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How to Write Epic Content Every Time?

Who else wants create epic content all the time?

Blogosphere is fully crowded, agree? There are only two ways to grab other people attention to read your blog.

One: Have great connections (this is almost impossible if you’re just starting out)

Two: Have epic content on your blog (this is POSSIBLE using *few dirty little secrets*)

What are those dirty little secrets to create epic content?

Interested in reading further?

Let’s jump into the details then..

Create evergreen headlines:

It all starts with great headlines. No matter how epic your content is – your headlines should grab your readers attention. The famous copyblogger Brian Clark says – 8 out of 10 people will decide whether or not to read your blog posts by looking at the headlines; if they aren’t compelling your readers will find a way to exit.

So always make sure you’re spending quality time on writing great headlines. Most of the time, online readers prefer reading the headlines which start either with How to’s (have a look at this blog post’s headline) or list posts.

Examples are:

  • 5 Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Online Reputation
  • 10 Tips to Make Your Blog Posts Going Viral
  • 3 Little Know Factors that Could Affect Your SERP Rankings

And the list goes on..

Likewise you can tweak the above headlines with How to’s

  • How to Dramatically Boost Your Online Reputation?
  • How to Make Your Content Go Viral?
  • How these 3 Factors Could Affect Your SERP Rankings etc

You WILL grab their attention with the list & How to posts.

Break long blocks of content into small

In general, online readers SKIP the contents. There’s no exception for this. You write great contents – and they’ll skim!

Then how can you convey the meat of your content?

Simple.. break your content into small paragraphs. Make sure you don’t have LONG and boring paragraphs – they’ll surely kill the readability of your content. Divide the content into parts when it reaches 4 to 5 lines. This way you’ll providing more chances for your readers to digest your content.

Format like a pro

You can’t make your blog posts epic – when they’re badly formatted. You MUST format the right way to grab others attention. Here are few simple ways to format like a pro.

Use lots of bullets and subheads: Once skim through this article, you’ll find lots of bullet points, sub heads and/or italic, bold letters. Why?

You can make anyone (yea, anyone) to read your content if it’s crafted the RIGHT way.

Use appealing images: Do I need to stress this point?

Okay.. let me explain why images are so important in creating epic content. Online readers will find it bit hard when they see ONLY textual contents on your blog posts, they always look out for something that is fresh, unique and appealing. When they find something REALLY cool, they’ll get excited to read your contents to know what’s in it. The best way to make them feel fresh is: add appealing images.

Read : Ways to Optimize Images for Search Engines

Say no to heavy interlinking: Heavy interlinking may ruin your content and they may distract your readers from reading your actual content. Always make sure you’re not only linking to relevant posts (be it your old posts or external posts), but also use common sense not to add too many links in a post. Don’t make your readers hard to read your content, when they find it hard – they’ll immediately find the way to exit.

Write for the readers – optimize for the search engines

No, I don’t say that you shouldn’t at all care about the search engines. After all, they’re the ones which send long lasting traffic to your blog, agree?

But don’t give SO much importance to optimizing your blog posts solely for search engines – especially by keyword stuffing.

SEO is not keyword stuffing and keyword stuffing is not SEO – remember that!

Try to use “long tail keywords” to get the best search results and get quality links to your posts to weigh more for your desired keywords in the search engines. This way you can always create epic content – because you’re not only writing for the readers, but you also worrying about Google.

Grab your audience attention with your introduction

Most bloggers (especially the new bloggers) don’t worry about how they’re starting their introduction lines, they simply fill the articles with full of S#!T.

How can one draw others attention then?

Spend some time to write great introduction lines – if they grab others attention, they’ll definitely read the rest of your copy.

Must include a CTA

CTA – Call To Action

Most bloggers don’t use CTA at all! You must include a CTA at the end of your posts to let your readers take some action on your posts.

You can ask them to comment, subscribe or buy your products at the end of each posts. If you’re offering them the value – they’ll surely listen to your CTA.

Promote, promote, promote

This is a no brainer. You must be promoting your blog posts to make them go viral, right?

