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MaxCDN Review -Best CDN for WordPress

Who doesn’t want to rank top on Google? But ranking top on Google includes a lot of other things, your site must have genuine content, it must be read-worthy, web design, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO tactics and a lot more. And these SEO tactics also include some more sub-things like keyword usage, keyword density, and outbound links, backlinks, PageRank, blog speed and many more. All through my personal experience, I’ve been coming across some bloggers (newbie) where most of them fail at only few things and are getting completely lost. With wide-ranging articles that are available on web and with help of some coaching institutes, one can easily manage with the SEO part or they can even hire some expert to make that. You might be wondering why I am saying all this. Because I don’t wont Google Penguin or Panda to kick any of your blog. I was affected for 2 bloody months only for a single stupid reason, my blog was taking some little more time for the initial page load. I couldn’t do anything until I heard of MaxCDN, one of the best Content Delivery Networks.To specify the importance of a CDN for a blog,i decided make this MaxCDN Review.

What Is A Content Delivery Network?

Content Delivery Networks(CDN) are used for rapid and cost-effective transfer of data to numerous people or points. Where the term “points” include web browsers, mobile browsers and high end web-data accessing systems.

Why Do You Need A CDN?

No matter if you are a content publisher, blogger, technology service provider or a consumer, a CDN service can always help you in faster reactions. I bet, no reader would like to visit a blog that takes a lot of time. Just suppose if a guy wants to visit your website or blog from a cyber cafe and his whole time takes in loading itself. He would neither recommend your site nor visit himself ever. Every blog/website uses a lot of things like javascript, jQuery, huge images that usually take a lot of time to load. MaxCDN minifies the scripts to lesser data and gives you the best possible page speed score.

Why MaxCDN?

MaxCDN has many servers all over the world for providing you with the fastest load time. It downloads your site data and then transfers it to their nearest data centers and cache it. So when a user visits your site, it displays the cached and minified static web pages which take less data than the normal ones. MaxCDN works with Mzima combined with BGP Anycast technology and it is being used across more than 90+ countries and more than 500 peering partners throughout the world. The Mzima network has more than 1TBPS of peering capacity and transit. In addition, it gives you an advanced control panel with API options enabled. I’ve been using their cdn service on this blog for more than a year and never faced any downtime from them. This product also integrates with your existing hosting to get started.

Best CDN for WordPress

Max CDN Features:

An important feature to notice in MaxCDN is the Gzip handling which lets you easily compress and Gzip through the control panel. It also gives you a shared SSL for free.

  • Very Fast Loading
  • Improved Visitor Experience
  • Original Pull
  • Gzip
  • Free Shared SSL (HTTPS)
  • API
  • Guaranteed Uptime
  • Free Implementation
  • Pay as you go
  • Custom CNAMEs
  • Upload to CDN servers (Push)
  • Purge and Purge All
  • Control Panel
  • Statistics
  • Set Caching Headers For Pushed Files
  • Honors All Original Server Headers
  • Persistent Connections
  • Honors All Original Server Headers
  • 24/7 Support

The compressing power of MaxCDN is just awesome. It can compress all these below listed file types

  • text/plain
  • text/html
  • text/javascript
  • text/css
  • text/xml
  • application/javascript
  • application/x-javascript
  • application/xml


Okay, so before you start configuring your site with a CDN service, take a test of your site at the Pingdom Speed Test Tool and notice the corrections and note the speed. Now after installing and setting up the MaxCDN service for your site, again check on Pingdom tools; you’ll definitely notice the change with a single service.

MaxCDN Service

One can easily say, if a service fails to make your site load better, it is completely useless. In case of MaxCDN, it is definitely not. Founded in 2009, it has been providing its service to make sites work faster that too at a very reasonable pricing. Even they have made it very easier to check your usage both in graphical and tabular forms. The interface in the control panel is just so simple and easy to navigate though they have included all possible options. You can also check which of your site’s files are taking too much database with its easy-to-navigate interface. MaxCDN does best for moderately busy sites and huge sites are no exception. Mashable isn’t a small site and you know that. If they have been using MaxCDN service from quite a long time, why don’t you give it a trial?

MAX CDN vs Your * Average Joe* Hosting

I cannot believe I forgot to add the comparison but added it on a request of our reader in the comments below.

I am on medialayer , which is probably the best hosting service and its better than bluehost and hostgator , it’s really costly but worth its price , anyways I downloaded a file from medialayer and maxcdn and the comparison is below.

Here is the timing for the simple file to download on medialayer – 1.09seconds

Here is the timing for the simple file to download on MAXCDN – 260 milli-seconds

media layer file url :
maxcdn file url :

You can clearly see that maxcdn is 3 times faster than your hosting speed , can you see a reason why you should not go for this content delivery?


