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Why Do Most Bloggers Fail [And What Can You Do About it]?

90% of the people who start their blogs will quit within 2 months.

It means they quit blogging even before they start! So how can they succeed and/or can make decent income from their blogs?

If you don’t want to be take part in that crowd, make sure you’re following few things.

Here I’ll be sharing how to succeed in blogging instead of talking about why people fail. Interestingly, the following are the reasons to become a failure in blogging (if you don’t implement them).

Use 3-B technique to Make Your Blog A Success

Here I’m introducing you a simple tactic that can bring you blogging success no matter who you’re (be it a newbie or professional).

3-B technique. 3 B’s stand for:

  • Being patient
  • Being consistent at blogging and
  • Building a nework

Be patient: Most bloggers fail because they expect quick results. Most of them want get-rich-quick methods. But this will not work in blogging. You end up in doing nothing from your blog. So what else can you do about it?

Blogging takes some time to succeed. You should be spending months (if not years!) to make a decent income online. You can’t expect huge results just within few months, especially if you don’t have any online reputation before. How would anyone trust you to buy your products? You need to make them trust, build reputation to sell your stuff – so this process obviously take time to make good money from blogging.

Be consistent: You’ll notice most of the new blogs either updating too much content or not at all updating their blogs for weeks. This is because they’re not consistent with what they’re doing and they’ll easily get distracted to quit blogging.

Read : 3 ways to stay consistent at blogging

When someone asked Darren Rowse ( define his blogging success in one word, he said – consistency! Blogging needs constant efforts, you can’t expect great results by just working few weeks. You’ve to consistently work hard to reap the rewards from your blogs.

Build network: Most people say that content is the key to blogging success. But it’s TRULY not! Only your content won’t take you anywhere, it needs some online visibility to make it go viral. Sadly, most of the bloggers don’t focus much on building network – they only worry about writing articles and promoting them. This finally leads to a blogging failure – because no one will come to visit your blog, not only because they don’t know you, but also they think your blog is “just another blog”.

Build a network around your blog to give more visibility and to bring loyal readers to your blog. But how can you do this?

Three ways:

  1. Focus on increasing your blog comments (so that you can build a great network)
  2. Connect with others on social media
  3. Write truly amazing content

Simple.. how simple the process is to succeed?

Build genuine relationships with other bloggers

This is bit different from the above point (i.e build a network). Here you’re making connections not only with other bloggers, but with the new bloggers. You should be targeting the new bloggers to make them loyal to your blog for the lifetime. Because you can easily attract them to read your blog, if you add some value.

Create genuine relationships with other bloggers. Try to create some impact on them, help them achieving their blogging goals. Use all the ways (social media, email marketing etc) to engage with them.

Use guest blogging as a weapon

If there’s one secret in making a successful blog, it would be guest blogging. Yes, guest blogging has a lot of tendency to not only bring your more online visibility but also the ability to build quality relationships with other bloggers.

After all, connections are what matters to succeed in any online business. So try guest post on as much blogs as you can to give yourself more online visibility. But make sure you’re not writing mediocre content on your guest blogging journey, always give your BEST shot to succeed in blogging.

Invest some money

You can’t make money from blogging, when you don’t invest even a penny!

People who start with the free domain, free hosting, free themes etc will probably end up their blogging career by making nothing or peanuts from their blogs.

Spend some money on buying

  • Premium themes
  • Premium plugins
  • Email autoresponders like aweber
  • PPC ads
  • Buying domain name and hosting (Hostgator and Bluehost recommended)
  • Promoting your blog etc

Don’t expect anything for FREE!

Make sure you’re putting all the best efforts including some investment to generate more money online.

Consider blogging as a business – not as fun

Many people, especially the new bloggers think that blogging is a fun. But if you want to make a living or if you want to generate more money like the professionals, you should be considering blogging as a business. And you need to invest;

  • Quality time in creating great content
  • Generating more traffic and leads
  • Building an email list etc

You’ll get best results when your attitude towards blogging changes. That is when you consider blogging  as a business, you’ll putting more efforts in taking it serious and making a successful blog. Not to forget that any business takes some time to generate decent income.

