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Tips for Effective Affiliate Marketing on your Blog

If you want to make a decent amount of money through affiliate links, you do not have to market and promote your product crazily. The same can be achieved through smart and tactful management of your income without having to do much.

There are a number of methods that lots of people will suggest Placing Adsense in your posts to increase traffic, Placing banner-ads on any free space available, writing reviews for affiliate products, adding links by text ads and many more. This however defeats the very purpose of the blog in the most effective way. What is the use of making money when you cannot satisfy people with what they visit your blog for? Provide informative content that will answer people’s questions.

The main thing that you should keep in mind is to give content of high quality to your blog viewers. There is no better way to make money online than to provide informative, interesting and exciting content, fresh and creative ideas and other things that will attract people again to your blog. Here are a few tips:

1.     Affiliate marketing 101:

Websites are always judged by their look. The first impression made by a website is truly the best impression. As the duration to keep your customer’s attention is really short, you must make sure that you make the visitors first experience to your blog his best. You do not want them seeing only ads and wondering in terms of money. This is the impression that advertisements and banner ads everywhere will provide. It is important to gain the likeness and trust of the customers in as few visits as possible. Once this is established, then the interest of the visitor will attract him back to your blog and make him a loyal visitor of your blog.

2.     Promote those affiliate products which you have personally used:

There is no better way to handle affiliate links than to recommend only those products which you have already used yourself or are using now. It ensures that you be responsible and take up the right approach to affiliate marketing.

3.     Provide a description to your affiliate products:

When you strongly promote an affiliate product, you should also be able to describe it as it has been or is being used by you. Don’t be shy from sharing your personal experiences with your blog viewers. Back up your descriptions with figures, results and supporting data wherever possible. This will convince them better increasing the chances of them clicking on your ads and purchasing your products.

4.     Give priority to your value over your affiliate link:

Do not write content so that you can place a given affiliate link within it. This method surely will not work out. It becomes clears to the viewers of the motive of such posts. Always give more value to your content and then to your affiliate links.

5.     Post affiliate links associated with the niche of your posts:

While promoting affiliate products, select only those that are related to the niche of your website and its posts. Do not promote products that are very similar. By promoting too many products, you are reducing the effective stock of all of them and making it harder for viewers to select a particular product. When you are given too many choices, making a decision just gets harder and more confusing than ever before. Providing fewer options makes decision-making easier. When you regularly and continually promote specific products, the viewers will take good note of them and will realize that they must be good for you to keep promoting them.

6.     Creation of a central resources page is a must:

A central resource page or a recommended tool page is the page that states links that are useful for products, websites and services with regards to your topic. This kind of page serves no purpose better than for posting your affiliate links. Do make such a page if you have not already. This kind of page will also benefit your readers who will be interested in your blog and will want to explore more about your niche. Thus, both parties profit well. If you create such a page on your blog, the readers may stumble upon random services and products that they were not specifically looking for but might need for important tasks. Thus, nobody is at a loss.

7.     Promote excellent affiliate products:

Promote only those products that you know will make you a good amount of money. This will require a bit of experimentation and patience to see the sales results of various products. If certain products are not providing enough income, they must be dropped out. Unless a product pays, get rid of it. Unnecessary affiliate ads will only occupy valuable space on your website. Keep testing various products to eventually gauge the best.

Affiliate marketing is a great method of generating passive income for your blog. The content you post will stay online for a good while with your affiliate links embedded in them. Just create good quality content, promote the right products, give preference to content over products. These methods will ensure a steadily increasing income to you. If you want to build a considerable income through affiliate marketing, you must take any and every step necessary to increase and maximize your sales and income. You will have to work hard but if you keep at it, it is worth it.

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32 comments… add one
  1. Hi Saad

    I really don’t think people should promote products that have not personally used at some point.

    How can they give a real review of how the product functions is they have no affinity with it. Also not been pushy trying to shove the affiliate link down the throats of readers are my personal favourites from your list.

    1. using it personally is very effecting when writing a good review which can be trusted. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Greatly explained all these important factors. I have just started affiliate marketing for HostGator and I think I will earn some money by following these points.. 🙂

    1. thanks for dropping by Dhruv , good luck on your affilaite marketing of hostgator 🙂

  3. Hi Saad,
    Currently i am not running any kind of ads or earning programs on my blog.
    I’ll start it after some months. Your post gives a great look as well and content is best for newbies in blogging arena. I’ll surely try for Affiliate Marketing now. 🙂

    1. Soon like me , there will a point come in your life when affiliate marketing will earn you more than adsense.

      1. I’ll hope for the best Saad. Just want to take my blog to heights. Earning is the game beyond heights. So, ill go for heights and then earnings. 🙂

        1. Traffic is the key , always remember that when there is traffic , there is money.

          First comes the Content(king) , then traffic(key).

          Then you know it, what happens when the king have the key *BLING BLING* =D

  4. Hi saad,

    This post really rings true to me. I totally agree that when your blog or site become a billboard it really defeats the purpose.

    About a year ago I remember finding a great blog about traffic generation. This blog was very attractive and the content was pretty high quality. Over time, however, even though the content was still the same, the blog became too much like a “billboard” to me. Too many adds and in my book it lost its value.