MaxCDN has been delivering its services to some finest website online. If you are a blogger, you should have already known which is considered to be the best site for direct sale of ad spots on your site. The website uses MaxCDN service for faster load time. In the initial launch year 2009 itself, BuySellAds started working with MaxCDN. A couple of the all-time best technology and social media blogs like Mashable and TheNextWeb which serve more than 10million PVs a month are also clients of MaxCDN content delivery network service. You can however just start a trial of their service and then you’ll get to know why such big sites use MaxCDN.


When compared to most of the other CDN networks, I must say MaxCDN is pretty good at its prices which are quite affordable based on the preferred plan. MaxCDN costs around $39 for the first 1000GB (1TB) and you can always find some better offers which are delivered to their email list. You can also subscribe to get the latest offers. They also provide you a 30-day money back guarantee with full time customer-care support. Unlike Amazon Cloudfront, it is purely based on your data usage. You just have to buy for whatever you are willing to use. The pricing plans are so flexible and by using our coupons, you can get a discount of 25% on your package. You can anyways have a look at their pricings and plans.


As I’ve already said, page load speed matters in quite a lot of things. If your site is slow, see yourself in the hit-list of the next Google Panda/Penguin’s update. And once got affected, I doubt if you can ever get back to your old position in any decent time. So I’d never recommend taking such risks. And some people say, even Google considers the site load speed in giving it a PageRank. You already know, the better the page rank, the more the chances of ranking top on Google. So, MaxCDN not only helps you in increasing you site speed, but it indirectly helps you in getting out of Google Panda and Penguin and also helps you in getting few more traffic. And also your site won’t get down with too much consumption of your site’s bandwidth.

Final Words:

So after reading the whole MaxCDN Review, what do you think? I’d definitely recommend any of the site owners to get a MaxCDN account and install it. And it’s very simple to implement it on a WordPress blog with cache plugins.It has become the best cdn for a wordpress due to its features.I bet you’ll start loving their service.

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  1. Nice article Amar,

    I never heard of MaxCDN but I will give them a try, I’d like to see how fast my blog becomes after they minifies my scripts.

    Thanks Amar. 😀

    1. thats weird , its been a while this company is there in the market ,well blogging is all about learning new stuff yea? i am using maxcdn from 2 years now and its working great.

    2. I’ve come across MaxCDN before they’re a well known service provider but I’ve never paid much attention to it. Your review does it immense justice Saad, job well done.

      1. Hey Fab , nice to see you here after a long time , i am using maxcdn on this blog and their loyal customer from 2 years , you should check maxcdn its really does the magic.

  2. Hmm i am also joining Wordpress network then i think it can help me :p

    1. yea, you should man , Wordpress opens up a lot of opportunities in blogging world with endless possibilities.

  3. Yeah .. before its too late i should try it out :p

  4. Thanks for the awesome review Ammar, I must check it out.

    1. yea Ehsan , maxcdn is totally worth its price , it cost $39, but its will easily work for next 2-3years.

  5. Great post Ammar! Thank you very much!

    1. Thankyou David , really glad you liked the review of max cdn 🙂 hoping to see you back here.

  6. Hi can I host multiple sites on a single Max CDN account. I have different websites on shared hosting with different ISP. I want to make all site fast and less resource consuming.

    1. Hey Jaikee , yes you can host as many sites on a single max cdn account right now i have around 10 sites hosted on them , and they are on a same shared hosting account. any more question Jailkee? would love to answer your questions.

  7. Thanks for Definition of CDN. By the way if we use a Cache Plugin and some lightweight theme and Good amount of Plugins then will it replace a CDN? or it is must to have a CDN for WordPress Blogs?

    1. well its not a must , but you know google is obsessed with speed of the website , so its always good to get resources which are benefiting for $39.99 its really a good offer and will run you easily 3years.

  8. Hi Amar…
    Thanks for sharing a detailed review about MAX CDN but I think you must provide some kind of data to support your point.
    As mentioned by Amrik…if you can provide some data point about the improvement before and after using it then definitely it will help ur reader to go for it.

    1. Thanks a lot Sandeep , really appreciate the tip which you pointed out and was missing in the post , so just made a quick data comparison and put it up there. Hope it will make you buy this service now 😉 oh btw if you are planning to buy it , wait for a week I will be adding 25% coupon to this post.

      Thanks a lot again , Keeping coming back for more.

  9. I do not use cdn but i just upload the png file in my website just to test that

    and my result in!/pLBmgKdyL//Screen-Shot-2012-06-24-at-9.56.36-AM.png

    check that it is 100 % faster than all tested website..

    Do I need CDn any more??