Do you’ve any more tips to succeed in blogging OR share your views why many bloggers fail? I’ll be glad to respond you in the comments.

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  1. Hey bro,
    Welcome back and thanks for the solid tips provided in this article. It’s getting closer to 2 months since I started blogging and I’m waxing strong 😉

    1. Hey Enstine, nice to see you back here. Glad you like it.

  2. You have hit the nail on the head Saad. Being consistent and patient is very vital and especially being a blogger. One of the reasons why most of the bloggers fail is because their dedication vanishes after few months of blogging as they feel they are going no where.

    1. yea balaji , blogging does take time but hard work , like i said my post treat your blog as a business if you want to success.

  3. Nice Points …Being patient is More Important for All Online Marketers specially in Blogging..

  4. Consistency and patience is something that I feel all bloggers struggle with especially in our day in time as everyone is so accustom to instant gratification.

  5. Guest Blogging is becoming a key today, and all growing bloggers using guest posting as a weapon as you said, which gives them more readers, traffic and exposure..

  6. Some great tips here Saad and I think many great bloggers already do this, but the ones starting going through a bit of a sticking point will benefit from these tips. Patience is the ultimate waiting game we all have to subdue, but as long as we continue to put much effort into making our blog’s a success, results will come, it’s just a matter of time. Keep up the great work buddy 🙂

    1. thank you Fab , blogging takes a lot of time to earn and thats why bloggers fail as they loose up patience. Thanks for dropping in your comment , really appreciate it 🙂

  7. Hi,
    The 3-b technique that you have suggested is just great. Yes, I do believe that bloggers need to be patient for his blog. Regular posting with unique content would surely help. I also do feel that reply to comments on your blog also increases interaction with your visitors. Thanks for the share!!

  8. Hi Saad

    I love the 3-B technique. I think when anyone starts a new blog as a business they hope to achieve an online income in days.

    As you point out, it just doesn’t happen that way. Consistent quality content, networking, commenting and building a list are the way to move things forward.

    1. Thanks for summing up everything together Tim , glad you like the 3-B technique 🙂 Thanks for dropping a comment 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing this great post 😀

    1. your welcome Shehu Awwal , thanks for appreciation.

  10. thanks….nice post
    articles like these motivates lots of bloggers

  11. Consistency and building a network is most important.A strong relationship with a fellow blogger would surely benefit.

  12. Saad, you certainly connected the dots in this blog post. I think for most new bloggers, even those in my network marketing niche, they don’t build up a wide enough network. Great points in this area.

    Funny, you mention guest blogging. This last week I have had a couple individuals ask to be guest bloggers on my MLM blog.

    They see value in my blog and the power of guest blogging. It’s a great strategy.

    Thanks for the share,

    posted by Galen Morgigno

    1. wow! thats great Galen , thanks for sharing your experience here and adding value to the post 🙂

  13. Hey,
    Blogging is a long term game, if you have patience then you should do it, other wise choose some thing else. 🙂

    Thank you

  14. i’d say most bloggers fail due to improper planning or what do you think?

    1. you are certainly right , organising your work should be your main job when working with your blog(s).

  15. Well according to me, most of the bloggers fail due to not maintaining correct time management and the most important thing is we must have patience in the work we do.


    1. Well thats is there, making a good time schedule for your blog posts is a good idea. I have normally posts twice or once a week and other 2 days i focus on promoting and building links to my posts and other 2 days I reply to emails or go to forums to answers the questions which I have knowledge about.

  16. Well it’s an kind of motivation to me and i will continue blogging.

    1. Thankyou Mohan, Never give up blogging it always grow eventually some times its slow but sometime it grows out fast.

  17. It’s true, you have to be patient…I have worked on my blogs for almost 4 years now and haven’t made squat. It is a very slow crawl to the top of Google’s listings, and if you aren’t on page one…you don’t exist. Great article, btw, thanks!