    Hey, I’m not saying that the owner didn’t know what they were doing, maybe they are making thousands now instead of hundreds a week or month! I don’t know, but as a reader I kind of got turned off 🙁

    Guess what, if you go to my blog you’ll see that I sure don’t advertise much, just few banners on the side and one at the bottom of my post when appropriate. Well, that does bring me between $100 to $300 a month per blog though. I think it’s not bad at all. What do you think? It totally passive income 🙂

    1. Great comment Sylviane , google has recently released a algorithm to slash down sites with too many advertisements and they encourage to cloak affiliate.

      well everyone wants to make money with their traffic and they forget the reason of helping others , i think thats disgrace to internet! Well if i am getting traffic i would create more and more quality content to get traffic rather than filling my webpage with ads.

      Earning 200-300 per blog is amazing , once you start getting a constant 200-300 income you can start working on new blog and link them to get traffic and hence keep growing.

  5. Ya recently i have started 2 website and one is about blogging and other one is for downloading…. While at this moment i am giving free downloads but soon i want to start affiliate marketing on it.. It will help me a lot thanks Saad…. i appreciate this type of post.

    1. i am really glad that my tips are coming in to your use , and hope you have a success with your affiliate marketing.

  6. Email List building is the best way to do affiliate marketing!
    what are your thoughts on this?

    1. Email list building is still the best form of affiliate marketing , as you are communicating personally with your loyal readers.

      Here are few tips for building a Email List :

      • How To Build Email List
  7. Great tips Saad, as you said affiliate marketing is not just placing affiliate links everywhere in a site, we need to make visitors trust us if we want them to buy from us and the best way to do that is to believe that the products we promote really give value, thanks for sharing…

    1. Glad you liked these points , i cant remember a name of this service which i used in the past to generate the heat map for my site , it used to tell me where my visitors are clicking the most. That helped me to decrease useless links and put the links where its effective.

  8. Very detailed tips Saad, I particularly like the resources page tip and how to best use it effectively. One tip that I have been passing along for a long time is to only promote products that you are using for yourself. That way you don’t have to worry about a product creator ruining your relationship with your visitors.

    1. Yes , i dont see a point recommending a product which i have used , i mean if someone use that product and doesn’t like it and come back to your blog with a negative comment , you are simply ruining your reputation as 1000 of other visitors are ready your comments.

  9. Hi Saad,

    Great post. I agree about the importance of only promoting affiliate products that have you actually used and which are of high quality. Integrity and trust is so important, it shows you care about your customers and of course they are more likely to come back and buy through you again if they trust your recommendations.

    Beth 🙂

    1. Well building trust is a greatest achievement once you conquer it , but there’s a saying that ‘ it takes 60years to build a trust and 5min to ruin it’ so you have be careful when taking on the critics.

  10. You have provided a wonderful resource Saad that affiliate marketers or those wanting to promote affiliate products can refer to.

    Your tips are very good and provide the positive experience that consumers today are looking for. Long gone are the days of over hyped, sales pages that provided nothing but empty promises.

    I am glad to see the internet evolve since those days into a more content rich, quality driven space that consumers can research the company, product and then make a sound decision when they buy.

    Another tip, be yourself, let your audience know who you are. Don’t hide behind a logo or alias name. You will attract a much more positive audience.

  11. Hi Saad,

    This is my first visit to your blog and I am very impressed with your content. This is a super post and I agree with every point you made about affiliate marketing. All are tips to be taken seriously. A blog plastered with too much advertising is a turn off. Moderation is the key.

    I have been through different phases with my blog with regards to affiliate promotion. At first I did not advertise at all, however I display a couple of banners, but they only promote excellent products which I use personally and I have reviewed with blog posts and quality content.

    One thing you have inspired me to do is to create a better resource page. I have one, but it needs development.

    Thank you for an excellent overview of the most effective way to promote affiliate products. I agree with what Lynn Brown said about being yourself and letting your audience know who you are. It builds trust and is a much more effective way to promote a product and it is a win win situation for your visitors. I really enjoyed your post.

    Raena Lynn

    1. Thats a supper comment Raena. I am really honored that you liked the content of my blog , i would try my best to produce as much useful content as i learn more and more other pro bloggers.

      I am happy that you learn about ressource pages , they work out really well for any one, specially for your regular readers when they dont know where to go , they would love to see what you use in your blog.

  12. I agree, presentation is everything. If we judge a person by how they look, why won’t we judge a person by the how their blog looks. Sadly not everyone has a nice look blog like yours. Presentation and layout is everything. This also creates trust in the blogger which is essential.

    1. well we can certainly judge a person , how he keep his things.

      Thanks for the compliment Jacob , hope to see you again soon.

  13. First impression is the last impression as we all know. Presentation works great to convert from your reader to your customers.

    1. yes you are certainly right , first impression last longer 😀

  14. You explaines affiliate marketing steps in detail. Thanks for saring. Keep posting such informative posts.

    1. glad you liked the tips , We’ll keep posting informative post and keep coming back 🙂 thanks.

  15. yep but how to target the mass market ? any tips on that

    1. can u explain and be little specific about mass market? do u mean to capture social media market or google?

  16. Hi Saad.
    i am new in the fastest technology world. so please listen me carefully.
    clickbank is give affiliate account for selling products, but you say STEP 2 (Promote those affiliate products which you have personally used). so what we do in this case?
    thanks saad.


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