But make sure you’re targeting the right people at right times. Let me clear this point..

There are certain times you’ll get more visibility on the social media sites like Facebook and twitter. You can’t make your epic content go viral if you promote them in the wrong times. So promote the RIGHT way to reap the best results.

Over to you:

Did I miss any point? I’d glad to listen to you if you’ve any more tips to write epic content

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  1. Hi Saad,
    Writing epic content is not an easy task to do. All you have to do is to think before jotting down your points. Tips such as writing a catchy headline or grabbing attention by providing the best introduction is all needed. Thanks for providing the tips!!

    1. Your welcome Aditi , Good luck with your blogging and hope you found some great ideas to work with.

  2. Hey Saad, great post as always bro, sooo glad to see ‘call to action’ in your list, many bloggers fail to do this essential step, and some don’t believe it should be there at all. I’ve spoken to some bloggers who believe that you shouldn’t have to ask, if someone wants to take action after reading a post it’s up to them. I know it’s each to their own, but I love adding a CTA at the end of my posts, for me it’s certainly good way to keep the communication going between you and your readers readers. Keep up the great work as always mate 🙂

  3. Hi Saad,
    Nice Awesome Post, I think Evergreen posts are always gives us benefits in future,and best thing about evergreen articles they never die, never outdated.

    1. Hey Nishant , this is one of the reason why bloggers fail so bad, they write good content but either that content is seasonal or stays hot for a day or two and gets cold and they stop writing after a while.

      Word of advice : choose your keywords wisely and look at what other bloggers are focusing on.

  4. Hi Saad,
    Really great tutorial on creating epic content. I agree that a reader decides after first look at the headline of post whether to read or not. After that creating an interesting introduction force readers to read all the post. To maintain their interest our post should not have long boring paragraphs.

    Thanks for these epic tips 🙂

  5. Hy,

    Its really awesome post,its helps me a lot.this post is also helpful for the newcomers.Thanks for sharing keep on sharing.


  6. WOW!
    Yep its a fact that readers skip, I do it all the time if the content is bad, but this held my attention for every word!
    Thanks so much for sharing such an aweome post, its really inspiring and helpful!

  7. Hi Saad,

    Well writing the evergreen content is an awesome way to get evergreen traffic, but we can also update them accordingly.

    And the main which you’ve mentioned and i liked it alot is “write to readers and optimize of search engines” yeah you are absolutely right about the words.

    thanks a lot for amazing share.

  8. Saad, It needs a lot of time and effort to learn creating epic content all the time.
    Nice post, I can see Rahul’s writing style in this post, Isn’t it a guest post by him?

  9. I am glad you brought to light some misunderstood facts like keyword stuffing and SEO. People, especially those are new in the blogosphere, usually mistake these two.

  10. Great post, I think that writing for reared will always turn into epic post.

    thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Dear Admin

    your article “How to Write Epic Content Every Time?” article is so beneficial for me if you have sum more article so please forward me…..
    its helping me a lot for increasing my knowledge I am so thank full of you….


    1. Thanks Pia , Really glad that it helped you 🙂

  12. Hi Saad,
    I’m new to that topic and find the advices in this article very helpful! Thanks for sharing them! I will do my best to create epic content with your advices. Although the hardest problem might be the idea of what to write in specific, but that will come…
    Thank You for this article! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Tilo , I am sure you will find a way to motivate your self and generate some epic content for your blog.

  13. I think the split the material into parts when it gets to 4 to 5 collections. This way you will offering more possibilities for your visitors to process your content..Thanks

    1. Great point there Adnan, really appreciate you adding value to this post.

  14. Wow – amazing tips and vivid examples. A special thanks for the comparison of appealing and not so appealing headlines.

