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Latest Google Algorithm

Don’t Over-Optimize: SEO Should Come Naturally

If your business has a physical location as well as an online presence, you should understand exactly how important your reputation as a business owner can be to your business. Even online-only companies know that reputation is everything, and building your brand requires trust from your current customers and clients that encourages repeat business and referrals , below are the few tips on how to optimize your content after google penguin.

SEO marketing and content generations are part of your marketing strategies, but they’re also part of your reputation. Site content that is overloaded with backlinks, sales pitches, and “money grabs” will cause customers to leave your site instead of doing further research. SEO strategies that are over-optimized can have the same effect: too many search terms in content and blatant leverage of your ranking keywords can make customers turn their noses up and leave.

Worse still, your customers or readers aren’t all you have to worry about. Recent changes to Google search algorithms through their Panda and Penguin updates focus on ranking “valuable” content by automatically measuring what is and isn’t “over-optimized.” Stuffing site content with keywords, over-optimized anchor text and other search term exploiting methods are all considered “over-optimization” in new algorithms, and pages that do this will be downgraded accordingly.

SEO professionals are seriously re-thinking their strategies for these new algorithms, especially after seeing major pages and brands penalized and dropped out of SERPs overnight.

How Do You Maintain Your SEO And Stay Safe?

You have two choices when it comes to how you develop content:

  • You can attempt to game the ever-changing conditions of search engine algorithms, and if you’re lucky, you’ll raise your page rankings for a while—at least until search engines decide they don’t like your over-optimization and penalize you.
  • Or, you can write quality content with subtle SEO added afterwards—a keyword here, some non-key worded anchor text that adds context there—and sleep easy knowing that your content will outlast search engine algorithm trends because it is truly valuable to your visitors.

Work harder and longer for the short-term boost, or work smarter and be confident that your content will deliver results in the long-term. Is there even a choice to make? Consider this as well offsite SEO plays a major role in your search results as well; that is, backlinks and references to your content from other websites you have no control over.

What do you think will build more offsite references faster? Readable, valuable, share-worthy content or over-optimized sales pitches that are hard to read?

The Best Solution? Write More Content Embedded With More Value

Though Google and other search engines have pushed back against over-optimization SEO strategies, this doesn’t mean you have to abandon your optimizations altogether. Algorithm updates are being designed with honest, natural, customer-oriented content in mind, and the best SEO practice is to simply follow those guidelines.

Don’t think of your SEO about how optimized it is, but rather about how your visitors see your content—they’re the ones that really matter, after all!

You can still inject your content with keywords and anchor text, but don’t overdo it. Your content should be accessible, and your links and keywords should come out naturally.

  • Instead of trying to squeeze five or ten keywords in your content, focus on two to four.
  • Instead of linking key worded anchor text to your conversion pages in your content, give non-key worded anchor text that links to other relevant webpages outside of your business.
  • Reach out to these backlinked sources and ask them to return the favor directly. Cooperation between businesses through backlinking agreements can result in everyone benefitting from enhanced search results and shared business.

Overall, your best bet for effective long-term SEO is to write content that is customer-oriented first, instead of overly sales-oriented or over-optimized.Seo over optimization can cause a huge impact in your search engine ranking. Natural, easy-to-read content will carry your business farther in SERPs than over-optimization ever will, now more than ever.


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5 Steps to Optimize Your Article for the Latest Google Algorithm

No matter what the latest Google algorithm is called, what Google actually wants is quality content from webmasters. If you can provide quality content, you will not be affected negatively by any updates Google will make 1, 5, 10, or 20 years to come. Here are 5 steps to optimize your article for the latest Google algorithm:

1. Strive for quality

Google and other search engines keep demanding high quality content from webmasters. They will weed out low quality content from their search result simply because they don’t want their users to have bad experience with their search engine. That’s why the most important thing to do to optimize your article is to strive for quality in your article. You can’t give your readers low quality articles and expect Google to give your content high ranking in the search result. It’s a logical system. When you give your readers quality content, Google will index your content quickly and eventually you’ll get more quality traffic to your content.

2. Keep the balance of your article quantity

You don’t need to create hundreds of articles in order to get high rank in Google. In fact, those articles may not give you some good ranking boost at all. The key is to create balance for your article quantity. Continuity is preferable than stagnancy. It is better for you to keep publishing one article per day to your blog than to publish 3 articles today, 0 articles tomorrow, 1 article the next day, and so on. Regular update is what search engines will regard as good activity in your website or blog. Therefore, you get better chance to rank high if you keep updating your website.

3. Make your content bulky with value

Which is better: 400 words content or 800 words content? In search engine perspective, longer content will have much more power. If you can offer more valuable information in your article, you should aim for longer word-count. In this way, you will have the chance to give your readers the best information as well as chance to rank your article for more diverse keywords. So, make your content bulky with valuable information that your readers and search engines will appreciate.

4. Avoid identical or similar content

Google is constantly removing duplicate content from their search result. They will lower the rank of identical or similar content to avoid bad experience for their users. If your website contains lots of identical or similar content, your website might be considered spam by the search engines. Therefore, you will gradually lose your rank. It is important to publish only unique and original content for your website.

5. Use your keywords wisely

Smart and natural keyword placement will help search engines to index your website content more effectively. However, stuffing your content with keywords will only harm your search engine ranking. The best strategy is to place keyword only when you need it and avoid any excessive repetition, such as placing too many keywords in the same paragraph. To optimize more of your article, you need to also include several related keywords so that Google will index your content naturally and more accurately.

Those are the steps you need to take to optimize your article for the latest Google algorithm. To sum it up, no matter what updates will Google make in the future, if you keep providing quality content to your readers, your website will not be affected negatively by the update. However, if you try to trick Google in any way, it is just about time when your website gets dumped by Google.

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I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called T shirt printing, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas