people why the product is the BEST fit for them, and what are the benefits they’re going to get etc.

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Offer them something that no one offers

Why should someone buy ONLY your products? Ask this question yourself if you’re serious about affiliate marketing. Why??

Why should anyone buy from you if there are LOT of websites selling the same products?

If you’ve convincing answer, you can promote affiliate product to generate more affiliate income. No one will buy your affiliate products, when they find no value, hence you’ll probably end up making almost nothing from your products. So always make sure you’re offering something that no one else is offering on your niche to make more money from affiliate marketing.

For example, if you’re getting 50% affiliate income from a single source, try to cut off 10 or 15% from that product and make the product price bit cheaper than others. This way you can bring more affiliate sales on your blogs.

Choose the RIGHT products

What if you try to promote hosting providers on a personality development blog? No one will buy (even click) on your products even if you’ve thousands of unique visitors. Why? Your niche is different and you’re promoting something different. Who cares?

Target the RIGHT audience and promote the RIGHT stuff.

This way you can bring more affiliate sales to your products. Make sure you’re not pasting too many ads to make more income – but promote only those products which suit your audience. This way, you’re not only getting rid of overwhelmed by your products, but you’re also giving them less options. Less is always more in online business!

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Google is your best friend – optimize your content

Always make sure your contents are optimized for the search engines. Because Google is the one source that can bring long lasting traffic to your blog posts in the long run. And also make a point that, you NEED to wait to make more sales from your affiliate products. So obviously you should be taking the help of search engines to drive traffic, but don’t keyword stuff your blog posts and make them generic. Instead of keyword stuffing, use long tail keywords to bring great traffic from the search engines. Try to learn SEO basics, spend some time to experiment with search engine optimization – this way you’ll enhancing the chances of getting more traffic from search engines.

Use social media effectively

After search engines, you should be targeting the social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc to attract more audience landing on your blog. When they see interesting stuff and if they find something valuable – they’ll surely listen to you. They’ll buy from you and they’ll make you more money from your affiliate products. Try to be active on social media sites and connect with others (be it influencers, other bloggers, fans etc). This way, you’re giving more online visibility to your affiliate products. Always try to educate the purpose of your affiliate products and ONLY promote those products which you’re using. This way you can gain more trust and credibility. In the long run, all these are required to make more money from your affiliate products.

Over to you:

I’m done now. Do you’ve any more tips to boost affiliate sales and what are the other ways that you promote your affiliate products?

Do share them below.

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  1. Hey, the article is really meant for me. I was wondering if you can help me creating a different custom URLs for blogger

    1. I am not a much of a blogspot person so I dont really know how can we create custom urls but surely they might be a trick to do it.

  2. But Saad when do you suggest one should start selling affiliate product? After reaching any particular traffic numbers?

    1. if you ask me, I would say getting at least 1000UV per day from a good niche site is good to kick start your affiliate marketing before that try to provide quality articles.

  3. Hey Saad,

    Excellent post. I think Email subscribers are the main thing to get your affiliate marketing going and traffic. If you have a good opening rate of Email then you can achieve goals and good traffic.

    Thank you

  4. No doubt affiliate marketing is an awesome method from which we can make an awesome amount of income in short time. But we must have loyal readers and the readers who purchase from our links.


    1. Well increasing readers ship takes time and as you can see, list building is my no. one point in promoting affiliate marketing. Many top bloggers have made a mistake and told us in their post that building a list is a must thing so I learned a lesson from there and have started building my list from the start.

  5. Saad, I’m so glad to see email list at the top of the list, and my focus is always on looking for ways to increase my subscribers so that I will be able to promote the right kinds of products and services to them in the future. Top post mate.

    1. Thanks Fab, Yes List building is my main goal. This is a lesson learnt from all probloggers who did not build list in starting and later mentioned in their post that they regret not building a list from beginning.

  6. Nice Post, But I can say one thing, affiliate marketing is not for everyone, you have to learn lot of things before promoting a products,thanks for writing on this topic, I am going to promote some products on my blog..
    Thanks Saad 🙂

    1. learn a lot of things? Would you mind sharing few here with us , would love to know your tricks on promoting affiliate products.

      1. Like before promoting any product use it, then promote if you use the product you can give better review of that product, and also it gives positive vibes to your readers because you are promoting a product which is used by you, Best thing to start with a product which you are currently using on your blog or in your life.

        other important part is write keyword optimized post which helps you to get Search engine users who are searching for the same kind of products that can increase your sales, and many things you have already mentioned in your post…

  7. It is really good to visit to your post guys as we can
    get new information from here, thanks for share
    with us.
    Affiliate marketers can earn too much if they know the right way to promote…this article is really helpful to them….

    1. Yes, many bloggers are ditching cpc like adsense to earn money and going towards promoting affiliate products. For e.g. ME 😀

      I believe prompting the right affiliate product is worth a lot more as you are recommending your visitors a quality product rather than wanting them click your ad which is vey irrelevant most of the times.

  8. Great content for selling affiliate products. I’m promoting transitioning to a vegan diet for health and weight loss.

    1. you have great blog there and pretty good content , i think you should start putting some affiliate links or banner beneath the content to see more conversions on your products , I dont really recommend using banners on sidebar.

  9. Im getting tired of using google adsense. Google getting tons of traffic from web masters and web masters getting cents from buys online.

    1. To start earning from Adsense you need to send them huge amount of traffic , you should have at least 15k traffic to get monthly cheques from Adsense , i earn a lot more using affiliate than Adsense, That I never believed when other people used to say.

  10. Hi Saad,
    You have written a great post here. My question is can you please check my website for me to know whether I am doing the right things. Mostly my website is based on helping mum in their online business, however it has been difficult to get a lot of traffic.

    1. Hey Sumbo Just checked your blog and it looks amazing but when I tried to sign up for your news letter it says page broken , need to fix some issues there.
      Another thing which I see missing is Google authorship , you should get Google authorship in order to gain more audience and build trust.

      1. What do you mean by Google Authorship and how do i amend the broken link. Please explain.

        1. broken link , you can check in your plugin setting set up a redirect after signing up.

          Google authorship is easy to get , check in google tutorials or youtube it. I really wish I had written about it but I will do it any time soon.

          1. Thank you I just did that. I have applied for Google Authorship as well and got it.


  11. Yes, many bloggers are ditching cpc like adsense to earn money and going towards promoting affiliate products. For e.g. ME 😀

    I believe prompting the right affiliate product is worth a lot more as you are recommending your visitors a quality product rather than wanting them click your ad which is vey irrelevant most of the times.

    1. Hey Neel,

      Well I my myself ditched adsense not to earn big from affiliates but I don’t really use banners on my site anymore unless I am promoting a product of a friend but on my other small niche sites adsense is still my highest earners.

      choosing a right product which is affordable and has good features is sometimes hard to find.

      Thanks for dropping a comment and adding value to the post 🙂

  12. Everybody is telling that one should firstly build an authority blog, build trust, promote via email..

    But, what all internet marketers do ??

    Lemme tell you simple guide – buy exact match domain for your chosen product, write some detailed blog posts covering few keywords related to the product..

    Build web 2.0 links to all those posts…

    Do some aggressive blog commenting..

    Keep building quality links until you get ranked for the particular keyword..

    Now, you will be amazed to see money rolling in your bank account 🙂

  13. These are common ways to make money from blogging. I tried Adsense at first, but get disapproved time after time, so maybe affiliate marketing is a great idea.


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