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Reasons Why Your Website Receives Very Low Traffic and How to Fix the Problem

If you have a website that stay at more than 1,000,000 in Alexa ranking, it means that your website is suffering from lack of traffic. As a webmaster, you already know that traffic is a blood stream of your website. Your website cannot live without traffic and here are the reasons why your website is at the bottom of Alexa rank:

1) You are lazy to actively promote your website

As a webmaster, promoting your website is your responsibility. Your website will not magically achieve a high rank with no effort on your part. You must be proactive in promoting your own website. If you are not willing to give your time and effort to boost your website traffic, your website will stay at the bottom of Alexa rank.

To fix this, you need to actively promote your website through various means. You can start by doing these things:

– Submitting articles to article directories
– Participate on forums related to your niche
– Social bookmarking
– Giving useful comments to related blogs

Those are starters for your website to begin receiving more traffic and higher placement in Alexa rank.

2) You are not constantly updating your website

If you never update your website, you will likely have a dead website. The most successful websites have a huge traffic because they are constantly updated.

To fix this, you can add more high quality content to your website daily or weekly, depending on your situation. If you add new content to your website every day, you will likely have good traffic because search engines will gradually increase the placement of your website in their search result page.

3) Your content doesn’t interest your readers

It is important to study how to write better content for your website through various copywriting materials. It is important to keep your readers engaged in your website and become your loyal visitors. And you can only achieve this if your website is interesting enough for them to explore.

To fix this, learn how to write good headlines and how to write a high quality content. You should also learn how to become a persuasive writer. If your writings are persuasive and appealing to your readers, they will respond to what you are recommending.

4) You do not encourage your readers to subscribe

A good website will encourage the readers to subscribe. Your readers have a lot of things in their minds, and they will not remember your website after they hit ‘close’ button. And these readers will not likely come back to your website unless they already bookmarked your website before leaving. These are wasted traffic and you should fix this immediately.

To fix this, offer a bonus to your readers and encourage them to subscribe to your website. When they are subscribed, you can send them your website updates and product recommendations. Put the call to action above the fold so that your readers will immediately see it without scrolling the page. Put a call to action message like: “Grab This Exclusive Free Report. Enter your name and email address below.”

Those are the reasons why your website still at the bottom of Alexa ranking. I already told you how to fix this situation. Now, optimize your website and start applying the tips I’ve just shared with you.

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