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How to Build Your List Fast Like a Pro + Surprise

Before I start to tell you about how to build your list fast from your blog , ask your self these questions so that you get a general idea about what I am going to talk about today.

Are you having less optin rate on your blog?

Don’t know the right places to put your optin form?

Your optin form is not compatible with your autoresponder?

Don’t know how to build your list like a pro?

Don’t have enough budget to get all sorts of optin boxes?

Building an emailing list is not a rocket science as many people think it is but what people don’t know is how they can build an email list easily. We are in 20th century and everything has become so easy that you are just few click away from creating something beautiful so can’t we create AWSOME optin forms through which we can change the look and feel of our blog?

 Building list is a must to get loyal subscribers + Its a game changer

I am going to solve all these issues with your blog YES! you heard me , today I will teach you 10 way how you can build your list a pro.

Firstly you will need a good autoresponder service which all the pro bloggers & big companies are using today to send email to their clients/visitors so that they can generate sales or increase loyalty. You may come through many autoresponder services like MailChimp or Aweber but I use Aweber as it is used by all the probloggers because it allows them to promote affiliate products which other email listing services don’t. Try it out for only $1.

Well now that you already have an autoresponder its time to use it and build your targeted list.


If you notice on all the sites like mashable , engadget or even pro bloggers , you will notice that they are using a optin form in their blogs to build their email list. WHY? because sidebar basically does the magic for you placing it on top side of the your sidebar will increase your optins.

Using Pop Up / Light Box

Pop Ups can increase your list by 400% if they are highly optimised and appealing your visitors , usually give away an freebie in a pop like the image shown above will increase your subscribers rate overnight so try to use a a template matching to your blog so that it blends in. Make sure to have a close button on your pop up because your don’t want to annoy your visitors and loose their trust.

Under The Blog Post

It is a very common thing to see an optin form under the  post , why? because once you build trust of your readers they would want to sign up for your news letter so that they can get updates directly in to their inbox. Thats why they say content is king, it will get you affiliate sales + more subscribers for your list building campaign.

Squeeze Pages / Landing Pages

Squeeze pages are my favourite way to build my email list , I have gone to forums with the same niche as my blogs and kept signatures like “learn how to earn money online” and trust me i have generated more than 100 optins per day using attractive video squeeze pages. Once your visitors land your page they have no other option to click around other than to fill a write their email and name or connect using facebook to join your the email list.

Comment Box Optin

Another killer way to build is your email list easily is to add an optin checkbox under your comment bar , as soon as the commentator writes his/her name and email to post the comment , your autoresponder will automatically send an email to them requesting them to join your mailing list. Amazing isn’t it? On this blog commentluv helps me to build an emailing list as commentluv is an amazing way to give rewards to your commentators and is a must have plugin for bloggers.


Facebook is BIG and internet users are lazy , online visitors are always looking for the laziest way to get their job done so adding a social facebook button to your optin boxes always helps , you will be wondering how? instead of writing their name and their whole email address they can just click ‘signup using facebook‘ and they are in !! Demo shown below.

Facebook Squeeze page

Like is said facebook is BIG and growing everyday , make sure to use the new timeline feature to its max! By using one of the tab and creating an optin form page there will always help you to build your list fast , it might not get you a lot of optins at first but once you start marketing your fanpage , you can get  decent amount to subscribers but having this option is not a bad idea :).

A/B Slit Testing

This is an important feature when creating your list , make 4-5 designs of your optin form so that you can implement them on your blog and see which one is performing the best. This is definitely the best feature you need to have in order to sky rocket your email list.


Make sure your optin forms and squeeze pages are compatible will all the later browsers and new mobile browsers so that it doesn’t become hard for your visitors to sign up for your newsletter hence it should be responsive.

Those are the Top Tips on How to Build Your List Fast…Now The Surprise!

What if I tell you that all those screen shots and features are taken from ONE WordPress Plugin???


YES thats right! those are only the 9 features I have mentioned but it can do a lot more than that!