    1. Your welcome Julia , hope to see you soon again soon here (=

  15. Hey saad,
    Don’t mind but the same thing I was thinking of writing on my blog. There are awesome points. I like two points the most :
    1. Evergreen Headlines : some people think headlines is not the main thing but I always first prefer to read headlines then take the judgement of reading the whole post !!!
    2. Format Like pro : Use subheading and bullets where ever possible but that also in limit. I always use formatting and quotes on my blogs to attract bloggers.
    By the way great post 😀
    Sohil Memon

    1. Thanks a lot Sohil , means a lot to me. I Hope these points will brighten your blogging career 😉

  16. Great article there! I really enjoy reading you and Thank you so much for the great info you provide us. I’ll stay tuned! Please, keep the good work up! =)

    1. thanks Antonella , Make to follow us on facebook and twitter 🙂 Hoping to see you again here.

      1. Yes of course, I just followed you! =) Thanks!

  17. writing epic content is not that easy, because most often what we write get expires very soon and so loses fame. you have well said some easy ways to overcome this defect of epic writing thanks. thanks for the share and hoping for more from you.

    1. Your welcome aaslin, writing a ever green content is very very important if you want to success in your blogging, i believe thats one of the reason why many people fail.

  18. Hi Naeem
    The truly amazing article, the assists us a great deal. this particular article can also be ideal for the actual beginners. Very good spreading continue spreading.Thanks for sharing this.

    1. your welcome Shan, thanks for appreciating hope you learned something new on how to create interesting content for your blog. Hope to see you again soon.

  19. well Naeem,
    i’ ll agree with your way of promoting in our business blog.the epic content making depend upon interest the way i,e,, presented on guest post.

    1. Thanks Rahul for adding your pro tip here , appreciate it 😉

  20. Nice tips!Most of the bloggers do not think much about heading and they spend much time in creating content.As you said,it is good to spend some time in creating a impressive heading for your article,after then work on the content.Definitely it works!

    1. Thanks Rajkumar, really glad you found it helpful and I hope you apply these writing tips on your blog.

  21. I am very much to the part of formating things like a pro. But anyway, it’s nice to read that guide in there, that could be effective to me.

  22. Content, refine, post, link…. over and over again and once you rank for enough keyword combinations, look at your advertising stream and refine that.

    I think that it’s important to consider content as being king on the web and by content I mean original, fresh (to the web) posts that have never been read before. Breaking them down with sub-headers to each paragraph, making it easier for your readers. One post I recently read also pointed to creating “containers” that consist of similar posts around one top level url, all interlinking. This is a great way of driving an entire section of a website up in the rankings but again, it needs original content and plenty of links to it.

    1. Thanks Richard for adding a quality comments here, your tips are pretty worth a read. I totally agree that writing uniques ideas are amazing to grow fast but that problem is the ideas are stolen and people put them in other words to make it look orignal to search engines but are actually stolen.

      if content is king then backlinks are like soul of your blog , you need them in order to rank and get traffic from them.

  23. The truly amazing article, the assists us a great deal. this particular article can also be ideal for the actual beginners. Very good spreading continue spreading.Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Your Welcome Neel , really glad you found it helpful 😀

  24. Hi Saad,

    What a great article you’ve written for us here! It’s easy to say that all of us can write epic content every time, but it sure is hard to pull off. I agree, one of the most important factors to consider when your aim is to grab people’s attention is a very interesting headline. It’s actually one of the most basic ways on how to get a someone’s attention – newspapers, especially the tabloids employ this strategy to make their papers sell like hotcakes!

    I believe that epic content is when it can somehow provide answers to questions that your readers have, or it can help them significantly. After all, the main reason why people read is to obtain new information or re-learn old ones that might be able to help them in any way in their daily lives.

  25. Hi,
    This blog is really interesting about how to create an epic content writing in content marketing with efficiency of an epic content makes through will be effective in making of clients in content marketing while using the epic content .
    Thanking you

  26. Hello Saad,

    Really good and detailed article. I gain some valuable tips from this article. I am reading your another article i.e. How to Start a Amazon Niche and I found this article. The best part of this article I found was “the main Heading” of the article while writing any article….

    Thanks for some “*few dirty little secrets*” … 🙂

  27. well your all posts are really great and providing a good guide on writing


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