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How to Write Great Guest Post to Boost Your Blog Credibility

Guest posting is a popular way to raise your blog popularity and credibility. It is better than regular article marketing because you are aiming directly to your intended audience. Here are some tips on How to write great guest post to boost your blog credibility

1. Make sure to give your best content :

If you want to get accepted by the host blog, make sure to write special content for your guest post. You don’t want to submit regular content for guest post because it will do no good for your credibility. If you want to be known as an expert blogger in your niche, make sure to give your best content in your guest post. Remember that your blog will get read by thousands of regular blog readers. So, you have to establish good impression on them.

2. The word count should be 1000+ words :

The length of your guest post shouldn’t be less than 1000 words. This length is important because the longer your post, the higher perceived value it has. Sure, some host blogs will allow you to publish guest post under 1000 words, but you should give more. You are trying to establish credibility with your guest post, not just to place link in other blogs.

3. Use image for your guest post :

It is good for you to use professional stock photo for your guest post. You can purchase a license of one professional stock photo at only $1 or less in various stock photo websites. Image will increase the professionalism of your guest post. So, remember to include at least one image in your guest post.

4. Submit your guest post to popular blog :

Before submitting your guest post, make sure to choose the best blog for your post. The first consideration should be the traffic of that blog. If the blog is receiving high amount of traffic every month, it is a good place to submit your guest post. You want to attract as much readers as possible so that you can boost your credibility quickly and easily. However, keep in mind that popular blogs will have strict rules on their guest post. You just need to read the rules carefully before submitting your guest post.

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5. Add author bio that reflects your credibility :

Author bio is an important part of your guest post that you should create carefully. Your author bio represents your online presence and your expertise in the blogging world. Make sure to write professional author bio for you guest post. Remember to put a nice picture of yourself in your author bio.

6. Tweak your title before submitting your guest post :

The last thing to do before submitting your guest post is to tweak your title. Remember that no matter how great your content, if you can’t create a good title, people won’t read your content. Your title will determine whether people will read your guest post or not. Use powerful titles such as list, question, facts, myths, and so on.

Those are some tips to write great guest post to boost your blog credibility. The more credible your blog, the more popular it will be. So, make sure to write the best guest post that will help you to increase your blog credibility.

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  1. I don’t see why we should limit the number of words less than 1000. If we put a lot of works on your guest post, the result will be higher. Do you agree with me?

    1. Yup , guest posts should be one your amazing works , if you master the skills of guest posting then it will clearly generate another source of traffic.

  2. Author Bio is important in guest posting. Making same niche back links from that post to your site is much important

    1. thanks for your comments amar.

  3. Guest posting is great for enjoying a bit extra attention to your website but make sure the quality of the post is awesome because it is going to represent your company there .. so silly mistakes, poor grammar can make your brand image suffer .. do not let that happen

    1. thanks for adding in Michael , great point when you mentioned about silly mistakes , they really do effect the image of the brand.

      Welcome to seoallrounder , hope to see you soon.

  4. Nice tips for guest posting you’ve mentioned here Saad.
    I don’t think the limit of 1000 words is a ‘one-fits-all’.It largely depends on the host blog’s guidelines.
    The most vital factor i believe is the value offered in the post.

    1. Thanks for compliment Norbert , you can see that my number one point is that it should be your best work , a great content on great blogs can generate an easy traffic stream flow for your site.

  5. I agree with the author’s opinion on boosting blog creditability. And the most important thing for the author to do is, proofread the article to avoid errors. Am i right ?

    1. Well proof reading is very important weather its for your blog or other blogs , author opinion matters a lot and that where you can gain and lose your reputation in the industry.

  6. I agree guest post is helpful only when if you are providing some quality material in that …

  7. Images plays an important role in this …you should use good expressive picture which express of represent your article in a positive way

    1. yea and gravatar is an form of image , so you can brand you gravatar and your site logo.

  8. You Guided In A Great Way Thanks Dude .. Thanks A Lot 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for this article. I’ve been having trouble trying to figure out how to make my guest posts better. Now I know how to make great guest posts.

    1. Glad I could help you leo , if you need to get review of your guest posts , let me know I would love to read them.

  10. Awesome tips on writing guest posts. Yes, author bio is important as it represents author’s online presence and tweaking the title to attractive reader is a good idea. Thanks for this excellent tips Saad 🙂

  11. Hi Nagendra, reading your posts has always enriched my knowledge. Are you sure that the points you mentioned are all relevant in SEO after Panda/Penguin ?

  12. Hi Saad,
    Simple yet great tips that must be implemented whenever we are trying to submit a guest post to a blog. Guest posts usually have to be informative, helpful and entertaining as it reflects the writer in many ways. When someone reads that guest post and they are satisfied with it overall, then normally they would like to know what other topics they can learn from that writer, so they will try to find out the specific website of that guest poster and presto! – they become new readers and maybe even potential customers! Even if your aim is simply to get some backlinks or extra traffic, you will enjoy many other benefits when you guest post, especially if that particular blog is a popular one with many visits per day.

  13. Impressive article Saad.Guest posting really helps in getting quality traffic as well.Nicely expressed by you and points are great.Thanks


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