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How to Use a Niche Forum for Targeted Traffic

Gaining traffic from a forum can help you make more sales. This type of traffic is highly targeted and not all that hard to get. You do need to spend a little time finding the right forums to use for your marketing and post to them often enough to use this marketing method effectively. There are many forums out there and finding a few for your niche won’t be that difficult.

To find the right forums for your marketing, start by searching Google for “your niche + forum”. This will display the best forums for your niche and can help you find a few top forums to join. You want to check and make sure that the forum will allow you to use a signature with a link back to your website. If so, add them to your list and join the forum.

Steps to Gain Targeted Traffic from a Forum

Once you join a handful of forums, you need to figure out what each requires before they will allow you to use a signature. Some won’t allow you to use your signature until you have a certain number of posts and others will allow you to use it right from the beginning. They place these limits on new members to help avoid spam posts.

If the forums you plan to use require a certain number of posts before your signature will show up, then make the required amount of posts over a few days’ time. Make sure the posts you put up add to the discussions and provide good content for the other members of the forum. You don’t have to create your own threads to gain a post. All you have to do is add to other threads that are already on the forum.

After you gain enough posts to use a signature, you want to include a link back to your website or blog within it. If you can use two links, you want one to come from a keyword phrase and the other to be your actual website. For example, you might create a link from the keyword mosquito diseases, and then create one that looks like this, This will give you some search engine optimization benefits and the ability to gain traffic from the forum.

The final step is to consistently engage in discussion on the forum. As your number of posts grows, you will gain a reputation (hopefully good) and forum members will begin to trust you. Not to mention, your signature with your links will show up below every post you make, giving you the added benefit of direct traffic from the forum.

If you set up a plan to post in every forum a few times every single day, you will see traffic start showing up from the forums. Since this traffic comes from a community that fits with the subject of your website, it is highly targeted. This means it will convert better than general traffic and you can make more sales from it.


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