    1. Thank you Jim, from my experience i would say engagement is the best way to increase your followers and increase readership in quick time. Many people are advising to make your title heading attractive but beginners don’t understand this point very well.

  18. those who fails are just tied n thought of getting money over night but its not so ,

    they lacks confidence,guidance & many thing…

    they are just behind money, they dont love doing blogging

    they dnt get traffic they dnt have patience & if they get proper guidance , they can do it easily…

    1. Thanks for wrapping up everything in a nice comment, Hope to see you again soon on our facebook and twitter page.

  19. Hi Saad,Its really good and encouraging to read stuff like what you are putting out here for us newbies to the world of blogging. I have been reading through your posts and I must say theu are an eyeopener especially for my new blog be nice if you stopped by and gave me some feedback.Keep up the good stuff.The Budding Blogger

    1. Hey thanks for dropping your comment here budding blogger :S.
      I am normally keep mark comment like these as spam and ender every comment its says please use your real name 🙂 using a keyword as name makes a person spammer and very unprofessional.
      I am sorry to remove the backlink from this comment but if you use your real name, i would love to accept your comments.

      1. Thanks for the heads up Saad… We all learn new stuff everyday. Thats my real name there now


  20. these are the nice tips for the bloger . they must read it.

    1. thank you hemant.

  21. I have heard it said, and I believe it to be true, that the number one reason that most bloggers fail, is because they do not do their keyword research properly.

    With proper keyword research, less link building is necessary and you can spend more time developing quality content.

    1. Hey Larry , thats a very informative comment you have dropped here.

      Thanks for adding value to this post here.

      Hope to see you again soon.

  22. Nice posting! This failure happened to me, too. I like the 3-B technique. This technique is real, true and reasonable. I agree with you. Now I want to get up and build my blog. Thank you Saad.

    1. Thanks Heru , Hope you get back and have learned a lesson from this. failures are not failures untill you learn from them 😉

      Glad you liked the 3-B technique of why bloggers fail 😉

  23. 3-B technique is very true technique to become a successful blogger. I am also trying to succeed in those and Guest blogging is today’s most trending topic to become successful.
    Thank you for sharing this great technique saad 🙂

  24. I have been investing a lot of money but my blog wasn’t improving fast enough, but since I start writing good articles with the right content i have been seeing some good improvement, I like the articles i have gained some extra knowledge that will help me to improve more on my blog

    1. Thats great Serder , hope you have had a good experience with investing your money 🙂

  25. after reading this i think there are many value point on which i have to work, so that that i can use my time in a correct way which is going to help me in future of blogging
    thanxx sir

  26. Hi Saad Naeem ,

    Thanks Man for sharing such a amazing content with us 🙂 Given me a so much boost in promoting my blog with this post and i will be so patient 🙂 Thanks to admin 🙂

  27. Thanks for the post. I admit to making each of those mistakes…and was laughing at myself when I was reading your post…it made me realize how ridiculous I’ve been! I’m in the process of re-branding and designing a new website and am also narrowing my focus to stand out.

  28. Hey Saad !
    Well this post is literally helpful for newbies. You are that progress can not be made in just one night, one should have patience and obviously consistency.

    1. Yea, true that. Blogging takes patience if you want to have good success but if you want to earn quick money then there are many other things which I dont really recommend because those tricks wont long last as blogging.

  29. Excellent post Saad, as usual. People always assume that blogging is easy, but as you have clearly stated – this takes work, dedication and TUNNEL vision.

    I would love for you to share more on your traffic growth by doing some of the above you mentioned, guest posting, blog commenting etc. Showing us some results from your own work would make for a killer article on here, don’t you think?

  30. I do believed all of your suggestions but I also do believed that its hard to succesful on blogger but never try never success

  31. Hey Saad,
    This article is very useful to me.Thank for your effort.

  32. Saad, really nice writing you have got, but the theme of your blog has changed a lot since the last time I visited, I advise you to remove the adsense ad below the post title as it looks a little spammy, just some constructive criticism from my side!

    I like clean and clear layouts 😀

    1. haha removed it as you requested 😉


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