Read More on it and Make Sure to Grab a Copy of this plugin which will sky rocket your emailing list

  Check this Awesome Plugin


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  1. Hey Saad,Once again you have great choice and these are the best plugin. Thanks for Sharing. But when you are planning to organize this plugin Giveaway ?

    1. These are? Sohil i think you got it all wrong 😉 , let me tell you that its one plugin which does all the job for creating a emailing list 😀 amazing isn’t it?

  2. Saad! Awesome post! Actually I was missing one thing on my blog regarding email list build-up. ‘Proper under post sign up form’ Got it! Thanks bro!

    1. Hey Hassan, having a side bar and under the posts optin is a must for any list builder! hope you go to your blog and integrate this awesome plugin and start building your emailing list 😉

  3. That’s absolutely awesome, Saad. All such features from just a single plugin. Great!

    1. YES! thats right , infact these are only the few important features of this plugin. It can do a lot more than this to help you build your list like pro 😉

  4. Hey Saad,

    I am not in this Email list and email marketing thing. I am thinking from a long time that I should learn, try it as well. As I recently, started getting paid (a little) from affiliates. And I have read, we can earn through affiliates via email marketing. I am surely gonna build a long and good list. And will definitely follow all your tips.

    And I can’t leave without appreciating you for the awesome way you have written this article with. Great image comparison, in-depth, really effective.

    1. Thanks Abhi,
      Building an email list is an art, not many bloggers can achieve it easily and they fail building a list, I must say that using the right resources we can build email list easily.
      If you want to gain direct visitors and loyal readers , you must start building your list today! you should try aweber!

  5. Hi Saad, Nice Review about an awesome plugin. This is really a great plugin to build more email’s list and fast. Thanks for Sharing 🙂

  6. Hi Saad, Nice Review about an awesome plugin. This is really a great plugin to build more email’s list and fast. Thank you

    1. Make sure to see their website , I have mentioned only a few points here but there are great features which I found to build my list fast after downloading it.

  7. Building a list fast is everyone’s dream! There are many tools that can help you build your list and I like the tips you have here! What do you think of popups to build your list? I notice you have one, I also have a popup to build my list and it seems to help greatly.

    1. Popup helps greatly when trying to increase your list but for your regular readers popup becomes annoying so try to make them show only once a week or so. As for me under the post, squeeze pages and sidebar has worked great to build my list fast.

      check out this new full optin page i made

  8. Starting with list building seems quite easy but it isn’t as easy as it looks like, it takes time and efforts to build a loyal and targeted list of subscribers. By the way, I like the email subscription box on your blog that is checked by default.

  9. I just started making my list building. There are some services we can choose to make any list building. There are free and paid plugs in out there. This makes me confused to choose. Finally I try to use the service from

    1. i am on aweber so can’t really say how getresponse is but I am planning to take a test drive of it and write a review here so far i have tried only mailchimp and aweber and aweber is definitely a winner for me.

  10. I use “under the post” option. but i am not getting enough subscribers even after giving out the best content.
    could you help? – my blog. feedback pls

    1. hey , I just checked your blog i found reason why your are not getting many subscribers.
      1. You are using feed burner ( i never really like free service use something like aweber)
      2. Its a tech blog , its very hard to get optins for techblog unless your are talking about one product like iphone and hence you can gain readers who want updates only about that product.
      3. use sidebar optin , hearder , popups use the product which is mentioned in the post to increase your mailing list.

      1. Its not been too long with my blog. Do i really invest so much in Aweber and plugins? For a start free service is nominal.
        Sidebar option i have for feeds. Pop ups are not really convincing atleast in a Tech blog, about the header, i will have to check out something.
        But otherwise, blog design and content is good? and I guess i have been benefited by Panda update recently

        1. Well i wont suggest it but you can start with mailchimp to build your list which is free until you have 2000 subscribers but i use aweber because i simply love it for its features and all the top bloggers are using it.

          There’s a price tag attached to plugins because they work out and have been proven to give results thats I love to invest in plugins. It a one time payment thing but advantages are forever.

  11. Thanks a lot. I think its time to try a Squeeze page out.

  12. Using the popup for subscribers is very effective to build our subscribers list fast. Thanks for providing these tips.


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