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Paid to Write: Earn $30+ Per Post for Writing on Seoallrounder

Do you find topics like blogging, internet marketing and social media interesting? You are good at writing articles, and you would like to earn some extra cash? You are at the right place! We decided we want to give a chance new and creative people to write articles for us! While you write about your favorite topic, you can also make some money! That is right! If you meet our quality guidelines, you can make $30 per article!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for high quality and unique articles. Articles also need to be very well-researched and around our website’s topic. Here are article topics that we are looking for:

• Search engine optimization

• Blogging

• Internet marketing

• Making money online

• WordPress

• Social Media

• Web Design

• Affiliate marketing

• Hosting

• Design and Development

Now when you know what to write about I will tell you how to write high-quality article and increase chances for your article to be accepted.


How to write a high-quality article?

First, you need to know what you want to write about. We gave you some general topics that we accept, and now it is up to you to brainstorm and come up with article topics. How to define a high-quality article? Here are some main points you need to have in mind, while writing your article:

• Write an article that solves some problem

• Engage readers

• Use bullet points

• Use simple words

• Research topic

• Write a great headline

• Educate and entertain

Now that you know basics let’s look at each point closer. High quality article is an article that has information that people are actually looking for. No one will read article that don’t interest them. High quality article needs to solve some problem that reader has. If you offer a solution to that problem and actually help people, you will have a high-quality article. Make sure you use simple words and keep your sentences short. Try to engage users. How to do that? The best way is to use questions. Questions will keep your reader engaged and keep him reading through the article.

Why to use bullet points? Researchers discovered that average internet user just skims through the article searching for important points. That way, you can highlight the most useful information in your article. Use simple words and short sentences. People don’t like to read very long sentences. They get tired and hit back button on their browser. You don’t want that, do you?

Make sure you write great headlines. What do I mean by great headlines? When you write a headline think of the most important point in your article and put it to headline. Some of the popular headlines are “How to” and “7 tips to.” Use words that build excitement. Words like: secret, killer, discover and powerful. Try to educate readers and at the same time entertain them.

Now then you know what we are looking for from an article, close all distractions, open your word editor and start writing! If you have any questions, please contact me on my Contact Us page.


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