    I am proud of my hosting service (hostgator)

    1. Thank you soo much for use stats , as requested i have checked and then removed the urls as you requested.

      I would like to give you a opinion form my point of view , i really dont mean to offend you here , when i checked your site it might have a good loading speed but what about the traffic ? seems like your are getting very less traffic as of now , hence your website is not giving any pressure to the server , but what about this site or other heavy websites?

      you may not need it now , but sooner or later when you will start getting good traffic , then you might want to come back here 😉

      Thanks you for taking time to write a awesome comment , welcome to , if you have any more questions please hit me up!

  10. My website is just 3 months old and I get daily 1100+ unique visitors
    If you want I can give you the screenshot of statistic from Google analytic ( I know 1100+ unique visitors is less but my website is only 3 months ) and another points that My website is on shared hosting and I have to share resource with others…..
    However I guess that you consider my website visitors from alexa ranking …
    Alexa ranking gives result 3 months my webiste is only 3 and 1/2 months months old
    so it does’nt gives accurate result..
    I don’t try to claim myself as seo master but one things I want to tell every visitor in this page that GOOGLE now Consider SPEED of website as one of the important factors…

    No doubt ” Content Is King” always, but page loading time is also important ..
    However your blog is very fantastic and i love to visit regularly
    Thanks to you….for your reply…
    Have a nice day

    1. like i said i didn’t mean to offend you but you seem upset with the stats I roundup from alexa , if you are happy with your hosting service , then y worried 🙂

  11. I have CloudFlare and Cloudcache installed on my blog and just can’t figure out how to best optimize my blog for speed using a CDN service. Does MaxCDN help with that when you sign up or are you left to figure it out yourself?

    1. hey Clint , i would advise you not to use cloudflare because it started giving me issues when i wanted subdomains and about cloud cache I have never heard about it , but trust me maxcdn has gained a lot of reputation among the industry and you basically can setup up in 5min and never worry about going to maxcdn ever again.

  12. Nicely reviewed Amar. MaxCDN is the best content delivery network available ou there. I have been using it on some of my sites and now have to conclude that it really does provide great performance 🙂 !

    1. Thanks for feedback priyangshu 🙂 glad you are their satisfied customer

  13. So MaxCDN basically is a content submission software right? It collects your content and submits it to various points that also has this software, much like a search engine. This would surely do a lot of starting websites and blogs.

    1. sorry John , I am afraid you got it wrong, it is not a content submission software , what it does is it takes your content and makes it available in the cloud. so if you are in US it will provide you data from US datacenter and if you are in Asia if will provide you data from Asia Datacenter , hence the data is closer to you it reaches you fast and you website speed goes high. Hope I cleared the confusion here.

  14. Your compassion image is very interesting. Tell me why you try to load only one PNG image? It will be great if you compare the whole website loading time and grade with and without CDN. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Well i had my site shifted to maxcdn and I did not wanted to remove site from cdn to take this test so i did it only for one image here but you can see that one image it self make a lot of difference here.

  15. You wrote perfect review “Amar” not Ammar. 😉

    You can also give a try to cloudflare. It’s also good.

    1. Ammar Ali , I have tried cloud flare but have I cant figure out how to use a subdomain over there , i have a subdomain “” and it stops working when I use cloud flare. I tried contacting my host and they asked me to contact cloudflare and cloudflare never replied to my email so i moved away from them.

  16. I never heard of it before, but you have provided detailed and clear review of MaxCDN. It will be very useful. Thanks Bro !

  17. saad bro do you use this service in your blog?

    1. yes umer i am using maxcdn on my my blogs 🙂

  18. MaxCDN is even free right now too!

    1. yes for the month of august maxcdn are giving an account for free, definitely a must have service for your Wordpress blog.

  19. Great write up Ammar, read the reviews on Max CDN on many websites and now I guess it is the time for me to get start with it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Shiwangi you have commented at the right moment , today is the last day that maxcdn is giving away free account! you should definitely get it before the price goes to $70

  20. hey admin..
    nice post..!
    actualy i am new in blogging line so m spending time researching and learning abot good bloggers..
    I appreciate the way u present ua posts..!
    hope to get ua help n feedback as per my problems..!
    thank u..

  21. Can I use maxcdn for multiple wp sites?
    If we use cdn, is it will better than host our sites on vps?
    I confused to use cdn or vps.
    Need advice from you Saad. Thx

    1. Hey Herry , Yes you can use maxcdn on as many sites as you want but you have a little wrong idea about hosting and cdn , vps/shared hosting will host your database and content where as MAXCDN will just host your static content like images , .js , .css , cdn will make your static files cloud so they are accessed fast than hosting it.

      for e.g your hosting is in US , the US visitors will see your site fast as the content is close to them where as from Asia and Europe will see your content “slow” hence you add cdn to your site to make your files in cloud is near to Asia and Europe visitors.

      I hope I answered your question.


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